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  1. The land of Guiniveire is very diverse. There's access to the ocean for fishing and trade, vast plains for farming, high mountain ranges, and your typical four seasons. Indeed, it's almost as diverse as the people who inhabit it. There are mages, summoners, magicians, odd creatures, criminals of every sort, and then the everyday common folk. Good and evil, and then yourself. How does one survive in such a diverse place? Well, some of those creatures with magic in their blood decided to work together, forming guilds throughout the land to take on adventures and aide the populace.

    These guilds can be both maveled and hated, depending on where you're at. There are many rivalries between the guilds, though none is more well known than the rivalry between the Dark Moon Guild and the Tidal Guild. Both guilds believe that they are the best, and they have already started to actually battle over the petty argument.

    Members of the Dark Moon Guild all have this stamp somewhere on them.

    Members of the Tidal Guild all have this stamp somewhere on them.

    Members from guilds across Guiniveire are going missing as well. What happens when heroes need heroes?

    ((Alright, this rp will focus on the Dark Moon Guild, in case you haven't noticed the title. Whether you wish to join the guild, or already are a member, you are concerned about the future of Guiniveire.))

    List of Species:
    Human- you know what this is.
    Demon- capable of taking many forms, though most look like humans with bat wings and long pointed tails.
    Elf- they look like the perfect human, essentially. Long hair, pointed ears, usually with an uppity attitude to match.
    Elemental Drake- a dragon with a human form capable of wielding one element. Frost drakes control ice, fire drakes control fire, water drakes control water, forest drakes control plants, thunder drakes control electricity, dark drakes control darkness, and light drakes control light.
    Neko- looks like a human covered in a thin layer of fur, with cat ears and a cat tail.
    Daemon- looks like a human with bat wings and a cat tail, and slightly pointed ears.
    Hellhound- massive dog capable of breathing fire and eating just about anything/anyone, and are incredibly difficult to kill.
    Skinwalker- human-like creature capable of transforming into a single animal.
    Golem- clay creation which only obeys the will of its creator, although they often do go on wild rampages.
    Ursa- giant bear imbued with celestial powers, usually more in the brawns department than the brains department.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name jasmine toric
    Age 18
    Magic requip mage
    Bio jasmine is an orphan after her family was murdered. She was taken in by the dark moon guild at the age of 5 and trained in what her families specialty magic was. Its been 13 years sine then and she is one of the higher ranked guild members.

    Jasmine had just returned from a mission to the guilds HQ. She took a seat in the corner where she could watch the rest of the guild. They all seemed to be having fun, but she felt distant in a way. She took a drink from her cup of tea.
  3. Name: Leone Damien Valcross
    Age: Unknown, looks to be twenty.
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Dark Moon Guild Founder
    Species: Daemon
    Magic Style: Combat Mage
    He has black bat wings, often hidden by his clothing. A long black feline tail also makes an appearance once and a while, if he's not trying to look human.
    History: Deep, dark, not meant for young eyes.


    His black coat was torn at the shoulder, revealing a decent sized wound. He entered the guild, not looking all that happy about something. He received a few rowdy greetings from the members crowding by the bar. A couple asked him about where he'd been the past few days, he waved them off.

    He merely took a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass from the bar and settled himself down at a small table where he could see pretty much everything happening in the massive guild building. He poured himself a shot of whiskey and downed it. The amber liquor packed enough heat to thaw him out from his long week up in the snow capped mountains, negotiating with a frost drake who decided to stab him in the back anyways. That really pissed him off. It could have been worse, though. There could've been another drake. Oh, wait, there was. He poured himself another shot and knocked it back.
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  4. Jasmine got up and walked to the guild masters table and took a seat across from him. "Welcome back sir. I'm guessing the mission went horrible." She took a drink of her tea and set it on the table. She hoped he hasn't received the report from her last mission.
  5. Name: Nina Alcross Silvia
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Higher Class Member of the Dark Moon Guild
    Race: Human
    Magic Style: Support Magician
    Large Image (open)

    She often wears many flowers in her hair, some of them wilted. Most of the time, she wears a long black dress and high black boots when not preparing for a combat situation.
    Nina leans on the oaken table inside the guild building as she looks down at the floors blankly. Her yellowish eyes blinked thoughtfully as she flicks back her deep brown hair in thought. Something was on her mind, and had been for a while as her face is plain; which was a different atmosphere of her personality. Most of the time, Nina was cheerful throughout the guild and was often there to bring a smile to everyone's face, but today... after what happened a few days ago, she seemed to constantly be in thought, and sitting alone most of the time at the guild.

