Deity's Co-Essance School for Heroes | Sign Up & Ooc ( 1 spot left )

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  1. Welcome to a Deity's co-essance school for heroes.
    There are many heroes made everyday, and not many mortals know of it. Even when they're one of them.
    There's also many deities that exist as well, and it's normaly the hero's job to do their quest.
    Through reluctancy or not. If the hero serves a certain religion long enough, they will be given a reward.
    And that reward is the chance to become a god themselves. Though they can choose wether to accept it or not.
    If they don't, they'll be able to retire from their heroic deeds for good. With some protection for their family of course.
    It seems as though this is very one-sided, but I assure you it's usually the trust that decides whatever.
    Would you be able to trust some gods to protect your family? After working with some, you doubt that'd happen. There are other reasons as well, but this was the main reason.

    Anyways, this school is based on that first reward.
    This school is focused on teamwork, thus, the students are paired into two groups.
    Usually opposite genders, but really depends.
    The pair will have a shared class schedule, and will depend on each other for all of them.
    Marks will be separated but if teachers see that one of you is failing at something, they will order the other to tutor them.
    The only time they'd seperate is during the sleeping hours when everyone is ordered to go to their rooms.
    Dorms are separated by gender.
    The reason this pairing system is in place is because the gods found out that teamwork increases power.

    Now the reason their doing this is simple. Immortality sucks, unless you have a successor.
    They won't necessarily have the same powers, but if one was to accept, he or she would be able to take their place.
    So the main gods of every religion agreed to make this school. Though this is unknown to students.


    1. No godmodding
    2. You may only have 2 characters
    3. You're allowed to swear, but keep it mild please
    4. No one-liners
    5. No demigods or any relatives to the gods
    6. Fade to black if you plan to do more etc.
    7. Fighting for drama is allowed, but don't let it affect you in ooc
    8. You can't make your own characters become lovers

    Subject | Teacher
    War and Strategy | Kartikeya, Hindu god of war
    Authority Etiquette | Nabu, Mesopotamian god of wisdom and writing
    Monsters 101 | Anubis, Egyptian god of funerals
    Dealing with fellow Deities | Izanami, Japanese goddess of creation and death
    Diplomacy | Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth
    Believers | Tonatiuh, Aztec god of the sun
    Patrons and Creation | The Three Purities (Yuanshi, Lingbao, and Daode)
    Mythical Mounts and Friends | Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt and moon
    ^Pick two^

    Sign ups:
    Sexual Orientation:
    History: (optional)
    Original Hero for which Religeon:
    Powers: (These will be randomized and given to you after being accepted)
    Classes: (Choose from above)
    Partner: (This will be randomized as well)

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  2. Name: Diyanna Knight
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Personality: Diyanna is a mysterious girl who is strong minded and refuses to back down in any fight. Though she's calm and quiet, Diyanna is merciless in battle and is constantly enjoying battle. Though many see her as weak and helpless because of her appearance, Diyanna isn't someone you should mess with. With an empty feeling inside, the only reason Diyanna is here is because she believes there's nowhere else she belongs. Most believe that Diyanna's loyalties belong to the Gods but in all actuality her loyalty belongs to herself and no one else.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: (optional)
    Original Hero for which Religeon: Greek
    Powers: Sand
    Classes: War and Strategy/ Kartikeya, Monsters 101/ Anubis
    Partner: (This will be randomized as well)
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  3. Name
    Liam Celane


    Sexual Orientation

    Liam is a very high spirited guy, he is usually exetremely energnic and never really wants to sit still, of course he has his calm moments, around others he can be known as an annoyance due to the fact he often just clings to someone and follows them around laughing and talking, no matter what they say to try and stop him.
    He always keeps a level head as people often wonder how he can not be afriad of death, or anything really he us takes about everything as a joke. Like any other human thought, he has to keep things deep down and never really talks about his past for unknown reason.

