Deeper Than Mutual Understanding

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  1. A dark haired man in expensive Victorian clothes walked through the dancing crowd in utmost grace, it was a jolly night for a wonderful ball. It was held in celebration for his arrival for parents of abundant amounts want to get their daughters married to rich men, after all - that was an accustomed way to prospoer quickly in their time. "Come, Darcy, I must have you dance! I must!" the man said as he approached his friend, a tall, thin, blonde, with faded green eyes. He was proud looking and haughty, his face was as cold as stone as he scanned the room with his eyes boredly, while standing beside the wall with his arms crossed. Like his friend, Darcy was wearing clothes as expensive and as fancy - or maybe fancier than his friends - and it looked good on him. It did. "I hate to see you standing around in this stupid manner! Come, you'd much better dance!"

    The man named Darcy frowned, as he sneered arrogantly "I certainly shall not, in an assembly such as this? It would be --- ah, I forgot my lines." the blonde shook his head, picking up the script from the edge of the stage. His fellow actors looked at him in surprise for he never forgets his lines, and if he ever does - he would certainly use improv to wing it. Luckily it was only rehearsals, but the school play was a month away from now "Can we have a break?" he asked their teacher as he jerked his head up, holding the script in his hands.

    "Fine, Alois. But make sure you'd be as good as you should be playing as the role of 'Mr. Darcy' after the break." the teacher said, giving him a warning glare that darted towards the blonde boy, who was named Alois before looking to the other actors "Alright! Break everyone, but only for a few minutes! There's only about half an hour left till morning classes start!"

    "Alois, are you alright?" a girl, who was one of their fellow actors approached the blonde as he sat near the end of the stage. But Alois wasn't listening, ever since he heard the news from his father this morning - it occupied his mind - taking over his whole head. She was transferring to his school - her - his twin sister. Today. Sure, he had always seen her at holidays and such, but ever since that day when their parents separated... Everything changed.

    Their bond as siblings.


    They were more like enemies now.

    "Leave me alone, Victoria." was all he said to the girl's concern.
  2. “Wake up CUPCAKE” Farrahs step father sarcastically yelled as he approached the stairs that led to Farrahs room door. Posters staying “STAY OUT” and “NO PARENTS BEYOND THIS POINT” were taped on her door. Her best friend Cole even went so far as to steal a stop sign off its bars and put it on her door as well. What are friends for?. Just months ago Farrah had undergone a very significant change in personality. Last year, she was head cheerleader, very popular, very beautiful-and she still was, she just switched scenes. She had her mother get painters to come in and paint over her pink walls, now they were jet black, but you wouldn’t notice unless you looked closely, she had posters plastered everywhere.. My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Korn, Flyleaf, she had all her favorite rock bands everywhere, on one corner of her room was a drum set, some electric guitars a piano and other things her band used. Yes she was in a band. Her new best friend cole introduced through her step dad, was very hard core goth type. His hair he wore it long black, and swayed to the side, only showing one of his eyes which he had red contacts in. He always wore black and red, his favorite colors.. Ripped shirts mostly.. and had tattoos that covered a lot of his skin. He had snake bites also, which drove farrahs mom crazy, he was over their house so much he was basically family. Though everyone felt he was the cause to farrahs drastic change in everything, All accept Farrahs step dad which saw nothing wrong with it. “CUPCAKE!!!” he screamed again, . Farrah hopped out of bed in anger Her long bonde hair contrasting with the room around her.

    She put on some black tights and a half ripped shirt and came down stairs. “FARRAH MARIE! YOU MARCH BACK UP THERE AND PUT ON SOME REAL CLOTHES” her mother yelled in a slight British accent that had faded over the years, as she put eggs and bacon in front of her step dad (his names Drake) and Cole. “Nothin they aint seen” she said taking an apple and sitting down scratching her wild hair. “I think you should dye it black” cole said beginning to eat. “Im thinking about it” she said softly.. biting in her apple again. “Well you might as well now that your going to be going to the same school as Alois you don’t wanna look like him.” Cole said in a dark slightly manipulative voice. “Whats the deal with that boy anyways? I mean hes probably a queer.. he does performing arts aint that girl shit?” Drake said laughing a little then seeing his wives face he shut up. Cole continued to laugh and Farrah had a smirk “Naa a lot of boys do it.” She said wiping eye liner that had faded under her eyes from the previous night away. “Alois is more man then any man sitting at this table right now.. and Farrah go put on that uniform, its there for a reason you know todays your first day” Farrah glared at her mother. “I don’t want to go” she said a little edge to her soft voice. “Farrah, okay don’t do this right now love, this was part of the agreement.. you don’t go you don’t play at the concert next week” her mother said bluntly. “Oh your going” Cole said pushing her playfully “You gotta play” Farrah shifted her eyes towards her contacts she had left down stairs.. she hated being a twin, so she wore them, they were blue-ish hazel. She loved them. She loved being an individual. “Fine” she said snatching them from the counter and ruining upstairs. “I tell you what.. if her dad gives me that glare one more time.. im going to knock him out” Drake said eating a piece of bacon “ I swear he thinks I infected Farrah with some damn disease. The girl wants to dress and act like that let her.. its her life” he said laughing and shrugging it off.

