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  1. Oliver Wright laid in his cell, eyes tracing the stone ceiling. After a few moments, he slowly sat up, staring at the wall on the other side of his room. Then, he heard it. The gentle whispering in his head. A loud, hysterical laugh escaped his lips as he listened to the voices. His 'friends'. "Ssh, quiet now, the guards are talking." he said quickly, walking to the bars of his cell, listening closely. An incoming patient? He heard it with his own ears...a new patient. A wide smile took over the boy's pale features as he ran a hand through his snow white hair. "A newbie? Looks like we get to show him around once he arrives..." Oliver said, turning to look at the empty space beside him. "Won't that be fun?" he asked, letting another fit of laughter take over him as he leaned against the bars, keeping his ruby gaze focused outside of his cell, awaiting the new patient's arrival.

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  2. Dylan Rivers skipped along the guards beside him. He had a bright grin on his face and his crimson eyes shined with mirth. They widened with joy as the three of them reached the doors, one of the guards opening it. When one door was open, the blond bolted through it, gasping in awe. "Wow, is this what a mental institution looks like? I never been in one before." He said as he scanned his surroundings.

    "Well, you'll be in this one for quite a while," a guard said.

    They led him over to a certain cell. As they passed the other cells, he waved at all of the people, still smiling big and bright. After a bit of a walk, they stopped in front of a certain cell. A young man with snow white hair and eyes as red as his own stood in the cell, leaning against the bars that kept him in there.

    "Oliver, this is our newst patient, Dylan. We'll be leaving him with you so you can show him the ropes." That was the last thing that was said before the guards made their exit. The blond watched them until they disappeared fully, turning back to....Oliver? Yes, Oliver.

    "Hi, Oliver! I'm Dylan~!" He re-introduced himself with a soft smile.

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  3. Right when he heard the door's of the Institute open, the boy's loud voice clashed against his ears. Oliver flinched slightly as the new patient's voice echoed on the walls. Their footsteps got louder and louder as they approached and he closed his eyes against the sound. Suddenly, he wasn't too excited about the new boy. Soon enough, the boy and guards came into his view. Oliver looked over the boy, who looked roughly his age.

    A laugh started to take over the boy, and he managed to smother it with a hand. "Shh, I have a job to do, I can't talk now." he said to the space beside him before turning his attention to the guards once more. With a satisfying click, Oliver heard the lock on his cell snap open before the guards left. When the boy introduced himself, his bubbly personality made Oliver cringe slightly on the inside. So his name was Dylan...

    "Hey, Newbie. Let's show you around the place." he said, a wide smile slowly spreading from ear to ear as he moved to open his cell, against his will.


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    Dylan frowned. Newbie? He immediately shook it off as the cell was pushed open by the one that it held. He stepped back a bit to give the boy some room. Looking over the other male, he noticed that they were about the same age. Having short-attention span, his thoughts were shot as he rocked back and forth on his feet.

    "I wonder what this building has to offer," he said in curiosity. "Where to first?" He questioned after focusing back on Oliver.

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  5. Oliver looked towards the boy, who had started rocking back and forth on his heels, asking where they should go first. Out of nowhere, a hysterical laugh tore from Oliver as he started walking forward, causing him to stop and attempt to smother it. After a few seconds, he managed to calm down and turn back to the other boy.

    "The kitchens...where they stuff little kids into pots and boil them into stew." he teased, a crazed smile widening on his lips as he started to lightly chuckle once more. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Oliver began walking forward, flicking his white bangs out of his eyes. Once more he turned back to the other boy.

    "Don't worry, Newbie. For all I know, they could be planning to boil all the patients here. So me and you just might be next..." Oliver continued to tease, chuckling darkly as he turned to continue walking. Would the other boy, Dylan, believe him? Who knows. But Oliver always made it part of his day to scare the new patients at least once on his little tour.

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  6. Dylan had began to follow the other male. He stopped before the other boy did as a hysterical laugh spilled from his lips and echoed in the hall, bouncing off the walls. His eyes were slightly wide as he watched Oliver calm himself. The corners of his lips twtiched upward as his mind came to the conclusion that he just might take a liking to the other male.

    As his earlier question was answered, he scrunched up his face. Cannibalism much? He didn't dwell on it for long because Oliver was walking forward once more. With a quirked eyebrow, he wondered if what was said was true. The male did laugh a bit after his words, spiking a streak of suspicion within him.

