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  1. The world has heard or read the stories about the Creepypastas, some even became fangirls/boys. But, they were all in the land of fiction, right? They were, until someone brought them to our world. Through clicking on a mysterious link that person brought the horrors, killers and monsters into this place. Crimes, killings and mysterious crimes are on the up rise and nothing can be done about it.

    With the creepypastas they live in a forest no one dares to enter. Think of them as a dysfunctional family, which they technically are. You play as a creepypasta and you are trying to get use to this new world with so many potential victims and much more. Or you could play as a human and interact with these notorious killers.

    I'm accepting humans as well as OC Creepypastas. But Popular creepypastas are always loved


    1. At least three sentences for a post.
    2. 3rd person only please, no first person roleplaying
    3. Don't use "-- or **" for actions write like you would normally.
    4. No perfect characters, no god modding or controling other characters
    5. Don't kill someone's character without their permission.
    6. Keep canon characters in their personality
    7. State if you are joining as a creepypasta or a human before making your post



    A young man walked through the forest he appeared twelve at best. His pale skin was covered in stitches. This was Liu Woods, or Homcidal Liu is what most people knew him as. He stopped at the edge of the forest and hid behind a tree. His green eyes curiously peeking at the humans milling around the nearby neighborhood. It was Halloween, he remembered Halloween. He wondered if he could grab his brother Jeff and see if they could go get candy, maybe scare a few humans.
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  2. (( OMFG YES!! :D I haven't done a creepypasta RP in forever and I kinda miss them! ))
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  3. This world. Jeff was smiling, as he hid behind a nearby bush watching the loud and giggling humans as they ran about the streets dressed as characters and monsters, going door to door gathering candy like burglars gathering loot.

    Jeff couldn't help but laugh he was itching to get out there and scare someone, maybe get some candy, and maybe some unlucky soul will go missing.

    "Look at them Smile...completely unaware that they are being watched."

    Smile Dog grins and pants amused he perked his ears up and spun around sniffing the air. The poor creature was currently overwhelmed with so many scents that it was hard to pin point anyone of their kind.

    "What's wrong?" Jeff said sounding bit worried but his flat tone would prove otherwise.

    "I's a Creepypasta...but I can't tell who it is....too many smells" the monstrous dog whined.
  4. (I guess...Also...Hey Lala...)

    Masky gave a shiver, his jacket being pulled tighter around the man's form as he breathed out shakily
    Sitting in a tree all night to wait for someone wasn't his ideal night out, that was for sure, but he was waiting for a special guest to show up, then he could finally get down and go somewhere warmer

    He hated the cold, almost as much as he hated Jeff...

    But beat getting poked by that hyperactive brat Toby...
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  5. ( Hey Love~! ^^ @DapperDogman )

    Krazy Kayla had already started her wonderful mission, she was way too impatient for their silly sort of games to just wait for their prey, Kayla just went right for it. She had found a small gathering of lovely teens, they were loud and annoying, kinda like her. But, she had no care for silly humans, even though she was only a little over their age. Kayla took off her mask and stared at her victim through the bushes, she lightly pulled her dress down exposing her chest a bit more, then moved the lower half up, exposing her nice legs. She ran her had through her red hair and smirked, walking out of the bushes and up to her victim, a teenage boy. Once he saw her, his eyes widened and a large smirk grew onto his face as he watched her hips sway. Kayla lightly pushed her body against his as she got close and caressed his cheek softly, "Why don't you come with me~" The horny teen quickly gave her a nod and she winked at him, grabbing his collar and pulling him away from the crowd, into the woods. He smiled widely at his friends and mouthed, "I'm getting laid tonight!!"

    Soon, once they were deep enough in the woods, she slammed him up against the tree, sexually of course and pressed her soft lips against his. Before he could even react, Kayla shoved her hands into his stomach, breaking through the skin fast and burning him from the inside out. His loud screams filled with pain were mumbled into a mess as Krazy Kayla's hand covered his mouth, starting to burn off his face too. Soon, he was nothing but some little flesh and ashes. Kayla giggled loudly and laughed like her crazy self. "Goodness~! You have such lovely lips... It's a shame~" She skipped away from the remnants and left her little burnt hand marks on the trees behind her, just to mess with the police on this young boy's silly murder case.

