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  1. This is a thread where you can post words that you don't like using. This does not include curse words. This is a thread for common everyday words that you try to avoid saying if necessary.

    I really dislike the word Hostage. It just sounds so strange to me. I'm fine typing it, but I don't like saying it for some reason.
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  2. Boyfriend / Girlfriend. Since I play in mostly medieval fantasy games , writing it seems incredibly weird and anachronistic.

    Also, any of the awful eye synonyms; orbs, globes, spheres, what have you.
  3. One word... Moist. Nuff Said.
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  4. "gif."
    There's always some snide remark about how I pronounce it or it turns into an argument.
    The funny part is I started out pronouncing it with a hard G and got called out so many times for it being wrong that I pronounce it Jif. Of course now, the tides have changed and Jif is wrong now. Well fuck it, I'm using Jif now and I'm not changing.
    Also: Both are correct. Why the Pronunciation of GIF Really Can Go Either Way
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  5. pussy

    does this not count as an every day word
    I'm counting it because it gets said a stupid amount of times in my house hold
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  6. Baby, Baby girl, boo... Other words that relate to that kind of talk. Lol I'm so rigid if I'm dating someone I'm like yeah... Can you please use my name instead?
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  7. my mom calls me baby girl, so yes, this would definitely be off limits in a relationship for me
  8. Profanity in general I hate, I see it as a person's crutch while communicating (meaning he/she is handicapped in expression and has to resort to using it)
  9. Note: I don't get mad at anyone for using any of these terms, these are just terms that I personally don't care to use.

    Social Justice
    I still end up using it time to time just cause it's an easy (with some people, only) way to explain a certain type of mentality and/or group. But at the same time, I feel the term has been so overused to simply attack anyone with conflicting opinions that it's lost it's meaning.

    It just feels... inaccurate. Like, technically speaking all it means is someone who enjoys a lot of sex and there's nothing wrong with that. But the words have a negative connotation attached to them that it stops becoming a descriptor and simply becomes an insult.

    And then there's the whole in bed/sexting/flirting "Call me a whore" usage for it. Because of the same reason listed above I don't like using it in that context either, even if the woman is actively telling me to say it. The word just has such a negative connotation to it that to use it with someone I love just feels, wrong.

    * Because I'm actually fine with the word, it's the newer definition that I dislike. I'm completely fine with using the word Retarded to describe certain types of behaviours, like was it's original usage. What bothers me is how teens looking for a new insult basically took a scientific term and outright butchered for their own use. That being said, if there's someone going around trying to blacklist the word Retarded period because "It's offensive" I'll use it in the insulting definition just to poke at their fragile skin.
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  10. I swear infrequently, as I'm sure you've noticed. I can go without swearing, I just enjoy doing it. Vulgarity is the hot sauce of language when simple dignified vocabulary simply does not suffice to get the point across.

    Case in point, you bash a hand into something sharp when you're working with tools and they slip, one does not simply proclaim, "oww pink bunny slippers", for instance.

    Swearing increases pain tolerance

    Like it says on the tin, they've also done studies that show that swearing increases pain tolerance.

    It's not a crutch; it's a superpower.
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  11. This one thousand times.

    I care not for being compared to something that's primary method of communication is screaming, cannot take care of itself, and involuntarily poops itself.

    It's just not flattering.
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  12. I find the term 'baby' as a nickname so estranging, because it does even remotely portray your relationship with that person. Like don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of using vague and unspecific nicknames like, well frankly, love. But at the very least that's calling a basketball a ball instead of calling said basketball a tennis ball. It's kind of weird and feels so impersonal, which is why I dislike using it, I suppose.

    Another word is Beta. First off because fucking nobody knows how to pronounce it, so I always have to spell it out, but also because if a discussion will dwindle down to the internet definition of beta male one more time when I mention "Nah, it's still in beta." I will violently murder whatever fuck tries to eulogise their selves over the latest shit they saw on 9gag.

    Okay so that was only once or twice but fuck that end-of-the-centipede trash which made me despise the word.
  13. I don't like using cuss words myself, though I'm guilty of using them when I'm at my maximum height of being pissed off. I'm totally cool with others using them, my characters using them, etc. I'm just too iffy to use them myself.

    Besides that, like @Gwazi Magnum mentioned, I don't like the word retarded. I don't like the word terrorist either.

    More than words, though, it's probably certain phrases I hate more. But that's another topic. :D
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  14. Problematic
    I want to be able to use this word, but it's just so strongly associated with SJW's that I feel like I can't even use it in its original context anymore. It just feels... weird, and it kind of makes me feel like any sentence I use that word in will be read differently because of its connotations. >.> Which is a shame, because, otherwise, it's a perfectly serviceable word... I'll still resort to it if I don't feel like thinking of a better word, but, it still feels weird.

