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Digimon World Online

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by CursedDawn, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    welcome to Digimon World Online (DWO) program, your way into the digital world.

    Hello there. I would like to on the behalf of the Thakumi cooperation invite you to our offices and by extension the Digital World Online program. The DWO project has been in the making for several years and is almost ready to launch, in light of this we would like to have a few people test it. It is for this reason, we have sent you this letter. We would like you to be one of these select few. To protect the DWO program and several layers of legal reasons we can not disclose much about the project in this letter, but we will answer any and all questions at the event. This event will take place at the 18th of February at Thakumi headquarters. We hope to see you there.
    Best wishes, The Thakumi cooperation

    It has been about a week since you and five others received this letter along with a card the showed the exact location and the time the event starts, only one issue. The time shown on each card is slightly different. In reality, this letter is just a trick. It makes it seem like the Thakumi cooperation is going to hold and event to show you and tell you about the DWO program, but sadly this is just straight up kidnapping. They need someone to enter into the program and fix all the bugs and flaws they simply can't do anything about from the outside, and this is where you come in. While it is true that the Thakumi cooperation has done tests on DWO, it has never worked as intended. A few of the issues they have run into are that the code you are made up of as you get transported in often breaks and you get lost in the program. While another problem is that the people who have survived being digitized get locked in the program, eventually going insane.

    In the media, the DWO program has been advertised as a way for people to travel into the digital world and experience it. However, the end goal is for the Thakumi cooperation to be able to transport people and Digimon between the two worlds. They are hoping to sell the Digimon to people as pets, toys and even weapons.

    They can not be allowed to do this, and thankfully most Digimon
    are resisting. However there a few strong Digimon and the ones that follow them that hunger for battle and see the human world as just another battlefield and have decided to help the Thakumi cooperation and have set up control points all over the digital world.

    Thankfully you and a few others survive being digitized and transported into the digital world and get told that fixing the issues will allow you to return to our world, but all around you, it can see how the code is breaking apart and destroying the digital world. So will you help the people who kidnapped you or will you turn your back on them and head out to ruin everything they have built ?

    The choice is ultimately yours.

    *Credit for plot idea goes to Arcandum*
    fdfdPe1. Usual site rules and stuff, be nice, have fun, don't do ridiculous godmodding stuff, etc.

    2. Digivolutions- Most of you probably know this but I'll say it anyway, digivolutions with the help of tamers is unnatural and puts great strain on the digimon itself, therefore it cannot be maintained. After battle or if too injured a partner digimon will always revert to rookie form.
    2a. Digivolving isn't easy, and partner digimon cannot advance to their next form, even if previously achieved, easily.
    2b.The tamer's will is the source of their partner's rapid digivolution, no tamer, no digivolving.

    3. Posting order- With some limits you're generally free to post whenever you feel like it. First, unless circumstance dictates otherwise everyone will be limited to no more than two posts until a third person posts something, this is to prevent a 15 post back and forth (i've seen it happen, twice, i doubt i'll have that problem here but you never know, people get really into it sometimes) and allow others input before things move too much.
    Example: Person 1: Hi
    Person 2: How are you?
    Person 1: I'm fine
    (Person 1 can no longer post now until someone besides person 2 posts)

    3. Please please please PLEEEEAAASSSE try to post a minimum of once a week. I understand stuff happens, things get busy you all probably have a job or school or both I get that but we can't have people taking too long to post! If you're going to be gone for who knows how long, please at least let us know. It really sucks when the rp comes to a screeching halt because someone decided to drop off the face of the earth with no explanation.
    3a. If you're going to be unavailable or (hopefully not) leave the rp, LET US KNOW so we can plan for it! If you disappear on us I'll message you about it but if it continues with no word I'll have to assume you're not coming back to keep things moving.

    4. Character sheet- I'm not huge on strict guidelines for a cs, so here's what you'll need to include, anything else is up to you as is how you format it :3
    appearance (image optional, no images of real people, if you don't have nor want an image that's ok but be detailed in your description)
    history (doesn't have to be terribly long or complex, a couple paragraphs is perfectly fine, these are kids or close to it after all)
    other skills/abilities/etc. they may or may not have.