    Warily, she snaps out of daydreaming as she blinks to see the owner of the Dark Moon Guild, Leone, enter the room, to be greeted by Jasmine, a high level requip magic user from what Nina had been told. She respectfully nods to the two from her lone seat at the table as they pass, her eyes seemingly distracted for a second as she noticed the large wound at Leone's shoulder, and she blinks as she stands up to her feet.
    "S-sir! That's quite a wound you have there, are you quite alright? If you'd allow me, I could see to it that it's healed." Nina says in a worried tone, her voice quite smooth and caring in their pitch, although behind her words something else seemed to be bugging her. She worriedly looks at the wound, then to Jasmine as she stands in a nervous position. She hadn't really talked much to either of the two before, and it was a little nerve wracking for her, as she often was quite shy around people she hasn't spoken to as much.
  6. "A horrible mission would mean me getting my tail chopped off. I'd say that it was just-" The daemon paused mid sentence as he heard someone speak behind him. "Oh, hello Nina." He greeted her as he shifted slightly in his seat so that he could see both Nina and Jasmine. "I'm fine." He assured her, a small smile on his face, masking a couple troubling thoughts that were rattling their chains in the back of his mind. His brows furrowed slightly as he looked over the human. "Are you alright? Seems like something's bothering you." He gestured to a chair between him and Jasmine. His gaze flashed back to said woman, his sharp blue eyes softening slightly in apology.
  7. Nina looks to the seat for a moment, a little nervous in her stance before she slowly rests onto the seat between Jasmine Nd Leone, putting her hands on her lap as she looks at the table somewhat guiltily at Leone's question, and she closes her eyes as she takes a strand of her dark brown hair and twiddles it slowly; a habit of hers when she was uncomfortable.
    "It's nothing... it's just... something went wrong in a few days ago. B-badly wrong... but really, it's fine. Oh! Did I interrupt something? I'm awfully sorry!" Nina suddenly says in a worried tone to try and change the subject; she didn't want to talk about what happened a few days ago, after all. She apologetically lowers her head after she finishes her sentence.
  8. Jasmine looked over at nina. She had never spoken to her than again the only person she did talk to was Leone. "No you weren't interrupting." She looked back Leone hoping he hasn't received the report. She had accidenty led a monster into rpthe town during the battle.
  9. Jeeze, I'm a blind idiot. I changed the stamp.


    Leone frowned softly. God, he was bad in social situations. "No, you're not interrupting anything at all. I was just planning on complaining about my waste of a week." He stated, attempting to stay somewhat positive, though his tone held a slight note of contempt. He spent a whole damned week away from the guild, trying to work out a deal with a frost drake in order for him to leave a small town alone. He finally got the drake to accept his monetary offering in exchange for peace, and when he turned to leave, the drake shot an icicle at him. A FLIPPING ICICLE. He was lucky that he slipped on a patch of ice, otherwise he probably would have been skewered right through the heart. Fortunately the icicle only hit him in the shoulder. He was able to fight off the drake and his doppleganger. And now he was here, the town was saved, and he was tired as hell and not nearly drunk enough to take bad news well.
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  10. Name: Skylar Elm Leotie
    Age: unknown appears 23
    Gender: female
    Rank: (will join the guild)
    Species: Unknown
    Magic style: Her powers are strange and at times uncontrollable. She can use it to fight and to do many other things.
    images (99).jpg
    She can become many different terrifying and beautiful creatures (as she uses her forms throughout the thread I'll post pics)
    Bio: Skylar's past is unknown to any but herself. It is long and dark,she tells no one of it.

