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  1. IC Thread ~ BY INVITATION ONLY - Childhood Demons IC

    Everything was black. The last thing you remember was dying. Is this what it was like to be dead..? You hear chanting, or is that singing..? Cracking open an eye you see a woman with long, silver hair leaning over you. She is smiling. You ask her how you are alive. "It was not yet your time, young one... " She responds, her smile growing. "Do not fret, you are my child now.." She tells you. You sit up and see a young girl standing behind the woman. Was she like you to..? "I see you have noticed Tacey. She is my child as well.. She will explain what has happened to you, right darling..?" She glances behind her to the young girl.

    "Yes mother.." She says stepping closer to you. She is smiling as well. "Greetings. I wish to welcome you to your new life." You notice that her voice sounds melodic. It almost has this calming effect that makes you feel less apprehensive about the situation. "You are a child now." She says softly. You open your mouth to say something, but she continues speaking. "Being someone who has died before your time has allowed my mother to resurrect you as a child. A child is someone who has come back from the grave to get their revenge on the one that had killed them. You may notice minor differences in your appearance and that you may have gained some new abilities. I simply can not wait to see what your abilities are.." You are about to ask her what kind of abilities when she smiles at you again before humming a soft tune. It's so beautiful... you just want to close your eyes and relax... You feel everything going black again before you feel a soft hand on your shoulder. "Like that." Tacey says. "That is my ability used in a lesser manner.. Did you feel it..?" She asks you, her head tilted slightly. You nod at her and her smile grows.

    She then steps back as the woman steps forward again. "Welcome to your new life, young one." She says warmly. "I am Almira. May I ask you your name and how you perished...?"


    "How terrible..." She says, shaking her head. "Don't worry, you will get your revenge one day, little one.." She tells you before backing away and motioning to the girl. "Tacey will take you to camp and help you get situated... If you have any questions, ask her.." The woman slowly faded into the shadows. You blink in disbelief before climbing to your feet. Tacey motions for you to follow her. As you follow the girl through the forest, you can't help but think to yourself about how you'd now solved the mystery of what killed people in the woods. You chuckle at the thought.

    Tacey leads you into a small clearing. Along the edges of the clearing are little hut-like structures. You notice more children and teenagers milling about. "Welcome." She says, turning to smile at you before pointing to a little hut. "You will stay there. Please make yourself at home." She tells you before wandering over to speak with another child. You guessed it was time to start your new life...


    Character Sheet

    Special Abilities-

    Name- Almira
    Age- Unknown (Looks in her early twenties)
    Personality- Secretive and Sneaky.
    Bio- Unknown.
    Special Abilities- Unknown
    Other- Sorceress. Creator of the "children" Acts as a mother, of sorts, to Tacey

    Name- Madeline Tacey Aria (Tacey)
    Age- 17
    Personality- She used to be very quiet, until she began to look up to Almira. She leads the children, guiding them along the path the her "mother" wants them to take. She is a fierce leader and protects the other children with everything she is able to give. When it comes to her enemies, she is sadistic and gets a thrill from the sight and smell of blood. If you didn't know her before she became a "child" you'd have absolutely no idea that she was a cold blooded killer, hell bent for the blood of her family.
    Bio- She was raised in one of the wealthier families of the village, living a so called perfect life. Well, that is until she turned fourteen. Three days after her fourteenth birthday, she was abducted for a ransom. Her family, being role models of the village decided not to pay and to call their bluff. The only problem with that plan was the fact that they weren't lying. One month after she went missing, she was found slaughtered in the Dark forest. Her family, deciding to leave her rest where she had been killed, had unknowingly left her body open to be claimed by the sorceress, Almira, who reanimated her body, causing her to be the first "child". Many more followed after her, and she became their leader......
    Special Abilities- Her hypnotic voice. She can control people with just the simplest of words.
    Other- The first "child" and the "children" 's leader.

    Name- Jett Koritsubasa
    Age- 18
    Personality- Jett is usually very laid back. He is one extremely hard person to piss off. Generally he doesn't much hang around with the group. He will, however, occasionally open his mouth to correct a mistake another 'child' had made. He is the main voice of reason when an argument breaks out, and he is usually the one who ends up putting an end to it.
    Bio- Jett came from a prestigious clan of assassins of their village, but he was born with a rare heart disease that prevented him from over exerting himself in training. His clan quickly grew tired of catering to his every need and when he was 15 they threw him out into the wilderness to fend for himself, knowing that he lacked the physical ability to do so. He managed to survive on his own for about a month before the strain became to much for him and his heart gave out. When he awoke into his new life as a 'child' Tacey's face was the first to greet him, seeing as she had performed the resurrection chant herself since Almira was not present.
    Special Abilities- Controls Ice, can animate the ice into small beings (his favorites are butterflies)
    Other- Was the second 'child' created.

