Dark Flowers OOC (open) (pair list added)

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Should we start, wait till all forms and spaces are filled or wait a little longer, and then start?

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  2. hmm.. I think we should wait just a little longer, maybe two more days, and then start

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  3. I think we should wait untill all the forms and spaces are filled in..

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  1. 'Oh fleeting flower, upon thy colour I am enticed. Oh flower of youth, bleed softly thy crimson tears. Oh flower of youth, bloom in darkess.. soak in hate. Oh flower of fate, forbidden beauty..what dark flowers are sown within the shadows of thy heart?'

    hi! welcome to the Dark Flower OOC thread.. herein is where dark plans, chatter and various things go on. Got an idea, a question or just wanna have an OOC chat? Then post here! If you've just stumbled upon this RPG and think 'okay, so where are the rules?' well.. I'm a bit of a dummy and posted them on the interest thread :]

    The interest thread is where you'll find the plot, idea and rules about the RPG as well as spaces that are available- because this is a limited space RPG :] however to save on connivance, I'll also post the spaces remaining here as well so no one has to go backwards and forwards :]

    so what will you find on this thread? You'll find the 'Story so far' part which will be a snappy zappy summery of everything that's gone on so far, just in case anyone needs to read back for whatever reason. You'll also find the plot and idea list, this list will contain various plots or ideas that anyone would like to try out :] you'll also find the Inform area, which I'll post updates and information on. You'll also find the relationship and pair list- which is totally optional. What it does-or will do- is record who's paired with who and how the other characters feel about each other as things go on.. but as I said, this is totally optional and I'll only fill it in if you guys ask me to :] this thread will also contain the official character list, yay!

    I think that's about it.. if you have any questions or just wanna chat, please feel free to use this thread or PM me :] sorry for the ramble, I hope you enjoy Dark Flowers! :]
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  2. the current open spaces are:

    Reserved RPGiers (thanks again everyone for wanting to join :] ):
    Lucian Ravenscar
    Quiet Musician
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  3. Inform area

    I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who's joined so far! (I didn't think this would be so popular!) as of now there are only a few scientist spaces left :]

    Date: 10/7/2014

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  4. Story so far

    added as things go on​
  5. Ideas and plot list
  6. Relationship and pair list
  7. Character list

    Sepiroth Anramath Silencia (played by me)
    Isaac Morley (played by Lucian Ravenscar)
    Malik (played by TheGothicbeauty)
    Zaide Erick Rauchen (Jessica2477)

    Ji-Hyo Lee (played by Haneul)
    Aiden (played by Leucothea)
    Leonidus Evergarde (Quiet Musician)
    Gladarinel Silencia (me)

    Pair list:

    Aiden and Rein
    Gladius (Gladarniel) and Malik
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  8. hi everyone! we now need a few scientists left to start and I want to give an extra big squeazy hug to everyone who's willing to double up :] *squeazy hugs everyone* but I do have a slight question :]

    how long do you guys wanna give it before doubling up? :] I don't wanna keep you all waiting so I thought it'd be best to ask you all :]
  9. Well I'm still working on Tristan's CS but I should get that done today. I'm happy to double up when anyone else thinks is best, though I'd love to get some new people in here to play them! Just wish I wasn't so new and knew more people.
  10. I feel your pain.. I'm new to :]

    I don't mind waiting a bit to see if other people wanna join, ether :] in the event we double up, I also don't mind doing so ether..

    and your character looks awesome! I can't wait to read more :] though please take all the time you need, I'm still working on my form as well.. and I'd hate for you guys to rush :]
  11. Thanks! I think once I'm done with Tris' sheet I'll make one up for a scientist just in case...besides it'll give me something to do lol!

    Edit:Also, just a little bit of head canon, since so far Tris and Malik have been there the longest I can totally see Tris having tried to teach him to swim and it going badly.
  12. okay! maybe I should bring a scientist to..just in case :]

    and if Gothicbeauty agrees, that would be pretty.. cute and entertaining :]
  13. Oh of course lol I would never make up history for another players character...i just thought it would be kind of cute if Tris had tried to teach him when they were younger and it didn't go so well
  14. I totally agree with the cutness, it'll be sweet! :]
  15. poll added! credit goes to WitchesRayvyn who suggested it :]
  16. Lol I don't need credit, but thank you...just really want to be able to start soon. I'm really looking forward to this.
  17. pair list added! :]
  18. I like it. >.< Malik will not be happy your tris tried to teach him to swim.
  19. Heh awesome...yeah I can see it being something that probably STILL causes tension between them because I doubt Malik would forgive something like that easily.