    His next words had the blond's eyebrows in his hairline, invisible to the world. He, for some reason, had the thought that Oliver would get boiled before him. And, by the time they got to him, he wouldn't be as easy to get. He followed the white-haired male. A shiver ran through his body at his dark chuckle.

    After a moment of silence, he adorned one of his own smirks as he said, "Well, they'll have to get through Daniel before they can boil us."
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  7. With the other boy's comment, Oliver turned to him and his crazed smile widened. It was a rather bold remark that resulted in him raising an eyebrow at Dylan.

    "Hmm, Daniel? Sounds like a nice guy. What's he like?" Oliver asked, slowing his pace so that the other boy could catch up. Sure, the other boy was rather loud and obnoxiously bubbly, but maybe Oliver could somehow push through that and try to be friends. Oliver shook the thought form his head. He didn't want to make any friendships, that was one of his fears and he would rather die than ever make one.

    Soon, Oliver's thoughts were filled with different thoughts and voices at the same time. He was used to it all, of course. He was used to it years ago, when he was thrown into the Institution. The difference? He was able to cope with it now.

    Giving another chuckle, Oliver flicked the hair from his eyes as he glanced back at the other boy with his ruby gaze. "This Daniel guy sounds pretty tough...but is he tough enough to get past the wicked witches as they stand in his way with large, pointed carving knifes?" Oliver asked, tilting his head slightly as he continued to look at Dylan. He didn't know what was going through the other boy's mind, but even Oliver himself didn't know what happened in the kitchens. All he knew were crazy rumors from the others.

  8. "He's far from nice. Bit of a pyscho, really," Dylan responded. "Has...a bit of a bloodlust. But he only comes out every so often. Think he's the reason I got put in here," the blond added. He was grateful for when Oliver slowed down, catching up with him. It was at that point that they were walking side by side.

    Dylan snorted at his next words. Wicked witches? Honestly, what kind of kitchen was this? "I think the question is 'Are they tough enough to withstand Daniel?'" He was being honest. Daniel was a viscious person who gave not a care. Memories of bloody nights, false promises, and screams flashed through his mind before he shook them away, not wanting to relive it.

    Dwelling on Daniel mad him question why Oliver was there. With a curious glint in his eyes, he focused his piercing gaze on the other male. "Why are you in here?"
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  9. Oliver turned his gaze to the other boy and raised his eyebrows. "Oh, really? Bloodlust? That's a nice trait to have, I guess." he said, snickering a bit, not in his control of course. Once they got to the kitchens, Oliver slowly cracked the door open before turning back to Dylan. What he had said piqued his interest.

    "Ah, you're a swapper aren't you? You swap personalities, right?" Oliver asked before walking into the kitchen, his eyes roaming over the entirety of it. Nothing much to see that's out of the normal. "Well, looks like those were just rumors. Here's the kitchen, I guess." Oliver said, another fit of laughter taking over him. Then, he listened to Dylan's next question, resulting in Oliver's smile widening.

    "Ah, I love this question. They say that my friends aren't real...that I'm a real messed up kid. But I know they're wrong. My friends, they speak to me all the time. That's one reason. Another, I can't control my 'insane' laughter or my 'crazed' smiles...not to mention I have pretty rough mood swings when I'm alone in my cell. That should be enough to answer your question." Oliver said, his smile growing slightly before turning on his heel to leave the kitchen.

  10. "Yeah, but it doesn't happen that often. At least, I don't think so," Dylan informed him while answering the question at the same time. He followed the male into the kitchen, surveying it. Oliver's words were right. It was a normal kitchen. No witches, no boiling kids or patients. Just a normal, simple kitchen.

    "Friends?" The blond questioned, red eyes wide. He wondered if he'd be able to meet them one day. Even if they only seem to talk to Oliver only. He could understand the uncontrollable insane laughter and crazy smiles, witnessing it himself. He was surprised that violent mood swings could classify one as crazy. It was weird. Th blond was so caught up in his thoughts that he almost missed Oliver leaving.

    Catching up with him, he said, "Well, the kitchen is pretty mellow. Any other place that has creepy rumors?"

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  11. Oliver nodded when Dylan had explained that his personality swapping happens ever so often. His footsteps echoing against the tile floor, Oliver turned his head as the other boy caught up to him.

