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  1. World Info:

    In a lab hidden far away in the wilderness, experiments are being conducted. Illegal experiments. Or are they? The government knows about them but as long as the public doesn't know, they allow the experiments to continue. The laboratory is split into five different groups. AL Bes is the section dedicated to creating life forms with chemicals or taking embryos and splicing other things into to create something new and raising it in test tubes until it's strong enough for what they want. IL Tilr is set up to test the created subjects and see how powerful they are. These tests often go to the extremes and may kill the subjects at times. The subjects aren't always the ones they create either. EL Warl is designed to create different injects that will change people, give extended life span, increased healing abilities, additional power, ext. OL Creir was made to train subjects that passed the tests into soldiers that do their bidding which is often secret missions the government gives them. YL Nkol was the last base set up. This is where they breed different creations to get new hybrids.

    Otherwise, the world is normal like our own. Your character can be a specimen created by by the lab to retrieve Zuri or he can be a human that's not associated with the lab.
  2. Stumbling into school, Zuri glanced around with sleepy green eyes. Her short black hair hung in her face a little as she continued to walk, feeling rather off. She wasn't sure what about her did't feel right, but something was definitely wrong with her. Her skin was normally quite fair but she seemed to paler than usual for some odd reason. Shifting the weight of her backpack, she moved down the hall and towards her locker, ignoring all the others in the hall as well. No one paid attention to her anyways. She was always the girl alone in the corner where no one else would dare approach for whatever reasons.

    A wonderful smell started to waft around her and she smiled slightly at the delicious smell. However, when she paused to think about it, it didn't make sense. The cafeteria shouldn't be cooking stuff yet. Yet, the smell was all around her, making her mouth water. She wondered what it could be as she opened her locker and put her books inside but took out the books she'd need for her morning classes. Unable to figure out what she was smelling, she pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and headed to her math class.

    However, as the day continued, the smell persisted to hang around her no matter where she went. By the time the lunch bell rang, she was about ready to scream at being unable to have whatever it was that smelt so wonderful. For once, she was one of the first people in the cafeteria and looked over the food for which one was the one that smelt so good. But as she investigated each one, she soon found herself at the end. None of those foods smelt like whatever it was that she was smelling. And as she continued to stand in the room with more and more people coming in, the smell only intensified. Her eyes dialating so that they nearly resembled a cats, Zuri started to leave the room.

    As she passed another student on the way out, she suddenly became aware of the other girls heart beat and the perfect spot on the neck where a blood vein lay close to the surface. However, the moment passed as the girl walked away and she managed to snap back to reality.

    "What is wrong with me?" she muttered under her breath, trying not to freak out.

    However, her troubles were not to be over yet. Another scent met her that smelt even better than the others. She was starving for it and wanted it so badly that she felt her will to fight the urges in her go down. Loosing control, she rushed towards the scent and soon spotted the guy, standing in an empty hallway. Her speed was unbelievible as she raced toward him and jumped him. Before he could even utter a single word, her fangs sank into his neck in a messy bite.

    Satisfaction rushed through her as she tasted the blood flooding her mouth. She'd never tasted anything so wonderful in her life before. She drank at the blood, consumed by it, until there wasn't a drop left. Letting go, the body fell to the ground and remained still. As her senses came back to her, her eyes returned to normal and skin once again had a slight healthier look to it. But as she stared at the corpse and tasted the blood in her mouth, realization of what she'd just done hit her hard.

    "No...no...no!" Zuri practically yelled as she turned and raced into the bathroom. She felt sick to her stomach at what she'd just done and hurriedly started to wash the blood off her face. But with a quick glance down, she saw that there was blood on her shirt as well. Horrified, she took off her plaid shirt so that she was left in her tank top. Her jeans seemed to be fine which was good and the flood was gone from her face. Now she just had to figure out what to do next....

    Leaving the bathroom, she walked to her locker and took out her bag which she stuffed full with her bloodied shirt and text books. She slung the pack onto her back and headed out of the school, completely confussed and horrified at what had happened just moments before. Why did she do that? Was she even sane anymore? What was she?

