Death Awaits

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  1. Character sheet:

    Intrest Chat: (all warning is here!)


    Death waits at your door

    Heaven never has a break


    What comes after ten?

    Welcome to the horror book sires:

    Death awaits ^^

    Genre: Thriller, (maybe) zombies, Devil-lore, Psychological, body horror, Slasher, Mystery ect.... all the stuff you want in one rp ^^

    So this is a story just bout a bunch of kids stuck in a hunted school and they are trying to get out.

    This is kind of like Corpse Party...with a twist of when they cry: the golden witch. so the plot's about 10 kids, all friends, and all of a sudden they get transported to a place. (but I don't have the details of how they get there yet , still thinking) and they are stuck. they're all separated into groups of 5, with 2 members in them. but I will tell you this, they're in different dimensions but they're still in the same building. so, there is a killer also trying to kill them... and it turns out it's one of them! the mystery is: you have to figure out who the killer is before he kills you.

    So how this is going to work

    I will pick someone Or not (who knows) and that person will be the killer yeah ^^ when you are chosen you can’t tell anyone you are the chosen one and the others can’t say oh I’m not chosen and blabla bla. That’s just being a b**ch and I’ll get you the first person to die!

    I will ask the killer, after using a dice roll to tell me who they want to kill. what the use of the dice roll is: when I roll the's the number of posts each player has until one of them is killed.

    Oh and another thing once your dead your dead ^^ also when you dead you can help the killer with Ideas on killing people ^^

    also there are groups and there different dimensions or whatever! and it may shift so you may all of a sudden have a change of partners!

    SO the killer maybe anyone!!!!!!!!!!! and the killer can kill anyone! It doesn't have to be the partner

    soooooo pretty much the killer is like god in this game XD but you must be chosen to be god in this game. if not well you may just become insane and shit happens.

    and you know the killer doesn't have to be the one killing everyone it can be your character if he/she becomes insane! Or the person defending themselves.

    (to see who would win that you need to go in the O.O.C. and do the dice and everything one time who has the higher number wins and doesn't die the one that has the lowest dies ^^ )

    so yeah thats my idea!!!!!

    Reason i have it is becasue of CRY: who is playing corpse party!!!

    and I am reading this book read it its good but I warn you if your like 10 or 12 your mind will not understand it The first time I read this manga it was around 10 years old and yes I read stuff like that when I was 10 I didn't get it but you need to pay attacent to everything ok ^^ now read it go!!

    ok so I had a preeeetttttyyyyyy much massed up day so what ^^ *acts innocent but you are not so sure I am is!*

    Because I'm not I know the most grossest way to die if you want help with the death ^^


    1. your character will be paired with who I choose not the killer ^^
    2. Your character must be friends with them all, Unless your the killer but you still have to be friends but you want them dead so you guys can stay together forever! and the killer has to have a reason to want them all dead. so I will ask that the killer
    3. Rules for the killer will be given to the killer when he/she is chosen
    4. only 10 people are allowed in this game
    5. If i don't like your character I will ask you to change him or her or you just leave. what I say goes
    6. you can't be crazy off the bat you need to wait a while! god.
    7. if you sevive you win the game and you leave.
    8. have fun but not to much you all going to die ^^
    9. If you do not want to be the killer PM me please don't put it out there so people can see that would just get your character kicked out of the rp
    12.go crazy! no really go crazy.

    SO that's the rp its crazy and needs a little fix up here and there like i said its not done ^^

    I don't mind people helping ^^

    Help By @@Shadow Wolfgirl

    OK!!!! Rules on this page~~~~!

    1. only chat here!!!
    2. be Kind to one another ^^
    3. Sing to me
    4. Have fun Talking to each other.
    6. when all 10 CS are out and read and accped and stuff I WILL CHOOSE THE KILLER!!!!

    ANd I'll give the killer his rules right now

    1. Have Fun.... and don't tell anyone your the killer. don't even hint it!

    Of everyone:
    1. Just die
    2. Find the killer asap! but make sure you got the right person ^^ or you may have just killed someone innocent
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  2. @Cassette
    @Caramon Zero


    Ok I think that was everyone >.>

    (Note: that I only grabbed the people that talked and only maybe! Because I am Not going though everything so if you where ever called and you wanted to join you should have POSTED!!!! and if its to late I AM NOT SORRY! you should have posted I am Not waiting my time going through all the Vote to see who Choose Yes and who CHoose NOPE.)

    Here for the Maybe people but they need to hurry.

    @Enkou666 Regedashi
    @Hiroko Kamini

    ALSO Here is the CHARACTER SHEETS: no chating in this place!!!!!
  3. @loviebeest

    Ok you'll see what wrong (your voice is a song???) let me just make my character sheet... sorry I was just poping here and there... I'll have my character up soon so everyone can see what you need XD
  4. @Cry the song has a singer right? that's her voice. ^^
  5. Ohghhhhhh Ok never mind XD
  6. I tried to make that rhyme work, did it?
    And I guess I left SEWD too ambiguous, didn't I? XD
  7. Yes.... yes you did XD but who cares...... Boss Is going to be pissed or maybe he will face palm just by watching it!
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  8. Think I'll add a bit of humor. XD
    Should he:
    A) burn the food?
    B) accidentally summon a pastagheist?
    C) have the dish explode on him?
    D) end up in an embarrassing situation?
    E) burn down the house?
    F) have nothing go wrong, but have funny things happen to him afterwards?
  9. F) and D) sounds so tempting
  10. F, then D, got it.
    But it depends on what you'd want to have happen. XD
  11. hummmm something funny but maybe something embarrassing my character as well XD
  12. Well, what does it take to embarrass a beautiful woman? XD
    You do have experience with becoming embarrassed, right? XD
  13. >///< S-shut up! and yes I do. Anything can happen! let faith (and your mind) think of something.
  14. Telling her she's beautiful, check.
    What else...?, not that. Either she'd try to kill him or he'd be smothered to death.
    Oh, what about-? ...No, he'd reeeaaly get into trouble for that one.
    Would that work? Yeah, she'd pro'ly hit 'im pretty good, but he'd pro'ly just lift his head off the floor and say: 'What a woman.' before conking out. XD
    Oh, complimenting her. Like: You're so adorable. ? XD
  15. *silently watches Caramon and Cry from the corner*
  16. *Notices Cassy* *evil smirk* *tackles her into a hug* Love you TEHE
  17. *struggles for a moment* *quickly decides to give up* *hugs Cry back* Nya, love you too! Well, when you're not plotting ways to kill me that is...
  18. I'm always plotting to kill someone (mostly you) when Am I never plotting *innocent smile*
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  19. Is that good enough?
  20. wow..... Just wow.... I kinda saw it coming but still wow..... *still in shock of what I read*