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  1. Name: Melissa

    Age: 500 years old

    Type of Angel: Fallen with black flames, she also inherited her father's purple flames.

    Appearance: She has Astorath's black hair, silky and straight down to her waist. Though her normal eyes are green, her ability to see into the past and/or future makes it a lilac color when her powers are active. Just like her mother Alena, she has a full DD-cup breast with an hourglass body.

    Abilities: Melissa isn't fond of fighting though she was briefly working as an assassin. She is good at hiding and attacking people from the shadows. Aside from her need for blood, she doesn't seem to show any vampire traits, mostly angel traits. She also has her father's ability of ice and visions.

    Brief History: She was the accidental child of Alena and Astorath when Alena was younger and sexually adventurous. Alena had Melissa in secret, wanting nothing to do with Melissa, Alena neglected her growing up and often abuse her to relief stress. Making Melissa very meek and dislike socializing. She has no regards to any life which is how she tainted her wings and became a fallen. Melissa feels somewhat protective of her half siblings, not wanting them to feel lonely or abused like she did. She also have a huge crush on her father after he rescued her from Alena's abuse and cared for her.
  2. The answer is yes.
  3. Name: Richard Sal Morrison

    Age: 30

    Job/Class: Captain

    History: Richard was the leader of the Elite forces of the UWG army. He worked with his comrades Boris and Janet to take down terrorists in South America. He was chosen to be the Captain of the Themis due to this immense experience. He is amazing at combat and is works well under pressure, he always is prepared for the unexpected and is very calm in dangerous situations that would cause others to panic. He is very masterful but merciful at the same time, he also respects all of those under his command. As captain of the Themis, he is the leader, the one whom makes the big decisions on where the ship goes. However he does have his hidden weaknesses such as an attachment to those under his command. He is never willing to sacrifice the lives of comrades.

    Richard is a master of combat and has some trained with being in space and he is good at leadership, people respect and listen to him all the time. He is thrilled to be the Captain of the Themis and promises to do his best to find a new planet for the people of Earth. He will not let them down and NEVER goes down without fighting, if he goes down at all. He is a very tough and heroic man.

    Description: Brown hair. Green eyes. Weighs around 170 pounds, wears a vest with many badges and medals of honor attached to it. Wears a captain's hat(hard to describe, think like they were in the navy.) Has a mustache. Often has a cigar in his mouth. Stands at 5'7 feet. Wears military boots and is very professional looking. Has short hair.

    Weapons: A laser blade. A plasma machine gun and a shock-gun(used to electrify the target to stun them).

    Name of Mech: Dusk Dragoon

    Origin: The Dusk Dragoon was discovered on the alien warship and was refurbished and remodeled so a human could pilot it. Because of this, however, some of it's weapons had to be taken out. The control system is easy and like average mechs with control panels and buttons and a joy-stick like moving device.

    Environment: Cannot fly and thus can't go into the sky. However, it fights well in every other environment but the sky. It's best on ground based environments that allow for jumping.

    Weapons: A plasma spear. Drill launcher(Fires several mini-drills in order to make holes through the enemy or the ground, can be used at close or long-range.). A Turret(Fires many plasma shots out of the chest of the mech at a break-neck speed.) A diffusion bazooka that fires super-charged energy at the enemy(Requires both hands to hold). Heat-seeking missile launcher(Good only aganist living, organic beings that give off heat.)

    Description: 30 feet tall. It is colored all black except for the red eyes which light up when the mech is turned on. Looks like a humanoid dragon, has sharp horns, a dragon like head, lizard-like feet with claws and human like hands with fingers that allow it to grip and hold things very tightly. Has a small tail that stores ammo. Has thrusters that allow it to float in space and to jump very high when on a planet. The tail stores ammo and supplies for the mech and serves as a reserve. Has a chest with the symbol of a biohazzard on it and a turret inside it. Has leg thrusters that allow the mech to jump from great heights and land safely and quickly on the ground. Very fast and build for speedy battles. Is rather light-weight, stores a bazooka and a drill launcher inside of it's back that opens up when it needs one.