    Its my life…

    Farrah repeated to herself.. hearing the conversation.
  3. (LOL. Goth? LOLOLOLOL. Brilliant!)

    "Alois, wait."

    The young blonde boy stopped in his tracks and ceased fixing the buttons of his school uniform, trying to tuck his tie under it. He turned to face his drama teacher, who approached him with a warm smile. "Yes ma'am?" he asked in confusion, trying to determine her intentions as she neared him. But it was answered quickly as soon as he felt his hand touch his shoulder with a soft pat.

    "Good job today, but is there anything bothering you? You seem so off in the first half of our rehearsal..." the teacher said with a raised eyebrow in question, trying to search his face and read his expressions " are alright, right?"

    Alois mentally cursed at himself, for an actor - he was too obvious earlier. Probably because the fact that Farrah is transferring to his school bothered him greatly, more than the pressure he dealt with in memorizing lines for school plays. It made him anxious, frustrated, irritated. What irritated him more was the fact that his father sounded rather cheerful when he spoke of the news - he thought of it as an ideal way to bond as siblings. But he knows it cannot happen anymore, for twins - they weren't close, they were apart - distant. No matter how strong their bond was before, it is not anymore. He forced a smile "No, of course not!" he insisted, acting is so useful even in real life "It's just the morning...I am alittle stressed."

    "Make sure it doesn't interfere with the play, you are the star after all..."

    "But of course." Alois nodded as he slung his bag on his shoulder and folded the script, tucking it in the pockets of his bag and proceeded to walk out of the auditorium. In his head, it was his objective to be in class as early as possible - to avoid meeting his sister along the halls, and hopefully, she'd never blurt out that fact: that they were related. He'd reckon she wouldn't, she had a different last name. Ever since their mother married that guy who looked a lot like Marilyn Manson - everything changed from there.
  4. ROFL. --> MARILYN MANSON??? hahaha true very true..

    "I'll drop her" cole said dangling his keys. "Oh mom pleaasseee hes my best friend i need him for mental support" Farrah said comming down the stairs in the uniform rapping her arm around her friend. "Um, absolutely not... i can count on Cole to drive passed the school" her mother said applying her red lip stick that matched the red blouse under her dress suit and skirt. Her mom was a beautiful lawyer.. and thats where farrah got it from, but she didnt use it like her mom did, not anymore, not to be prissy anyways. However as hardcore as she tried to look her runway-ready face wouldnt disappear. "Oh let the boy drive her its right up the damn street.. you already got her going to that freakin private school with the queer why not let her have some sort of support" Drake said getting up from the table. "No he wont support her he will drive her AWAY" farrahs mother yelled as she made her way to the door "come!" she said opening it and motioning to go out "after you"

    "You know for a private school those skirts the girls wear are mighty short.. im telling you the teachers screw the students" Drake yelled picking up their pet chihuahua. "Oh shut your trap" Farrahs mother said as they exited. Cole jumped in his black jaguar and sharply backed up "Yo have fun.. dont come back a virgin" he said laughing and racing down the street. Farrahs mother eyed her. "Mom he was just playing you know im a virgin." Farrah said rolling her eyes. She was telling the truth too. she had no reason to have sex.. music was her sex.. She applied a little lip gloss and fixed her eye liner as her mother pulled up to the school only a few blocks from their gated community. "Mom... this is ridiculous look at these people they all look like perfect little.. things inside their own perfect little world" farrah said disgusted, grabbing her skull marked black and pink back pack from the back "Farrah you used to be just like that i dont want to hear it.. and say hi to your brother for me... and if you see your dad at the end of the day tell him he needs to call me and let me know what time they plan to show up to the birthday party" she said as Farrah got out "yea ok mom whatever" she said looking at the school in utter digust. She had no intention of even speaking to her twin. "Where are the nuns?" She said smacking her gum loudly. "Farrah, your step dad will be picking you up from school.. make sure he parks in the back so there's no contact between him and your dad love you bye!" she said driving off as Farrah made her way inside the school