    Name- simply the species name, which of course changes with digivolution, digimon are perfectly capable of distinguishing individuals without needing separate names, if you have something else that's ok but have a reason for it, not a non digimon name for the heck of it
    appearance- digimon of the same species generally share a near identical appearance to one another, small variations aren't uncommon however so some personalization is fine, image is required, every digimon every shown has plenty of images of them
    history- like tamers this doesn't have to be long or terribly detailed, digimon typically have rather simple lives compared to humans
    Abilities- must include a digimon's natural abilities including a quick summary of their fighting capability (for example my Impmon, relies on magic for attacking and is physically rather weak) and must include the digimon's special attacks (no more than 3 per level, many digimon don't have well established special moves so feel free to create something if that is the case)
    digivolutions- your digimon's forms, should be listed with an image but the details of it's abilities may be left out until it is achieved in the rp if you like, it's not uncommon for digimon to have some personality change between forms though anything huge is relatively rare

    Accepted CS and important NPCs shall be included here.


    Here's the ooc! I think that's everyone, I didn't leave anyone behind right?
    and quick question, never actually made an rp here myself before so how do i make the IC?
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  2. Looks like an all-fiver. I'll get a WIP in right away.
  3. @Crow so are you ok with my switching up my impmon? I know you mentioned glasstrinity about it but wanted to be sure, don't wanna mess up stuff ideas you had for stuff at this point i'm fine either way lol
  4. WIP


    "That's my secret. I am always ready, Blanc."




    He is a mere 1.45 metres tall.

    At first glance, Rin appears to be dull, unmotivated, introverted, anything but ready for action. He is always seen speaking either in a stern or dull tone, and if he strays from that, it might not be obvious. It even shows on his face. In reality, this lad, or lass, or something... well he's actually retaining and storing tonnes of energy within that little body. Deep within the mask of dull days is a grand smile, and deep within his cold exterior is great compassion and passion. This kid is easily motivated, and loves to motivate, no matter how intimidating he might look and act at times. His energetic persistence is nigh unlimited, as seen from how he persists without thinking about anything else. While he wants to be selfless, he might act selfish as he believes that others have as much energy and persistence as he does.
    He also likes cute things.

    Rin is the child of a widower. He is unaware of what happened to his mother, and was always raised by a single father along with his grandparents. Despite being from a one-parent family, he had a good childhood, appreciating the little things in life. During his lifetime, he had not heard of 'Digimon' before apart from talk and gossip here and there, until recently when he received an...

    He is great motivation in dire situations.
    He is tenacious and always pushes himself.


    "I- is that so, Rin? I'm just glad you're OK."

    Sistermon Blanc

    (Rin calls her this no matter which stage of evolution she is in. He isn't really fond of calling her something different all the time, especially since he is very alien to the concept of Digimon and will find such name-changing illogical.)

    Sistermon Blanc is a mere 1.45 metres tall.

    A long time ago, Sistermon Blanc and her older sister Sistermon Noir were saved by Gankoomon and freed from the shackles of poverty and starvation. And the streets. They wanted to repay him, so they started off by being... well... Sistermon.
    In return of favour, Sistermons Blanc and Noir were tasked by Gankoomon to train Huckmon into a great Digimon. They successfully did so over the course of years, and Huckmon achieved the state of Jesmon.
    After they had performed the task, Sistermon Noir chose to part on a journey of her own to become strong enough and fight like she always desired, but Sistermon Blanc, being the goody-two-shoes of the two, stayed to work with the Holy Knights and serve them.
    As of recently, Gankoomon had given Sistermon Blanc yet another task - to aid humans that have been tricked into entering the Digital World. Gankoomon believed that the humans and the fate of the Digital World were in the same boat, or at least, they will be.
    Sistermon Blanc now goes on a mission...