    Name- Lanny Kashioni
    Age- 17
    Personality- He thinks he's indestructible. He likes running into everything before thinking and usually gets himself hurt, but he does it with a smile on his face, none the less. Lanny is a loud mouth, and that's the nice way of putting it. He think's just because he's close to Tacey that he has a God-given right to run at the mouth, which he doesn't. He can be very over-protective of Tacey, considering that he see's her as his property.
    Bio- Lanny was among the middle class of society, neither rich enough to make an impact, or poor enough to warrant charity. Lanny and Tacey grew up together as best friends. They were almost always together, and he was devastated when she was killed. He blamed her parents for being morons and he was willing to do anything to see her killers head's on a platter. I guess you could say that it was his own stupidity that killed him because he died trying to go after Tacey's killers by himself and with no weapons.
    Special Abilities- Control over fire.

    Name- Rosalie Chimizu
    Age- 14
    Personality- Rosalie is very quiet most of the time. She is very distrusting of people due to the way she was raised. If given the choice between being around others or roaming the woods by herself, she would prefer to be by herself. She's always been this way and it was just made worse by the way she was killed.
    Bio- Being raised in the higher part of society had it perks, unless you were born a demon. Rosalie was declared a demon at the moment of her birth by the local priest due to her shocking pink eyes. Everyone tried to act normal around her, but most of them failed. They were either skittish in her presence or they tried to ignore her entirely. Through out her life she only had one friend. His name was Johnny and they met in the woods after her tutoring session each day. After awaking from a nightmare one morning, Rosalie couldn't help but feel like something was off that particular day. Her nurse maid dressed her in a black lace dress and the priest did her daily tutoring session instead of her teacher. When she went to roam the town, she found it close to completely empty. Deciding to go into the woods, she found the villagers in a clearing erecting a stake. They were planning on killing her. She fled to her favorite hiding spot. When Johnny stumbled upon her, she believed herself safe. Well, until he buried a knife in her back. She awoke hours later to Almira's chanting.
    Special Abilities- Opening rifts.

    Name- Brandon Aika
    Age- 11
    Personality- Very quiet. He doesn't like most of the 'children'. He thinks that he should be dead, and so tries to right the worlds mistake repeatedly. He needs almost constant looking after seeing as he can't be trusted on his own. He doesn't speak much, although he will not hold back his snide remarks full of resentment for being alive. Brandon is a naturally gentle person, so what he has become would naturally revolt him. He doesn't like harming others, in fact, he hates the idea of violence and seeing others perform it makes him sick.
    Bio- Brandon lived a relatively good life. He had a loving family, a mother who cared for him, and a father who taught him the ways of life and love. He used to say that all the riches in the world meant nothing as long as you had no one to share it with.. He also said that it was not for a mere human to decide who could live and who would die. Everything started going downhill for Brandon when his father died and his mother remarried. She married a horrible man who was a bounty hunter. He constantly took Brandon with him on his raids, and every time a fight would break out or blood was shed, Brandon would become sick to his stomach. Eventually, his step-father grew tired of him and simply beat him to death on the way home from one of his assignments. His mother was told that he was killed by one of the Kori Clan.
    Special Abilities- Powers over animals and other wild beings. He can communicate with them and convince them to aid him in whatever purpose he needs fulfilled at that time.
    Other- To put it in modern terms, I guess you could say that he's suicidal...

    Accepted Characters
    Almira ~ Unknown ~ Sorceress ~ Helena Sky
    Madeline Tacey Aria ~ 17 ~ Hypnotic and Enchanting Voice ~ Helena Sky
    Jett Koritsubasa ~ 18 ~ Control Over Ice ~ Helena Sky
    Lanny Kashioni ~ 17 ~ Control Over Fire ~ Helena Sky
    Rosalie Chimizu ~ 14 ~ Opens Rifts ~ Helena Sky
    Brandon Aika ~ 11 ~ Speaks to and Controls Animals ~ Helena Sky
    Melody Pearl Nottingham ~ 17 ~ Weather Manipulation ~ Princess Poisoned Rose
    Suko Tiuri ~ 14 ~ "Consuming Darkness" ~ Sarokhor
    Alexander Frolov ~ 15 ~ Third Eye ~ RecentlyInsaneRussian
    Harmony Jones ~ 7 ~ Empath ~ AmerillaRose
    Beauty Yosei ~ 16 ~ Controls Nature ~ beautie
    Jin Hanamura ~ 17 ~ Paper Charms with Effects ~ beautie
    Eric Lance ~ 18 ~ Mental Blasts ~ Petricus Euryale