    whatever. hes not my dad. drakes my dad.
  5. As soon as Alois passed the entrance, he froze at the sight of his sister. She looked like everything he could ever imagine - a gothic abomination. She looked like a complete mess: chewing gum, wild hair, and racy backpack. It was completely unfeminine and stupid, he couldn't believe what her stepfather had done to her, he could bet that she had some kind of tattoo inked somewhere on her skin. "Tch." Alois muttered he gripped at his bag strap tightly, dashing passed the busy crowd full of people dressed like him and headed towards a hallway leading towards his first class - which of all subjects: math.

    "You're amazingly early, Watson." his math teacher acknowledged as he looked up from his computer to see Alois entering his classroom and paced towards the seat by the windows "I know you like math, but this is too much flattery..."

    "Then it's time to tell yourself not too flatter yourself too much, sir." Alois muttered as he sank down on his seat and pulled out his script and began sightreading through them to kill time, this was better than standing around in the hallways to cross paths with Farrah - he would certainly not want people to know he was related to such a wild girl. No he would not.

    If she steps into this room, I will have a need to punch a wall.
  6. "And that children is why xy squared to the fifth-"

    As the teacher had just started explaining the method, Farrah walked in, her teased hair different from every other girls, there perfect buns, and pony tails-no makeup. oh well. Farrah had plenty. She smirked at her twin seeing him in the corner and popped her gum. The teacher was amazed at her individuality, she then looked at the teacher who was analyzing her as well

    "Boo" she said to the teacher and the students who were all staring at her in amazement.

    "Indeed" the teacher responded "you look like from a rock concert im assuming thats why your late"

    Farrah smiled and tossed him the crumbled up pass she had stolen "nah, my dad dropped me off late.. if you want you can call" she said taking out her cell about to hand it to him..

    it tickled her that if he really did call, her step dad would most likely take the blame and cuss the teacher out as well

    "No thats quite alright. have a seat." he said throwing the pass away. Farrah shrugged and went all the way to the back "Suit yourself"

    "Alright students.. its the first day... im going to get my attendence logged in to the computer and you guys feel free to converse"

    Farrah rolled her eyes putting her head down

    that was the FURTHEST thing from her mind.
  7. You got to be kidding me.

    The apearance of his sister in the classroom made all heads turn to her in unison, in a sense it made Alois sigh in relief - there was no attention drawing to him. With his attention-hungry twin, he can escape questions about the play. It was like that everyday since he got the star role...again. People bugged him about how was the play, how was the play and how was the play. He couldn't blame them, the school was proud of their school plays because of the good acting and performance - so Alois received this type of treatment for the past few years.

    "She's a quite a sight, isn't she?" a voice whispered from behind him, he turned his head slightly to see his fellow classmate and actor - to be specific, the man playing Mr. Bingley in the play. His name was Jared, the star soccer player of the school. He was so good at the sport that he was playing for the national team, and he was also Alois' best friend. Unlike Alois, who was the cold, distant, sarcastic, arrogant and loner type --- Jared was lively, had a sense of humour and outgoing. They were exact opposites. "It's quite interesting..."

    Alois rolled his eyes "Tch." he scoffed as he shook his head, folding the script as he took out his math book from his grasp "Interesting? More like tacky, Jared. Your taste in girls are a bit...wild."

    Jared smiled, smacking Alois' head playfully "Oh Alois, I forgot. You're a classy little blondie..." he said as he ruffled his blonde hair, grinning wildly. "You're like a prince...."

    Little? Certainly not. You're just a few inches taller than me, idiot.
  8. "Did it hurt?" farrah heard a males voice say, she lifted her head slightly blinking at the boy in front of her twice "did what hurt?"

    "You know the piercing" the boy continued pointing to the piercing just above her lip.

    "How long did it take you to make your hair do that?" one girl chimed in, confident to talk to her now that someone else had broke the ice.

