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  1. IC Thread
    This will be a typical slice of life anime role play set in Japan about a student council doing everything but their student council duties. Like arguing about stupid things like whether the Hulk could beat Godzilla or whether they should ban Honey Buns forever just to see how the student body would react.


    * means taken
    * means available

    President -

    Alyss Mizushima
    Makes the final decisions, keeps order, meets with Principal etc.
    Vice President -
    Tatsuo Hidenoshita
    Second in command to the President, fills in when president isn't present.
    Treasurer -
    Takashi Kien
    Keeps track of the money for clubs and school activities.
    Secretary -

    Touya "Yacchan" Kisaragi
    Schedules appointments, keeps track of student files etc.
    Historian -

    Rineto Umigawa
    Keeps a log of past events, students and staff.
    Social Chair Person -

    Karina 'Rin' Hale
    Gauges how the actions and decisions of the student council affect the mood of the student body.
    Disciplinary Committee (Three people max.) -

    Mikan "Mi-chan/Mimi" Kisaragi [Chairman]
    Toshiro Isokawa[Vice Chairman]
    Katuo/Kasumi Fujimoto [Member]

    Disciplines students who have broken rules.
    - Site rules apply
    - No super powers. Pretend powers are okay. Like say the secretary believes that she can influence people's minds or can set things on fire by staring at them, but really can't.
    - No godmodding.
    - The rp takes place in the Student Council Meeting Room 99% of the time. The other 1% is spent on rare excursions.
    - The excursions that the Council go on can only be initiated by the President.
    - The President is played by me.
    - Every once in a while a student will come to the council with a problem that they have to solve.
    - No hyper sad backgrounds. They can be a typical dramatic anime background. But no 'I killed my whole family' or ' My brother destroyed my village and then screwed me up with his weird red eye'.
    - At least five sentences per post. No one liners.
    - This rp is supposed to be funny.
    -Read all of the posts that come before yours.
    - No weapons.* See Next Post

    Character Sheet:
    Grade: (freshman/sophomore etc)
    Appearance: (Must be anime picture)
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  2. School
    Teki Koukou Gakkou


    Principal Hibiki Kurosawa
    Fun Fact #1: Until six years ago, he was a deadbeat who was indebted to various banks and loan sharks, but his kind older brother agreed to pay them all off if Hibiki agreed to take his old job as the Principal of a high school.
    Fun Fact #2: He's a crappy principal and when he gets overwhelmed with work he begs the Vice Principal to help him or just dumps the workload on the Student Council.

    Vice Principal Masami Kita
    Fun Fact #1: Despite her stern face and rigid posture, she loves to party and have fun in general. However she doesn't smile or joke with the students because she thinks they'll start disrespecting her if she shows them kindness.
    Fun Fact #2: She will adopt any stray animal that she sees. Right there. On. The. Spot.


    Clubs and Organizations
    Karate Club
    Kendo Club
    Gaming Club
    Dance Team
    Cooking Club
    Literature Club
    Nature Club
    Western Culture Club
    Cosplay Club
    More to be added.

    Students Carrying Potential Weapons
    The only 'weapons' that certain students may carry are wooden swords.
    The only students who can carry wooden swords are Kendo Club Members and the Disciplinary Committee.
    That being said, if any kendo club member abuses their right to carry the wooden word, it will be confiscated by the Disciplinary Committee.
    If the Disciplinary Committee are the ones at fault, then the Student Council President will confiscate their wooden swords.

    Disciplinary Committee Sword Uses
    To break up a fight.
    To protect themselves, staff or other students.

    Student Council Room
    (The little rectangle next to the Disciplinary Table is the door.)
    (Not to scale.)
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Alyss Mizushima
    Age: 16
    Grade: Junior
    Position: President
    Appearance: See above
    Personality: Loud, imaginative and optimistic.
    Skills: Alyss likes to try and take charge, but most times she ends up screwing up or demanding something that a regular Student Council can't fulfill be it due to morals or lack of resources. She is bilingual, due to her American mother and Japanese father. She's also a bit of a klutz. She can give great mini-speeches after some prompting.
    Alyss was born in Pennsylvania but her and her family moved to Japan when she turned ten because they wanted her to be in a more accepting and less stressful environment. Alyss took to her new home very well and made quite a bit of friends. However, because of her time spent trying to catch up on Japanese history and lore, she often confuses different eras and facts.
    In her freshman year of high school, she ran for Student Council president and won, due to her spectacular imagination and open mindedness.
    Coming soon.

