Diary Of A Madman

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  1. A story had been circulating around Trinity High School. Three copies were being passed around by students. Not many people could finish the book. They said it was too scary, then passed it on. Some of the students who got their hands on the book, however, ended up vanishing at night. They all had one thing in common. They finished reading the original copy. The book was a diary of a madman three students found and read. They each made a copy and disappeared after putting them out.

    Ikki's friend had passed the original copy on to him. He always loved scary things and read it quickly and passed it on. There was something at the end that was on his mind that whole day. The last page was written in red ink. That looked like blood. The passage read:​
    I know who reads my diary. I see you. Won't you join my beautiful world? It would be rude to say no. You and all the other little children are going to be my friends. You will join me.
    Ikki was scared for once. He went home that night and stared at the ceiling, just thinking about those words. Just go to sleep. At the bottom of the page, there was a drawing of eyes. Eyes that cried blood. There was also an image lightly drawn behind the text. A face with the eyes cut out. As he slowly drifted into sleep, he thought he saw a shadow above him

    He wakes up in cold empty room. His head hurt. He stood up and looked around. His eyes focused on a person. A girl. He ran over and shook her. "Hello?! Hello?!" She stirs and looks up at him. Blonde hair and a yellow dress. She stared at him and whispered. "Go to sleep." He heard footsteps and he closed his eyes and fell onto his side, pretending to sleep. He heard the footsteps get closer and a scream as the girl was dragged away. Once screams fell to silence, he stood up and walked to the door to the hallway. He looks around for another person.
    It would seem people don't realize something. The original copy is circulating between students of a high school. And the people are being taken in their sleep. (hence the line "Just go to sleep".​
    Also, in case you were wondering, the number changes between the amount of people reading. Ikki happened to be the seventeenth person to disappear.​
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  2. "Holy fucking shit man!" John was backed up to the corner his t-shirt and jeans a dirty mess. "Fucking hell man!" He chugged another energy drink. "HOLY SHIT MAN! YO BRO!" John ran up to the guy who just exited one of the doors running a hand through his brown hair on the way. "Hey dude! What the fuck is going on man?" John was shaking as he pulled another energy drink out of his backpack staring at Ikki with his brown eyes.
  3. (Just saying, Considering they disappear in their sleep, I don't think he'd have a bag with him.)
    Ikki whirls around and reaches for the folding knife that is usually in his pocket and.... It wasn't there anymore. He raises his fists "Who are you?! Where am I?!" He starts to notice details of the room. Has paintings around the walls of a bald man with increasingly angry expressions. Except the last one where he is smiling and crying blood.
  4. ((Yay! Something scary))

    A girl sat in the corner, watching the few people in the room around her. She sat silently, her hood pulled over her head, her black hair hiding her searching blue eyes from the people. She didn't dare speak. She didn't recognize anyone. All she remembered was that dumb book. It..it was just a book...right? She thought to herself. I need to stop accepting books from people and just go to the library. She pulled her knees up to herself, wrapping her arms around them and setting her chin on her hands.
  5. Ikki pushes past whoever the guy is and looks to where he woke up to see if the pocket knife had fallen off his belt. Sure enough, it was laying on the floor. He flipped the blade out to find it covered in blood. Not really sure whose it was, and fairly certain he was just having a nightmare, he wipes the blood on his pants and puts the knife away. He looks around and finally notices the girl in the corner. She looked afraid. He approached her with the knife on his belt instead of in his hand and he crouches in front of her, speaking softly. "Are you alright, miss?"
  6. She nodded only slightly. "Wh-wh-where are we?" She asked, her voice barely audiable. "Why are we h-here?"
  7. He sighs and looks around at the paintings. "I wish I could tell you." He holds the knife in his pocket. "Are you injured?"
  8. She shook her head. "N-no. I-I don't think s-so." She tilted her head slightly, glancing around the room itself for the first time. Someone put us here for a reason...why?
  9. "My name is Ikki. I will see to it that we get out of here." He offers a hand to help her up with as much of a smile as he can manage in this situation. Nothing more than a small empathetic smile. "Let's get out of this room. These paintings are creeping me out." In reality, the paintings were making him frantic, but he keeps himself calm.
  10. A man would be sitting in the back right corner of the room. He would be seen wearing a long black robe, black baggy jeans, blue boots, and on his face would be a gas mask. The eyes in the mask would glow a dark purple, then slowly dim then brighten back up. He would stand up and look around, noticing he had awoken somewhere he doesn't know. "...." He would see that he wasn't alone. Looking to the other people in this room, he would sigh heavily and approach them. "Were are we located?" He would ask, his voice deep, sounding dark and curious. As he would breath, a purple mist would flow from the mask, but would quickly disperse.