    Extra: It can jump high using it's thrusters and come down hard on the enemy with it's spear. Is best suited for close-range combat, has very powerful close-range weapons and average-projectile weapons. This machine is well balanced but it is far from reaching it's full potential.

    Abilities: "Time Drive", allows the mech to travel near the speed of light and thus attack super-fast before the target gets a chance to even react. This is very useful but the pilot may have trouble controlling the mech at such a speed and it can have severe effects if used too often. Thus Richard

    "Overload", generates hologram 10 copies of itself that show up on the radar and confuse the enemy, it allows the pilot to control these holograms, but the holograms cannot hurt the enemy and they fade away once hit by an attack.

    "Black Enigma", the mech puts it's palms together and charges up mysterious energy of unknown origin. Then it unleashes it into the form of a gigantic black ball of energy and throws it at the enemy, causing a lot of destruction. The weakness is, this can HURT allies, it's too risky and can also destroy the environment. This requires a lot of energy to use and takes time to charge, and when charging the attack, the mech is a sitting-duck for enemies.
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  5. Cool! So two people who are going to join...Just want to get three more people before I start this thing...
  6. If anyone wants to vent about Christian life feel free to do it here
  7. Yeah, I suppose so... Maybe start with the Hobbies and Interests and try to figure out his personality around them? ^^;
  8. Character bio

    Name: Dr. Arcum Dagsson

    Age: 28

    Job/Class: Head of R&D, Head Mobile Suit Mechanic

    History: Arcum is a naturally curious person, always looking for the next thing in advacned technology. There are some who question his morals, though he has single handedly provided enough advances in technology that most people overlook his flaws. He is the UWG's Head of Research and Developement, and thus was chosen for the journey incase the Themis should happen upon more alien tech. Also, he joined the Themis so that he could continue work on his Zeromus Project and field test the latest model born from the top-secret project. The suit he wears is the result of a pet project to bio-enhance soldiers with streamlined power-suits, instead of invasive implants and painful surgeries. The project was deemed a failure, though, as the suit has fused with Arcum at a near cellular level. The only thing he can remove is his helmet, which he only does in order to eat.

    The things coming from right hand are retractable wires used for direct interface with computers. Readouts are displayed inside helmet on a Heads-Up Display, or HUD.

    Weapons: [​IMG]
    The Longarm Mark 4 Laser Rifle (Tripod not seen)

    Mech bio

    Name of Mech: Zeromus Mark III

    Origin: Made using a combination of next gen technology and recovered alien technology, the Zeromus Mark III is the most advanced mobile suit unit owned by the UWG. The latest design in the Zeromus Project, headed by Arcum Dagssin himself, it is his personal unit, as only he and a few of the most powerful members of the UWG know of its origins and capabilities.

    Environment: Excells in all areas except for water.

    2 Assault Laser Rifles.
    1 Beam Bastard Sword
    1 Beam Short Sword (Off-hand)
    Head Mounted .50 cal Machine Guns (Anti-personel. Classic gundam style)

    Ignore pods on shoulders
    Show Spoiler

    Click for better resolution[​IMG]

    Extra: The Zeromus Mark III is controlled by a man-machine interface via Arcum's suit, and as such, he is the only one currently capable of piloting it. This was done to both in the name of scientific advancement and to help prevent it's use should it be captured by enemies of the UWG. The Zeromus Mark III is poweredby an unknown, experimental energy source. Some claim it to be the same type of power source as the Themis, but there is no proof for or agaisnt this claim.
    Show Spoiler

    The Zeromus is powered by a dark matter reactor. The only crew members aware of this are Captain Morrison and Arcum.


    Rush Assault: A one minute burst of speed and agility. Meant to rapidly close in on a heavily defensed target from outside it's defensive range. Requires a 10 minute cool-down period. When used on land, causes Zeromus to hover. allowing it to rapidly close in without worrying about rough terrain.