    Farrah didnt want this, she didnt want this attention at all.. its like they were all freaks or something that never seen someone like this before.

    "No the piercing didnt hurt and 2 hours" she said looking at both of them then putting her head back down, she was soo thankful the bell rang for her next period, she was the first one out.
  9. "I'll see you later in music class, Your Highness." Jared grinned at Alois as he grabbed his sports bag and gave the frowning blonde a wave before departing the room. Was he really like that? A lot of people called him a prince of somesort, was it because of his manners? His attitude? His blonde hair? It seemed to him girls in the school thought of blondes with grace like Alois is some kind of prince-type, or...whatever.

    He sighed, as he dug his hands in his pockets - following the crowd out of the small door. In the distance, he could see Farrah's wild hair sticking out of the plain crowd - no, every part of her stood out from the crowd. She looked like someone from public school who had a fail attempt to disguise as one of their students, everything she had was flashy - it stood out too much. Sooner or later they'll be warning her to take off her piercings and dye her hair in a normal shade, soon.

    Behave yourself, Farrah.

    THe next few classes came by as quickly, and finally it was time for lunch. Everyone fell in line the cafeteria to order their lunch, which was mostly all fancy food. This was no oridinary private school after all, this was a prestigious private school and the tuition fee was certainly not cheap. It was finally Alois' turn to order his food after a few minutes, it took him a while to decide but not too long "I'll have the smoked salmon filllet instead othe usual..." he told the chef, who nodded with a smile as he prepared his food with such expertise. Because of his involvement in the school plays, he was quite well known around the school - which was a blessing and curse at the same time.

    The food was served to him after a minutes in a white round dish with exquisite plating, and at the side was a glass of ginger ale - which was more of his preference than the juice they serve usally. The female chef gave him a flirty wink, which startled him as he turned around. That was totally unexpected, now he even attracted chefs. He scanned the room for Jared, but he certainly was not there. Luckily, an isolated area near the wall was vacant and walked there quickly, sitting down. Attention is what he wanted to avoid, so it will be. Besides, music class will be starting after lunch.
  10. Farrah didnt want lunch. She simply hated how uppity it was... she was so happy drake came into her moms life.. otherwise she mightve stayed preppy and prissy. Just as she was about to walk out a hand snatched her around the corner.

    "Cole?!!" she nearly screamed analyzing his familar face, amking sure she wasnt dreaming and this was real. "Shhh!! " he said laughing, him and the 2 other members of their band were all there, dressed up in the proper attire and all.

    "How did-" Before Farrah could finish she had to get a good laugh in, because even though they were all dressed up like they went here they looked more out of place then farrah what with thier tattoos and piercings. She leaned on the door for support as they all laughed together

    "This is a new low" she said as she wipped tears from her eyes. Tears of laughter, the first real laugh she had had all day.

    "Indeed but its a low for you too you actually go here" Damien, their guitar player said. They all smelled like cigarettes, thats the only thing besides tatoos that she could say she didnt have that they did. the will to smoke and kill their lungs.

    "So how did you guys get the outfits?" she said taking a step back examining them Cole shrugged "dont worry about it. we are only here for lunch though so entertain us" he said peeking out into the lunchroom "Is your twin in there?" Farrah nodded towards him "Yup.. and he hates me. which is fine, the feeling is more then mutual"

    "Whoa.. he looks like the prince charming to your emo cinderealla" Cole said busting out laughing. "Come on lets go sit down at a table."
  11. At the corner of his eyes, Alois spotted his attention-getter of a sister walking along with that gotchic wild child Cole and two other people who was dressed in the school garb. He didn't know how or why he got those, but Alois wanted to avoid involving himself with them - his sister was a stranger to him now, a total stranger. His fork stabbed the salmon idly as he thought about how stupid and dirty looking his sister and her lackeys all look like. "They all look like owls..." he muttered, taking a sip of his ginger ale and wiped his mouth. His father used to be an ettiquete teacher back in England before he married their mother, and he had always taught Alois the steps to be a proper gentleman - althought the blonde made some modifications.

    "Hello, hello Princey!" Jared grinned as he gave Alois a pat on the back that made him choke on his food slightly, regaining his composure - he stood up from his seat and gave the other man a subtle glare. But Jared didn't get it "Ooh! It's that girl! Let's introduce ourselves." he said, pulling ALois along with him as he took a gulp from his orange flavoured gatorade as he dragged the blonde along with him.


