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Deus Ex Mecha


Year 3930, a series of wars involving mechs left the world in a terrible state. The nations of the world all unanimously agreed to forming a united world government. Around that same time, a mysterious possibly alien warship was unearthed and from it's advanced technology,things began to change. Humans copied the technology from this spaceship and used it revolutionize almost all fields of science and medicine. AI became near-sentient, medicine and technology could now extend and save lives easily. Even the war machines known as mechs were upgraded and outfitted with this alien technology and data based on the units recovered from the ship.

It is now the Year 4000 on Earth. Yet things are not looking up. The planet is dying and becoming over-populated due so much life-saving technology being invented. Despite this, the United World Government has given up on saving the Earth, realizing how it cannot sustain so many people. A few Colonies have been built near Earth but they are not self-sustainable enough to function if Earth were to be destroyed. Terrorism and piracy are also rampant and space itself becoming increasingly violent and lawless, thus there is much stigma and fear people feel towards the colonies. Thus there is need to find a new Planet instead of taking the risk of evacuating all those on Earth to various colonies.

The governments of the world then reached a single decision: Send a ship into the dark depths of space to find a planet with enough resources for mankind, a planet with the ability to support life.

Since that day 20 years have passed and a space-ship capable of traversing the entire universe in a matter of months was built by the brightest minds of Earth emulating the technology of the ancient warship. The ship also contains the most intelligent AI ever to exist, allowing it to make intelligent decisions on it's own and can even demonstrate basic emotions(happiness, sadness, anger.)

In 4020, The ship had been given the name, Themis. All that is needed is a crew, and the governments of the world choose the smartest, strongest and most trust-worthy people among them to take the journey on the ship, who would also serve as mecha pilots to guard the ship.

Immediately after deciding on a crew, Themis was set to launch! The crew said their good byes to their loved ones as it was going to be the last time they'd see them a long, long time.

But would this launch go uninterrupted? A known terrorist group has been protesting the launch and warning the World Government to cancel it, feeling angry they have decided to abandon the Earth instead of using new technology to try and save it.

The Setting

-This takes place in a futuristic world, obviously. But keep in mind aliens haven't been discovered yet.. Futuristic weapons are allowed and encouraged.

-Themis is a very large ship and contains enough food and fuel to last for 5 years, just in case. Each crew member has their own room, there is a lunch-room, a meeting room, a cargo room that's big enough to hold things 50 feet tall, and a recreation-room to unwind and pass the time and of course, many bathrooms for men and bathrooms for women.

-Your characters shouldn't be dressed like a bum or anything, they have to wear something proper as they are members of a crew. It's best if they were part of the United World Government's forces, but they can be someone who was skilled in some other field and chosen to join the crew of Themis. If you're lazy, go with a person who specializes in mech combat.

-Although it starts on Earth, the goal is to find a planet with enough resources so the crew will sometimes land on planets to inspect them. This is RPG will have many different locations, keep that in mind.

-There is alien life in this RPG, but your main characters have to be humans or humans with robotic parts(Like Androids or Cyborgs) from Earth. Maybe later I'll allow Alien NPCs or PCs once the crew really discovers intelligent life...

-The mechs and alien life forms you will encounter will tend to be..Mostly mysterious..Keep that in mind.

-Like all of my RPGs, expect this to be..Mysterious.. There will be plenty of mysteries or strange things to uncover.

-You have more freedom of choice in making your mech this time around. But if you want to be lazy, you can have it be one of the refurbished mechs that came from the alien warship. Customized mass produced mechs are also allowed.

The Guidelines

1.Be original as possible with your mech idea.

2.If you god-mod or make stupid posts, your character CAN be killed off or asked to leave the RP. So just don't make such posts like, "My character beat all the terrorists with a mecha banjo or even just by punching them outside of their mechs!" Simply avoid making such posts, please. Put thought into your posts. This happened in one of the incarnations of this RP so I have to put this here. :P

3.Try to pick a character who has some sort of role they can perform on the ship when not piloting a mech, like a medical doctor who can help wounded allies or a scientist who can analyze enemy DNA or maybe a tactician of some sort.

4.This RP should move at a somewhat fast pace, I don't want things lagging on for too long. So keep that in mind.

Now for the bio format.. You gotta do both a character bio and a mech bio.. I'm not too concerned about the character bio, just as long as you describe their personality, their goals, their history, their skills, and how they look.

