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It's been a year since Arie had been dragged into the demon slayer life style, and now here she is as a member of delta squad A in the Church Hill Demon Slaying Academe. Earlier that day both her and her squad were assigned a mission to take out a hoard of demons by the east end of the forest. When they accepted the mission they all called out positions and discussed a form of attack. Once that was settled they all took off to their addressed locations, and to Aire's dismay she had to play bait. Sighting the targets she reached for one of her browning 9mm pistols and shot one of the demons. Though to her surprised the gun had no effect despite having archangel Gabriel's mark on it. With all eyes locked on her she began to sprint to her teammates location screaming, "RUN!! SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT!! RRRUNNN!" As the demons started gaining on her, she reached for her second browning and began to shoot well running each bullet bouncing off the demons.

"Not yet..." the succubus hissed as the wretch allowed himself to be shot by Arie's pistol.

That had not been part of the plan but wretches were the stupidest and most numerous of hell's minions. They were barely coherent at the best of times. The plan had been to fall over when shot, trick the foolish humans into advancing so that they would be surrounded. That plan had, in what she considered a humourous turn of phrase, completely gone to hell. She didn't know why the hunters' guns weren't working. The demon lord that had organized this attack had ensured them all they would be protected but she hadn't believed it. She hadn't really expected to be immune and had hidden in the back, letting the lesser demons risk their existences.

Nymuell flitted from tree to tree. She hated forests. The branches and the canopy made it difficult to soar. Leaping from branch to branch, occasionally snapping her wings for additional lift when the branches were too far apart. It wasn't a good means of hunting. It was slower, loud and attracted attention. She normally soared silently, never beating her wings through the open air and fell upon opponents or she assumed a seeming and just walked up upon them. It was frustrating.

Still, they had to hurry, they had to catch these demon hunters before they reached some sort of holy ground that they would not be able to set foot in. She could see their bait ahead, running as fast as she could. Her attention was mostly upon those running behind her and Nymuell did her best to avoid snapping her wings.
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Getting no responce from her team Arie panicked and decided to change direction away from everyone. Panicking she sprinted faster and faster towards a destination she has yet to know. Praying that it was enough to let the other get back Arie tapped into her hidding power boosting her speed and endurance. Whats going on.. where is everyone?!?..I hope they're alright.. she could feel tears welling up as she sprinting further away.
Shouts out to Arie running joining her just slightly off to her right. The groups taken a heavy beating the demons killed Minko and a few others we need to abort now! Runs faster still urging my body to new heights knowing I'll regret it later. Says to Arie I haven't seen any of the others other then Minko who was torn to bits and is dead as far as I know. Have you seen anyone? I've been wondering why the hell did HQ send you here it's like a suicide mission!
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Almost stopping from the shock, "Minkos dead?!? I havent seen the others either..." shoots behind me. "Either way we can't leave them behind!" Debating Arie became torn between telling the boy to split and go search for them or just staying together. She knew if they split up that would make his chances of survival smaller but staying together would just make it difficult to keep running with someone who doesnt have her boosting ability. "Come on this way!" She shouted to him cutting hard to the left hoping he would follow. She decided it was for the best if he stayed with her. Arie felt a tear fall down her check. All there was left to do was run and pray the others were ok.
Follows Arie but decides it's best he doesn't mention his name. Yes Minko is dead. He fell shortly after he tried to stall them. Notices Aries speed your oddly quick despite your build... Are you like me and have hidden abilities? Looks back for a split second to see the horde of demons closing in. We need to hurry, they are gaining on us!
Looks back at the boy confused. He obviously wasn't from her squad yet he must of been from the academe to know minko and her names. "That doesn't matter right now." She had a sudden uneasy feeling bout the boy following her. Though at the moment she dismissed it and increased her speed even more hoping he could keep up. Arie thought about her teammates once more cringing at the thought of miko dying.
One of the hunters was running alone, stopping every so often to turn and unload a few rounds from his Beretta. It was a mistake. It was doing nothing but slowing him down. Nymuell took one look at the two fleeing off in the distance and then at the long escaping runner. She had to make a quick choice between them and one of the two up ahead was wearing plenty of metal armour.

Choosing the easy prey Nymuell turned and altered her course, taking extra care to avoid using her wings. Her pale skin flashed in the night, her red scarf trailing behind her as she leaped from one tree limb to another, her bare feet barely making a whisper against the rough bark.

This time when her prey stopped she was there above him and she leaped downwards, wings pinioned tight against her back. Landing hard, arms wrapping around her victim's torso she pushed her naked body against the man. Her lips covered his. His eyes widened. Than as her tongue slipped into his mouth his eyes glazed over.

A few moments passed and Nymuell arose from the grey skinned soulless husk. His essence warmed and empowered her. She wouldn't be allowed to keep it. No, souls were too valuable. She'd have to turn it over to her demon lord who would have it forged into powerful demonic artifacts or to otherwise fuel their agenda.

Feeling empowered she rose up, leaped from branch to branch and pierced the canopy and up into the open air. Snapping her wings she accelerated, tryin gto catch up to the demons snapping at the heals of the survivors.