    Name: Zuri X
    Age: 17
    Personality: loner by choice, kind hearted, stubborn, calm, determined, usually fairly quiet
    Bio: She was created in the lab in section AL Bes. For what the scientists were going after, she was attempt number 10, hense why her last name is X since it's the roman numeral for ten. While she was being grown in the tube, EL Warl created new injections that they put into her. Most of them didn't even know what these injections would do the test subject.
    She lived in the test tube for five years, unconcious to the whole world as her systems remained dormant while she grew, just like any normal baby would. However, she barely even had a heart beat. The scientists wanted to try to create some of the creatures of myths and decided that a vampire would be a good addition to their assassination team.
    In her DNA is spliced many creatures. A few of them are wolf, hawk, and vampire bat. There are many more minor DNA's woven into her own that contribute to what she can do as well.
    When she was nearing six years of age, one of the scientists rebelled and managed to escape with her. The man ran to his family where he managed to hide and keep Zuri alive. His wife never questioned where Zuri was from. The couple had never been able to have a child of their own so they took her in as theirs. When Zuri finally awoke a week after her breakout, she was already able to speak and understand most things. She was innocent in worldly things just as a child would be, through her vocabulary was large for one so small. She grew up happy and content with her 'parents' but that ended when she turned eight.
    The government found the man and killed him but not before he managed to get his wife and Zuri headed off to somewhere safe. She continued to grow up, thinking she was human just like the rest and didn't know a thing about the lab. However, the scientists have never forgotten about her. They've been working on creating another subject that would be strong enough to bring her back, or kill her if need be.
    She has many hidden abilities, but whether or not she'll discover them is another thing. In the meantime, she tries to live a normal life. She has no idea what she is.
  3. He was attempt number 11, Darner they called him. Created to detain any rouge experiments, they modified his genetics to have the traits of a dragonfly and other insects like the Mantis, ant. The keen vision, reflexes, precision, and possible the ability to fly. Number 10 was so successful that they wanted to pool resources from him to her. Eventually they planed on disposing of him but never did. Then the day Attempt 10 escaped. With their prize gone, they turned to number 11. He was younger and had never been conscious so it was a struggle that first year. He had trouble speaking and responding to the scientist. Though they gave him books after teaching him to read, he never shown interest in them. He was turning out to be a failure until one day they barged into his room. They saw huge progress in the books. It was not the best, but it confirmed that he was indeed learning. It show he was not some mindless beast and he had a working brain. Best of all, it showed a way to communicate with him. Using books they taught him how to speak. It took a few years but he finally managed to speak in complete sentence. When he was 10 they transitioned the training to tracking and using his DNA. Every day he endures the grueling training and abuse in preparation for his big day. The day he captures number 10.

    Name: Darner Ven
    Age: 17
    Personality: Protective, nervous (he fears failure because he knows they will get rid of him if he shows he is not useful), easily excited, wants to have fun.
    Abilities: As of now, has only unlocked his enhance strength, stamina, sensory skills through his antennas which grow out of his head. However he will gain access to


    Al Bes finally managed to track down attempt 10. To avoid her escaping this time, they had Darner attend school under the name, "Darner Ven." His mission was to wait for an opportunity to befriend and capture her. However not everything went accordant to plan. The 15 year old experiment had no level of training on how to interact with other people. He came off as shy and was bullied. Still he managed to get good grades and was taken under the wing of a bully who made him do his homework. Because of this he never was able to befriend attempt 10 until now. 2 years later, she snapped. Right in front of him, she ran and attacked the bully who was using him. Though he did not confront her right away, he knew he could drop the act. He waited for her to leave the school. He followed and stopped her.

    "Hello um, I... I can help you, just follow me."
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  4. Zuri brushed her hand through her hair as her mind continued to race from what she'd done. How could she have just...Did she truly kill him? No, he couldn't be. He just couldn't....She wasn't a killer. This was all some messed up dream...ya, that was it. All a dream. She'd wake up soon and realize that she'd just had a nasty nightmare. Reaching to her other arm, she pinched herself but nothing happened. Scowling, she tried again but still, there was no 'waking up' that she expected. Was she really awake?

    Hearing a voice behind her, she glanced back, confused at what he even meant by being able to help her. Wait....did he see her kill that guy in the hall....? No doubt he'd try to take her back to the police then. She wouldn't go back there. She couldn't! She needed to go back to her mom and get some answers. Would her mom even understand? It was doubtful but maybe....

    Remembering the guy that'd spoken, she paused to look over at him. "I'm not going anywhere with you," she replied, shaking her head a little. "I don't mean to sound rude, but I don't even know you." Turning, she continued walking which soon turned into a jog. She needed to get as far away from the school as possible at the moment.
  5. Darner sighed as she declined to follow him. She was right though. He was a stranger and he would have to fix that or else. He knew he could not go back alone and because of his failure to befriend her before now. They wanted her alive if possible and right now, he did not know what she could do. For him this mission was life or death, so he wanted to please the lab as much as possible.