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  11. (I dont mind, but... it would seem people dont understand that people are taken in their sleep. Not just off the street. T.T)
    Ikki stands and flips out the knife. A two inch folding blade and he holds it ready. Like he was trained to use it. "Who are you?"
  12. Janice looked at the people. She felt out of place with her sweatpants and tank-top. They seemed almost like they'd been grabbed off the street but she just woke up here. Janice vaugely remembers falling asleep doing homework. A pen will still stuck behind her ear. She mutters to herself, leaning up against the wall. A man in the corner was dressed really odd with purple mist coming out of a mask and someone else was holding a knife. A weapon was something at least. Her pen wouldn't do much good. "What the hell's going on..."
  13. ((my character sleeps in a hoodie and a pair of jeans. Always. She sleeps in what she wears. That's pretty much all she wears, jeans and a hoodie))

    She took his hand, giving him a small return smile. Once she was standing her hands went to her pockets and she looked at the pictures. Does someone want us dead? This isn't right... She shook her head, looking around to the people.
  14. (Jae, yours is fine. I dont think people fall asleep wearing gas masks. Well, everyone I know who owns a gas mask, including myself, takes it off before sleeping.)
    Ikki looks on edge and ready to strike. His eyes keep moving around, looking at the paintings. He gasps and drops the knife, staring at the walls. Instead of increasing anger, now all the paintings are smiling and crying blood. He looks up for the first time since he got here and mutters. "Merda." dangling from the high ceiling, some by the neck, some by limbs, are many, many life sized dolls. They all just stare down at the people..
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    The girl follows his gaze to the ceiling. She froze. Dead..Their...real? No..but.. She tore her gaze off the dolls, now watching the ground. Where they real? No..they can't be..people don't..but..no..hush. She leaned against the wall, ignoring the pictures, her eyes now glued to the ground. "I don't think we're safe."
  16. He looks at her and says without any harshness in his voice "No shit." He looks around and pales more. "We need to move. NOW" He grabs her wrist and looks at Janice. "You too!" He goes through the door and into a hallway. He immediately turns into the closest door and closes it behind them, leaning against the door. He does not turn around to look at what is in the room. The room is lined with shelves covered in creepy dolls.
  17. She followed Ikki and when they got to the room, she felt as if someone had stolen her breath. "D-d-d...y-y-you...t-t-turn a-around..." she stood there, her back to the wall. She slid down the wall to a sitting position, pulling her knees back up to her chin as she regained her calm. "A-are you sure we're s-safe?"
  18. "No. But we are out of that room." He turns around and stops. "Fuck that noise" He pulls her up "Let's try another room." He leads her out and crosses the hall into another room. It is pretty normal looking. With a couch and chairs. He turns around. "Um... where did the door g"o?
  19. (Once you know my character you would understand. I don't really want to reveal anything until I need to. Don't worry I payed attention) "Introductions will have to wait. I'm not here to harm anyone" He would move his head side to side, continuing to examin this room. His eyes would move to the people who have somehow awoke here, wonding to himself what caused this. All he remembered was that he fell asleep after reading some book. Hearing the words the man spoke, he would follow to look up to the celing. His eyes would widen from behind the mask but also a slight smile would show as well. "Whoever sent us here, they are very creative with this room" just then he would see that the three would of dashed off, he would follow as well to see where they all were going. He would think to himself as they all entered the closet, he would stay outside the closet, then would turn back around. "My name is Ketsueki. If anyone was wondering about my mask, my face has been damaged years ago and some series of events has made it to where I nust keep this on. There, now that introductions are out of the way, can anyone tell me where we are?"
  20. Janice shivers and rubs her arms. "I don't know any of us know what's really going on," she admits before turning around and looking at the wall where the door used to be. It was just another wall in the room, although the room seemed to lack any creepiness so far. "This is just too weird." Janice runs her hands along the wall hoping to find a crack or something that showed where the door went.