    1. Obvious. No god-modding.
    2. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If you want to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.
    3. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future.
    4. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.
    5. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.
    6. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "Almira is Mother" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.
    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
    8. Each person is allowed to have two characters. All characters must be "children" ((Also 18 and under)) Any other character aside from Almira will be an NPC.
    9. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or something tell me before you leave.
    10. @Petricus Euryale has the same power I do. Listen to him like you'd listen to me. He's my fiance and partner in crime. His words are law just like mine are.​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Melody Pearl Nottingham
    Melody is actually a very sweet girl seemingly doting on her siblings even though she is only the third oldest. She tends to sometimes to have an explosive attitude when it comes to people even attempting to pick on her adoptive siblings. Her rage tends to come into play especially when the younger ones are threatened. As of now Melody is inquisitive and a happy girl. She is welcoming and loving with her siblings. Melody is intelligent and rather helpful when it comes to things being asked of her.
    Melody was born to one of the more wealthy family as the first child and the only child that would born to the family. On the outside Melody's life appeared picturesque and perfect but underneath all that it was any thing but picturesque. Her mother berated and put her down blaming Melody as the reason why she couldn't have anymore children. Her mother usually went as far as beating her calling her a demon possessed doll. Melody's father on the other hand was more abusive finding ways to make the girl suffer for just existing.
    It wasn't until she was seven years old that things took a drastic turn for the worse. Melody had been sleeping in her bed on a cold winter night and was awoken by her door opening. It was her father drenched in blood. He was straring at her with murderous intent. She screamed for someone to help her because she was sure she was not going to survive this. The first wack came and blood spurted from her and then she faded not remembering much until she was resurrected by Almira. It was then she met her siblings Madeline and Jett.

    Special Abilities-
    Can control and manipulate the weather to her will.
    "Almira is mother and she made me as her third child."
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  3. Sounds awesome! I'll submit a character sheet shortly. It may take me some time to make sure my character is balanced as far as her power goes. Don't want her to be useless, but I also want to make sure she isn't almighty deity of deities lol

    Suko Tiuri


    Cold, Arrogant, Cruel, Snobby

    Youngest daughter of the elitist Tiuri family. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father raised her as a spoiled precious princess. She is the only girl of 3 children, her 2 older brothers having recently passed due to a poison Suko slipped into their meals. An old family that claims nobility and territory over a remote corner of the countryside and the small town that resides there. The family is feared for their demon worship and rumors of their practice of necromancy and cannibalism. This is only partly true, Suko and many of her family are indeed cannibals however they have never practiced necromancy... preferring instead to make deals with demons and spirits. Suko herself has never made such a deal in her young age but she has indulged in her share of torture and murder as taught to her by her father. It is more of a family tradition to hunt and capture travelers to torture and eventually kill, using their captive victims as a preserved source of food. Suko was hunting for one such victim with her loyal bloodhound when she got more than she bargained for. The hapless victim was a trap set for her by the people who were tired of fearing for their lives. Outnumbered and surrounded she faced her death with pride. She was silent and looked down on the common fools even as they hanged her from a tree and left her to choke to death. It was then that she awoke to her new mother and her new life. One which she would use to ensure death would visit the heroes that dared put an end to her fun

    Special Abilities-
    it is called Consuming Darkness...Suko uses her willpower to manifest demonic darkness from her body. The darkness moves like smoke and eats away at what it touches. It is mostly gaseous in nature and can only assume the solidity of thick sludge with intense focus on Suko's part. This makes it pretty useless in defense or utility but effective in offensive matters. If Suko is willing to sacrifice range and risk putting herself in danger she can focus the effects of the darkness within herself and allow her touch to more rapidly eat away a target. Her power and Suko herself are both weakened overtime by prolonged exposure to natural and magical light. It sapping Suko's energy both physically and mentally which of course makes her power even weaker the longer she is in sunlight

    "Almira is Mother"

    I hope this makes the cut! I can change anything and everything you want
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  5. a picture is needed dear that much I know
  6. Yes i plan on editing it in shortly