The mech bio is what I'm concerned about..You have to be real descriptive about it, make your idea come to life, have fun with it.

Character bio



Job/Class: (If you can't think of one, just put Crew member, crew members would just help with generic tasks like loading things up and such. But they should have something to bring to the table so that way I don't have to make NPCs to full vital roles like Mechanic, security, etc.)

History: (Include personality and their skills in here as well as your character's history.)

Description: (Include clothing).

Weapons: (Have to be human sized, keep that in mind and they have to be futuristic..You can put none if your character doesn't carry any weapons..But your character should just in case, they are going into uncharted territory.)

Mech bio

Name of Mech: (This is what your character decides to name it..You may include some sort of model number if it's mass produced or not...)

Origin: (Where did the mech come from? Is it just a custom mass produced mech or was it one of the mechs that was found on the mysterious spaceship? Stolen from someone? Or something else? Keep in mind if it is from the alien warship, your character would most likely have to be working with the UWG to have access to such a thing. If not, it can simply be something based off the alien technology discovered on the ship instead of a refurbished alien mech, a new generation model or a prototype or something. You have a lot of creative freedom in this section.)

Environment: (Describe which environments you mech can fight ins best and worst in, for example, if it has wings, it fights best from in the sky/space and not when it lands. If a mech is like a big heavy tank, it's really bad in water and cannot fly so it's land only. You can opt simply for a balanced mech since we will fight in all sorts of terrain and areas.)

Weapons: (5 at most. Be creative and have fun with this.. They can be guns, laser cannons or things like plasma swords..Or your mech can have built in turrets or grenade launchers. The sky's the limit, just don't make it too powerful. And keep mind your mech will run out of ammo for some weapons..)

Description: (Don't worry about the inside of the Mech, just describe the outward appearance of it. Must list the exact height in feet, the paint job of the mech, if the mech is humanoid or animal-like or like a tank or something, describe how it's head looks, the arms, legs if it has any, wings, thrusters, etc. Any symbols. Be creative once again..) Pictures will be accepted as well.

Extra: Any extra details about your mech you wish to include, like maybe it's power source or control system. This is optionable.


Okay.. Let me give you examples of abilities..You get can have 3 at most...You gotta be specific about what it is, it's gotta have some short-comings and weaknesses. If you're not sure about your mech's abilities, ask me.

Abilities: "Split mech", the mech can split into two halves, one that is the upper body, the other that is the lower body, the lower body comes equiped with a auto-turret that shoots any "enemy" units. The weakness is that the lower body cannot move or fly leaving it a sitting duck.

"Tank mode" The mech can transform into a tank that runs on threads, this allows it to be faster on land and less of a target. The problem is it cannot use some of it's weapons from it's humanoid form.

"Cloaking", The mech can turn invisible and thus not appear to the eyes of the enemey. The catch is, allies cannot see it either and it wears off in 5 minutes.

Allright.. That's all for now.. You may start posting bios now! I'll approve them individually and request changes if they're overpowered.

Any questions, comments, things that are unclear?

I want at the least 5 people to start. I'll post my bios soon!

Oh and these are some of the mass produced mechs in this RP, all credit goes to my good friend ClockWorkSpider who created these in a past version of this RP! I did receive his permission for this FYI.

Mass Produced Mech bios

Name: MIR-210 Locust [MIR stands for Mechanized Infantry - Reconnaissance]

Description: Humanoid, roughly 15 feet tall. Carries one pilot. Equipped with fairly sophisticated radar and communication gear. Coloring is white and blue (UN Peacekeepers colors) with the insignia of the world gov't on the chest. Equipped with jump jets that enable the mechs to cover long distances quickly.

Environment: Best on land. Can cover long distances by using jump jets to "hop". Can enter water, but cannot jump, cannot fully submerge (it walks on the bottom), and cannot survive extended periods in salt water (causes corrosion). Maintenance recommended if the vehicle enters sandstorm or salt water conditions. Extremely light armor (MIR-210's have been known to succumb to heavy concentrations of small-arms fire).

Right Arm: EMP Grenade Launcher-launches a grenade that releases a blast of static energy upon detonation. Inflicts no damage, but stuns/paralyses mechs and vehicles. Can be reconfigured (at base) to fire concussion grenades (light splash damage, stuns infantry and can tumble light vehicles that hit the shockwave) or smoke grenades (create a smoke cloud that blocks vision). Carries three grenades.