    He caught up to her, "Sorry, I should of introduced my self. I am Darner and I am just like you... sort of." He took a deep breath to calm his self down for he knew what he was going to say next would sound crazy. "I know all of this is crazy but you must know, This is not a dream. This is real. The man you attacked is real. The blood is real. It will only get worst unless you listen to me." He did not want to hurt her. She looked so innocent and scared. His blood boiled at the though of having to hurt her. Hopefully it would not have to come to it.
  6. She looked back over at the guy as he once again caught up to her. She wanted to push him away and yell at him to stay away since she didn't want to take the chance of killing another person. But when he said he was like her and spoke like he knew what was going on, she paused and listened to him. Did he really know what was going on? Who was he?

    "How...do you even know who or what I am?" she asked, growing a little suspicious. Was this guy a possible stalker? That'd just be plain creepy but whatever. "And I already figured out it's really. I can still taste the blood in my mouth so this is very real. And if you saw what happened back there, then why aren't you afraid for your own life?! I could probably kill you just as easily as I got the last guy," she said, wondering if she really would loose control of herself again. There was a high chance of it as she didn't feel completely sated yet. It was like some strange deep hunger had awoken within her and now was demanding for more.
  7. She started listening to him with was great. Now he had to convince her it was safe. "Because 10," he looked at her to further show he was referring to her, "I am 11." He kept his eye on her. She still was in distressed, so he had to prove he trusted her. "You... We are not monsters." He took a step closer to her. "But out there, there are real monsters. They want us gone. If we stay out here, they will find us. They will attack without mercy." He took another step. In the corner of his eye he noticed a bush twitched. It was slight as if guided by a soft breeze. However there was no breeze. He was running out of time. The lab was already on the scene. Then he reached out for his hand. "We have to go now..."
  8. She grew more confused when he called her 10. What was he talking about? As for the monster part, she knew she was no monster but then....didn't what she just did classify her as monster? No, felt remorse over it. That was proof enough she wasn't a monster. And who was this guy talking about? "You're making no sense...Did hit your head or something?" she asked totally lost on what he was talking about. However, she could smell others around them. The human scent was alluring to her and she wanted more blood. She fought against those urges however, but she was doing doing well enough. Her eyes started to dialate again as her vision grew sharper. Someone just scraped themselves. She could smell the fresh blood. In this moment, all her senses were hightened. Turning away him once again, she took a few steps away before increasing her speed so that she seemed to practically disappear. However, she'd actually gotten behind one of the men that had been watching them and before he could utter a word, she had her fangs in him as well, her body remaining tense in case there was someone else there too.
  9. No no... She attacked them... They are going to kill me... Im dead im dead...
    The most horrified look grew on Darner's face. He did not know what to do. Then 2 antennas started growing out of his head and his left eye turned into a composite eye matching his natural eye color.

    They will kill her. Once they kill her, I will be useless. I cannot let her die. She has to stay alive.

    Just then, a group of men holding stun batons went running over to the girl. Darner tightened his fist and dashed over behind they the men, knocking them out. Then he ran over to the vampire girl. He finally did it. He knew they would to take him back peacefully. He helped the girl. "10, we need to go now! If we don't they will capture us." He was sweating knowing there were others stronger then him. Though they were not on the scene yet, they soon would deploy them with 10 activating her abilities to kill the men.
  10. She drained the man of his blood as well, though her attack was still messy, it was already improving compared to the first one. However, like all the other experiments, she had a slight glitch in her programming as well. Though the problem with most creations was either a rebellious nature, too weak, or not smart enough or something like that, hers was different. She had a glitch in her personality. If her trust could be won, she'd be an opponent one wouldn't want to go against despite which personality was in control. If not, you'd better watch out since the one personality, it would seek revenge and would kill just for the sake of it.

    Zuri had been aware of the others coming at her but wasn't concerned about it and a second later, the new guy had taken them out. She rose to her feet, wiping the blood from her mouth though it caused blood to be smeared on her arm. Her eyes remained dialated as she glanced around, noticing how every detail seemed much sharper than ever before. She could spot a spider being attacked by fire ants several meters away as though she were watching them with a magnify glass except with more clarity.

