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I dunno, some of these people are probably gonna be lame and vanish.
Well Paorou if you want to join, you can, just as long as you'll be decently active. Archy may be right so closing this off right now may be a bit hasty..

Hmm, also noticed we need more female characters... :P
I doubt my opinion matters, but I am saying 'no' to Orion's dark matter generator, as the Zeromus Mk III is powered by basically the same thing and is experimental enough that only two people on the entire ship know about it, only one of whom knows how to maintain it.

The final decision is Weavel's, though, and like I said, I doubt my opinion matters much, but I still feel the need to voice my opinion on this as it contradicts part of my character sheet.
Because you totally can't have older technologies used in newer things.
the Zeromus would be overall the most technologically advanced mecha. That doesn't mean it can't uses systems from older designs.

And even if Orion's is a NEW THING, then it would just mean that the Zeromus and his mech have a common ancestor by way of their powerplant.

The dark matter generator could even be common knowledge for Orion's mech and not yours, as his isn't supposed to be super military secret like.
Ok, I see what you're saying. You're pointing out how the Zeromus Mk III uses a reactor and Orion's uses a generator. You have a point, but I'd still like Weavel to think about it.
Hey can I make a female character too? =D One who will be able to have a mecha, as opposed to my sort of ship-bound homolust character...

No, I'm saying that even if it is the most advanced machine, that does not inherently require all of it's pieces to be exclusive to/invented specifically for the zeromus.
Actually, with the Zeromus, that's exactly what it means. Technology used in the Zeromus is not being used anywhere else, asides from it's weapons.
Actually, with the Zeromus, that's exactly what it means. Technology used in the Zeromus is not being used anywhere else, asides from it's weapons.

Then you are left with the option to be a bit of a jerk towards Orion, or having it not be completely exclusive technology.
No, I'm leaving the choice up to Weavel, the GM. I'm just voicing my opinion and my reasons for it.
Hmm this is problematic.

I assume Orion may change it too since his bio is incomplete... There's enough of a difference but it does seem to contradict a bit with Kage's mech's story hmm.

Orion, try to fix it up to differentiate it just to avoid this contradiction. Perhaps explain how it's different sort of technology or change it all together here.

So my verdict is Orion doesn't have to change it, but at least explain how his mech has access to this sort of technology. Perhaps it is a related model to the Zeromus or maybe a different attempt a dark matter power source. Orion's is more unstable so that explanation could work, it's a less refined version when compared to Zeromus's and thus was developed by a different group whom had no knowledge of the Zeromus's power source. I won't say Orion can't do this since it's not fair for one player to have like total control on a sort of technology or anything but at the same time it's not good to have bios that contradict. So just as long as Orion has a way of differentiating and explaining how this technology was discovered without any conflicts with Kage's bio, it shall be fine.

And Amp, Themis's AI is female anyhow. Might just wanna have one character. :P I don't want there to be too many characters around but if you want a second one with a mech, go ahead. I don't want people getting crazy with this idea of secondaries so I believe I'll for now have a limit of two characters at most per player.
I have an idea: Orion's mech can be from a sister project of Project Zeromus, and Orion can be my assitant or collegue(sp?) who is the authority on nanotech. Just a thought.
Accursed female AI! Well in any case...ROBOLUST...AILUST...HOMOLUST. Not exactly in that order BUT POSSIBLY. . .

Well it's just that I realized I wanted to join MECHA thread because of MECHA and ended up making someone without a mecha...I rarely do secondaries, guess I just really want to in this case. I'll make sure I do a good job.
I have an idea: Orion's mech can be from a sister project of Project Zeromus, and Orion can be my assitant or collegue(sp?) who is the authority on nanotech. Just a thought.

Honestly, dude, I'm pretty sure Orion's mecha wasn't created with yours in mind exclusively. You're just kind of acting douche-y. I mean, geez. He isn't even DONE with his bio, at least let him finish it before dogging about it. It isn't even going to be anything close to yours in the end. Pretty nitpicky to pick on one single piece of technology. This is supposed to be an anime-style RP, right? Pretty sure everyone's going to call upon the plotholes at least once during this thing.

"Sorry, you can't have that Gundam because I made a Gundam first. Obviously you are just trying to piggyback on my cool ideas. But I'll let you create that Gundam if you lick my spaceboots first."

That's what you sound like.
Hmm I don't want this to become a flame war or anything now. So let's save strong emotions and yelling for zee RP itself!!!

But yeah Orion..Don't worry about it all that much....As Amp brought up, we can't really claim ownership to a technology in this RP.

So let's just drop the subject here.

This RP is leaning towards Wednesday or so to start, is that allright with everyone? I do want to give time for people to finish their bios and I want to make sure Paorou gets a chance to make his, so if anyone sees him in the c-box or anything, tell him it's fine if he joins.

Also, I am moving out around the week before September 27th or so. I will likely be absent for a while around that time...I'm thinking of appointing someone as a temporarily GM once that happens so they can keep things going even one I'm gone. But that's 41 days away so we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
*Shoots in*

King Weavel I finished all the edits I could think of that I wanted to do with my character. Which by the way just to clarrify is completely an android.

Not a cyborg.

His skin and hair are all advanced 4020-ish synthetics. Everything else underneath is 100% whatever the hell they would build androids out of by that point in time.

So if you have any problems with the mech or the character just lemme know and I'll try to tinker with it the best I can. I think I fit my power source explanations to what you were asking// expecting. Damn thing's just dangerous enough to be worth it. X3.

*Shoots off into zeh nite skiez sumwarez*
Looks good to me, Orion. No issues with being an android either. Your bio is approved!

Prince of Space is an interesting name..Lol, reminds me of that movie Prince of Space.

[ame=""]YouTube - MST3K-#816-Prince of Space (7/10)[/ame]
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