    "Yeah, my friends. It's funny how nobody else can hear them...I can hear them clearly." Oliver said simply with a shrug of his shoulder. As they continued walking, he listened once again as the boy asked about other places with creepy rumors. Furrowing his brow, Oliver brought a hand to his lips in a thinking manner as he racked his brain for any more rumors. Finally, his eyes brightened as he remembered one.

    "Ah, there's a pretty nasty one about bathrooms. They say a guy, Jim, who went in there with a few guys one time. After days of them not coming out, a few brave souls ventured in...they never returned either. Finally, a group of guards went in there, and they were surprised at what they saw. Jim was sitting on the floor, blood splattered on the walls and pools of it gathered around him and in the sinks. They found out that he killed the men and started to butcher their bodies..." Oliver said, looking ahead as he told the story.

    "This time, it's most likely to be true..." he said, turning to glance at Dylan. "Because I went in there and saw the stains myself."

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  12. Blinking owlishly as the story was finished, Dylan's blood ran cold and he was sure the color drained from his being. He was probably as pale as a sheet right now. Half of him was giddy to see the bloody scene. That was Daniel. Daniel had an obsession with blood, says it's the most prettiest and intriguing thing and color. He's always fascinated how it changes. Dylan, on the other hand, was a bit squeamish. Not like he'd faint over the sight of it, but he definitely didn't like it.

    "Sounds like something Daniel would do...," he mumbled. As he registered that Oliver had went into the bathroom and was still alive, a question popped into his mind. "Since you're still alive and healthy, for the most part, I'm assuming they caught Jim...?"

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  13. Oliver chuckled a bit when he saw the color drain from the other boy's face. Of course, the story was true, but it was a rather disturbing one. And he, himself, was rather shaken by the sight as well, and the image would forever be burned into his mind. Turning to the boy as he asked if Jim was caught, Oliver's smile widened a bit.

    "I was one of the only mental patients that was allowed to go in with the guards. I guess they put their trust in me or something, but it was pretty gruesome. Jim was sitting there, laughing while he hacked a butcher's knife into a man's decapitated head. Limbs and other parts of the rest of the men were littered across the tile floor. That image won't go away soon." Oliver said, flicking his snow white hair from his eyes. As insane as he was, Oliver knew when somebody was crazier than even he was. He turned back to Dylan and laughed a bit more.

    "I'm guessing you don't want to see it. But I think that you're friend Daniel would absolutely love to see." he said, running a hand through his hair lazily. "I, for one, have been there numerous times because of all of the new patients wanting to take a quick look." he said, scrunching his nose slightly.

  14. "I bet," Dylan muttered as his imaginative mind supplied him with a very vivid image. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to will it away, which turned out to be a bad decision for it just became more visible. Snapping his eyes back open, he shook his head, trying to get rid of the image.

    "He'll have to see it on his on time. But, just so we don't inconvenience you and he isn't bugging me later on, he can see it now." With that, Dylan let his eyes flutter close. His body relaxed to the point that he went limp, but was still able to stand up. After a moment, he straightened himself up and opened his eyes once more. The red eyes seemed much more brighter, more vivid. A thirst was swimming in them. A thirst for blood, no doubt.

    "You must be Oliver. Nice to meet you. M'Daniel," he introduced himself with a grin that would make some people uneasy. "Now, where is this fabulous place that you were talking about earlier?" He questioned, eyes lighting up.

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  15. Oliver stopped walking when Dylan did, watching uneasily as he went limp. The boy seemed to know what he was doing, but he was still a bit on edge. If something were to happen to the new patients on his account, there would be consequences. When the boy opened his eyes again, it was a bit startling to Oliver, as they were a brighter red.

    "Heh, nice to meet you. You're the bloodthirsty half, aren't you? Well, let's go fulfill your wishes." Oliver said, a fit of laughter washing over his body as he started to walk forward, his hands shoved into his pockets. Daniel's smile was indeed a bit unnerving, but at the same time, Oliver got the feeling that that's how people felt when they saw his own smile.