    Name: Katsuo Fujimoto
    Age: 17
    Grade: Senior
    Position: Vice President
    Personality: First things first; Katsuo is a cross dresser.
    As a boy Katsuo is the epitome of a jock. He loves sports and would play them all the time if he could. He is talkative and friendly overall.
    As a girl, Katsuo--Or rather Kasumi, as she prefers to be called, is loud, energetic and willing to try anything once or maybe twice is she really likes it.
    Skills: Katsuo is a skilled athlete, and Kasumi is a makeover and fashion expert.
    Bio: Katsuo first got in touch with his other self, Kasumi, when he was seven. At the time, Katsuo had just moved to the neighborhood so he wasn't good friends with the other kids. He wanted to play soccer with the boys, but they wouldn't let him because they didn't like him. So Katsuo went to the girls but they didn't want to play with him because he was a boy. So Katsuo ran home crying to his older sister who was his guardian at the time.
    His older sister was a fashion designer who worked at a reputable clothing company. She told her brother that she didn't know how to get the guys to accept him but she knew how to get the girls to accept him.
    So she gave him a makeover, and Katsuo found that he liked his new appearance.
    After that, Katsuo would habitually 'turn into' Kasumi.
    Extra: Kasumi often gets offended when not included in 'girl' things.
    Relationships: [Coming Soon]
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  4. I've been looking for a normal RP like this! (Normal as in a slice of life!) Yay!

    Name: Karina Hale (Rin)

    Age: 16

    Grade: Junior

    Position: Social Chair


    • Height: 5' 7"
    • Weight: 145
    • Small frame size
    • Sapphire blue eyes
    • Brown hair
    • Naturally curly hair
    • Always have two heart pins in her hair
    • Medium Skin Tone
    Personality: Rin loves to slack off and play video games. She loves a good challenge and a good adventure. She knows everything about superheros, villians, anime, and video games. Her head is filled with useless knowledge and she can't even get her school work done, often she turns her papers in with only doodles and ideas for fan fictions.

    Skills: Useless trivia is a skill right? Rin is good at video games, she can pick up a new game and learn how to play it within a few minutes and be kicking ass. She also is very good with people, she can read emotions well due to her extensive knowledge of many different people from video games, animes, comics, etc.

    Bio: Rin has grown up in a house filled with boys. She has 2 older brothers (seniors and twins) and 1 younger brother, (a freshman). She still loves all girl things, like make up, crushing on boys, fashion, etc. But because of her upbringing she is also addicted to things like video games and comic books. It gives her a wide range of people skills, being able to understand both boys and girls. She can go from talking to her girl friends, gossiping about what Jessica was wearing to school, to be talking about who the strongest villain is in the Marvel comics. Rin decided because she understood people she would run for Student Council for the heck of it, her brothers approved greatly of it and advertised to everyone. To her luck she made it in and she's overly excited about it.

    Relationships: -None in Student Council as of now-
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  5. @Alice Falling

    Yess! I totally forgot to put that! Thanks for reminding me! :3

    And shoot I forgot to say this thing is basically set in Japan, as it is basically supposed to be an anime. xD

    I was just so excited I forgot that bit. T.T

    And you are accepted! Thanks for joining!
  6. Red! You made another awesome RP! Pleaaaaase let me join.
    Name: Mikan "Mi-chan/Mimi" Kisaragi
    Age: 18
    Grade: Senior
    Position: Disciplinary Committee
    Personality: Mikan is someone people are careful not to mess with because of her ability to dig up secrets. They may or may not be true, because she's as good a liar as she is a snoop. She's not one to pay attention to rules herself, preferring to do what she wants when she wants it. That gives her a semblance of a rule breaker, but she's just really stubborn and daring now after toning down her yankii tendencies. She enjoys having authority, but is in truth just really caring-motherly even. She's loving to people she likes and vicious to those she doesn't. She has a generally lazy demeanor and oddly passes her subjects despite that. She's secretly an otaku and is an active cosplayer.

    Skills: blackmail, lying, stealing, Karate (and street fights), picking locks, breaking and entering, riding her motorbike dangerously

    Bio: She's always been a teacher's pest, breaking all the rules she could to have fun. Her little quest for experiences lead her to a sudden desire to experience being a "good student" and this starts in high school. Basically, she's a "rebel in a good girl phase". Being quite the expert on breaking rules, she ran for Disciplinary chairman, a position she can abuse while uncovering students' misdeeds. She works in tandem with her brother, as they always have.

