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    Child’s Play RP


    The basic premise of this roleplay revolves around a tournament of games between 4 gods, which takes place in a dimension separate from reality, known simply as Nevereverland. Humans are used as “pieces” in games (such as Chess). At the end of each game, the losing team must vote off an LVP (Least Valuable Piece) who will lose his/her life upon being voted upon by his/her fellow teammates. This repeats until only one god has pieces left. Each human on the final winning team gets one wish for whatever they want. The god that wins inherits the entire “Game World” as their “Kingdom”. Between games, the 16 humans that participate will spend their time in the town, which seems just like any other town in the real world, including stores, a school, a hospital, and various other locations. More than the tournament itself, the roleplay has a higher emphasis on each individual character’s development, as well as the relationships that they develop with other players.


    It’s a normal day, just as any other. Depending on where one lives, the last wave of kids may just be returning home for the week, or everyone may still be sleeping. For a select group of people, a small girl is about to make them an offer. Using a card, they’ll be able to enter a world where all their wishes will come true. Some are naturally skeptical, but others can’t wait to jump on it. The ages of the participants vary widely, but no one knows what this card is really about until they actually use it. Upon doing so, they are teleported to a small, seemingly empty town. After some exploration, overhead voices can be heard. They are those of the competing gods: Deus (god of time), Aeros (god of space), Eion (god of mind) and Tokas (god of body). Those that have decided to participate are then divided into four groups of four, each group being assigned to a different god. With little offer for explanation, the humans are pitted against each other in various games, where death in-game results in being warped back to the town, but showing yourself as being the most useless player can result in permanent death. This is the story of the journey of those humans who participated; the bonds they formed, the development they underwent, the losses they’d endured and the prizes they’d claimed.

    Rules (open)
    1. Please be sure to follow all Iwaku rules.
    Respect your fellow roleplayer. As always, IC drama is good, OOC drama is bad.
    Be realistic. Combat will be involved in this roleplay, as well as abilities where appropriate, but remember to be reasonable during fights. As the GM, I’ll oversee these and judge them.
    This roleplay will be done in a post to post manner, meaning there will be order during games, but it will be much more loose during town interactions.
    Each post should be at least one paragraph in length.
    Please be active. If you’re in the middle of a game, your fellow roleplayers will be counting on your character to do their part in the game. If you’re very inactive, it will be unfair to certain teams.
    If you think you’re going to be inactive for an extended period of time, please let me know. If I know that you’ll be away, we’ll both be able to work something out. If you simply disappear, I won’t know what to think.
    No godmodding or character controlling (unless previously discussed with the roleplayer whose character it is that you’re controlling). RP discussion is encouraged, so if you have a good idea for plot development, feel free to communicate with your fellow roleplayers and come up with something. Just be sure to avoid drama if they disagree, Simply thank them for their time and move on.
    Do not attempt to rig things in a manner that advantage your own character(s). If I see any of this, you’ll be running a high risk of getting kicked from the roleplay.
    Additonal rules may be added in the future, and any current rules are subject to change.

    Character Applications

    There are various types of characters that can be applied for, but it is advised that you take at least one participant, as we’ll need a total of 20 characters (16 participants and 4 gods) in order for the roleplay to commence. If you so wish, you may choose to have a character that remains in the real world, but you’ll need to have at least one other character that is a participant. Note: If you sign up for a god character, please note that you’ll be communicating with your team and with me when deciding upon an LVP. You may have a maximum of three participants, each one residing on a different team, as well as being one God. If you’re a god character, you cannot have any participants of your own on your god character’s team. You may have as many real world characters as you wish.

    Participant CS (open)
    Full Name:
    Age: (Any is fine)
    Appearance: (At least one to paragraphs. Pictures are allowed, but it is preferred that everyone stick to anime-style pictures and include a short description regarding minor details of the character’s appareance)
    Personality: (One to two paragraphs should suffice, but feel free to write more if you so wish)
    Biography: (Tell us why your character is who they are today. How did they grow up? What did they experience? Please be specific…two to four paragraphs)
    Skills: (What is your character good at?)
    Weaknesses: (Try to balance out your skills)