    The walk didn't take long, and it was nothing but quiet as the voices continued to roam around his mind. Turning the corner, Oliver walked to the males' bathroom and stepped inside, the bloodstains caked onto the tile floor and on the sinks. He remembered the maids fainting at the sight of it, so the guards had to clean it the best they could. Unfortunately, the smell still remained. Deep, bitter, and a smell of iron in the whole mix. After the incident, the other patients often avoided the bathroom, including Oliver.

    "Here it is...make sure to get a good eyeful. I won't be coming here again anytime soon, but you can come as much as you like." Oliver once again scrunched his nose at the smell before sighing. "Take your time, I'll be waiting outside. The smell bothers me." he said before walking to the door, his footsteps echoing on the tile floor as he opened the door, stepping out to breath in the clean air. Oliver leaned his back against the wall and crossed his arms across his chest as he let his thoughts run wild, occasionally speaking to his 'friend' beside him.


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  16. "Bloodthirsty half, huh? Is that how Dylan is describing me now?" Daniel said, amusment lacing his voice. It wasn't like he could argue with it. What Dylan told people was the truth. He did have some bloodlust circulating through him, no use denying it. Especially since he was excited to go to a bathroom that was caked with fresh blood once. His thoughts ran through his head as he followed the snow-white haired male, an extra bounce in his step. Softly, a hum was originating from him. Of what tune, he didn't even know.

    When they turnt a corner and reached their destination, Daniel couldn't help letting a noise that was deadly close to a squeal escape his lips. His eyes were wide and his whole body was glowing. He was experiencing the same excitement that washed over children on Christmas morning as they raced to the tree to rip open the presents underneath it. Red eyes were bouncing from wall to wall, sink to sink, tile to tile. As he half-listened to Oliver's words, he couldn't help but taking in deep inhales of the air around them. The smell entered him and filled him up, making him let out a blissed sigh.

    As the blond heard how Oliver was going to be outside, the smell bothering him, he waited until he heard footsteps and the familiar sound of a door opening, indicating that the other male had indeed left. It was then that Daniel let the whole scene overwhelm all of his senses. He was always taking in deep breaths every now and then and his eyes roamed everything. He would trace the dried stains, a bit put out that he couldn't use his sense of taste, but pushed it past him and just savored and enjoyed what he could. Even though he could come back as much as he liked, nothing would compare to the very first visit.

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  17. Oliver was a bit startled by the other boy's reaction to the blood. Even as he stood outside of the bathroom, remembering the boy's look of glee made him cringe slightly. But, that's how it was with insane people. They just...acted differently. Oliver knew that much. Lifting his eyes to the lights he let his thoughts swim around, staring at the ceiling in a daze. He wasn't going to interrupt the boy when he was like this. For all he knew, Dylan's bloodthirsty half would tear him apart for suggesting they leave the bathrooms.

    The longer Oliver waited outside, the more the voices started conversing with him. "Yes...I know he's a bit strange. But, the way you put it was just mean. All of us are different even you." he said, the exaggerated and crazed smile returning to his lips, steadily growing. Suddenly, one of his hysterical laughs tore from his throat. This time, he let it happen, starting to slide against the wall as his body was growing tired of holding him up from the insane laughter. This time, Oliver wanted to laugh. He liked it, in fact. Why? The answer was cloudy even to him.

    Finally, as he was able to calm down, Oliver was now sitting on the ground with his back pressed against the wall. His chest rose and fell as he took in deep breaths, trying to recover from the fit of laughter that had washed over him. Now, sitting there, the white haired boy kept his gaze locked on the wall in front of him. "Don't worry, my friends. I know you're real. Even when others try to convince me otherwise, I won't believe them. Just...don't leave me here alone, alright? There's only so far someone as mental as me can push themselves. Even if I fall deeper into the clutches of madness. " he said, turning his head to glance at the air beside him. Who was he kidding? There was nowhere left for him to fall. Oliver was already laying in the palms of madness. As if to solidify his comment, the voices in his head grew slightly louder, agreeing.


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  18. After Daniel was certain that he had explored every single inch of the bathroom and gotten his fill of it, he deemed that it was time to go. He didn't want to keep Oliver waiting for too long. And he could always come back on his own time. With one last look over, the teenage boy turned on his heel and made his way over to the door, his footsteps echoing throughout the bathroom. He opened the door and stepped out, letting it shut softly behind him.

