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  1. Everyone is lost. There is no 'home'. There is no 'safety'. They're everywhere. It's nothing we imagined. They're not zombies..they''s like they're controlled..but by what? We aren't safe here..we've got to finish this..fix our mistakes..We are the future. We are the last. Will we survive? Can we overcome our mistakes? Yes. This..This is our story.

    Three years ago the cure for cancer was found. It was national news. That was 2035. After that, medical breakthroughs went through the roof. By 2056, there was no disease that was incurable, or so we thought. That's when we started chemical warfare. They made these..these bombs. Each country planning differently. That's when the first person was injected. He wasn't straight in the head to begin with, and this just turned him murderous. He began the..the killings. They were the worst. Each time he killed someone, he'd bit them on their forehead, injecting the chemicals. They dead stayed..well...dead, until the bombs were released, the chemicals from each one combining with the next and the last. That's when the dead were jolted to life, control by the thoughts of their host. They found anything they could to kill. They had the minds of robots..of slaves. There was no reasoning, no way around them. They had..abilities like no wasn't right..

    Areiz moved out of the shadows, tears streaming down her face. Behind her lay a body, a bullet in it's head. She stumbled down the street towards a young man who had his arms outstretched, pulling her into a hug. "I'm sorry." He mumbled in her ear. She nodded. "Let's get inside." He led her to a door that said 'Visitors Welcome, Food, Water, Beds.' It was a safety place they'd set up. No one had visited so far, only Areiz and her brother who went by Hawk. Hawk set Areiz on the counter before turning on the lights.
    "I wish I hadn't left her.." Areiz mumbled, trying not to cry aloud. Hawk sat beside her on the counter, draping her shoulders with his arm.
    "It's not your fault." He whispered quietly. A loud knock at the door drew both of their attention. "Open." Hawk said.
  2. A man walks in. Average height for a man in his twenties or so, wearing a long, brown coat. Two ammo belts were strapped across his chest, and a rifle was slung over his shoulder. His camouflage cargo pants bagged over his black, spike-tipped combat boots. He scratched his chin and ran a hand through his short, messy, brown hair. "Saw this place has food, water and beds. I could use those." he said in a low, gruff voice. "Mind if I stay a night or two?" He asked the two sitting on the counter.
  3. Areiz jumped up, putting her bloody knife in it's holster. "Yep. You can stay as long as you want." She said with a fake smile, drying her face with her sleeve. Hawk stood up too, nodding. "That is, as long as you're not an infected." He said. Areiz rolled her eyes. "I'm Areiz, he's Hawk." She said in a confident voice. "Need anything?"
  4. The man nodded. "Nice to meet you Areiz, Hawk. I'm Krieg. And, if you don't mind, I could use some water. Ran out of it a few miles back, walked from the next town over." He dropped the rifle from his shoulder and carried it loosely by the barrel. "And if I were infected, I would have shot myself about a mile back, when I saw the last 'thing'." He leaned his gun against a chair and sat in it, slouching from exhaustion.
  5. Areiz nodded, going to a different room. Hawk sat down at the counter, in a chair this time. "So, seen anything interesting outside of town?" He asked curiously, watching Krieg carefully with dark brown eyes. Areiz came back in, setting a glass of water on the table by Krieg. "Nice to meet you!" she said with a beaming smile, her icy blue eyes a stark contrast from her brothers, but they both had the same Jet black hair, Hawk's cut short and Areiz's cut at her chin, framing her delicate face. Areiz moved to sit at a table between Hawk and Krieg so she could watch them both.
  6. Krieg nodded thankfully at Ariez as she set the glass on the table and took a long drink. When he finished, the glass was half as full as when she brought it out. He looked over at Hawk. "Saw some fatass infected about the size of a boar shred a small dog, and there's a weird religious cult forming on the outskirts. Other than that, business as usual. As usual is it is these days, anyway." He leaned forward, towards the two. "So, what brings you two to this lovely little town, eh?" he asked.
  7. "I live here." Areiz said in a bright voice. "I came here to watch after my sis after the infection spreaded. She called me after mom died.." He said. "You?"
  8. He leaned back in his seat, trying to get comfortable in the wooden chair. It was old for the time, but still served it's purpose and gave the place an older, homey feeling. "Just trying to find a place to settle down, at least until it gets over run and goes up in flames. That's what happened to the last three places. Maybe I'm just meant to drift through the apocalypse forever, maybe this place will be different. I don't know." He pulled a cigarette from his coat along with a lighter, stuck it in his mouth and lit it, placing the lighter back in it's place as he inhaled. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and stared at it for a moment. "Probably shouldn't smoke, but hey," he said, putting it back in between his lips, "but who gives a damn anymore?"
  9. Areiz smiled mischievously. "We won't go up in flames." Hawk closed his eyes for a moment before shaking his head. "Anyway, welcome to Hotel 6, or at least, that's what we call this place." Areiz looked at her watch before she stood up, looking through each of the windows, her hand resting on the knife on her belt. She nodded at Hawk before sitting back down. "Routine check, we do it every half hour." She told Kreig, as if answering a question.