    Alien Data Uplink: Has the ability to wirelessly connect with alien computers. Cannot move while uplinking.

    Hyper Busters: Overloads both assault rifles by connecting them directly to Zeromus' power supply, allowing them to fire a constant stream of energy for 5 seconds. The beam is powerful enough and lare enough to punch a 10 meter radius hole in even the toughest material developed by mankind thus far. After it's use, the assault rifles are damaged beyond use, and must be repaired. Repairs take 1-2 weeks. There is a second pair on the Themis to be used while the initial pair is being repaired.
  9. Name: Hanako Nagare


    Job/Class: Mecha pilot. She'll usually bug the cooking or security teams, though.
    History: Hanako was in south america during the uprising. She had been going to check out a school for civilian mecha pilots when everything went down. Fate intervened, and it turns out that the rebellion mecha couldn't take an I-beam to the face. She joined up with the military forces to help survive, and didn't die, so she ended up in the military. Hanako is a bright and cheery person, and looks forward to all the cool things they're gonna find. She does worry some, though, about what will happen when they get back. Will the government still exist? Will her family be alive? Will the world be in shambles, or possibly worse, will it have solved all the problems and rendered their effort worthless? She doesn't focus on it much, because down that path lies only madness.
    Yeah, she wears that almost all the time. It's suprisingly comfy.

    Weapons: Laspistol and combat knife.

    Name of Mech: Minvera (MIS-3500-1. Mechanized Infantry Soldier, the new 3500 series, model #1.)
    Origin: UWG model. It's an upgrade of the MIS 3400 series made using alien tech. It's been through a lot of testing, but is still not entirely understood.
    Environment: Pretty much everywhere except water.
    Beam Rifle-a nice mid-to long range weapon. Range and power upped by
    Exceed mode. Signifigantly worse underwater. Stored on the back when not in use.

    Vibroblade-Ah, the sword. It never gets old. This one is meant to slice through armor, and is kept in a different holster on the back when not in use.

    Missiles-a small missile battery on each arm. These are guided, and each can target seperately. There are 9 missiles in each battery, arranged in a 3x3 pattern.

    Gravitics (exceed mode only)-can be used to hold enemies in place, throw around and crush smaller ones, or break components. Only usable on one enemy at a time.

    Description: 29 feet tall, mostly a dull gold color. The general appearance is of a standard mecha with some pulsing organic-looking sections making up the joints. Minerva is rather sleek and feminine, with no easily visible eyes. The missile batteries are mounted on the forearm near the elbow.
    Hop-A short-ranged teleport. It requires line of sight and nothing to be in the way (air doesn't count; large volumes of water do). Generally limited to a 500 ft distance.

    Gravitics-a fancy-schmancy method of flight, this requires no moving parts and makes no noise.

    Exceed Mode-A super mode of sorts. It ups the speed, power output, strength, and so forth of by removing limiters on some of the tech. Not reccomended for prolonged use, as there's no telling what may happen with some of the stuff.
  10. [​IMG]

    I was thinking of three things.

    1) Perhaps a daily Q&A on anime-related stuff. And maybe a point and ranking system wherein you "level up" and become more prominent in the clan as you rack up points (by discussing anime/manga related stuff or doing certain activities).
    2) A Discord Chat maybe? :P
    3) A roleplay created by the members of the Animanga clan, maybe? :D

    We need more Rem as well ASDFGHJKL

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  11. I tried. </3

  12. Allright Archy, your character and mech are approved! No issues here since you did a good job having a balanced mech and a good character.

    And as for those of you who are looking for a job for your character, here's some suggestions.

    Head Cook

    Medical Doctor

    Psychologist(because people probably might get a little crazy)



    Head of Security or a Security worker on the ship.(You would guard restricted areas of the ship or monitor surveillance cameras on the ship.)

    Mech pilot(We can have lots of these if you feel it works best with your character)

    Etc. Just ask with me if you aren't sure about something but seeing as Themis is a large ship, there is actually quite a bit of jobs you can fulfill.
  13. Like I said, made of a rare cortosis weave, eh?
    It's a KotoR reference.
  14. This is anime, foo. All swords can do that.