    Blanc is the shyer, sweeter one of the Sistermon sisters. She isn't very proactive, unless it applies to her job. She is still learning, and believes that this journey would be a great idea to unlearn and relearn.
    She is very loyal to orders, and will do everything in her power to follow them. Her Rookie state is not assertive enough to stay rooted to her opinion, but as she begins to evolve, each stage becomes a little more stubborn, but for good intentions.

    In base state, she has great skill in wielding her weapon. This is supported by her past as a mentor for a now-Mega Digimon, where she has displayed great skill while she lacks power in her Rookie state.
    Her basic attack is 'Divine Pierce', where she strikes with Cross Barbee, her trident. She is capable of unison attacks with her sister, Sistermon Noir.
    Protect Wave, a special, is when she stabs her weapon's butt end into the ground to create a barrier.
    Recover Wave allows her to heal allies. The higher her stage, the more it heals.

    Digivice appearance:
    This Digivice was originally Sistermon Blanc's precious pendant. I mean, it still is, but its primary purpose now is being a Digivice. That's twice as precious.
    This certainly explained to me very loud and clear why male Tamers get male 'mons and girl Tamers get female 'mons in any anime adaptations.


    Sistermon Blanc

    Sistermon Blanc Awakened

    Blanc is now a little less shy and a little more aggresive in battle. She stands at 1.6 metres now.

    Her abilities are simply enhanced from her prior form.


    Instead of the hairstyle depicted in this picture, Blanc's himecut is maintained, much like her prevolutions. She prefers to use a trident-like object, as opposed to the usual bow and arrow set observed in other Angewomon. Standing at 1.7 metres tall, and acquiring full-on flight, Blanc is starting to become a force to be reckoned with.

    While a usual Angewomon has 'Holy Arrow', Blanc has 'Holy Barbee', where she uses Cross Barbee as a substitute bow and arrow by firing beams from it. The Archangel Digimon still has the standard arrow-based capabilities of the species, in which she can unleash 'Barbee Cannon', where she flings Cross Barbee like an arrow.

    'Protect Wave' has been upgraded to 'Heaven's Charm', in which she can use as both a shield and as a way of offense against foes.

    'Saint Air' can be used to harm foes, as well as absorb their attacks.


    Blanc seems a little more cray here and will be very protective of Rin, in more ways than just one.

    'Needle Hive' summons numerous replica lances to strike the opponent.
    'Basket of Love' charms select opponents and sends them into a trance-like state. It can affect any Digimon, but sufficient will can break them out.

    Burst/Something/I guess
    Junomon Hysteric Mode

    Blanc is now a mindless killing machine. There's no turning back, all hope is lost... all Digimon Blanc sees through her mask in this state seen by her as evil, evil sacks of binary that deserve immediate judgement and a trip to the Recycle Bin. She's ridiculously tanky, so the easiest way to stop her is to reason with her, and even that feat is pretty tough, considering how she's now a living, breathing Doomsday Machine.

    Welcome Lost - a powerful attack. Its power is ridiculous. She casts judgement on little fiendish souls with a barrage of slashes, shocks and laserbeams, mixed with a variation of 'Needlehive'.

    Secondary Digimon

    (Acquired during a specific arc)

    "We need to think outside the box..."


    (Rin will call it this after it digivolves into Monzaemon. It somewhat minds and is annoyed by these words)

    Its primary skin is that of a standard Bakomon - cardboard, no colourful wrapping or ribbons. Unlike the above picture, this Bakomon's head is sealed by duct tape, only to break open as part of a Digivolution ritual.

    Long ago, there was an Angel Type Digimon who loved to play around. She started off with mischief, but one day, the crime she commited was so bad, Ophanimon stripped her Angel-like capabilities and sealed her in the a form that would soon be known as Cho Hakkaimon. Cho Hakkaimon was soon recruited as Sanzomon's pupil in hopes of redemption.
    As Cho Hakkaimon, this Digimon, alongside Gokwumon and Shawujinmon were students of the great Sanzomon. The three were pretty fine comrades who journeyed together with Sanzomon taking the lead.
    It was quite the journey to the west, but as it ended, Sanzomon said that they still had much to learn. At some point, Sanzomon decided to reduce their forms to that of Rookie Digimon, telling them that their strength and size will not affect their training efforts, and telling them to continue on their own seperate journeys.