Elle had split from the group. Her teammates had been murdered, but she was just a bit faster than them, and had avoided their massacre. Catching sight of one of her allies, she quickly darted over to her, slicing a demon's neck and kicking it away as she did.

"What do we do now?" she asked calmly to Arie, "And who is this guy?"
Are you from Arie's squad? Looks at Elle and adds I'm one of the academies higher ups. That is all I'm going to say at this point. Picks up my pace seeing the slightly hidden holy ground ahead. We need to hit that spot and soon. Points to an opening within the vines wrapped around the entrance to the ground. If you two wish to survive that is.
"Elle thank god you're alive." Arie smiled then asked her, "do you know where anyone else is?" She turned around and shot one of her brownings then sprung around sprinting up to her teammates. "Lets head back to the academe! We'll be save once we reach holy ground. Hopefully we'll find the others on the way back." She instructed to the others. Normally Arie had never been the leader type but for some reason she seemed to be taking charge this time.
Elle shook her head slowly. "Unfortunately, I had to speed away lest I be crushed as well," she said. She nodded at the two's recommendations. "Seems like a good idea. Let's get to the holy ground." She was content to let Arie guide the group for now, not having a better idea herself.
Drawing nearer to the holy ground Arie turned around one more time firing shots out to the demons. Unlike before she saw the bullet go through. "Guys their sheild is down!" She cried firing both pistols now killing one or two demons before it was time to run. "They must of had the area crused!" She called as she drawn near Elle and the man.
"Oh, good, perhaps now my Zanbato will work as well," Elle stated, her voice staying calm. She slammed the dull, larger weapon into a nearby demon, sending it flying away. "Yes, it seems the previous area was cursed. Should we stand our ground, or escape to the Academy?" she asked Arie.
Arie smiles with relief as the demons started dropping. "We should head to the academe. Hoping the head master will send out a search and rescue for the others." As she was shooting she noticed a figure jumping in the tree tops, but in the blink of an eye it had vanished as quickly as she had spotted it. Hoping it wasnt anything to powerful she called, "guys lets hurry back. I think somethings here." Arie scanned the tree tops more closely.
Celeste stumbled out of the woods, her long crimson curls bouncing upon her back. She didn't even turn to look behind her as she fired her shotgun over her shoulder. Then a wretch emerged from the forest, bounding from branch to branch. It was built much like a flying squirrel, with fleshy folds between arms and legs a goblin's head full of sharp razor teeth and a smaller more human head half the size sitting on the shoulder.

The creature fell down upon her, dragging her down. She cried out as she stumbled, and fell to one knee, her shotgun going flying. Then she reached, lightning fast, for the pistol at her hip only to have that knocked out of her hand. Then it was nothing to do but hold on to its claws as the wretch's jaws snapped at her throat again and again, each time slipping a little closer.

OOC: This wretch is cowardly and an ambush hunter. It scares easily.
Elle nodded. "Yes, that seems reasonable," she agreed, but then another girl with Crimson hair stumbled out, attacked by a demon. She dashed over, slamming it in the side with her Zanbato, knocking it off of Celeste. She positioned her knife in front of her and held the larger weapon to the side. "Are you alright?" she asked Celeste, cooly eyeing the demon in case it was still alive.
With a sibilant hiss and a flick of a long forked tongue the wretch, one of the weakest order of demons, turned tail and fled. First it leaped into the air and then it began to undulate like some sort of demonic dolphin as it soared away.

Celeste groaned and rolled over onto her hands and knees. She was garbed in her camouflage fatigues, a black stab vest underneath the battle dress uniform. A bandoleer with replacement shells for her shortened M870 shotgun wrapped around her torso. She shook her head and tried to get her bearings.

"I lost my crossbow," she said as she tried to get back up, stumbled and then succeeded on the second attempt, "back in the forest. I think they're trying to stop us from getting to the academy. The only reason I got away is that most of them ran off. I think they're going to ambush us."
Looks at the survivors begrudgingly, there's something all of you should know. The academy is no longer safe. The headmaster has just called out for a level 4 evacuation. Looks like we're on our own. Pulls out zekrom the pistol the headmaster had given me in memory of my father at his memorial. This is not a test this is a matter of survival, all in favor of Arie leading raise your hand. Raises my hand slowly.
Arie's eyes widen at all the commotion after finally freeing herself from a group of surrounding demons she raced over to everyone panting and covered in sweat. Gulping down air she said between breaths more to herself then anyone else, "Something isn't right.... I cant believe the academe fell... After all these years." then focusing on the matter at hand she added, "If the academe is down then we need to find shelter for the night and sadly the academe is our best bet at the moment fallen or not. If we make it there I have a feeling that whatever ring leader these demons have will do its best to stop us from reaching there, so that means we need a plan." she paused for a moment to think it all out before looking at Celeste, "First things first, Celeste, you said your cross bow was taken then we need to get it back at all means, but for that to happen we should move in the diamond formation- points to the Elle- Elle you can knock the demons out of the way like a barrier with your swords you should lead. That way me and Celeste can shoot them and there's no delay. and you- points to the boy- I can sense you're energy level is the highest so you'll take back and make sure no one jumps us from behind." Arie looked at everyone before adding. "Anyone object or have any other ideas?" she asked.
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