    Skylar walks through the small town,her bow and quiver across her back, she was exhausted and was desperate to find an inn. Skylar asks a man walking along the road where she may find an inn and he tells her of one just down the road. She thanks him and soon finds the inn he'd told her about.
    She enters the inn and is greeted by the sight of a warm fire and tables full of people speaking happily to one another. Skylar walks up the the counter and speaks to a woman there who charges her a very modest price for a room and shows her to her room. She puts her bow and quiver at the end of the bed and lays down. As she lays on the bed, she prays that she will find a family at last, a purpose for her to live.
    With this wish, Skylar falls into a dreamless sleep.
  11. Nina closes her eyes for a moment as she rests on the table with a light sigh. It hadn't been more than a few days ago when one of her comerades on her squad - one of her very best friends had been critically injured in combat. She hoped for her friend, Jyra, to swiftly recover. It hadn't been very long into the mission before Jyra, the poor girl, had been shot with a poisoned arrow. Although Nina couldn't have done much... she still felt responsibility as the mission was cancelled early due to the injury. Nina wasn't even sure if Jyra would survive even now as she was in hospital... Nina wished she could have been stronger and paying more attention. She was the supporting mage of the squad after all, and it was up to her to try and prevent things like that.

    Nina slowly stands up, gently moving her fingertips as they started to emit a feint cyan/purple light.
    "Sir... it really wouldn't take too long to heal your wounds. If you would allow me?" Nina quietly says with a bow, feeling sympathy for Leone's bad week.
  12. Frowning once again, Leone let out a soft sigh. If she was so eager to aide him, he supposed he ought to let her. Perhaps it would make her feel a bit better as well. "Alright, Nina. Go ahead." He eyed the bottle of whiskey, reminding himself that he really shouldn't go for a third shot. He had a shitload of papers waiting for him in his private quarters. He wasn't nearly drunk enough to enjoy going through the mission reports. He wouldn't be sober enough to rationally go through them if he had another shot, though.
  13. Jasmine eyed her superior. "Sir, do you need help with your mission reports." Just then she was bumped by a member of her guild who was fighting. She finished her cup of tea and slammed her cup into the table. She stood up. "Excuse me sir, Nina, I'll be right back." She grabbed the guy that bumped her and threw him across the bar. Everyone stood quiet. "The next person who wants to fight will have to fight me." She had gotten into many fights before but has only lost once to the guild master. She returned to the table. "Alright I'm back."
  14. With a small nod, Nina's fingers slowly emit wisps of purple and blue; like that of the moonlit skies, and the small, wisping strands of magenta and white at her fingertips; glittering now and again like the stars appearing at the night skies. With a small flick of her fingers, the brilliant colours wrap around Leone's wound, giving a cool and relaxing feel before the cut skin slowly fades away, healing most of the wound. Nina then gives a small bow as the brilliant colours at her fingertips fade away.

    Nina then blinks at Jasmine as if she had awaken from a dream - that was what healing magic felt like to her, after all, and watches as Jasmine seemingly throws someone across the counter. With another dreamy blink, Nina watches as Jasmine returns to the table with curious, surprised eyes. It was never uncommon to see Jasmine in a fight - or that was what some of the guild members used to say, anyway.
    "U-um... I suppose that man deserved it. Please excuse me, you two... I have... something I need to do." Nina says quietly as the red roses gently shake at her hair, and she stands up with a quick bow before turning to the exit. This was, something... something too important to her.

  15. Healing magic always bothered Leone. It made him feel very uneasy, but that was probably just because of his long history of healing spells working against him. He rested his chin on his hands, his head supported by his elbows resting on the table, and he shut his eyes and tensed at the cool touch on the wound. He let out a breath and his eyes flashed back open. "Thank you." He called after Nina as she headed for the door.

    His gaze returned to Jasmine, still somewhat warm with gratitude. "That would be appreciated. I need to go over them and see what I missed while I was gone." He replied. "That and I need to figure out who the hell failed to mention a second frost drake in my mission request." He muttered as more of an afterthought. He stood from the table, grabbing the bottle of whiskey and his shot glass and returning them to the bar. He came back to Jasmine, choosing to ignore someone's remark about the big tear in his jacket. "Off to my office?" He asked with a smile that was clearly fake. He hated paperwork. It was a well known fact.
  16. Name: Gil Travers
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Former Tidal wave Higher up, planning on joining the guild.
    Magic: Light Elemental Mage
    Bio: A former member of the Tidal Guild, he was exiled from the guild for killing another member in a dispute.
    Gil is insistent on purity. When someone who wasn't claimed to be Gil of course had no choice but to prove
    his impurity. IE Killing him.

    Gil walked across the small field. Food... I need.. He could hardly manage lucid thought. Gil's hunger was like
    a constant reminder of his "folly". He dropped to his knees as he lost the energy to walk. "Damned be the
    Tidal's. The have no sense of poise, the ingrates... Once I eat I'll find a way t-." He blacked out for a moment.