    Blinking owlishly, he was surprised when he saw that Oliver was sitting down on the floor. He was expecting the other male to be standing up, leaning against the wall, as he waited. Perhaps he was, but decided to sit instead, his mind supplied before the whole train of thought was interrupted. With a grin, he squatted down to Oliver's level, not wanting to sit. "Thank you for fulfilling my wish. I'll most definitely visit a lot," he said as he sat down, his legs beginning to ache. And, when he switched back to Dylan, he didn't want to go limp in a squatting position.

    "Being that my wish was fulfilled, I'll be switching back now. Don't want to scare you away since Dylan hates when I do that," the blond informed Oliver. It wasn't like he did it on purpose. Some people just couldn't handle him and did the first thing that came to mind. Run far, far away. As his gaze shifted to the wall that Oliver was staring at, it became slightly unfocused.

    "I like you, Oliver. You seem like a good person. But Dylan is really important to me," he paused as he side-eyed the other male. "and I don't want to have to hurt you." That was the only warning that he gave as the air around them became thick and eerie. Without any warning, his body went limp, but soon was alive again. A lot quicker than the first time. It was obvious that Dylan was eager to be in control again.

    He quickly turned to Oliver and said in a worried tone, "Please tell me that he didn't traumatize you too much! Tell me that you'll still talk to me!"
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  19. When the blonde boy walked back out of the bathroom, Oliver let his eyes glance at him, watching him as he crouched to his level. Hearing that Daniel was thankful for him fulfilling his wish, Oliver's grin turned into a smirk as his eyes traveled over the blonde. For some reason, he wasn't too fond of the bloodthirsty part of Dylan. Something about him wanted to send Oliver into a rampage, destroying everything in his path. But, he held back from his instinct and sighed, nodding to the boy.

    Right when Oliver heard the threat from the boy, he scoffed and felt his smirk grew. This time, it was purposeful. He really must have the guts to threaten me like that...Oliver thought to himself as his eyes narrowed into a glare at Daniel. Soon enough, the boy went limp and aroused faster than the first time he had changed. When Daniel was back in control, Oliver could tell by the way he started to speak in what sounded like a worried tone. In fact, the sudden change caught Oliver off guard. After regaining his composure, his eyes softened from their previous glare and his smirk returned to it's grin. Lifting his hand, Oliver placed it on Dylan's head and ruffled his hair slightly.

    "Nah, it's fine, Newbie. It was a bit different, seeing the way he was, but I've learned to accept it. You sort of have to here. I'll still talk to you if you want." he replied, continuing to rub the boy's head, shrugging a shoulder. He was slightly surprised at his own actions, but didn't let it show on his face. Instead, his grin grew slightly before he stood, dusting off his jeans. For some reason, he felt like he needed to calm the other boy. Oliver chuckled a bit at the thought and once again flicked the snow white hair from his ruby orbs. Turning his gaze to the boy, he motioned for him to follow.

    "There isn't much left for me to show you...I might as well show you to your cell now." he said with a sigh, shoving his hands deep within his jean pockets, closing his eyes as he began to walk down the hall. All the while, the voices continued to swarm endlessly withing his mind.

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  20. Dylan was surprised at the display of....affection? Comfort? He wasn't quite sure. Either way, his eyes were wide as he felt Oliver's hand in his hair, ruffling it. It made his cheeks heat up to the point that a bit of pink was dusting them. Not wanting to be noticed, he ducked his head so his cheeks were invisible. He only picked his head back up to respond to Oliver's words and pieces of advice. With a soft smile, he said, "I'd like it if you still talked to me. So, yeah, I want that." As the ruffling continued, his blush began to grow in size, expanding over his cheeks.

    When the action ceased, Dylan was more than glad. He pressed his palms against his warm cheeks, hoping that he could will his blush away. As he did this, he climbed to his feet, following Oliver's earlier actions. At his chuckle, he briefly wondered what was so humorous before shaking it off.

    The blond frowned at the word. Cell made them sound like they were in a prison, which they pretty much were. It definitely couldn't be called a room. Maybe cell was just the best thing to label it and call it. As Oliver made his way down the hall, Dylan did the same, walking beside the white-haired male, falling into step with him. It was silent for a moment before he turned to face Oliver, his cheeks a normal color now. "How come you sounded so....sad when you talked about my cell? You, like, sighed," he questioned. He was generally curious. It was a weird thing to be sad over. Or any emotion that wasn't indifference.

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