    Krazy licked her fingers, some of the blood leftover from her last three victims. She would go through humans like an American would go through burgers. She was a bit bored at the moment, so she looked to the left of her, seeing a innocent tree. Kayla giggled excitedly and rubbed her now flamed hand together. She placed her hand against the tree, the flame raising up and causing smoke as she set the tree on fire. Kayla hadn't noticed that this special tree, had a special person in it, that person was poor Masky.
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  6. Liu jumped when he heard more voices he was sure he was alone out here. He turned around and swerved down the line of trees. It was hard not being spotted. But he stopped when he spotted someone ahead, he made out the figure of his older brother. He smiled and walked up to him. "Jeff! We should go mingle with the humans, they will think we are just in costume also we might get to hunt a bit." he smiled, he was quite proud of his idea.

    @Smile Dog
  7. (Long time no speak...)

    Masky chuckles a little as he sees the display
    His guest had arrived

    "Kayla" he says as he drops out of the tree, his boots scattering the ashes and producing a sickening crunch as they broke a bone that hadn't quite burned up "I was wondering when you'd show up...shame about one" he mutters as he kicks his boots off, a little wet ash flying off into the leaves of the forest floor

    " can either come willingly...or I can drag you off...your choice" he says as he stands there, totally still, his masked face stern as his eyes trailed up and down her body

    He couldn't decide if the guy was lucky to have kissed her, or whether incineration was an unfair price to pay

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    Kayla's smile grows as she hears her own name, and she definitely knew the voice it belonged to. She looked up into the trees to see Masky jump down in front of her. She smirks and laughs, "Did you like my little show~?" Krazy bowed playfully, like she was in some children's play with all the parent taking videos that were useless and were going to haunt the children when they grew. She quickly slipped her mask back on and rolled her eyes, "Really? You're going to be all dull like that, love~?" She started walking past home and turned around, walking backwards. "Oooh~! Did you go out yet~! All the human are crazy on fatty sugar, they're the sweetest this time around!" Kayla giggled and snapped her fingers for fun, sending a tiny fire ball at Masky feet.
  9. Jeff jumped when Liu spoke, he turned to face his baby brother and smiled his already carved smile stretched further "Sure bro, and we can probably snatch some candy while we're at know before Laughing Jack shows up." He said reaching up and ruffled Liu's hair.

    Smile wags his tail and looks up at the brothers "Wait if your stealing candy don't you need something to carry it in?" Smile asked as he followed Jeff who was leading his brother out of the woods.

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    Masky rolls his eyes under his mask and walks toward her, the fireballs missing him narrowly, not even making the man flinch
    If she was watching, she'd see him Slenderwalking to move his body ever so slightly, so as to dodge her attacks without making it clear what he was doing

    "You going to flirt with me all night, or are you actually planning on making a move?"

    He chuckles a little as he stands a few feet from her, eyeing her up for a moment "That's always been your play with your food so much, you're not even sure if this is really flirting or part of the act...are you?"
  11. Liu's eyes lit up and smiled when his hair was ruffled. He perked up at the idea of stealing some candy and looked at smile when he spoke. "True we might need something to carry it in. Where would we find a basket of sorts though?" he said and looked around with a curious gaze.

    He spotted a bucket on the ground and foot steps going into the forest. "Well that's odd. I wonder who dropped that." he said and moved toward the bucket.
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    Kayla raised her eyebrow at him, sticking her tongue out playfully and giggling. "Do you want me to make a move~?" She smirked and stopped, stepping closer to him. Soon, her cheeks started to match her personality, along with her attire as they turned bright red when Masky commented on her attackings. She looked at him and crossed her arms, "Of course I do! Well... Um.. You're flaw is that your murders are just plain boring! I like playing with food. It's very enjoyable~" Krazy Kayla giggled and noticed her dress was still the way she had it getting her victim, she quickly pulled it back up, covering her cleavage.
  13. Jeff halted and looked over at his brother who was investigating the bucket "I was actually thinking of just stealing a bag from a kid..." he looked cautiously at the bucket "Careful...Jane could've left it." he warned his brother his tone full of malice with the mention of the female killer's name.