  10. Krieg nodded. "I'd be more than happy to help if you'd just tell me what to do?" he asked/stated. He stood up, cracked his neck, and slung his rifle back over his shoulder. He pulled out a revolver style gun from a holster hidden by his coat and checked the ammo. Sliding it back into the holster, he looked up at Hawk and Areiz.
  11. "Okay, well, you could go scout with Areiz, learn the routes and codes." He said. Areiz's face darkened for a second at the aspect of being trusted with yet another life, but she consented after a moment. "Okay." She said, standing again and going behind the counter, pulling out three headsets. Hawk took one, Areiz put one on, and she handed the last one to Kreig. "That's to keep in touch." She said, checking her pistol before going towards the front door again. Hawk went to the back door located in the back of the room, and alley between the two adjoined buildings and started out. Areiz looked at Kreig. "Code: Red is another survivor, Black is you're in too much trouble. Code: White is you're not coming back. Ready?" She stated before opening the door, her pistol turned sideways in her hand and her eyes scanned the road as she led Kreig into the regular scout route.
  12. Krieg nodded as he ran the codes through his head a few more times to familiarize himself with them. He put on the headset and checked his rifle to make sure it worked properly. "Alright, got it. Red for survivor, black for trouble, white for 'I'm dead'. Let's go."
  13. Areiz nodded, stepping out of the door and glanced up and down the street. "Clear immediate, checking Area 1." She said into the mic, almost skipping along. "Check clear. Area 2 destination." Hawk replied. Areiz checked every single thing they passed other than one. She completely averted looking at the alley and just walked by, looking across the street. "So, ever worked in groups before?" Areiz asked Kreig kindly, smiling.
  14. Krieg had been cautiously moving quietly behind her, like he would if he was hunting. "A month back or so, yeah. Got ambushed, only three of eighteen made it out. One fell sick with pneumonia and the other stayed behind to take care of him. I took off to find supplies, came back to find the place burning to the ground. Been on the move since." He stopped to listen for a minute, getting a weird 'watched' feeling. He dismissed it as paranoia and kept moving along.
  15. Areiz nodded. "I'm sorry..that sounds terrible." She said sadly, stopping at a corner and lighting the small lamp, brightening the dark streets. An infected ambled along in the distance and she fired two shots at it. A dull -thump- sounded as it hit the ground. "That's better." She mumbled.
  16. He shrugged. "I came to terms that people around me could die at any given moment a long time ago. It doesn't much affect me anymore. No conscience," he said, iron sighting his rifle. He fired a shot down the street, landing a headshot on another infected. "No mercy." he looked over at Areiz. "Shall we continue?" he asked, smiling.
  17. She nodded, speaking into her mic. "Area 1 and 3 clear. 2 check?" She said, her tone neutral. "Copy check, Area 2 setup clear, checking 4." Hawk replied, clearly out of breath. Areiz paused a moment before taking a hesitant step forward. Hawk's always been stubborn to ask for help..I hope he's okay.. They passed several more lamps, all of which Areiz lighted. She was about to light another when Hawk started yelling into his mic. "CODE BLACK CODE BLACK! AREA 4 SECTOR---" He was cut off by static. Areiz turned on the spot, heading East at a sprint as she spoke rapidly into her mic. "I do not copy, repeat, no copy! Area 4 sector what? Which sector?" She said fearfully into her mic. There was a lot of static before his voice returned, full of pain. "Broke a window..sector 1." Then he went quiet, the sound of his gun echoing in the mic. Areiz nodded and spoke to Kreig. "That means he's about a mile that way." she said, pointing in front of her. The dark mass in the distance could easily be identified as infected as she pulled her gun up and fired a few shots, hoping to distract them a little. Hawk's voice returned again. "They're thinning out..but there's too many for me to hold out long."
  18. Krieg looked at her, concerned. "Well, let's get our asses over there!" he said, advancing down the street looking down his rifle, taking shots at the dark figures ahead. He was not about to have one of the only two sentient people he had seen for the last three towns be killed in the first few hours of his meeting them.
  19. Areiz nodded slowly, but didn't get much closer than a few more steps, still firing shots. She watch as half of the whole horde turned towards them, snarling and advancing. She dropped her pistol, pulling a rifle off her back and smirking, letting the bullets fly into the group. Gunshots could be heard on the other side, Hawk was firing from the other side, his face contorted in pain and one of his arms hanging by his side, dripping in blood, but the sight was blocked by the infected as Areiz reloaded and fired more shots. She came up behind Kreig after they'd thinned the horde by at least half of it's original size. "Where did they all come from?" She said as she reloaded again. I've never seen so many in one place! She thought to herself.
  20. Krieg growled as he let several more shots fly. "I've seen this a lot, recently, travelling in hordes. They act like a hive-mind, seeming to telepathically coordinate with each other to take down prey. I kill them either way." He roared and popped off some more shots, then threw his empty rifle onto the round and pulled a .38 magnum from behind him and shot into the crowd, aiming for the head, still moving towards the group. After he ran out of ammo in that, he put it back in the holster and pulled out a colt 1911. By the time he had run out of ammo for that the horde was about a quarter of it's original size, and he was right next to the remaining group. He pulled out a machete and began hacking away at them, looking around to check and see if Areiz and Hawk were ok.