    Bakomon is a box who wants to fight.

    As Bakomon, it is a skilled martial artist, as evidenced as it trained under Sanzomon.
    Gum Roll - It can use its seemingly endless supply of sticky tape to trap opponents. Not carried on to next evolution

    Digivice Appearance:
    It resembles an Xrosloader, and is made from cardboard. Keep it away from fire at all costs.




    This guy fights through the power of love. And hugs. The fact that it probably feels little pain when damaged adds up to the possibility of this little fella being a mere costume. Common Monzaemon are Ultimate Level Digimon. Pit this Monzaemon with common Monzaemon and it would lose if the species was anywhere near aggresive.
    'Lovely Attack' warms the hearts of others.

    Cho Hakkaimon

    No more Mr - or Ms - Huggy Bear! Wait do Digimon even have genders? Cho Hakkaimon takes inspiration from Zhu Bajie of Journey to the West, a popular form of ancient Chinese Literature. As it digivolves, it rips the yellow overcoat, unleashing the battle-hungry Cho Hakkaimon onto the field. Its Rocket Dingpa is to be feared. 'Roast of Pig' involves Cho Hakkaimon to burn up and incinerate the opponent, cooking them well done.

    With enough will, it can access an unnamed state dubbed by Rin as 'Unleashed' , where the pig costume shatters, removing the extra bulk and adding a great deal of speed. Its Type changes from a Puppet Digimon to an Angel Digimon.


    The Rocket Dingpa is now the Olympia, a greatsword as large as her body and capable of parring with Chrome Digizoid in terms of durability and offense.​
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  5. So, what was the intention again?
  6. you'll have a chance to use the enhanced mode sure but it'd strictly be in the final battle
    and about my impmon line going to the normal Beelzemon instead of BelleStarmon (and thus no Sistermon Noir)
  7. That'll be chill. If anything Sistermon Noir could be an NPC at some point.
  8. alrighty, Beelzemon aka the best digimon in existence for forever it is >3>
  9. Ok I figured out how to make the IC and once everyone gets their CS done we can get things going.
  10. Name: Terry McLain

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Terry is a clever and calm person that also happen to be a relatively musically gifted and has spent countless hours alone, practising just to make his parents proud. Because of this you can say his personal skills are a bit lacking, and when it comes to talking to people he is often a bit awkward and at times harsh, but still see a kind and loveable person somewhere in there and recently he has been trying to make being social a priority.

    History: Already from a young age Terry showed a love for music and as soon as his parents felt they could they made him take piano lessons. As the years passed music started to take a bigger and bigger part of his life, eventually, it and school consumed all the time he had and his social skills started to suffer because of it. He simply didn't have any free time to speak of to hang out with people and, therefore, he did what everyone else does, he filled what little time he had with video games. The Digimon games mostly.

    Recently he has started going to a music college and has moved out from the ever watchful eye of his parents. This has made Terry more able to spend time on things other than music, like being out with people in his class, but he still devotes a lot of time to playing the piano and video games.

    Skills: After years of playing Digimon he has pretty good idea of what Digimon are out there, but he still has no idea how they work.
    Other then that he is a skilled musician, I don't know how that would be a good skill to have tho.



    Betamon has a relatively relaxed and docile lifestyle, preferring to move as little as possible, hitching a ride on anything it can. He avoids fighting as best as he can, but if he ever feels threatened he will zap you or if he just feels like you need it.

    History: WIP

    Electric Shock: Discharges an electric current emitted from its body, striking the opponent.
    Cutter fin: Somersaults through the air while slicing at the foe.
    Water tower: This move makes a geyser of water erupt from under its target.


    Upon evolution to this stage, Seadramon loses all ability to speak and instead makes what can best be described as humming noises and most of its speaking come through body language. Although he loses the ability to speak he still makes himself understood most of the time. He also hovers slightly over the ground but has not got the ability to fly up high into the air.