    Smile sniffed the bucket, it seemed innocent enough but you can never be too careful. The forest which they dwelled was full of surprises.
  14. Conner couldn't believe he was doing this, why of all the days of the year did he decide his project on the local legend on the most scary night of the year. No Doubt there would be freaks running around, trying to scare the shit out of him. He shivered as he wrapped the jacket around himself. "Pretty damn cold tonight" He said as he stepped away from his own truck and started walking down a dirt path. The 17 year old high schooler who had dreams of becoming a journalist for The New York Post or LA times made sure his digital camera was ready to go and set off to snap a picture of the supposed demonic entity that calls these these woods home, Mr. Scratch
  15. Masky chuckles as a tendril not unlike Slenderman's snakes out of his back "Boring?" he mutters as he lashes a tree in two "So...because I don't make out with my dinner...I'm boring?" he asks with a cocked eyebrow

    "If that's the case, then maybe I should avoid you~" he offers with a widening smirk

    He leans back against a tree as the short black tendrils lashed about in the air every few seconds "Oh yeah...I forgot to mention...the boss man has allowed me a few more of his powers..."
  16. Her eyes widen as she sees a small tendril snake out of Masky's black, her smile grows just as wide in excitement as the tree get cut in half, making her squeal lightly. Krazy Kayla's expression quickly changed as him made his snark comment, "Hey! That was just to lure that creep in! I don't always make out with my victims.." She watches as more tendrils pop from behind his back as Masky leans on the tree. Kayla smirks and grab a leaf from the ground, she stares at it as she speaks. "So, Slendy gave you the hookup?" She twirls the leaf between her fingers, "It's amazing how you just obey all his orders like his little slaves.. No?" The leaf starts to burn in her hand and she smirks with each word, Kayla crosses her legs as she leans back on her own tree, right across from his. "Wouldn't it be nice not to be someone's tiny stooge~?" Krazy giggled and wiped away the ashed from her hand just a she wipes the ashes away of puny humans.
  17. Smile looked up a the brothers he knew Jeff would take care of Liu and decided to go exploring maybe eat some fallen candy and chase kids and cats.

    Stepping out of the forest he dons on his disguise.

    His coat turns black and white, his floppy ears point up ward, his long tail curves slightly. His size begins to grow slightly taller as he gains a lean and muscular tone. His yellow eyes glow blue!

    He was now a husky, a simple cloak. He barks and trots out sniffing the ground occasionally licking up candy and using his tongue to spit out the wrapper.

    He rounds the corner and noticed a young boy who looked suspicious. He saw his truck and approached it he sniffed the vehicle "A school human...this will be fun!"

    Smile watched as the boy went down the path and quietly followed.

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  18. Far into the woods, far away from any human contact, lay a undisturbed spring. On the surface, this undisturbed body of water may appear entirely normal. Placid even. That is until, the water of the spring turns blood red and air bubbles appear at the surface. Slowly but surely, a mysterious figure ascends from the spring. Mr. Scratch, the entity drags itself to solid ground and crouches down onto all fours. It's emits a low rumbling growl that can be hear throughout the forest.

    Being an entity, the figure shifts form so it appears not outta place, that it can lure pray into a false sense of security and friendship. The form it takes is that of a child, maybe nine or ten at the very latest. The entity now appears as a young boy, with pitch black hair, blood red eyes, and extremely pale skin. The entity also wields a large hunting knife for either protection or the hunt, whatever it feels like doing. The entity smiles to itself as it views it's reflection in the spring water, which is now clear of the red murk it possessed mere minuets ago.

    He slides the hunting knife into the sheath on the side of his life, slips into the clothes he always wore when he roamed the mortal world, a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. He smiles a muscle tearing smile before heading of into the darkness.
  19. "Oh, I'm sorry...Who were you again?" he asks with a growing smirk "Oh yes...some no-name with a thing for playing with her food..."

    He solidifies the tendrils in the air and Slenderwalks to be right in front of her, his mask inches from her face, the cold air of his breath hitting her face gently a he stares at her from behind the pale mask "I listen to him because I'm his Proxy...I have no powers without him...just like you have no powers without it or not...he's the man in charge..."

    He holds up his hand, the Operator Symbol on the back glowing red for a moment "You have one do we it or not...none of us is truly free..."