Left Arm: FM-20 Repeating Flechette Cannon-fires cartridges that burst, spraying the target area with needle-like projectiles that punch into armor and detonate on contact.

Stealth-mech's armor molecules re-align to gain energy absorbing properties that render it invisible to radar and radar-based tracking systems. The mech is still visible to line-of-sight, however. Cannot be used alongside Camoflage.

Camoflage-mech's armor molecules re-align and modify the mech's coloring, rendering it DIFFICULT (not impossible) to detect via line-of-sight. Cannot be used alongside Stealth.


Name: MIM-150 Grenadier [Mechanized Infantry - Marauder]

Description: Heavily-armed and armored humanoid war mech. 25 feet tall, crew of two. Unlike most Terran mechs, the cockpit is in the upper chest of the mech, not the head. Carries twin heavy rocket launchers (shoulder-mounted, 4 rockets/launcher at a time). Armor is dark grey in color. Head carries a quad-laser turret.

Environment: Land-based. Effective at night operations due to the coloring. Equipped with an armor rating rivalling some of the alien mechs from the space station. The cost, however, is the lack of any kind of speed or agility. Usually inserted by air into a battlefield as close to the enemy as possible to keep faster mechs from escaping or using hit-and-run tactics to take them down.

Right Arm: Claw or Drill-used in melee combat to either grab a foe, or punch them with the drill for serious damage. Drill models are frequently used for attacking bunkers and fixed defense positions.

Left Arm: Laser Cannon/Energy Blade-fires powerful energy blasts. Alternatively, can focus energy into a blade form and engage in melee combat, usually in conjunction with a claw.

Left and Right Shoulder Launchers: fires salvos of laser-guided rockets at the target. Effective v. all classes of enemy, and can use multiple types of rockets [conventional plasma charges, quasi-nuclear heat bombs, even smoke rockets or modified flechette rounds]. Carries maximum of 40 rockets [20/launcher, 4 at a time].

Quad Laser Cannon: Primarily an anti-aircraft weapon, but can target ground units as well. Rapid fire laser bolts.

Plasmatize: Summons an energy field around the mech. Massive defense boost makes the Grenadier nearly impervious to damage, but serious power cut to all energy-based weapons, and disables energy blade. Rockets and claw/drill function normally, though. Boost requires 4 hours to charge once used, and wears off after approximately 20 minutes.


Name: SYOASUV-1X [SYnth-Organic Aquatic SUrveyor Vessel, EXperimental] AKA Swordfish

Description: Designed after experiments in creating functioning nanobiological robots [in other words, nanorobots that are partially alive], the result is what looks like a dolphin (only rather bigger), and moves like one as well, actually swimming like an organic creature. The hull is a massive collection of nanorobotic organisms, joined together around a basic, flexible synthmetal hull. The interior is a single control room, with room for two crew members. The ship is guided using active sonar, emitted from the dolphin-like creature's mouth, however the nanorobots can also feel things a short distance away directly through the water. Also part of the vehicle are signal analysis and mineral detection instrumentation, located in the melon and fins respectively.

Environment: Being dolphin-like, the Swordfish (blame the engineering team for the name...<_<) can only function in water. The vehicle is capable of speeds of up to 30 knots, and most importantly, it can move virtually silently, rendering it difficult to detect with sonar and effectively disguising it as a whale even if it IS located. However, it lacks any sort of defensive armor, being partly biological, and will therefore be destroyed by any kind of offensive action.

Scan-scans a target and analyzes the how the systems work, especially sonar and detection systems. Passive ability, but can be targeted for a better read on a specific unit.

Echopulse-in conjunction with Scan, fires a rhythmic sonar pulse designed to disable the systems of an enemy craft. May disable sonar/communications/scanning of the target.


Name: VTOL-HLA109 Vulcan (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Heavy Lift Aircraft)

Description: Large vessel, roughly 1.5x larger than a 747. V-shaped wings sloping back, squarish oblong body. Carries a number of rectangular "pods" on either side of the craft, behind heavily armored bay doors.

Environment: Designed for large-scale airlifting and capable of vertical take-offs and landings. Can also travel from a planetary surface to an orbiting spaceship, but due to the limited oxygen capacity, it cannot actually travel through space on its own. The military version is equipped to carry as many as eight MIM-150's, which are blasted out of individual mech bays in special "pods" to cushion the landing. The military Vulcan is heavily armored to facilitate the dropping of the MIM-150's into combat zones, and to withdraw to safety afterwards. As a result, however, it is slower and larger than the Vulcans used in cargo transport or rescue operations. Some Vulcans are equipped with light laser turrets or flechette cannon for air-to-ground or air-to-air defense.