    Gil opened his eyes and found the light of a candle invading his vision. Where am I? He looked around quickly,
    soon dizziness set in from the abrupt movement so soon after his awakening.

    "You're safe, calm down." A voice called out to him. "I heard your anti-Tidal ramblings, I'll feed you on one condition."
    This is a trap... It has to be. "Name it." The voice replied. "Swear to me you'll succeed in your endeavor, those bastards led
    my son to his death,, Join the Dark Moons They're sure to be willing to help." "Of course, I have already sworn vengeance on my behalf
    but for you and your child, I will make yet another vow against the impure, the graceless, the Tidals.." The man came forward with a tray

    of food, offering it to the man before him, to Gil. "T-thank you. I was never strong enough to back up my vows.." The man said quietly as
    a singular tear ran down his face. The man retreated into the darkness of his home as Gil ate.

    An hour later, Gil was off, wandering the main roads of the town. Where would I even apply?
  17. Name: Icarus De'Lade

    Age: Around 25 years old

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Lower Class Member for the Dark Moon Guild

    Species: Being a mix of two species, one could call him a Mutt. His father was a Human and his mother was an Elf.
    Mother: Space Pirate Captain Harlock is the best CGI I've evah seen! O///O[​IMG]
    Father: An even better CGI Based off of Final Fantasy! Final Fantasy Advent Children! o///o [​IMG]

    Magic Style: Personal Buffs, as well as Encourage Allies and Enrage Enemies.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: You'll find out as he becomes friendlier with you (If that ever happens)


    Icarus walks through the forest, keeping an eye on the figure ahead of him. His job was to protect them, and guide 'em from Point A to Point B. He sighs and enchants his armor with a little incantation, "I provoke this suit of metal, and command it to be feather-weight." Indeed, his armor became significantly lighter, but he could remove that spell as soon as danger was near. In the meantime, however, he let his thoughts wander and thinks about the people back at HQ, and how the others would handle this situation.

    As they walked, the robed figure looked back upon their bodyguard. Such a waste of money and time, but they had to look believable when they arrived at their destination. Of course, they were going to kill the mercenary before they got there, and tell the others that they were attacked and only that robed figure was able to escape.
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  18. Jasmine followed Leone to his office. She turned around to address the bar. "If any of you wish to fight and cause a racquet, I will personally come out here and deal with it." She bowed and entered the office. She held the door open for Leone to enter behind her.
  19. Leone followed behind Jasmine, his frown still clear as day. Sure enough, sitting there on his big fancy desk, was a huge pile of papers. He debated his life choices for a very long moment as he stood in front of them. He split the pile in half, and took out two stacks of green sticky notes, two stacks of red sticky notes, and a stack of blue sticky notes. "Write the payments down on the green sticky notes, damages on the red, and the names of the people who caused damage on the blue. I'll run the numbers later, and hopefully my pockets won't be empty by the end of this." He sighed as he sat down at his desk, fished around in a drawer for his reading glasses, and put them on. He picked the first report off his pile and began dissecting it. He jot down the information he needed, then put it to the side. He could already feel his headache coming on. This was the worst kind of torture he could imagine. At least, for him.
  20. Hurrying from the doors of the guild, Nina walked across the dirt pathway, kicking up a little dust at her feet as her black dress slowly shimmers in the wind. She loved being outside, to hear the birds chirping... especially at night time.

    But that was away from the point. Continuing to walk, it wasn't long before she was at the infirmary entrance. She'd been here many times before, so she easily navigated through the wooden floors and white brick walls. And with an open of the door, Jyra was there. She was as pale as a sheet, and her mouth was trickling blood as Jyra remained in a deep coma; her long, rich blonde hair messy and unkempt at the sides of the pillow on the bed. An experienced doctor was working to keep her alive; Nina didn't have enough healing power to cure such a vile poison.

    With a depressed expression, Nina removes one of the many roses at her hair and places it into the empty vase at Jyra's bedside table. She looked at Jyra for a moment, and gave a pained sigh as she looks away, the dew of tears threatening to trickle down Nina's face in her eyes.
    "It should have been me... I promised to protect you..." Nina whispers to herself sadly as she walks back out the infirmary, looking down at the floor as tears slowly patterned against the dirt.