    "Hey!" Jared said, as he approached Farrah with a bright smile. He waved slightly to the girl, and took a scan at her company - who look a lot like her - full of individuality. Alois could see the amazed expression on his face, but instead being like his friend who was admiring the looks of Farrah and her lackey, he was looking away with crossed arms and avoiding any of their gazes. "I'm Jared, you're the new girl right? This is my best friend Alois, the school's prince - good looking, isn't he? What's your name? Alois, introduce yourself!"

    "No thank you." Alois said nonchalantly, brushing Jared off with a pale hand "I rather not."

    I rather not at all.
  12. Cole looked the two up and down "Seriously?" he said crossing his tatooed arms. "Hes just gonna diss you-"

    Farrah punched him in the arm softly she wasnt big enough to make an impact.. just enough to shut him up.

    It did hurt her to know her brother wouldnt even acknowledge her when he technically had too..

    he acted as though she was just a stick in the sand and this angered her.

    We share the same DNA the least you could do is acknowledge me.

    "Nice to meet you Jared.." she said smiling a fake smile at him. Cole smirked and leaned on damien for support "The pleasure is ours really.. what a lovely school you got goin on here" he said saracstically looking around at everything. Farrah was too upset to hold a conversation

    Oh No.

    Her eyes got a little puffy, "Um.. i gotta go to the restroom." she said hurryingly walking off. Cole wasnt stupid, he knew it was because of the way Alois was acting. "Nice to meet you jared we gotta go.. oh and bro.. your more queer then i EVER imagined" he said eyeing Alois as the boys sized him up, damien circled around the 2 once glaring before he caught up with Cole and Jake.

    "What a pathetic excuse for extra sperm" damien said over his shoulder as they made their exit to find Farrah
  13. Queer? Me? You look more like a zombie everyday.

    "Do you know that guy? Did he just call you queer?" Jared said as he watched them follow Farrah and burst out laughing, who walked out of the building conversation as soon as it started. Alois rolled his eyes as he watched Jared laugh at Cole's remark of him being queer "He called you queer, ha ha. Oh gosh - first time I've heard of anyone saying that to you. They always compliment you, but queer?" Jared snorted.

    Alois sighed, ruffling the back of his hair "I don't have time to be afftected with your little teasing, and no - I don't know that guy." he lied smoothyl as he looked down to his shoes. Being an actor, he was an extremely good liar. Thus, he became a man of deception - and with that, it made him a very complex character.

    "What happened to the girl?"

    "I don't know, maybe - this place is too blunt for her...wild tastes, which involved tackiness and deceit." Alois shrugged plainly, looking down to his leather strapped watch and saw that it was a few minutes before lunch was over. "It looks like it's almost music class, you can come with me - or you can stay there, laugh and rot." he spoke with such suave, that it didn't even sound offensive and slowly he walked away from his friend to depart to class.
  14. "You okay kid?" Cole said, him and his boys had waited for her outside the girls bathroom for atleast 7 minutes. "Yea im fine.. i just didnt expect him to be so nonchalant about it but whatever" she said fixing her hair a little. "Yea? well forget him..." Cole said in a hateful voice. "I can honestly say i hate that kid, him and his little uppity father and i hope one of them says something to me at your party too. its a pool party right? oh yea. im going to push them both in they wont know what hit em.." he said as his boys and him snickered thinking about it.

    The funny part was, they were serious.

    Of course Farrah wouldnt let them do that, but the thought of it was very funny. "So what happened when i walked away?" she said loking at her eye liner in the little compact mirror she carried around. "Umm... i called him a queer and walked away" He said nonchalantly. Farrah closed her compact very quickly with a loud snap and looked at him for a few seconds before busting out laughing. "Seriously? what did he say??"

    Cole looked insulted "What COULD he say? he knows hes a queer... i wouldnt be suprised if in the next year he grew his hair out and changed his name to Alina" Farrah laughed shaking her head "But you have to admit the kid looks good" she said laughing with them at coles comment

    but when she said that, it was as if the mood shifted

    "...wait.. what?" cole said stopping everyone from laughing by putting up one of his hands.

    Did she just say that? about her brother?????????

    The bell rang for her next period and she cleared her throat a little looking at each f them "Ill see you guys later.." she said hurrying off to class

    What the hell was that??
  15. Queer.

