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  1. So since the new digimon game came out last week I've been thinking about it a lot and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a digimon rp? I do not have any plot ideas yet unfortunately but I'm sure we can brainstorm something!

    Bring in the big boys. Bring in the 'mons.
  3. yeah another person! now we can start thinking of stuff :3
    first we probably need to decide on the world, if we're gonna do an oc one or and au
  4. Well, I just hope to see all kinds of Evolution. Xros, Regular, Warp, list goes on. The series has lived for such a long time.

    Perhaps we should allow some extent of Original Digimon, but only during Xros Evolutions, so we can pull Combiners from our asses whenever we want.

    I personally feel that while Digimon used for military purposes is a good idea, it doesn't provide much freedom as opposed to the settings of Xros Wars or the very first series, which I feel serve as much better plots.

    Personally, I'm not too fond of the concept of Digidestined when used for Roleplaying, but I like it when used for Fanfiction or Screen. I feel that we can just be ordinary, not chosen, and then throughout the RP, work hard to be chosen or worthy, like Shoutmon achieving the status of King because he aimed for it.

    Maybe instead of the original Digidestined, we can just be... unlucky chaps who found ourselves in this gig.
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  5. well... i really don't like xros... i'll spare you the rant but i just don't like it, i guess i don't mind if you use it though on your own somehow (that's not a bad idea is it? like each of us having our own type of digivolution? though we'd be restricted to like three people that way)
    warp digivolution is just skipping a step and going to a higher level instead of having to go one level at a time, saves time later on, though i certainly wouldn't mind including armor digivolutions if anyone wants to I always liked those (only complaint about that season was the lack of regular digivolutions for those digimon's lines, they deserve cool ultimates and megas too)
  6. I was thinking that all players could have a chance to use all kinds of Evolution, not one player being limited to one kind. The latter would simply be pretty dull.

    Well, the concept of Fusion was present before Xros, notable examples being Omnimon/Omegamon and Fanronmon. Xros merely expanded upon it rather heavily while making me ponder where all the regular evos were.

    Hmmm... let's see what others have to contribute, if others do come.
  7. well it was just an idea, figured it might be neat each one having a specialty an all

    also, DNA digivolution is inherently different from digifuse, in DNA digivolution the digimon completely fuse into a new entity, aside from speaking with two voices at once there's no aspect of the individual's minds who fused left in the new digimon, with digifuse they physically combine but their minds and wills are still entirely seperate

    Hm... how about something with some of the various digimon groups? like the royal knights and banchos and demon lords or something
  8. This sounds interesting. I'm in
  9. yay three people :3
    Do you have any particular preference to the world or plot ideas?
  10. I'm down no particular preference to the plot i'll just be in for the ride
  11. four people woo! :3
    one idea i've had, was thinking we can use Ophanimon Falldown Mode as the bad guy, since the other two celestial digimon have been bad guys already she deserves a shot (not quite for seraphimon really but close enough I think)
  12. I'm down for whatever, however I do want to know are we using Canon digimon? Or are we making our own?
  13. what exactly do you mean by making your own? I mean i'm fine with making up your own species of digimon but i feel like that's a lot of work, preexisting species are (usually, sometimes a full digivolution line is hard to work out depending on who you like) easy enough to work with, if you mean like actual canon digimon character's like tai's agumon that'd be no.
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  14. So no digimon that has been used by the digi destined?
  15. well i'd prefer at least trying to go for more original digivolution lines, i certainly don't mind using same kinds of digimon but keep things more original you know? for example in the anime, wormmon never got past stingmon in natural digivolution, i made a wormmon character that goes all the way to mega (banchostingmon to be exact) or for example you could do veemon and go up the veedramon line since the anime never touched it
  16. i'm looking up which digimon i will use now
  17. if you guys want i'm pretty good with digimon stuff so if you want help figuring out a digivolution path you like i'll do my best to help n_n
  18. im looking for a nice digivolution what do u suggest
  19. @Iroh do you have a preference toward any kind of type?
    I know several off hand, you could have agumon as a rookie and go up the tyrannomon line (tyrannomon, metaltyrannomon, rusttyrannomon)
    i mentioned the veemon line, veedramon, aeroveedramon, ulforceveedramon
    one i'm not quite happy with is goburimon, ogremon, digitamamon, titamon, i really like goburimon/ogremon and titamon but i'm not happy with digitamamon as the ultimate... it's just so out of place with the other forms
    let's see... you could do tentomon up the kuwagamon line, kuwagamon, okuwamon, grankuwagamon (or grandiskuwagamon, whichever you prefer, grandis is more humanoid)
    there's the wonderfully awesome dorumon line, dorugamon, dorugreymon, dorugoramon
    those are all i can think of off hand without looking stuff up but its a lot xD

    @Kurogane86 that's actually pretty easy Tapirmon (i prefer that version of his name, you don't have to use it) goes to boarmon, then mammothmon, then skullmammothmon, check them and see if you like em (i suggest using digimon.wikia.com over wikimon)
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