    God CS (open)
    Name: (Deus, Aeros, Eion, Tokas)
    Ability: (This is the power that your god gives their team members. Please be reasonable when coming up with this, and try to make some sort of connection to what your god character is the god of. Be sure to describe exactly what the ability does. If a character does something that this ability doesn’t seem to cover, it will come into question and the action might be negated.)
    Personality: (Only the name is given, You’re responsible for telling us what type of personality your chosen god has. Is he/she an asshole, or are they against this whole game idea? It’s up to you…at least one paragraph)
    Background: (Give your god some background. How did they come about being involved in this game? Be creative…at least one paragraph)

    Real World CS (open)
    Appearance: (Optional, a picture will suffice)
    Personality: (At least one paragraph)
    Relationship with Participant: (This can be with one of your own or with another roleplayer’s. Just discuss it with them beforehand)

    After submitting a character sheet(s) and receiving approval, you may click the link provided below and join the group in which the roleplay will take place. Be sure to read all recent posts so that you’re up to date, and wait before posting so that I can give out all the necessary information. In order for this roleplay to start, we will need, at minimum, 16 participants and 4 gods. Real world characters are optional and not needed, but that option is available to you should you choose to take it.
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  2. Full Name:
    Siera Loveless
    Siera may seem like a sweet goody two shoes kind of girl when you first lay eyes on her but that's not who she really is. On the inside she is sassy and quiet. She is very independent but knows when she needs help. She isn't afraid to ask for something and rarely ever backs down from a challenge. But through all that, she is still a great friend to have.
    As child Siera's parents were away a lot, only coming home on holidays. She was left at home with her maids and butlers all the time. One night, a burgler broke into the house and told everyone that every two minutes we couldn't find all the money, someone died. They all frantically searched for the money but to no avail. Siera watched as the man killed everyone in front of her which is why nowadays she is distant from everyone. The police came before she was killed and locked him up. Not long after her parents died in a plane crash on the way home and she was sent to live with her grandparents.
    Cooking, Telling when someone is lying, Handling swords, Hiding
    Afraid of guns, If she sees to much blood she'll faint, Isn't all that strong, Relies on speed and wits
    Nighttime, Wolves, Swords, Pop music, The wilderness
    Guns, Blood, Christian music, Really hot days, Complete darkness
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  3. This is for a participant role, correct?
  4. This sounds like a blast! I'd love to join in on this! I'd be happy to play both a god and a participant! =D Or maybe, participants, if that's cool! XD

    At first, before I clicked the thread I thought this was going to be a "Child's Play" (as in Chucky) rp XD I was like, "I have got to see what this is about. Is it really a Chucky roleplay?" Lol. XD
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  5. This looks like it might turn out cool! I think I'd like to play multiple participants, if possible.
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  6. You can create up to three participants and play as one god. Feel free to fill out some character sheets if you're interested!

    So glad to see some interest! All of you've made my night! :D
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  7. Sounds like a plan! Is there a god you've been playing to rp yourself? :3 Or are any of them up for grabs?
  8. OOC: @Tōsuto Megami, you she is a participate. Is it ok if I make a male character? I was a little lazy when I was making her cs but now I really want to make another cs!
  9. Looks interesting, I might put up a Sheet :)
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  10. I plan on playing Deus, as well as two participants, but any others are all open. :3

    Feel free to make up to 3 participants, @~Death~. ^-^
  11. More interest. ;-; Thank you all so kindly!
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  12. Alright, I'll do that then! Not entirely sure I'll have the time to make three CS, but I should at least make two.
    I have a few other character sheets I'm working on first though, so it might be a bit.
  13. Take your time. :3 Also, you don't need to make 3 if you don't want to. Only make as many as you want. X3
  14. Here is CS numba' 1!

    Full Name: Hail Indrid
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Hail has short auburn hair that is styled with a few pieces that cover the left of his forehead. His facial hair is kept trimmed and only trails around his chin and the sides of his jaw. He hits around six feet tall and is well built. His eyes are a deep blue. (will draw pic soon!)

    Personality: Hail comes off as very aggressive and vaguely spoken; he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself. He’s good at making tough choices and surprisingly enough is a natural leader in spite of his stoic personality. However, he can be a hard-a$$ and not bend on his opinions.