    That word stuck in his mind as he stared the piano keys as soon as he sat down in front of it in music/band class, how dare that owl faced bastard call him queer? He was certainly more queer looking than Alois, what guy in the right mind wears eyeliner? Is this the new trend? Gay looking men who look like they haven't slept for days? Outrageous. He couldn't understand why mother let her do this to herself, their mother was a decent and beautiful woman in the most natural way, maybe that's why his father loved her - till now. Though they both were infidels with each other, his father was ravaged by a prostitute who had a crush on him for a long time, and then kissed him at the moment their mother visited him at work. Alois saw it all, Alois knew it all. That damned prostitute was why his family was broken, why his sister is away from him.

    And why he always felt alone without her.

    But his sister's dead, replaced by a total stranger. Farrah was gone, so he saw no point in even getting her back, the only person who used to understand him more than anyone else was gone. He ran his fingers along the piano's ivory keys before striking a note, and slowly he found himself playing 'Fur Elise' on it. His fingers danced smoothly along the keys, making almost no mistakes - he knew the song well, more than any song he ever learned in piano. Music made him happy, more than anything - and even for a few minutes, he could drown himself in it's beauty.

    Soon enough, class will start.
  16. Last period. Thank God.

    Farrah was so happy It was her last period, she didnt know what to do, she almost wanted to participate in class to make it go faster but this was poetry.

    I think ill pass.

    "New girl" the layed back teacher said looking her over then going to his desk and propping his feet up on it, sloutching in his chair, everything around his room was from greek descent, he had greek gods spread out across his rooms with quotes from epic tails and so on.. his black hair, blue eyes and olive skin suggested he was probably greek himself, not to mention the accent.

    'You take the spotlight" he said pointing to the stage,

    "excuse me?" she said blinking twice.

    "New student must go up and say some form of poetry... a couple of lines.. so we can get to know you better even though i think we know you well already considering your attire" he said rolling his R's like every greek man did.

    Farrah laughed and went up on the stage hesitantly. "I dont know what you want i dont do poetry" the man nodded understandingly "i didnt either and now i teach it go figure"

    Farrah stared at everyone for a long time before finally opening her mouth and closed her eyes thinking deeply..

    "they have cracked the foundation
    of what we once shared
    im left surrounded in darkness
    but i refuse to be swallowed by it
    my loneliness like the night air
    invisible to the eye
    obvious to the touch
    it is cold uncomfortableness
    yet if i could do it all over again
    id do it in the same skin im in "

    The class was quiet.. the teacher got up from his chair smiling "wow... where did that come from?" Farrah sighed and sat down "i dont know. who cares?" she said looking at the clock..

    Almost time to go.. yes..
  17. "Alois Watson, you really are a performing arts wonder. The only thing left for you to do is to be a circus acrobat, and you are a master." the music teacher said with a smile as he ruffled the boy's blonde hair as he ceased playing the piano as soon as he heard his voice speaking to him. He was startled with his presence - probably because he was so drawn to the music he played that he did not notice his teacher and colleagues entering the room.

    "If what you meant in being an acrobats is me jumping aroung and twisting myself up into a pretzel, I will pass on that offer sir. Maybe Jared would like that, he's...wild after all." Alois murmured as he stood from the piano's seat and walked over to his spot and pulled out his violin, since the teacher found out that they were capable of playing the violin - he added it into the school band to break away from the common clarinet-flute requirements.

    "Hey!" Jared said, offended. "Hey princey, it's your birthday this weekend right? Mind inviting me?"


    "Alright, enough both of you - I have a whole class to teach." snapped the music teacher as he pointed at thme both of them using his conductor, and pointed at the whole band "Alright, let's do a warm up - Star Spangled Banner - in" the whole band played the music perfectly, and did the same to the song they were studying for the year. In music class, time went by faster than seconds and soon after the third piece of music they played was finished - he found himself leaving class because the day was over.

    Just like that.

