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  1. Just comment below, or message me and I will send you a word. Then you will have to create a character with inspiration from this word. Here is a simple CS if you want to use it:

  2. I'm In!!! What is my word?
  3. I would like to join this contest as well!
  4. I'll give this a go!
  5. Your word is Cello.
  6. Your word is Oblivion.
  7. Your word is lock.
  8. All right. I'll take a crack at it.
  9. Your word is Mint.
  10. Aaaaaaand here it is. ^^

    Name: Minthe

    Age: Appearance of a young child.

    Gender: F

    Appearance: Minthe is wee petite, with long dark hair and squinted grey-green eyes. she wears a white dress suitable to her stature.

    Personality: Kind and compassionate.

    Hobbies: Kicking her feet in water and going to new places.

    Interests: Going wherever she can.

    Likes: Water, sunlight, sugars..... Marshes... Shades.

    Dislikes: Extreme temperatures.

    Fears: Accidentally running out of water, white flies, and aphids.

    Flaws: She can't travel for long and is limited in the places she can go.

    Talents: She repels bugs, heals injuries, and is pretty fast.

    Bio: Minthe couldn't tell someone where she was born or if she even had family. As long as she remembers she's been traveling where she could travel and straying away from where she couldn't. Every now and then a hurt traveler would need assistance and she would heal them, earning herself the title "Maiden of Marshes". (Or in other words, though this was unintended... Mom.)
  11. May I get a word as well? =)
  12. Heck, I'll give it a go as well.
  13. This sounds very interesting; I'd like to try this out.
  14. Your word is Cube.
  15. Your word is Smoke.
  16. Your word is Pane (as in window pane, not pain)
  17. Name: Garden (clear) Delgado (thin)

    Age: 11

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She is slightly shorter than most her age, but not by too much. Her body is worryingly thin, and her skin is light to the point of being pale. Her shoulder-length hair is a very similar shade, though slightly whiter, and she wears a light blue dress with translucent sleeves.

    Personality: Garden keeps to herself all the time, never speaking. No one truly seems to acknowledge her presence, which is admittedly very difficult to notice anyway. A few birdbrains have walked into her in the past before going on their way without so much as an apology. She is also very easy to read, unable to hide her true feelings.

    Hobbies: Reading, birdwatching, quiet contemplation/daydreaming

    Interests: See hobbies

    Likes: Nature, wood, people similar to her

    Dislikes: Vandals, bullies, noise

    Fears: Being inherently flawed, being pushed to the point where her flaws cannot be fixed, disappointing her parents

    Flaws: Very fragile (one teasing remark can put her in tears), terrible at sports (has never caught a ball), antisocial

    Talents: Telling the truth, helping others with problems (when the occasional person actually does interact with her)

    Bio: Garden's hair used to be blond, but constant pressure from her family made her dye it white. Her life was akin to that of a prisoner's; her parents made her live alone in a barren wooden room, telling her that it was normal for children like her to be treated like that. She has lived there ever since, with the bare minimum of necessary sustenance and a longing to escape. But if she were to escape, her parents would never forgive her, something she fears to this day. Her everyday life is spent thinking about how to see the world once more without leaving the room.

    (Not very good, truthfully, but it'll do until I think of something better.)
  18. ~ Lock ~

    Name: Adriana Ray

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Adriana's appearance is purposefully plain, intended to avoid drawing too much attention. Her light brown hair sits just past shoulder length, kept more or less straight without going too overboard. A round face with mousy features hides behind black wire-frame glasses, to correct her ghastly near-sightedness. A light amount of makeup covers a smattering of freckles and acne. Even her style of dress is incredibly plain, never too loud in its color choices, nor too deviant from the fashion norms of the week.

    Personality: Adriana is about as quiet as they come. She's incredibly shy, always hiding behind the cover of a book, or the top of her backpack, or even another person: anything to keep her face out of immediate sight. When she talks, it's in as few words as possible. Many people complain that they can barely hear her. Of course, the aggression they show to get her to speak up only causes her to shrink back farther.

    Hobbies: Writing in her journal, poetry, making smoothies, camping.

    Interests: Medieval lore, nature documentaries, coral reefs.

    Likes: Sad movies, sour candy, the smell of old books.

    Dislikes: The sound of gum smacking, the smell of gasoline, depressing news stories.

    Fears: Bears, tight spaces, death.

    Flaws: Tendency to bottle up her feelings, insecurity.

    Talents: Basic survival skills, descriptive poetry, orchestrating complex revenge plots.

    Bio: Oh, was that last talent a bit strange?

    As you might expect, Adriana grew up with few friends. The few relationships she had -- mostly with family -- were flimsy at best, thanks to her habit of keeping her distance. She immersed herself in fantasy worlds, both the kind found in books and those of her own creation. Stories of knights battling dragons and princesses waiting to be saved fascinated her. She didn't dare to share her interests with the others at school, for fear of being bullied even more than she already was, thanks to her quiet demeanor. One particularly lonely night, Adriana found herself wandering a small local library filled with dusty old tomes, some of which probably hadn't seen the light of day in years. Suddenly, the sound of a lock turning somewhere down the aisle caught her attention. It was followed by a voice.

    Come here, Miss Ray. I promise I won't bite.

    Drawn to the source of the whisper, Adriana found an especially worn-looking book. There was no title on the cover, only a picture of a keyhole. When Adriana held the tome, the voice became much clearer, seeming to sound only in her thoughts.

    It takes a truly exceptional heart to break the lock on my prison, Miss Ray. Your presence has freed me. I can tell you and I are birds of a feather, Miss Ray. May I call you Adriana? We are both such kindred spirits, downtrodden in the eyes of our respective societies. My power is feared among my peers, but you remain trapped under the heels of yours. I can help you, Adriana. Accept me, open the book, and I can help you spread misery to those who have wronged you.

    Most people would have ignored the voice. They would have put the book back on the shelf and simply walked away, the memory of the voice nothing more than a bad dream. But Adriana was not most people. She was desperate. Angry. Itching for the revenge the voice spoke of. Without looking anyone in the eyes, she purchased the book and returned to her home, where she parted the pages, releasing the evil spirit inside.

    In exchange for freeing him, the spirit, who calls himself Acerbus, works together with Adriana to inflict pain and suffering on all those who ever bullied her. Their plans are always convoluted enough to keep suspicion away from them, and often involve just enough supernatural elements to dumbfound the authorities. Investigations are numerous, but swift. No answers are ever revealed.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Jasmine "Jazz" DelaCruz
    Jasmine is an old spirit very zen and wise. Jazz doesn't find sense in most of modern society. Twerking and Rapping are repulsive to Jazz. unlike her nickname Jasmine loves to play classical music. Her dad birthed her talent on the cello as he was a professional Cello player in an orchestra. She started playing when she was 6, The only bump in the rode is the fact that his orchestra left on tour last year. Out side her music Jasmine is old school she has no social media she prefers calling to texting and she likes to avoid the computer as much as possible. Jasmine is borderline hippie she is an extreme pacifist she meditates daily. Jasmine also prefers the company of her elders she just adores her grandmother who she has an amazing relationship with. In other words she feels she was born in the wrong time period.
    Playing Cello
    Playing Chess
    Gardening with her Grandmother
    anything vintage
    Meeting people who share her love for music
    X Social Media

    X anything over-sexual (ie. Twerking)
    X computers
    Loosing her Grandmother
    Playing the Cello
    Playing Chess
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  20. I want a word