Laser or Flechette Turrets: Not present on even all military mech transport Vulcans [MMTVs]. Laser turrets are identical to those found on MIM-150's, the flechette turrets are FM-20 cannon modified for rapid fire. As a result, however, the flechette cartridges carry fewer, smaller, non-explosive projectiles. The typical armament on an MMTV, when it is so equipped, is one front-mounted turret, two belly-mounted turrets (one left, one right), one tail-mounted turret, and one top-mounted turret.

Camoflage: The Vulcan is equipped with the same multi-state armor coating as the MIR-210, enabling it to change color to reduce direct visibility.


Name: Battle Dragon, ONE project unit designation is MIM-118.

Description: Blue/silver coloring, red and gold dragon insignia on chest, with more dragon insignia on the sides. Roughly Head resembles a Chinese dragon, only standing upright like a more Western-style dragon. Back of mech has a sort of ruff on it's back, red in color.

Environment: Deemed superior in combat value to the UWG's own standard medium-weight mech, the MIM-110, by the ONE project coordinators, the UWG purchased a number of these from Great China's army before the mission. The Battle Dragon is equally adept at both land and submerged combat, capable of changing to "serpent" mode and back in under thirty seconds. The Dragon's armor is vastly superior to the Locust's, but decidedly inferior to the MIM-150 Grenadier. However, the Battle Dragon makes up for the weaker armor with high agility and speed, amphibious ability, and the thermal beam attack which can severely damage even an MIM-150 with sustanained fire. Underwater, the Dragon uses the propeller arrangement concealed in it's lower abdomen and feet to move at nearly 35 knots, albeit with no stealth.

Shock: The Battle Dragon charges power in it's claws, then discharges a blast of electrical energy at a single target or a target area. Severe damage to targets hit, also damages or destroys electronic systems.

Dragonbreath: The Battle Dragon opens it's mouth, charges energy, and fires a themal energy beam that melts what it touches. Similiar effect to a heat bomb, only weaker and in a smaller area. Can be used underwater, but causes ecological damage to the immediate area (kills plankton and fish and whatnot by boiling the water).

Torpedo: Fires a homing torpedo. Only usable underwater.

Countermeasures: Only used underwater. Releases countermeasures to lure and detonate an incoming torpedo.

Sonic Blast: Charges energy in the mouth, then fires a shockwave. Stun and splash damage v. infantry, knockback v. mechs/light vehicles, severe damage to aircraft/airborne mechs, severe damage to underwater targets.

Form-Change: Changes from land to sea forms, and vice versa. Extremely rapid transition time.


Name: MSD-23 Octopus [Mechanized Support Drone]

Description: 13 feet tall, four tube-like spidery legs and four tube-like spidery arms. The legs are tipped with force dispersers which enable the mech to travel on the water's surface as well as land with considerable speed. The arms contain nano-repair modules that release small clouds of nanorobots that use available materials to reconstruct damaged areas on a mech, restoring full capability in a relatively short time. The mobility of both drone and mech is limited while this is going on, however. CWS' nanorepair arms function identically, but with a longer reach and slightly faster repair time (per arm).

Environment: Land or the water's surface. Has extremely limited combat capability due to having barely any armor.

Repair - repairs a mech with its nanorepair arms. Target and drone have reduced mobility while repair is occuring.
Name: Richard Sal Morrison

Age: 30

Job/Class: Captain

History: Richard was the leader of the Elite forces of the UWG army. He worked with his comrades Boris and Janet to take down terrorists in South America. He was chosen to be the Captain of the Themis due to this immense experience. He is amazing at combat and is works well under pressure, he always is prepared for the unexpected and is very calm in dangerous situations that would cause others to panic. He is very masterful but merciful at the same time, he also respects all of those under his command. As captain of the Themis, he is the leader, the one whom makes the big decisions on where the ship goes. However he does have his hidden weaknesses such as an attachment to those under his command. He is never willing to sacrifice the lives of comrades.

Richard is a master of combat and has some trained with being in space and he is good at leadership, people respect and listen to him all the time. He is thrilled to be the Captain of the Themis and promises to do his best to find a new planet for the people of Earth. He will not let them down and NEVER goes down without fighting, if he goes down at all. He is a very tough and heroic man.