    Done. I don't mind changing the picture either i just need to know what's wrong with it so i dont upload another no-go
  7. May I reserve a spot?
  8. This seem interesting. Is this still going on?
  9. [​IMG]
    - Alexander Frolov
    Age- 15
    Personality- At first, when arriving to the "New life", Alex was quite closed up and sarcastic about all "resurrection" thing. But, after some weeks to present, he became quite united with other teens. Alex is considered "weak" element of the group - not able to shoot objects into target, but instead able to crush everything around him with just an angry thought. Because of that, most of teens do not like him, but, Hmpf
    like he cares.
    Bio- Alex was born in middle class family, in small north, but modern, country. He had pretty caring family, loving them back... Trouble was at school. Due to his "strange" interests, Alex was in that group of students, named "weird". He didn't actually care, but all got worse when someone spread a rumor that he is gay. Students reacted like Alex killed someone, promising to "beat him up" and "erase that stupid junk from the face of this planet". But no one actually did anything. It was until that incident...
    His "friends" and other classmates gathered around him, wanting to beat him up. No one made first step, when someone pushed him, and he crushed into some hut. Hut was built long ago, so, mass of wood squished him, instantly killing him. It was no hope, but he awoke in another world. Everything was strange, as Alex quite didn't understand how that fragile-looking woman moved building off him, and saved him. He didn't know how following weeks will last.
    Special Abilities- Third Eye- After resurrection, he got a third eye, located on center of his forehead. But it isn't a normal one: eye is pale-red, with maroon pupil; it is quite bigger than others, looking like 2 eyes in height and same in length. But that's not all weird: eye grants Alex two, at least only known, abilities. Eye always keeps closed, and opens only when he uses abilities (or sometimes it malfunctions and starts opening randomly)
    Major ability is psychokinesis - ability to manipulate matter with mind. It's sometimes uncontrollable, and by sometimes, I mean almost all the times. Side effect of this ability, is that Alex can painlessly levitate. Even if he doesn't concentrate, he can sometimes randomly float, not even giving a shit about it. When using psychokinesis, eye opens widely, with pupil turning into triangle of the same color.
    Least stable, if it's possible, ability is teleportation. Well... it's not teleportation in full power, it can teleport the user only in specific range, and only on place in eyesight. This ability is locked for normal use, so Alex can sometimes teleport rapidly on one place when angry. When using teleportation, eye opens very shortly, blinking with a powerful light, and then Alex teleports. These are all abilities that he, more or less, possesses at current time. "Mother" is sure that he doesn't have any more abilities, but...
    the eye has a lot more secrets than you can imagine...
    - Alex is enemies with most of teens, because of his destructive matter.
    His third eye can act like a normal eye, and sometimes opens even without his powers working.

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  10. My characters special is going to be weather control and manipulation
  11. Nice.
  12. [​IMG]

    Name- Harmony Jones

    Age- 7

    Personality- Harmony is fairly distant from children her own age, seeing herself as less than compared to them. Many of her teachers, past and present, have tried to get her to socialize and to talk about the bruises or missed days from school. However the only response they got from Harmony is a complete shut down. Harmony finds herself calling her stuffed animals her only friends and most of the time, her true family. Harmony is known for silently talking to herself or her toys, while preferring to use sign langue or other forms of communication. Despite her dislike of talking, Harmony loves music and will occasionally sing along, or at least dance to it.

    Bio- Harmony has grown up in an abusive home with her father beating her mother, verbally beating her, and overly praising his son. Micheal, Harmony's older brother, had looked up to his father and wanted to do anything to be like him. So when Harmony turned 4, Micheal started to belittle her just as his father done. Eventually leading to him causing physical harm to her. Harmony's mother, Tasha, knew what was happening to her daughter, even witnessing it first hand multiple times, each time Harmony called for help. But Tasha would always just turn away, not wanting to get hurt anymore than she already was. After years of her mother abandoning her, Harmony stopped talking, stopped looking for help, stopped thinking someone would save her. That was until she got into second grade and she met her music teacher, Mrs. Katz. The woman had opened a whole new world to Harmony, with sign langue, expression through musical instruments, art museums, and just showing her a sincere, true kindness that Harmony never had before. Harmony had found true happiness and after three years of lost hope, she thought someone could really save her. However, the girl's happiness was short lived. After her brother had broken her arm and giver her a black eye, Mrs. Katz took Harmony to the hospital and called the police. The police officers assumed it was Mr. Jones beating Harmony and only confirmed this theory when they caught him beating Trisha. Having their father arrested, Harmony and Micheal were placed in their grandparent's care while their mother was being taking care of in the hospital. That night, after the grandparents were asleep, Micheal went on to beat Harmony. He kept beating her until the floor and wall was covered in blood, leaving with one last whisper; "No one will ever save you." Harmony just laid in her own blood, staring at the wall with one thought in mind before all went dark; "I want to go back to music class. . ."

