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  1. The sun sets on the noble land in witch Vipera was raised. The night wind whispers the tale of the many who have fallen to protect the innocent. Vipera is anything but innocent: growing up with no parents and death everywhere lead him to the demonic ways he practices now. The spells and curses he once took hours to cast now take him sheer seconds. He briskly walks through an ally way, a kind of way to make sure no one was tailing him.
  2. Lunhanna sits at the top of a chapel waiting. Her informat had told her her target would come by soon and she was to take him out on sight before anyone noticed. Glancing at her watch she realises her informat was very wong. no one took a walk this late at night let alone in this area of town where there were only whores and druggies all over the place. Even the cops didn't bother commin to this side of town
  3. No tail this was good,different but good Vipera could do as he wished. A stumbled drunk man begs for money but the scaring on the left side of his face looked a lot like that of when a warlock summoned particularly bad demons shuts the man up and forces his studdering "i-I'm sorry sir" the drunk slurring made it hard to tell listen. Vipera continues to walk until he gets to the orphanage he has been straying at since last year when he was kicked out if the last one for being bad and stealing form the other kids.
  4. Lunhanna blinks and looks down at the orphanage across the street to see a boy walking past she shakes her head and contuines to look for her target who she spots comming right to the boy
    "wonderful witnisses" she muttred darkly as she stood her scythe in hand and cloack hiding her from view "more work for me....yay....not"
  5. "deus damnat, ebriis" vipera mutters seeing that the man is gone now. Vipera walks in and into his room. He empties his pockets witch are full of golden coins that have been stolen from the many shops around the town. He pulls his knife out and lays it on the table next to his silver necklace. The orphanage is silent with every one sleeping already.
  6. Lunahanna charges at the target knocking him flat on his back and before he could even speak she had taken his head and it rolled down the street
    "Great the place had to be on a hill" she muttred as she got up and wiped the blood from scythe before looking at the blood gushing body and sighed. she had to rid the body before she went after the head
  7. i grab my chalk and get set for my night. i run off with my knife and necklace to a dead tree. i start drawing on the grass with the white chalk. i start setting things up for the spell.
  8. Lunhanna wen after the rolling head and picked it up. the face still constriced with pain and shock
    "same old same old" she said humming as she went back to the body
  9. Vipera holds his hand steadily over the metal bowl already blood stained and red. The boy makes a cut. Its deep and go all the way around the wrist to the start of the cut. blood gushes from the wound and the chalk glows vibrantly around the leather suited summoner.a deep and demonic voice growls from the deaths of hell "what do you want puny- Ah master i see my mistake." The purple skinned demon is coated in a orange armor with a large axe that has splatter of blood from previously fallen foes.
  10. She blinked at the sent of blood and demonic activity. Growling she finshed up her task and sulked over to were the demonic activity was
    'what good for nothing idiot is up to now? Humans I'll never fully get them'
  11. Vipera looked at the demon "master, did you ask for someone to visit this summoning?" the demon hiss with each raspy breath. i look around with m bloody knife in hand "no i didnt. i could be killed for what i have done.
  12. Lunhanna arrived and stayed to the shaddows hiding her pressense in a cloack of darkness as she watched the exchange.
    "wonder why a human would serve demons? oh right....their idiots and have no sense of self preservation" she thought darkly as she watched them i nteract so she'd know what she had to include in her report and why she'd have to send a team to sweep the place
  13. i mutter something relating to "cha cha ting" and he walks off into the night. i collect my things and look at the blood still gushing from my wrist, of coarse i will have to deal with that in my room. i pull on my hood and my supplys in a tree and walk to a park bench to sit down ad try to control the blood flow.
  14. Lunhanna watched the demon leave and called in for a tracer
    'i know and it is done your sister will see to it later' her informat said telepathly to her as she sent her resoncse and headed after the boy to watch him closely
  15. i growl at my stupidity seeing as i have no bandages and i cant go home looking like this. if someone sees me then im done. i start weakly trying to stop the gush with my shirt but it bleaches through in about three seconds. i feel the blood receding from my body and my skin paling.
  16. "ok he's not fully human" she said correcting her previous thoughts as she watched him recoil the blood back in to his body. noting his process is similiar to the Witch of blood when she asorbes blood but not exactly
  17. vipeera yawns and looks around for someplace to find cloth. no where. this might just be my last night he thinks and stand knowing he only has enough blood and energy for 20 more minutes.
  18. She watched him thinking. Knowing with his blood flow pouring out like a water fall he'd be lucky to make 10 if not 20 min. She sighed and made scraps of fabric appear under the bench carefuly. Cloth that would help him clot and heal quickly.
  19. vipera sees the cloth and walks over slowly and picks it up inspectign the magic cloth. "what the hell.."
  20. Lunhanna chuckles from her hiding place and watches his reactions. Finding his reaction normal and accecptable.
    'better then the girl who had a panic attack outta nowhere and caussed a huge fuss' she thought in amusment at that moment that occured the other day as she was out on potrol
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