    Ice arrow: Discharges a breath of absolute zero temperature water, which freezes the enemy solid upon contact.
    Bind: Coils its body around the opponent and tightens it.
    Water Breath: Seadramon sprays a breath of water out of its mouth.


    Its body became a size larger, the yellow material covering its head got harder and has gotten a more metallic look, and a lightning-shaped blade has grown on its forehead. In this stage, MegaSeadramon also regains the ability to speak. Just like Seadramon MegaSeadramon can not fly and still just hovers slightly.

    Lightning Javelin: Fires electrical streams from its horn.
    Thunder Blade: Stabs the enemy with the electrified blade on the head
    Mega Ice Blast: Shoots a freezing cold blast from its mouth.



    MetalSeadramon is covered Chrondigizoit alloy, a type of metal that integrates itself with living tissue. This gives MetalSeadramon the sturdiness of metal as well as the smoothness of living tissue. MetalSeadramon is also the fastest of all Water Digimon, and unlike it's lower forms MetalSeadramon can actually fly.


    River power: Fires a massive beam of energy from the cannon on its snout
    Hell Squeeze: Wraps its body around its prey and constricts.
    Poseidon Divide: Fires a massive beam of water from its mouth.

  11. I hate my own CS now cus you made yours so nice and neat looking >.>

  12. Tamer-

    Maxwell Lynx




    Maxwell is a serious guy and has not had much of a childhood, as he did have both parents who had a military background. So Maxwell's life was one
    of order and responsibility. He played games but not as frequent as most, he was more focused on preparing for his future. He had been
    enrolled in pre-law enforcement programs and was set to study criminal justice in school in hopes of becoming an officer. He even planned to
    eventually join the military.

    Maxwell is a person of order, he likes to always have a plan. He is a bit more serious then most his age and is always thinking about whats the
    next plan. He isn't the type to live in the moment but he has many personal skills. He is very intelligent and passive as he does not see the point
    in arguing. He's the type to argue his point and if things are going nowhere he'll walk off and handle whatever he has to handle, he does have a
    temper somewhat but internalizes it, he doesn't lash out at others merely blames himself for situations. Despite everything he is very polite and
    not against making the sacrifice play if it comes down to it someone has to. If he calls you a friend then he will do his best to look out for you.

    other skills/abilities/etc.
    Tactical and smart
    Skilled with using computers
    Skilled with firearms and Close Quarters Combat (took Judo and boxing)




    A lone commandramon that was exiled from its unit due to its individual thinking. As its unit was used for war Maxwell's commandramon went against orders believing that they were causing more harm than good. It was rare for a Commandramon to digivolve but he showed exceptional talent above the others. Superiors were afraid that he had the rare capability to digivolve to higher levels and if he did could take command of the army so they exiled him from the unit.

    Commandramon is loyal and follows orders. He is determined and serious

    A capable soldier with experience in combat. Commandramon has uncanny aim and armor that protects it from harm. Commandramon thinks as an individual making it unique among others some say it had latent potential
    • M16 Assassin: Fires from its assault rifle.​
    • DCD Bomb: Throws a small bomb at its foes.​

    Rookie: Commandramon


    • M16 Assassin: Fires from its assault rifle.​
    • DCD Bomb: Throws a small bomb at its foes.​
    Champion: Sealsdramon



    Sealsdramon is a Cyborg Digimon. It is said that only the one that passes the "Selection-D", a special selection test that screens through 100 Commandramon, can digivolve to Sealsdramon. It is able to move over short distances at speeds that are impossible to perceive with the eyes, and without equipping things like camouflage features or a rifle, it has the ability to bring down its "Target" with just its taijutsu. Its primary function is assassination.