    Special Abilities- Harmony is an empath, meaning she can read other's emotions and control them. She does this with physical touch. To being with, Harmony can only nudge other's emotions and feel them, however those she is sensing can also feel what she it feeling. (More info here Empathy )

    Other- knows sign langue, can play a few musical instruments, has a deep love for art and plushies.

    ". . . . Almria is mother . . . ."
  13. Sorry I've been gone so long. All accepted =33
  14. Also, @Helena Sky, I wanted to ask:
    What era this roleplay is happening in: medieval, modern, or something else?
  15. My character is done and resides in post number 2
  16. [​IMG]
    Name » Beauty Yosei
    Age » 16
    Personality » Beauty can most accurately described as a crybaby. He is easily frightened, often anxious and worried, and fragile. He's a bit of a mess sometimes, and can get needy or melancholic. He's very quiet and very soft spoken. He hates conflict and confrontation. Beauty has a brittle will but is very talented. Beauty isn't the best person, but he's a nice friend if you enjoy what he has to offer as a buddy.
    Bio » Beauty grew up a very sickly orphan child of a small religious orphanage. As a baby, his parents could not afford to take care of him and was ashamed of having to cast him off to the arms of the Nuns. Because of this, the young boy never talked to his parents. He was never very strong or very confident like the other children but was a favorite of the Mothers. Beauty despite the constant sickness was a rather intelligent kid, with a large affinity to animals, nature, and art. He enjoyed the sights of the untouched world. He often dealt with constant bullying as he grew older because of how he looked. Beauty was a skinny, small boy who often looked feminine. He never had any type of interest in playing sports or doing masculine things or being around masculine people. He just never felt himself to be that kind of person, and probably never will. Beauty's sickness got too great from the constant harassment, growing anxious and depressed and lonely. Being away from those awful bullies and sympathy eyed bystanders calmed him, but it only grew worse as time went on. He was going blind, he couldn't breathe well, and was heavily bed ridden. He died in his sleep after finishing a painting of his light-filled hospital room.
    Special Abilities » Beauty can control nature.
    Other »
    Beauty tends to get easily ill, so during the cold months he often wears a facemask.
    Beauty has pale skin, pastel blonde hair and translucent lavender eyes.
    Beauty is hard of seeing, also hinting towards the color of his eyes.
    Beauty is very sensitive of germs and filth, so he always has hand sanitizer and bandaids on him.
    Almira is mother.

    Name » Jin Hanamura
    Age » 17
    Personality » Jin is most often compared to a cat. She's rather sly and standoffish and tends to be more of the clever spectrum on things. She's not easy to fool or to lie to, nor easy to gain her forgiveness. She's often this strange type of friendly, a little noble and hoity-toity, but that's how she was born. She's elegant and graceful and charismatic. Loves to tease or be competitive. Very mature and wise, good at deducing or advice.
    Bio » Jin came from a noble home of a single mother. Her father passed on a while ago when she was very little. Her mother was her biggest role model, as she was headstrong and brilliant. In that time, sexist people would always talk about how she should remarry or find a man to take care of her. Jin's mother paid them no mind, as she was doing more than well by herself. In a serene beautiful home of a mother and daughter with maidens and butlers, things couldn't be wrong, right? That is what one would think. People didn't seem to like her Mother as she went against the norm. One day, Jin was kidnapped and held for a ransom. Her mother was worried sick, and would do anything to have her daughter back safe in her arms. The ransom was hefty, but there was another catch. Jin's Mother would have to marry the man of the plan, another noble who was a nightmare of a person. He was corrupt, evil and obsessive. Jin's mother was distraught, but if she didn't do this, her only child would die. She accepted, but he still had Jin killed right after they were wed.
    Special Abilities » Jin has the special ability to create paper charms or use symbols that contain status effects.
    Other »
    Jin isn't very good with dogs, but they always seem to be drawn to her.
    Jin is incredibly petite.
    Jin loves regal clothes and often wears them.
    Jin can speak fluent Japanese.
    Almira is mother.
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  17. Sounds awesome I am sure helen would love to have you!

  18. they're done! -sings and twirls out-
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