    "Stop calling me 10!" she suddenly snapped as she spun around to face the guy when he came over to her. "My name is Zuri, not 10." Once she would reach her full potential, she would probably be able to over power Darner but at the moment, she didn't know how to control any of her abilities properly or what she could even do so for the time being, she was weaker than him.
  11. Darner flinched when she yelled at him. "Ok ok... Zuri." For a second he felt fear, as if she was holding back. However it was only for a second. "So do you trust me now? Can we leave before more come?" His mind was still stuck on escape and he could not see why the girl just attacked them. Then he glimpsed the corpse seeing the lack of blood compared to the first attack. "Vampire..." he whispered under his breath. That was a new one for sure. He was not scared but it did explained things. Hopefully it would not make things more complex too.
  12. "Trust you? I still don't even know you. I'm going home," she stated as she walked past him and started to head back onto the sidewalk to go home. But she'd just taken a few steps when she turned around again to face Darner with narrowed eyes. "Why do you call me ten? And where exactly is it you want me to go?" Zuri asked, wanting answers. Things were getting rather crazy and she wanted to know why he even showed up.
  13. Zuri started walking pass him after refusing to follow him. "Wait," He held out his hand but then she turned around and questioned him again. He took a deep breath, reverting his eye to normal and retracting the antennas. "You are 10 because I am 11. I was made to keep you... keep you safe from them," he lied. His heart was thumping though he kept a straight face. "We are not normal people.Be both were born inside a tube. At least that is what I was told. Were we are going, it is safe. Those people who want us dead won't be able to get to us. However we have to move now."
  14. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, watching as he retracted his strange features so he looked normal again. "Safe place.....what is this safe place? And who exactly is after us?" she demanded. She was not one to easily be taken off to some place that she didn't know and could easily be danger for her. She preferred to know where she was going and what she was up against. But the part about her being born in a test tube seemed rediculus. Everyone was born the same way. She was no creation of some man made tinkering! There was no way.
  15. His heart continued thumping as he thought up a way to explained. He did not want to fight her. He really wanted her to just come peacefully. That would make everything go perfectly. "It is filled with people who want to help us." He tilted his head to the left before answering her second question, "The people who are after us. They think we are freaks, monsters. They want us gone. I can't let them do that to you. You have to stay alive." He started to look down worried that she would not listen. He was running out of options and because of her last attack, they were running out of time.
  16. She wasn't so sure about all this, but she had just seen him with some weird bug like features so...maybe it was safe...She wasn't sure and at the moment, she wasn't thinking clearly either. "Fine...show me where the place is. But if I don't like it, I'm not staying," she informed him. She wished that things would just go back to normal instead of this crazy mess life was turning out to be. She also wondered who exactly it was that would be after them. And why hadn't she known before that she was different? She was pretty sure that people didn't suddenly go biting others for no reason.
  17. Darners eyes lite up as Zuri agreed to follow him. His mission was half way done and he did not even need to knock her out. He signaled her to follow him and they walked to his house. It was small and had a sports motorcycle parked outside. "It would be quicker if we took this. Have you ever rode one of these before?" He reached into the storage compartment on the side and threw her a helmet. "Luckily we are not too far away. It would be a 10-15 minute trip."
  18. She was still rather skeptical about following him but if he was like her...and he said the place was safe...then why not go? Zuri followed him to his house and looked at the bike parked outside. She'd still been looking at it when he tossed her the helmet but she caught it with ease. "Ya, I've been on one before," she replied, though it had been a while ago. And at least the drive wasn't going to be agonzingly long.
  19. After they both got on the bike, Darner started the ignition. The bike roared as the engines revved. Black exhaust leaked from the back. "Hang on," before Zuri could respond, Darner ran the engines at full speed and drifted out the drive way. It was not long before they were out of the town and the sound of sirens were sounding off from the 2 dead bodies. Darner zipped through the roads dodging roads that where being blocked off. After leaving the town, he cut threw into an opening in the forest. His left eye turned into a composite eye giving him the awareness to weave through the trees without any danger of crashing. After a few minutes they were already half way there.
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  20. When he told her to hang on, Zuri wasn't sure where to grab onto. But when he started to drive off at full speed, she just grabbed a hold of him and held on, hoping he wouldn't crash them. She was surprised at how good he was at driving the motor bike. But then he took off into the forest! Silently freaking out, thinking that they were going to crash, she closed her eyes as she held onto him a little tighter. She wondered if this really was a good idea and wanted to take off. Perhaps she could manage to jump into the trees...? Na, going too fast to try doing that. So she just held on for the rest of the ride.
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