    Similar to what Gwazi said -- I just don't like using this word as a synonym for "stupid" or "stupid person". The only context I use it in is when referring to someone who is actually mentally handicapped in that way. I won't police other people about using the word, but, personally, I don't think it's right, so I don't use it that way.

    I just don't think this is an ok thing to say. I also don't like using "gay" as an insult. Again, I don't police others about it, but, I personally don't think it's right -- so I don't say it.
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  15. Cancer - And I mean the definition that urban dictionary made popular wherein you say it when you dislike something. Like...what? I'm sorry that you don't like that particular post on facebook, but that doesn't actually give you a terminal illness. It lightens what cancer really is and it bugs me to no end. Unless the speaker/poster actually has cancer, then we bask in the morbid irony known as life, and laugh while we still can. :D

    Gril (instead of girl) - The joke was funny for 1 second. Its done now. Learn to spell or use AutoCorrect.

    Grammar/Keyboard/Etc Nazi - I used this once in high school and it made my insides churn. It devalues a truly horrifying event in history. It turns me straight off of whatever the speaker/poster is saying.

    Slut - I just don't like how it sounds. It has a sort of wet sound to it. Sssssslut. -cringes-
  16. Is that actually a thing, meaning a real joke? I have this one student who constantly misspells 'girl' as 'gril', but I just figured she was being careless. I was also worried she may have slight dyslexia.
  17. "Very"

    It's a crutch word when I want to be lazy instead of flexing my brain and finding something more linguistically savvy. The word has little meaning beyond "more" and it seems overtly childish to me to use it.

    Like, what the fuck does "very pretty" even really mean? That something is somehow prettier pretty? Does that mean I should stack them for maximum effect? Like "very very" or "very very very" or "very very very very very very very..." You get the point.

    This is why English has numerous words with similar intentions. Instead of "very pretty" say "beautiful." Instead of "very big" say "gargantuan." Instead of "very fast" say "expedient." The word "very" is meant for children who don't have a good grasp of the language, it's not meant for properly educated adults.

    (In spite of saying this though, I sometimes find myself being very lazy and using it anyway. :ferret:)


    I loathe using this word because it's been used by so many to justify why free speech should be curtailed one way or another. I can be offended, and that's perfectly fine--that's my problem, not anyone else's problem. Forcing others to address my emotions regardless of whether or not they even care about them is totalitarian--it's to put myself above any and all others. I would still like to use this word when I find a thing that I dislike and that upsets me, but I cannot really in good conscience use it... Because the Internet in general has so badly butchered using this word that it's basically synonymous with being a petulant child that throws temper tantrums.


    Another one of those words the Internet has permanently ruined. Privilege is now automatically seen as a bad thing now, that automatically disqualifies a person from having a voice or say in what is going on around them in some communities. In others, it's now a running joke that a person has "fork privilege" or "food privilege" or other privileges like that. The word has been so badly mutated that it's almost irrevocably related to race or sex, in spite of the fact that the word... Has no relation to those concepts, at all. This is a modern phenomenon.

    It... Has no use. Everything is a privilege now--even things that people have no choice in. Like do you have white skin? You have privilege! It doesn't matter whether you live in a trailer park, barely getting by and drowning up to your eyeballs in debt, or if you're a super-rich fortune 500 80 year old. You have the same amount of privilege. Somehow.

    "Privilege" is just the new, politically correct way of saying "you deserve more/less rights because of your race/sex/sexuality/gender/space nebula status/et cetera, irrelevant of your life's circumstances."

    Sadly, because of that, I have to remove that word from my general every day lexicon. If I ever have kids, I won't be able to tell them that getting candy is a privilege--because that word doesn't hold its original meaning anymore. :ferret:
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  18. Yeah, I think its part of the shorthand for chatspeak(or at least that's the connotation), but it makes less sense since its the same amount of letters. I kept noticing it in subtitled videos - as in an editor purposefully put it there, rather than the YouTube-generated closed captions. Though they make about the same amount of sense. xD

    I guess it comes down to if she shows any other signs of dyslexia since its not uncommon. My mom has it strongest with numbers. She sometimes has to read them aloud backwards quickly in order to read them forwards. Also she has troubles differentiating between 1 and 7.
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  19. Thanks!

    The above quote reminded me. I really dislike some abbreviations. Like... beeteedubz. Like, why? I understand if it's a rare cutesy thing but more than that and it just seems weird and rather silly. If it was something punny, I might be kinder.
  20. hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

    Whoever coined the name for a fear of really long words, I wanna meet them and then immediately punch them into paralysis.


    Like, I'm sure whoever came up with this name is a raging fuckin cunt. They deserve to be locked into a chamber and have sewage pumped in until they drown.
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