    Even the wooden ones.
  16. For now, all future posts for the IC need to be made in the discussion
  17. You called it a vibroblade. In KotoR, it's a vibroblade. Therefore, calling it a vibroblade is in the wrong genre. Not that it matters.
  18. scaled up prog knife, foo.
  19. Allright, Kage post once you finish your bio.

    For now, here's the Themis Specs FYI for those curious.

    Name: ONE-001 Themis

    Environment: Well balanced in all environments except the ground and best in space, if shot down, Themis has no way to move without repairs. However, there are rumors there were a few last minute upgrades to try to remove the ground weakness so the ship could carry on even if shot down..... The ship is equipped with state of the art heat shields and landing gear, allowing it to land on water, ground and even on large asteroids or moons.


    Anti-Air Missiles: Missiles that are best used to destroy/damage flying mecha. Very powerful but useless aganist ground targets as these are designed to destroy thrusters/wings and cause flying mecha/jets/small ships to crash. Very accurate.

    Laser cannons: Four Laser cannons located on different places on the ship, can all fire at once. Effective aganist most types of enemies so it is said but unusable underwater. It is not very useful aganist heavily armored mechs and ships.

    Torpedoes: Weapons for use underwater, they are of an average power but are great at homing in on enemies and very fast, useless in any other environment.

    Giant Twin Photon Cannons: The trump card of the Themis, two gigantic photon blasts are charged and fired from the twin Photon Cannons. Few enemies can survive this but it takes a while to charge and if it misses, it's a huge waste. Dangerous to use on civilized planets or in a cramped area with many allies in the way. Thus this weapon is most effective in space.

    ???: Top Secret


    Show Spoiler

    Similar to the above image but colored white and red. It's exact height, weight and length are undisclosed unfortunately but it large enough to enough to easily contain almost any mech anything over 80 feet though, however cannot fit into the ship through normal means. Has a logo of the United World Government on it, a red, white and blue flag that has all the countries of the world of Earth on it(rather small so they can all fit).

    The top deck on the outside is large enough for a few mechs to stand on it. The top deck is also very spacious so mechs can easily fit on top of it.

    The areas inside the Themis include:

    1.Control room
    3.Living Quarters(Personal rooms with beds, etc, bathrooms, showers)
    4.Rec room(Watch movies, stage, a gym, game room)
    5.Docking bay(For storage, launch and repair of mecha and support units)
    6.Meeting Room(For briefings)
    7.Restricted areas(Only for the highest ranking of the crew for security reasons, The generator/reactor room is one such area)
    8.Medical Bay(For injured crew members)

    History/Extra info: Created as part of ONE(Operation New Earth) a large ship born from the most brilliant minds on Earth, created to find a new planet for humans to live on. It is not only the most advanced ship, but the most advanced machine ever built on Earth. It incorporates both alien technology and new technology created on Earth as well.

    Other details on Themis are scarce as most of it's features and abilities were kept top-secret. It is said however that it is powered by a new source of energy that allows it to move so fast throughout space and at the same time have enough energy to maintain many necessarily facilities for the crew. Boris, the third in command on Themis is the one who is required to stay in the Themis at all times, Boris is one of the scientists who created Themis and is one of only one scientists who was willing to travel on the ship.

    Maintenance is automated by tiny machines that are part of Themis and can repair both the ship and mecha on the ship.

    The force fields the ship can generate are great defensively but they usually take up a great deal of energy and thus are primarily used only in emergencies aganist very powerful attacks that are about to hit the ship.


    State of the Art AI-Themis her or itself is a ship that has the most advanced AI Earth has ever created. Themis still must be commanded but can make her own decisions if need be and has emotions or so it is said. This is said to give Themis quite an advantage instead of a weakness. Some scientists who made Themis were worried emotion and even the slightest bit of free will could lead to serious problems in the future....

    ?-Top Secret.

    ?-Top Secret.
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