    Original Hero for which Religeon


    Behemoth State

    While most think that his power is changing into a bigger more powerful state of himself, Liam actually keeps his lean appearance, his strength is tripled meaning he can lift more than a ton, his attacks becoming a bit slowed, he can change this state into percents.
    25%: Slight increase in strength about 1.5x so he can lift about 350lbs, speed isn't slowed.
    50%: Strength is 2x can lift 500lbs, speed is slighly decreased.
    75%:Strength is x2.5 can lift up to 750, speed more than slightly decreased
    100%: Strength is 3x can lift over 1000lbs, speed is more than halfed.

    Behemoth Mode 200%: Speed and Strength are both increased 4x, only can use this for one post and then his is immobile for 2 posts.
    Authority Etiquette | Nabu
    Dealing with fellow Deities | Izanami

    Mirabella "Mercury" Ruiz​
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  4. Both of your are accepted! Diyanna's power is the ability to manipulate sand while Liam's power is the ability to turn into a behemoth. You can go deeper into those if you want.
  5. Now by behemoth, do you mean he transforms into a beast, or just a much stronger/bigger state of himself?
  6. How am I supposed to go deeper with sand? xD
  7. Oh, I meant Liam's power. XD
    You can take it as whatever, I'm just giving you the basics.
  8. Alright! Then I am gonna have some fun with this.
  9. Name: Anthony Diggs
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Personality: Anthony doesn't really stand out in the crowd. He is timid and absent-minded most of the time. But despite being a klutz at times, he excels at whatever he puts his mind into. Even though he knows how to fight, he prefers avoiding conflicts and using violence as a last resort. Though he lacks a sense of humor, he's generous to anyone who needs help.
    He looks like this
    History: (optional)
    Original Hero for which Religeon: Greek
    Powers: Environmental Adaptation
    Classes: Diplomacy/Patrons and Creation
    Partner: (This will be randomized as well)
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  10. Accepted! Anthony has the ability to adapt in any enviroment with the exception of space.
  11. adapt? like, camouflaging? xD
  12. Sure. Or like growing gills if underwater or getting tougher lungs for when he's in a high altitude.
  13. Oh.... can he also 'trick' his own body of being in some environment to use his power? like, closing his eyes so his body will think it's in a dark place and will adapt by enhancing other senses? or nah? xD
  14. I guess you could, again, I'm just giving you the basics and you could do whatever you want with it.
  15. Hmm, looks interesting, I will join in a few minutes
  16. [​IMG]
    Giovanna Catherine Ross
    ~Sexual Orientation~
    Geo is most often found to be timid around strangers, and it's hard for her to easily connect with others. She
    often trips over things, and is found to be fairly clumsy. If you do get to know the girl, she is easy to get along with, and
    is extremely loyal to her friends. Though she may not be strong, she has a big heart, and is very
    intelligent. Her speed sometimes surprises people, and even though she is clumsy,
    she always finds a way to do everything faster than normal.

    Geo is fairly tall, and she stands at 5'6", and she weighs roughly around 112 pounds. For her height, she is fairly skinny,
    and her chest is really small, and if it weren't for her hair, a lot of people would think she was a boy, though
    she is often asked if she is transgender.

    ~Original Hero for which Religion~
    Geo can manipulate small creatures which can mass into a large army. She can use them
    to track others, or listen in on conversations, and in some cases, poison others
    with her pathogens

    Dealing with fellow Deities | Izanami
    Mythical Mounts and Friends | Diana

    Khan Oudo
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  17. Name-keishko usada


    Sexual oriantation-bisexual(leads more to men)

    personality-clumsy,shy when u get to know him better he opens up a little

    Aperance-6'6, loves to wear riped up jeans,wears gloves known for having the rarest color of eyes in his village their a magestic golden color he hides his wings when he feels scared tends to hide them a lot is well built nicr chest with a 6 pack

    He is a rare bree on angel that he knows about he has sharp senses and reflexes when it comes to fighting or protectinf one of his friends he is called a onshu red tail because on the tip of his wings is a little bit of red on them

    Original hero religion-romam

    Teachers-monsters 101
    Dealing with fellow deitries

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  18. Both of you are accepted! Gio has the power to manipulate parasites while Keishko can manipulate wood. Do you guys think I should pair everyone up now, or wait for more people?
  19. I was going to make another girl soon, but go on ahead if you wish