    Relationships: She's really close with her brother, and together they make some kind of yakuza-like unit.
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  7. Ehehehe you know moi, forever making great rps. *haughty laugh of a rich french woman*

    Now hopefully we can get a few more people to fill the other spots so we can get this show on the road!

    @Alice Falling

    Also check the school information post (the second post on this page) every once in awhile, because I will be adding general school info like the principal, vice principal and other stuff. :3

    If you guys have any suggestions feel free. :]
  8. Awesome! Thanks for accepting me! I can't wait to get started! (:
  9. Ive been thinking of making this kind of rp for a while. GMing is a bit stressful for me though, so i will join.
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  10. Cool beans! I look forward to seeing your character. :3
  11. Character Sheet:
    Rineto Umigawa




    Rineto (open)

    -Quiet. Not shy, just kinda blends in. He is a little bothered by this
    -A fondness to the supernatural. When he gets into his supernatural mindset, he pretty much materializes from nothing(as he is so unnoticeable) and suddenly he can go on a long story about ghosts this and spirits that.
    -Scarily good intelligence sweeping

    Always quiet, and never noticed. One could easily mistake him for one of the spirits that he is intrigued by so much. He managed to escape most teasing by his lack of presence. You may be wondering why he is so adept at being unnoticed. Ten years earlier his parents divorced. During that time there was a lot of fighting. He felt as if it was his own fault. To escape this reality, he simply disappeared. Though it never worked, he was pretty much stuck in that state of "limbo" for quite a while. That was when his interest for the supernatural was sparked.

    -He has a crush on Karina(If that's okay)​
  12. Yay! one guy and three girls. This has suddenly turned into a harem, with my arrival XD
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  13. Aww! Rineto is so cute!! (: Hehe! I don't mind if he has a crush on Karina! Though so far with this being a harem he will probably end up being girl food!
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  15. I'm HERE! I'm HERE! Sorry~ I didn't know how to work the net anymore!! :DDDD
    and you are so ozm btw, like OTL AWESOME. /spazzzzzzzz

    HI RED! ACCEPT ME! Accept ME.
    Character Sheet:

    Name: Touya "Yacchan" Kisaragi
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    Position: Secretary


    Touya is quite serious and uptight when working but in actual truth, he's sneaky and likes to make random schemes of money-making. He likes to use his innocent face to his advantage and is quite skilled at getting what he wants. He'll use his face to be utterly blunt and sarcastic. But he comes about nice and charming but in reality, he's noting down everything in his memory for notation in your records. He is quite adamant with everyone following the school rules but he himself tends to disregard them. He likes to add little tiny bits of information (good or bad) in the student records and will not hesitate to use these bits of info (even when there's none) to make you do what he wants.

    Skills: blackmailing, getting lost, thinking up good money-making schemes, has Eidetic memory, fast runner, can stay up for 5 days straight or more, good debating/selling skill, innocent face (and aura), winning smile, good with paperwork

    Bio: Touya was always good with words. It was constantly used to the test when his sister always found herself in trouble over and over. To his parents', Touya was the good kid and his sister was the bad kid. But really, they were both bad. He was just more subtle about it. He joined the Student Council when he realized that he had so much information about everyone around him and had never written down. And basically, he was bored. When his sister became a good kid, he decided to join her because they work as a tandem. He gives her the name, she gives him the info. And he jots it down in their records and occasionally will use them for his...purposes. But really, he just likes getting information.

    Relationships: Is on good close terms with his Yankee Sister Micchi (aka Mikan)
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  16. Wait, wait, wait. @The Red Tazelwurm ---I'm confused. How many grades are there? 3 or 4?

    Because if you're freshman you're 15-16 right? And if Sophomore/Junior you're 16-17 and 17-18 if senior?
    ...or is Rineto a genius to have skipped one/two grades? or am I understanding this wrong. I'm really sorry.
  17. I think the education system of Japan is a bit confused here. Or it's just me.
  18. Or it's just me. :P Oh well.
  19. @Temper Tantrum


    I used the US grade level system. :O

    Freshmen are 13-14
    Sophomores are 15-16
    Juniors are 16-17
    and Seniors are 17-18 however depending on your birthday you might be 16 for a little bit in senior year.

    So as a sophomore Touya would be 16 instead of 17.
    Oh and you're accepted! :3
    And of course there can be a Karate club! I'll add it in a bit.
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