    Sealsdramon is fast and precise

    Death Behind: Attacks with a single blow from a knife sharpened to its limit.
    • Scouter Monoeye: Measures the opponent's vital points in an instant.​

    Champion: Strikedramon




    Strikedramon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Strike force Dramon". It is the "Commando Dragon" that aims to be a Virus Buster.
    Although it is naturally a kindhearted Digimon since it is part of the Vaccine-species just like Angemon, once it discovers a Virus-species it becomes possessed by the extermination instinct (destruction instinct?), and it won't try to stop fighting until it has reduced the opponent to trash data. It is also said that, at that time, its red hair will burst into scorching flames, and will become bluish-white hair of flames

    • Strike Fang: Causes all of the portions of its Metal Plate to burn red hot so that its whole body becomes a mass of flames, then rams the opponent.
    • Strike Claw: Claws slash the opponent, fragmenting their data and collapsing them into malfunction based on where they were attacked

    Ultimate: Cyberdramon


    Cyberdramon is a Cyborg Digimon. It is a Dragon Man-species Digimon whose body is clad in a unique rubber armor, with which it can endure any attack. When Virus Digimon break out on the Computer Network, it suddenly appears out of nowhere and annihilates them all. However, it is a lone warrior, and its true colors are shrouded in mystery. As for its unique rubber armor, not only does it have excellent defensive ability, but it also has a feature it unleashes that amplifies its offensive ability.

    Cyberdramon has great strength and agility along with power. It has a temper and can go into a rage

    Desolation Claw (Erase Claw): Produces a super-oscillatory wave from both of its arms that destroys configuration data, completely erasing each of the opponents in the surrounding space without leaving behind a single scrap of data.
    • Cyber strike: Its arms legs and claws glow red and it unleashes a powerful combination attack
    • Cyber Roar: A powerful roar the shoots out a stream of energy capable of destroying data
    Mega: Darkdramon


    Darkdramon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Dark Dramon". It is believed to be the weapon of last resort for the mechanized "D-Brigade", and its right hand is equipped with the "Gigastick Lance", which rivals Gallantmon's holy lance "Gram".


    Dark Roar: Fires Dark Matter as energy shots in a bold move that is said nothing in this world can survive
    Terrible Gaze: Shoots a strange beam from its eyes to numb the enemy
    Demon Stab: Strikes a powerful blow using the Gigastick Lance.
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  13. @Arcandum i keep trying to put your cs in the cast list tab but it keeps putting it in a seperate spoiler (used for convenience) and leaving the one i'm trying to put it in blank... no matter how many times i try to fix it it doesn't leave it the way I put it :c
    also it won't copy terry's image either...
    I can get rid of the blank spoiler it keeps putting up but i can't center the dang button at the same time >.>
    Update: got it, finally effing got it, though i couldn't preserve your very neat format i'm afraid
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  14. Oh... well you can blame the mix of different codes to position things for that. I would instead advise you to not put the cs in spoilers and instead just link to them in the cast list.

    Here is the link for mine.
    Digimon World Online | IwakuRoleplay.com
  15. oooooo i didn't think of trying that, that's better! now everyone will definitely see your awesome format >3>
    plus i can do it right away instead of waiting till everyone finishes every bit of it
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  16. Yea his does look amazing
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  17. @Iroh, no rush of course just wanted to say you don't need a separate history for each form and it's ok to include some lore but you should still include a summary of their general abilities (sealsdramon for example would naturally be fast and precise) just wanted to be sure that was clear i know i'm not great at describing things like the rules sometimes (hence why they came out so long, me trying to be overly thorough)
  18. Well tried to include something about their abilities
  19. I use way to long editing pictures and making sure the codes that place things where I want them to work tho...
  20. I know i saw but abilities isn't just their special moves after all. Digimon may generally not care for going out of their way to express their individuality compared to humans (rarely do they take unique names or alter their near uniform appearance at all and indeed often correct others if called by something besides their species name) they are indeed individuals and though in this case it probably wouldn't be extensive (as i said they would generally have rather simple lives compared to humans) so show it, the lore for sealsdramon as you included states it's rare for commandramon to be able to digivolve at all, so how is yours special hm? no rush as i said before, take your time and work it out to make your character fantastic n_n
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