City of Sarova

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  1. This is the city of Savora. It's been a year since the incident, and most of the people in the city have been killed or have been infected by the undead. Survivors from all over have banded up, and made groups. The apocalypse is here, and it is your job to survive, so that one day, maybe you can rebuild the world.

    This RP is anything goes, besides any forum rules. My personal rules are as follows:
    1. If you want to kill another persons character, you must PM them, and they must PM me that they're ok with it.
    2. You can have multiple characters, but please refrain from using more than one at a time. This will ensure that not one person is hogging up the thread with potentially talking amongst his/her own characters.
    3. Anyone can create new areas/cities, but please keep it limited to one new place every so often, and keep up with where you're at if possible.
    4. Please keep sex and romance contained to NPC's, UNLESS you and another RPer have agreed to it.
    5. You do not have any special powers. You can, however, have a slight enhancement to a certain area(ex: speed, agilty, marksmanship, etc.)
    6. Lastly, please talk in third person.
  2. Loriana looked around as she scavenged for food, hoping not to make too much noise. She wasn't much for being the one to have to search for food and supplies, but someone had to do it, and this week was all hers. She kept an eye on anything that moved too close for comfort. What if this place has already been cleared? She thought to herself. With no luck finding anything, Loriana decided to move on to the next place.
  3. Riley mostly stayed away from downtown since the accident. Most of the Zombies were there considering the dense downtown population. Riley was a huge skeptic about the whole 'Zombie Apocalypse' bologna until it actually happened to her. She entered a small shop, crossbow held tight. She was hoping to luck out and get a couple bottles of water and maybe some chips or jerky of anything at this point. She heard the disgusting groaning of an undead creature and next thing she knew she was face to face with a puss spewing half decayed corpse. She raised her crossbow, sending a bolt straight through his right eye. "Ick. These things are so nasty." she mumbled sticking her tongue out. Walking around she'd hit a gold mine. 3 bottles of water, two bags of Lays, one jerky stick, and some pretzels. This was the best she's done yet!
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  4. Loriana walked through the backstreets, hoping to not have to deal with infected, but of course, that wasn't possible. Her Suppressed M4 was on a few rounds left, with two extra clips remaining for this run. She noticed a building with a door open, which she didn't notice open before now. Standing at the door she mildly said, "Come out with any weapons you have put away. I am not interested in hurting you, I just want to know I can trust you not to trail me when I decide to clear out!"

    Side note: OMG Arigato!! I can finally get this started!
  5. Logan was sitting on the roof of a nearby building. He had a silenced m40a5. He looked down the scope and saw a female with an m4. He saw a zombie slowly creeping behind her. He pushed the bolt forward chambering a round. He took aim at the zombies head and let a round rip. The bullet tore througj the zombies skull and it dropped to the ground.
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  6. Hearing A suppressed weapon go off, Loriana immediately turned and shot a few random shots in the general direction she heard it from, and took cover, before noticing the undead on the ground, with a hole in its head.
  7. Riley scoffed from inside the building, emerging with her cross bow loaded and aimed, just as the zombies brain exploded. "Sorry sweets, but I'm not here to tail you home. Maybe some other time." Riley shot her a smile before skirting past her around the building. It was easier to travel by roof or back alley. You would run into less zombies that way.
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  8. Loriana replied, "If you ever want to band together, my next stop is Acrue Street. I heard it's virtually untouched by scavengers!" She looked up at the sniper, while standing up, nodding at him, thanking him for the protection, and started moving out.
  9. Logan rolled to dodge the bullets but one still grazed his right leg. He misjudged his distance and rolled of the roof landing with a heavy thud of him landing on a car roof. He slowly got up and slung his rifle across back. He pulled a suppressed m1911 and began hobbling away knowing the sound was likely to attract more undead
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  10. Loriana continued to Acrue Street, noticing that it was virtually untouched by anything. She knew all the trick and secrets of bandits, survivors, and undead alike. There was nothing. Acrue was a wasteland before the outbreak.