    Biography: Growing up in the Outback of Australia with only one parent wasn’t always easy, but challenging enough to keep him occupied. His mother taught him his basic survival skills, from cooking to hunting. When Hail was eight years old he and his mother moved to Sydney where his father worked.
    Because he hadn’t grown up around other children, Hail failed to make friends and managed to become the awkward kid, against his attempts to fit in. He was tough having grown up in the wild Outback, but that didn’t prevent bullies from taking shots at him.
    By the time he was in highschool, he wound up getting into dangerous circles and illegal activity. He was good at keeping these truths from his parents for a good few months, however, they did find out. Against his and his mother’s wishes, his father kicked him out. The old man’s reasonings were because “he won’t listen anyway and might as well find out the hard way”.
    He had saved up enough money to live on his own, but only for a month. In order to make cash, he continued in his illegal actions. (will add more later!)

    Skills: Cooking, hunting, boxing, guns, leadership
    Weaknesses: Bladed weapons, money, bullet wound in left knee from years ago, shattered right upper ribs, alcohol

    Likes: Bourbon, guns, money, trying new recipes, loyalty
    Dislikes: Liars, smart-a$$es, slaughter houses (he learned how to hunt and kill humanely. That sounds conflicting, lol XD), sweet food, pineapple
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  15. Hail is approved. Just be sure to add to his stuff later. :3
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  16. @~Death~, Siera is also approved.

    Everyone make sure to join the group after all of your character sheets have been approved.~
  17. Yay! Thanks!

    Oh! And what kind of personality are you giving Deus? I've been debating between Eion, who I would create to be trickster kind of persona, or Tokas, who would be a very rigid and cruel character. :3
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  18. I have yet to decide on that. My participants are twins, so I'm typing up their character sheets first. They'll naturally have to be in different groups, but we'll see how things go once the roleplay starts. X3
  19. Sounds good! :3 And I'm apping twins in another rp ATM. XD

    Here's my idea on Tokas!

    Name: Tokas (he might punch you if you call him Toki XD)


    Physical reinforcement – Tokas bestows a kind of superhuman strength to his pawns.

    Regeneration – A notable ability of Tokas; this allows his pawns to replace limbs—if they have the chance to do so.

    Necromancy – Once a body has fallen, his pawns can use this skill to riase the body.

    Personality: Tokas truly sees his pawns as simple-minded dolls made for his amusement. He is very cruel and expresses that through Necromancy which is his way of showing that humans are meaningless and do not deserve respect towards their very being. He gets off on seeing the reaction of fear when his pawns choose to raise the dead.
    Tokas loves a good challenge, but is often very bored unless playing the game. He speaks highly of himself while putting others down. His sense of humor is very twisted and he rarely smiles, even when amused.

    Background: Boredom drove him to the lure of the game. Toying with mankind has often been a desire of his and the chess match is just the perfect thing to ease his restlessness. Tokas himself is a very powerful being, so watching his traits infuse humans and go head-to-head with other “god-blessed” mortals sparked his interest. (will add more later! :3)

    Likes: Violence, challenges, structure, wit
    Dislikes: Mortals, imbeciles, boredom, drunks
  20. Full Name:
    Jay Lacross
    Jay is a pretty cool and courageous guy. He works very hard and isn't afraid to help others. He is rude sometimes and will snap if you annoy him to much. He is usually calm and easy going but if needed he will become aggressive and fast. Jay is pretty smart, getting the highest grades in high school.
    As a child Jay was very rude and aggressive. He would always get into fights. His mom had died in a car wreck and his dad became an alcoholic. Jay was always left to his own devices and after a while learned how to fight. In middle school he was expelled in the first day of school for beating a kid until he was nearly dead. Jay spent the rest of middle school at home studying or doing random things. As time passed he became more calm and only got angered if you really annoyed him. When high school started up everyone was afraid of him since he had been known in Middle School as a barbarian. But as the years progressed everyone began seeing who he was now and eventually he was named the Protective Prince in high school.
    Fighting, Handling weapons, Handling tough situations, Being a leader
    Could never harm an animal, He doesn't wear heavy things like armor, He doesn't back down from challenges, He refuses to harm a girl unless she really p!sses him off
    Weapons, Brave girls, Animals, People he can trust
    People that annoy him, Being lied to, Sea food, Being bribed
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