    His day ended normally, except for the little nuisances he had during lunch time. His sister's dramatics, and her lackeys who defended her like robots. Annoying really, and he knows he'll be seeing them this weekend during their birthday party. He saw no point in even holding these parties, they weren't fun. He insisted to his father he'd rather have a trip to somewhere than hang out with those hoodlums almost every year, it was annoying and it felt like he was in a cemetery rather than a home. He stepped outside of the school, waiting for his ride to come.
  18. When farrah got home that evening all she wanted to do was sleep, her mother came down the stairs as she was going up them and stopped her "Wait! sweetie what do you think about this!" her mother said holding up a pink shirt she had just picked up. Farrah sighed "Mom" she said getting out the keys to her room door "please dont start"

    she never expected her mom to actually sink so low as to go out and buy her stuff because she was so tired of what Farrahs style was these days, she didnt care she went in her room slammed the door and waited until dinner to show her face, which of course cole was over as always. Everything was quiet until drake cleared his throat "so how was school cupcake" he said smirking at cole, already knowing what happened, obviously cole had told him, cole told drake everything.

    "It was... very interesting" she said picking at her salad, she was a vegitarian so thats what she normally ate on dates like this when they were eating things like chicken and what not. "Did you speak to your brother?" her mom said anxiously, "sure did" she lied. she didnt care, her mom got what she deserved, a bunch of lies, she hoped she didnt expect farrah to actually talk to him. Her moms eyes dragged to every persons face at the table. "Is there something everyone knows that i dont?" she said aggravatedly. Everyone was quiet eating their food

    "As long as its nothing that i should know i really dont care..weekends comming really fast farrah, you need to get it together at least for your fathers sake."

    that was it.

    "since when did you start caring about what they care about? who cares if he doesnt like the way i dress im not here to please him or anyone else for that matter. who do i please? i please me" she said taking her food and going upstairs. Cole smirked wiping his mouth with a napkin and picking up his plate and going upstairs with farrah. Everything was quiet for a moment

    "You know something darling" drake said, copying his wifes accent "whats that" she said not noticing

    "Im her father now."
  19. The weekend was faster than Alois ever thought.

    "Do we really have to go there? It's getting stupider and stupider every year." Alois murmured as he stepped out of his room to meet his father who was in the kitchen, preparing a quick breakfast for both of them: toast and coffee. His father, was a very handsome man and today for his kids birthday, he wore a pastel coloured long sleeve with black dress pants and pointed shoes. It was pretty formal, but that's how he dressed and that's how it will be.

    "Well, Alois. Since you practically ignored your sister these past few days at school - we have every reason to go to your birthday party. For God sakes Alois, why do you hate your sister so much? It has nothing to do with what happened to me and---" he stopped as his eyes landed on his son, Alois was wearing a white v-neck shirt with brown skinny-like jeans, brown shoes, a brownish woven cardigan, a black scarf and an oversized beanie. "---Wow."

    ((What the outfit looks like:

    "What?" Alois said in confusion, looking down to his outfit and back at his father "Is something wrong?"

    "No, not at all." his father said, shaking his head as he paid attention in buttering the toasted bread on his plate and took a healthy bite on the butter covered food. He took another good look at his son before drinking a bit of his coffee "It's just that...that is incredibly stylish." his father admired as he looked at his son again, taking in the sight of him, proud of how good looking his son had become.

    "Father." Alois sighed, reaching for the butter and a piece of bread "Just because you see me in long sleeves and suits often, doesn't mean that's the only clothing I have. You may not be here on those days, but this is how I normally dress up as." he shrugged, chewing on the buttery toast as he took a seat beside him, bringing his plate on the table.

    "Ah, I have a handsome son and beautiful daughter - now hurry up because we have your brithday party to go to..."
  20. "How do i look darling" Her mother said twirling in her sundress, it was hot outside, too hot to be formal, and her mother looked simply dazzeling as always...she made the simplest of outfits seem like dulce and gabana and it was, but it was one from their summer line. Nothing exquisite not on a hot day like this "beautiful" she said smiling at her. For her mother, she didnt tease her hair today, she wore it simply straight and down only slightly teased,just enough that it bounced a little because of the moisturizer she put in it, but she refused to not wear makeup, Her friends had already shown up, they were all punkish and they hung out by the pool, she hadnt invited any of her prep friends from last year for fear a fight would break out amongst them and her new friends. She had on a sundress her mother had picked out, this was the only day they agreed that she had to dress like a priss She was okay with that though, cole hated it.

    "You look too perfect" he said trying to mess up her hair before she pushed him back in the water where he came from.

    "Their here" Damien said peaking out the window of their town house. Farrahs step dad rolled his eyes. "God damn. i was hoping they wouldnt show"

    "you all need to act on your best behavior please.. if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it" Her mother said glaring at everyone as she opened the door to greet them.