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  1. Better than 2 Edition.

    Picked it up on a whim with some throwaway money I had without ever opening a forum post relating to it or checking a single review.

    Far from disappointed. Except not having a physical copy like I do the rest of From's games. Including 2...

    The game feels so much better than two in ways I seriously cannot describe. What felt so poor, rushed, and generally tedious in two seems fixed. It's DaS all over again. That's the good thing. Only gotten about an hour in, summoned a single phantom that helped me for a bit before killing myself by using a dive attack and clipping some exploding barrels.

    Thoughts? Starting class? Favorite new covenant?

    Don't forget those spoilers!
  2. The game is fucking beautiful, and is also far more brutal than the earlier two games. XD

    Two characters so far:

    Gwazi Magnum - Herald
    My starting guy to experiment, killed 3 bosses.

    Zane Gural - Knight
    My revised character after learning from mistakes, killed 2 bosses.

    Both of them are Dex/Faith based builds though.
    But also invest in Vigor (for better armor) and Endurance.
  3. Really enjoying the game. Areas feel more open and the number of branching paths you can take make the game feel much bigger than it probably is. The world feels like more and its just great. The bosses I've faced so far have felt a bit easy, I haven't really struggled against any of them. The designs of them have been really cool though. But some of the normal enemies have made up for it, especially
    first boss and first enemies (open)
    the ones like Gundyr who explode into snake people

    And a few other of the 'elite' enemies which makes up for it.

    I started as a mercenary and I'm using a dex int build. Have to admit, I'm using the starting armour because I really like the look even if its a bit heavy for my tastes. Got a nice spear that heals me when I kill enemies which makes your estus last a lot longer and a uchi when Im full hp. I am a bit annoyed at how short the lock on range is and how hard it is to aim spells without lock on. I guess it needs to be that way for balance but soul arrows feel like they're an opening attack or two then you need to switch to a weapon.
  4. You have any tips on using that well? Cause I have it myself but whenever I use it I always end up getting hit for more than I heal by.
    Same, there's been a few instances that I slipped up because lock on failed to trigger in time.
    Well to be fair in the earlier games soul arrow was basically a "I win" button for all the more difficult enemies so almost everyone kept it on standby just for the one or two guys they wanted to avoid fighting completely.

    That being said though, the bow is far easier to use now. So for my Dex characters that's basically become my new Soul Arrow.
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  5. Remember that you can attack from behind a shield without lowering your shield at the cost of some extra stamina. That lets you take down basic enemies really safely. The silver kite shield is my fave with its 100% physical block. Also you have range with the spear so don't be afraid to poke an enemy charging at you if you're sure you can break their poise and stagger them so their attack fails.

    I took a fair bit of punishment in the beginning because the auto lock switch was off so I kept unlocking when I killed an enemy and spinning around to present my ass to their weapons.

    I wish I could use the bow more often but its weight puts my character into a heavy roll. So I have to manually add it to my inventory then remove it when I'm done meaning I can only use it for sniping. Reeeally need to find some lighter armour with a cape.
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  6. The Shields probably my problem, I was two handing the thing to capitalize on reach and damage. XD

    The Camera is a bit buggy right now, but still pretty damn fluid most of the time. XD
    Though I ran into one bug where I was sniping some of those Soup Bowl/Saw guys, so I could jump down into the hole that leads to the Miracle Teacher. But during that my game minimized cause Norton was asking to reset. Told it no, re-opened the game only to find I had apparently teleported into said hole. But this was before the soup guys got cleared so I was soon after slaughtered.

    You could always increase your Vigor so your Max Carry Weight is higher.
  7. Going into DkS3 I thought I'd go shieldless cause of how much I played Bloodborne. The moment I touched the game I realised I was never not going to have a shield up haha. There are some attacks that are just too unpredictable, or give the enemy a poise boost that I think two handing is too risky.

    At one point fighting the second boss I got pushed into the fog archway and trapped between the fog and it. For about ten seconds all I saw was the boss's body. You can guess how well that went XD

    And man THAT HOLE. For a few runs through that area I thought that the game had randomly spawning enemies. Because every time I went through I'd see a different number of enemies as I emerged from the sewer. It wasn't until I went down there that I realised the pathing of the AI was causing them to fall into the hole sometimes.

    Its so hard to justify levelling your weight stat when the increase is so little, it's going to be a long time until it makes a real difference. And it seemed like every time I levelled it I found a new ring that added 0.7-0.9 weight. I think I've levelled it five times now and all its done is put me on the same weight percent as before I had any rings.
  8. Oh I've ran into the 'stuck against the wall' deal with bosses before. XD
    A Shield would probably help me a lot in those areas.