Description: Brown hair. Green eyes. Weighs around 170 pounds, wears a vest with many badges and medals of honor attached to it. Wears a captain's hat(hard to describe, think like they were in the navy.) Has a mustache. Often has a cigar in his mouth. Stands at 5'7 feet. Wears military boots and is very professional looking. Has short hair.

Weapons: A laser blade. A plasma machine gun and a shock-gun(used to electrify the target to stun them).

Name of Mech: Dusk Dragoon

Origin: The Dusk Dragoon was discovered on the alien warship and was refurbished and remodeled so a human could pilot it. Because of this, however, some of it's weapons had to be taken out. The control system is easy and like average mechs with control panels and buttons and a joy-stick like moving device.

Environment: Cannot fly and thus can't go into the sky. However, it fights well in every other environment but the sky. It's best on ground based environments that allow for jumping.

Weapons: A plasma spear. Drill launcher(Fires several mini-drills in order to make holes through the enemy or the ground, can be used at close or long-range.). A Turret(Fires many plasma shots out of the chest of the mech at a break-neck speed.) A diffusion bazooka that fires super-charged energy at the enemy(Requires both hands to hold). Heat-seeking missile launcher(Good only aganist living, organic beings that give off heat.)

Description: 30 feet tall. It is colored all black except for the red eyes which light up when the mech is turned on. Looks like a humanoid dragon, has sharp horns, a dragon like head, lizard-like feet with claws and human like hands with fingers that allow it to grip and hold things very tightly. Has a small tail that stores ammo. Has thrusters that allow it to float in space and to jump very high when on a planet. The tail stores ammo and supplies for the mech and serves as a reserve. Has a chest with the symbol of a biohazzard on it and a turret inside it. Has leg thrusters that allow the mech to jump from great heights and land safely and quickly on the ground. Very fast and build for speedy battles. Is rather light-weight, stores a bazooka and a drill launcher inside of it's back that opens up when it needs one.

Extra: It can jump high using it's thrusters and come down hard on the enemy with it's spear. Is best suited for close-range combat, has very powerful close-range weapons and average-projectile weapons. This machine is well balanced but it is far from reaching it's full potential.

Abilities: "Time Drive", allows the mech to travel near the speed of light and thus attack super-fast before the target gets a chance to even react. This is very useful but the pilot may have trouble controlling the mech at such a speed and it can have severe effects if used too often. Thus Richard

"Overload", generates hologram 10 copies of itself that show up on the radar and confuse the enemy, it allows the pilot to control these holograms, but the holograms cannot hurt the enemy and they fade away once hit by an attack.

"Black Enigma", the mech puts it's palms together and charges up mysterious energy of unknown origin. Then it unleashes it into the form of a gigantic black ball of energy and throws it at the enemy, causing a lot of destruction. The weakness is, this can HURT allies, it's too risky and can also destroy the environment. This requires a lot of energy to use and takes time to charge, and when charging the attack, the mech is a sitting-duck for enemies.
Cool! So two people who are going to join...Just want to get three more people before I start this thing...
Cool. Anyhow I make have some NPC mech sheets up just as other examples.
Character bio

Name: Dr. Arcum Dagsson

Age: 28

Job/Class: Head of R&D, Head Mobile Suit Mechanic

History: Arcum is a naturally curious person, always looking for the next thing in advacned technology. There are some who question his morals, though he has single handedly provided enough advances in technology that most people overlook his flaws. He is the UWG's Head of Research and Developement, and thus was chosen for the journey incase the Themis should happen upon more alien tech. Also, he joined the Themis so that he could continue work on his Zeromus Project and field test the latest model born from the top-secret project. The suit he wears is the result of a pet project to bio-enhance soldiers with streamlined power-suits, instead of invasive implants and painful surgeries. The project was deemed a failure, though, as the suit has fused with Arcum at a near cellular level. The only thing he can remove is his helmet, which he only does in order to eat.


The things coming from right hand are retractable wires used for direct interface with computers. Readouts are displayed inside helmet on a Heads-Up Display, or HUD.