    As a cool wind blew, she felt the suns warmth on her skin. She was glad to have a moment of relaxation in this time of nervousness and panic.
  11. Logan let a few rounds off dropping a few undead. He made his way to acrue street. He was moving slightly better but he was being chased by a horde. He turned around and emptied the rest of the handguns mag. He holstered the pistol and continued moving. He saw the girl with the m4 and yelled "run theyre coming." He ran past her
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  12. Wasting no time she started running with the sniper stranger, and grabbed her radio. "This is Valkyrie-1, requesting assistance on Acrue Street! I'm running with a sniper who saved my life earlier, and we're being chased by a horde. There also might be another survivor in the area. She has a crossbow. If you see her, in danger or no, help her out." Loriana said, before grabbing the sniper by the collar and pulling him towards a building.

    They got in and closed and barricaded the doors, giving themselves at least a moment of rest. She surveyed the room, noticing no signs of immediate threat, though the undead were beating on the door.
  13. Logan had a chance to catch his breath. He unholstered to 1911 and ejected the mag. He put the empty mag in the waste pouch and pulled out a new mag and loaded it into the gun. He felt back in his ammo pouch and shook his head "im running low on handgun rounds and the m40 is no good in close quarters."
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  14. Loriana slung her M4 around her back, and pulled out her golden Desert Eagle, while opening her loot bag, looking for extra mags for the sniper. "So what's your name stranger?" She asked. After setting a few extra mags by him, she started looking for supplies to scavenge. She noticed him looking at her.

    "What? Yes I know there's a ton of flesh eating hungry bastards out there. Better now than never. As soon as my team gets here, I'm pulling out and calling it a day." She said, annoyed.
  15. "Im logan. Im guessing your with a group." He pushed the extra mags back towards her. "Im fully loaded on sniper ammo, but its no good for situations." He sat down and assessed the wound on his leg.
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  16. "Right.. Keep them, we've plenty of ammunition back at base. Please take any ammunition you need from the bag. We all take enough to last us a while if pushed into a long lasting firefight." Loriana said, searching around. She found a fully loaded MP5 with three mags, and tossed them all to him. "Will that do for this situation? I'm Loriana by the way." She said.
  17. Zeph walked down the street from his old neighborhood. My family...gone... he thought. Right behind him, a zombie noticed him. He grabbed his Five-Seven and shot it in the face. Right down the neighborhood, he saw a nice base, and went down there to raid it. In no time he ran down there and found the jackpot. ''This has to be a military base.'' he thought. He got 2 loaves of bread, 3 Gushers, and a G36C, and a reasonable amount of ammo for all types of guns.
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  18. While walking down the street from the base, he sees what seemed to be a woman with an M14. He starts running to her and realized there were 5 zombies coming after him. He grabs his G36C and headshots 2 of them. Still running, he finally killed the other 3, and shouted, ''HEY! OVER HERE! I'M HUMAN, NAME'S ZEPH!''
  19. [**New places discovered**]
    Unnamed Military Base: plenty of good weaponry and clothing
    "The Armory" Weapons Manufacturing Building: lots of ammunition, no over-powered weapons, loads of malfunctioning weapons; good luck finding something good. TAKES AT LEAST TWO TIMES OF SEARCHING THIS PLACE, AND UP TO FOUR OR FIVE TIMES TO FIND RARE EQUIPMENT
    Mall-Mart: loads of food, just save some for everyone else
    Please leave the new places to me, and PM me if you want to suggest stuff.
  20. [**New Factions discorvered**]

    The Ruff Riders: a highly powerful group of bikers, armed to the teeth. They are usually friendly unless provoked.

    Death Angels: A group of religious members, hellbent on "cleansing" and "salvation". Best stay away from these guys.

    Savora Doctors Group: As the name suggests, a group of survivors with doctoring skills. Please don't go intentionally killing these guys!
    Please leave the new Factions to me, and PM me if you want to suggest stuff. Let me know if you want your very own Faction, and provide a name and basic description of them. If i accept them, you'll know when we next discover Factions.
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