    And that hole is pretty annoying. First time I fall down it I'm completely fine (and that's not counting the norton bug). Every other time I instantly die on impact, so I'm trying to rediscover what that sweet spot is that lets me survive the landing. And it was that pathing AI issue I was trying to exploit when the Norton deal happened, make them fall into the hole, arrow them from above. And then once their clear take my time getting down there.

    I can understand the reluctance to raise Vigor, but to be fair most stat increases are minimal where all increases are only noticeable overtime as you focus on certain stats. Exception being meeting the requirements to wield a weapon, spell etc.
  9. I think 50% of my deaths are from getting stuck between a wall and an enemy. I need eyes in the back of my head so I know when Im putting myself in a corner XD

    I got in a routine where I'd make the first one of the pot throwers fall down as they're easier to make do so, then I'd kill the second one on its own. It took me a few fights to figure out its attack patterns but once I did I could get through that area without being touched. It's weird that one area lets you survive XD I haven't had time to test it myself but if fall damage is still weight related it might help to take off all your armour then try jumping down.

    That is very true, a single level on its own doesn't really change anything. Somehow 3 extra damage per attack is just so much more enticing than everything else though.

    I also really like that attunement now also increases your FP. It now feels relevant when you level it up and aren't getting a new attunement slot.
  10. More of my deaths have been caused by just missing a dodge, or not being able to counter just in time.
    Once in a while I don't deal as much poise damage as I'm counting on, so when an enemy is usually stunned they're still swinging a few times.

    The lack of amour fall might help, but I remember the first time I fell I took zero damage, so there's a spot that seems like you're meant to fall into. I don't think it's a bug though, because it's the only possible way to get into that area.

    I think the damage is so enticing because it can make the difference between a dead enemy or you being out of stamina. But I always find an increase of Endurance helps you keep swinging and dodging for longer which means more offence AND defence. Plus a bit of faith does wonders for effectively doubling your healing methods as a Phantom.

    Attunement does seem rather nice now with the FP deal. But the increase is small enough that I still don't find much motivation to raise it if not for the extra attunement slots. Then again, so far I only use magic to heal so if I were to want more FP I might as well just level my faith more, or my health.
  11. Highlights.
    • Joined Sunbros, as DaS1 tradition dictates.
    • Beat the Undead settlement boss.
    • STR Warrior with axe that's got a fire enchantment on.
    • Learned weapons do special things, blown away
    Kinda wanna make a Herald or Cleric for my coop character.
  12. Playing a sorcerer with some dex melee focus. I'd like to get a chime so I can heal between battles but finding one is difficult.

    The Undead Settlement boss is tricky, but not terribly hard. I've only beat it twice as a summon and have yet to take it on myself.

    Also, one boss's soul (the Crystal Sage) is exchanged for an Int scaling rapier or a spell, and I want both.... :(
  13. You mean a talisman? Merchant in Firelink sells that.
  14. Made a third character for Co-Op.
    Iskander who I made a Dex-Pyromancer

    Taking a while to raise all the right stat's for it to work well.
  15. No, I mean a chime. I've seen some drop off of the scrubby enemies after (and probably before) Iudex Grundyr on my brother's character. It's special ability is a heal that I could use for just a small amount of faith without sacrificing an attunement slot for a heal spell.
  16. No idea then.

    Lemme know when you find one though. Sounds too useful.
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  17. Also, my character's name is 'Da of Githiem', playing off a longstanding tradition of naming Soulsborne characters some variation of 'dat git'.
  18. Are they green with a massive head and use a very large axe or club?

    These are important questions.
  19. Actually no, though I did make a poison build character in DS2 aptly named 'taxic'. He had green skin and a nose so big that it may as well have been an axe.

    I generally avoid making ridiculous/ugly-looking characters, as I generally have to look at them throughout the entire game. My brother's DS3 character, 'alfalfa' has neon pink skin that is absolutely obnoxious to look at.
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  20. @Gwazi Magnum I don't want to spoil anything but there is another way into that hole that doesn't require jumping in. It is very tricky to find though, and you won't finding it by searching in that area. If you want me too I can PM you how.

    Endurance is nice as well. Really glad I found the cloranthy ring for that extra regen too.

    Has anyone really been using the weapon stances and skills? I always forget they exist and haven't really felt a need to be using them yet.

    @Grothnor I might have a chime Im not sure, after I log into the game today Ill let you know if I do and if I can remember where I got it.
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