The Longarm Mark 4 Laser Rifle (Tripod not seen)

Mech bio

Name of Mech: Zeromus Mark III

Origin: Made using a combination of next gen technology and recovered alien technology, the Zeromus Mark III is the most advanced mobile suit unit owned by the UWG. The latest design in the Zeromus Project, headed by Arcum Dagssin himself, it is his personal unit, as only he and a few of the most powerful members of the UWG know of its origins and capabilities.

Environment: Excells in all areas except for water.

2 Assault Laser Rifles.
1 Beam Bastard Sword
1 Beam Short Sword (Off-hand)
Head Mounted .50 cal Machine Guns (Anti-personel. Classic gundam style)


Ignore pods on shoulders
Click for better resolution
Extra: The Zeromus Mark III is controlled by a man-machine interface via Arcum's suit, and as such, he is the only one currently capable of piloting it. This was done to both in the name of scientific advancement and to help prevent it's use should it be captured by enemies of the UWG. The Zeromus Mark III is poweredby an unknown, experimental energy source. Some claim it to be the same type of power source as the Themis, but there is no proof for or agaisnt this claim.
The Zeromus is powered by a dark matter reactor. The only crew members aware of this are Captain Morrison and Arcum.


Rush Assault: A one minute burst of speed and agility. Meant to rapidly close in on a heavily defensed target from outside it's defensive range. Requires a 10 minute cool-down period. When used on land, causes Zeromus to hover. allowing it to rapidly close in without worrying about rough terrain.

Alien Data Uplink: Has the ability to wirelessly connect with alien computers. Cannot move while uplinking.

Hyper Busters: Overloads both assault rifles by connecting them directly to Zeromus' power supply, allowing them to fire a constant stream of energy for 5 seconds. The beam is powerful enough and lare enough to punch a 10 meter radius hole in even the toughest material developed by mankind thus far. After it's use, the assault rifles are damaged beyond use, and must be repaired. Repairs take 1-2 weeks. There is a second pair on the Themis to be used while the initial pair is being repaired.
Name: Hanako Nagare


Job/Class: Mecha pilot. She'll usually bug the cooking or security teams, though.
History: Hanako was in south america during the uprising. She had been going to check out a school for civilian mecha pilots when everything went down. Fate intervened, and it turns out that the rebellion mecha couldn't take an I-beam to the face. She joined up with the military forces to help survive, and didn't die, so she ended up in the military. Hanako is a bright and cheery person, and looks forward to all the cool things they're gonna find. She does worry some, though, about what will happen when they get back. Will the government still exist? Will her family be alive? Will the world be in shambles, or possibly worse, will it have solved all the problems and rendered their effort worthless? She doesn't focus on it much, because down that path lies only madness.

Yeah, she wears that almost all the time. It's suprisingly comfy.

Weapons: Laspistol and combat knife.

Name of Mech: Minvera (MIS-3500-1. Mechanized Infantry Soldier, the new 3500 series, model #1.)
Origin: UWG model. It's an upgrade of the MIS 3400 series made using alien tech. It's been through a lot of testing, but is still not entirely understood.
Environment: Pretty much everywhere except water.
Beam Rifle-a nice mid-to long range weapon. Range and power upped by
Exceed mode. Signifigantly worse underwater. Stored on the back when not in use.

Vibroblade-Ah, the sword. It never gets old. This one is meant to slice through armor, and is kept in a different holster on the back when not in use.

Missiles-a small missile battery on each arm. These are guided, and each can target seperately. There are 9 missiles in each battery, arranged in a 3x3 pattern.

Gravitics (exceed mode only)-can be used to hold enemies in place, throw around and crush smaller ones, or break components. Only usable on one enemy at a time.

Description: 29 feet tall, mostly a dull gold color. The general appearance is of a standard mecha with some pulsing organic-looking sections making up the joints. Minerva is rather sleek and feminine, with no easily visible eyes. The missile batteries are mounted on the forearm near the elbow.
Hop-A short-ranged teleport. It requires line of sight and nothing to be in the way (air doesn't count; large volumes of water do). Generally limited to a 500 ft distance.

Gravitics-a fancy-schmancy method of flight, this requires no moving parts and makes no noise.

Exceed Mode-A super mode of sorts. It ups the speed, power output, strength, and so forth of by removing limiters on some of the tech. Not reccomended for prolonged use, as there's no telling what may happen with some of the stuff.
So, Archy, is your vibroblade made from a rare cortosis weave or what?
It's a sword, so it can automatically deflect/block lasers smaller than it. It's really the same as a laser sword, but it takes less energy, freeing up more for the rifle.
Allright Archy, your character and mech are approved! No issues here since you did a good job having a balanced mech and a good character.

And as for those of you who are looking for a job for your character, here's some suggestions.

Head Cook

Medical Doctor

Psychologist(because people probably might get a little crazy)



Head of Security or a Security worker on the ship.(You would guard restricted areas of the ship or monitor surveillance cameras on the ship.)

Mech pilot(We can have lots of these if you feel it works best with your character)

Etc. Just ask with me if you aren't sure about something but seeing as Themis is a large ship, there is actually quite a bit of jobs you can fulfill.
Like I said, made of a rare cortosis weave, eh?
It's a KotoR reference.
This is anime, foo. All swords can do that.

Even the wooden ones.
You called it a vibroblade. In KotoR, it's a vibroblade. Therefore, calling it a vibroblade is in the wrong genre. Not that it matters.
Allright, Kage post once you finish your bio.

For now, here's the Themis Specs FYI for those curious.

Name: ONE-001 Themis

Environment: Well balanced in all environments except the ground and best in space, if shot down, Themis has no way to move without repairs. However, there are rumors there were a few last minute upgrades to try to remove the ground weakness so the ship could carry on even if shot down..... The ship is equipped with state of the art heat shields and landing gear, allowing it to land on water, ground and even on large asteroids or moons.


Anti-Air Missiles: Missiles that are best used to destroy/damage flying mecha. Very powerful but useless aganist ground targets as these are designed to destroy thrusters/wings and cause flying mecha/jets/small ships to crash. Very accurate.

Laser cannons: Four Laser cannons located on different places on the ship, can all fire at once. Effective aganist most types of enemies so it is said but unusable underwater. It is not very useful aganist heavily armored mechs and ships.

Torpedoes: Weapons for use underwater, they are of an average power but are great at homing in on enemies and very fast, useless in any other environment.

Giant Twin Photon Cannons: The trump card of the Themis, two gigantic photon blasts are charged and fired from the twin Photon Cannons. Few enemies can survive this but it takes a while to charge and if it misses, it's a huge waste. Dangerous to use on civilized planets or in a cramped area with many allies in the way. Thus this weapon is most effective in space.

???: Top Secret



Similar to the above image but colored white and red. It's exact height, weight and length are undisclosed unfortunately but it large enough to enough to easily contain almost any mech anything over 80 feet though, however cannot fit into the ship through normal means. Has a logo of the United World Government on it, a red, white and blue flag that has all the countries of the world of Earth on it(rather small so they can all fit).

The top deck on the outside is large enough for a few mechs to stand on it. The top deck is also very spacious so mechs can easily fit on top of it.

The areas inside the Themis include:

1.Control room
3.Living Quarters(Personal rooms with beds, etc, bathrooms, showers)
4.Rec room(Watch movies, stage, a gym, game room)
5.Docking bay(For storage, launch and repair of mecha and support units)
6.Meeting Room(For briefings)
7.Restricted areas(Only for the highest ranking of the crew for security reasons, The generator/reactor room is one such area)
8.Medical Bay(For injured crew members)

History/Extra info: Created as part of ONE(Operation New Earth) a large ship born from the most brilliant minds on Earth, created to find a new planet for humans to live on. It is not only the most advanced ship, but the most advanced machine ever built on Earth. It incorporates both alien technology and new technology created on Earth as well.

Other details on Themis are scarce as most of it's features and abilities were kept top-secret. It is said however that it is powered by a new source of energy that allows it to move so fast throughout space and at the same time have enough energy to maintain many necessarily facilities for the crew. Boris, the third in command on Themis is the one who is required to stay in the Themis at all times, Boris is one of the scientists who created Themis and is one of only one scientists who was willing to travel on the ship.

Maintenance is automated by tiny machines that are part of Themis and can repair both the ship and mecha on the ship.

The force fields the ship can generate are great defensively but they usually take up a great deal of energy and thus are primarily used only in emergencies aganist very powerful attacks that are about to hit the ship.


State of the Art AI-Themis her or itself is a ship that has the most advanced AI Earth has ever created. Themis still must be commanded but can make her own decisions if need be and has emotions or so it is said. This is said to give Themis quite an advantage instead of a weakness. Some scientists who made Themis were worried emotion and even the slightest bit of free will could lead to serious problems in the future....

?-Top Secret.

?-Top Secret.
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