Chaos at Japan (creepypasta/anime)

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  1. (This is what happens when you get an anime fan into creepypasta)

    Tired of being chased around by Jane, and having most of his victims saved by her, Jeff the killer decides to go somewhere where it's more fun. Then he found another country, Japan. Now Jeff is on the land of the rising sun, wrecking havoc, and it's been two years since he arrived to Japan. There have been many cases of death, and teenage run always who wants to avenge their loved ones. As young people are driven to anger and thirst for revenge, and families are driven to fear the whole country is now on edge, all because of a sick man. What will become of the citizens of Japan. As secret are revealed and people turn to madness and others turn to blind hatred. Some people want to help the insane man for certain reasons others want to kill him because of revenge.

    (I know it makes no sense but this is an anime style RP so what do you expect, at least it's not a crossover with Attack On Titan, now that would make -100 sense, but what about a Blue Exorcist crossover. Imagine The Son Of Satan against Jeff The Killer, now that would be awesome, but that's another RP, maybe a FanFiction)

    Rules (ugh I know I love anarchy too, but every RP needs rules)

    1. Don't start shit OOC if someone upsets you just tell me and I will smack them, depending on what they said, cues I only want drama IC.

    2. You may only use anime pictures, nothing realistic.

    3. No godmodding or metagaming

    4. Don't be OP

    5. For the sake of this being anime style I will allow half demons, vampires, magic, nekos, and half angels cues the best animes have them.

    6. For the sake of creepypasta you are allowed to RP as other characters such as Jane The Killer, and Liu.

    7. Have fun

    Accepted Characters 1. Sasaki Suzume/ @GamerFangirl

    Claim characters Character/player
    1. Jeff The Killer/
    2. Jane The Killer/
    3. Liu/


    Name: (to find Japanese girl names and meaning please visit this site:Domains Made Simple for boy names: Domains Made Simple)
    Name meaning:
    Age: (14-30)
    Japanese Voice Actor:
    English Voice Actor:

    Claiming sheet
    Japanese Voice Actor:
    English Voice Actor:

    Opening song:
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Sasaki Suzume
    Name meaning: sparrow
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 118
    Personality: stubborn, serious, strong, smart, hot-headed, Aggressive, Reckless, Determined, Persistent, Endurant
    Japanese Voice Actor: Yui Ishikawa
    English Voice Actor: Brina Palencia
    Allies: open
    Enemies: Jeff The Killer
    Likes: guns, fighting, animals, boys, and girls
    Hates: Jeff The Killer, perverts, bullies, and lazy people
    History: when Suzume was younger she had a feternal twin sister named Reiko. Reiko was the older twin, she was the popular one, the athletic one, and the pretty one, while Suzume was simply the smart one, and the shy one. Suzume looked up to her sister. Reiko was always protective over her sister, she would call her "Imoto" and Suzume called her "Onesan". The two girls had quite the friendship. Reiko was Suzume's only friend. At night they would talk for hours before going to sleep. The two were inseparable. Till one night everything changed...
    On their fourteenth birthday the two decided go to the town first they bought some stuff at the convenience store, then they went to the ice cream shop finally when they were passing a bench the girls noticed that they left a bag in the ice cream store. Suzume went back for it while Reiko sat on a bench waiting for her sister. Which was a big mistake. When Suzume returned she found her sister dead. The girl screamed and cried, trying to wake up her dead sister, till Jeff popped up and was about to kill the younger twin, until Suzume's mom (who is a cop) showed up and Jeff ran away. That night the girl couldn't go to sleep. So she woke up at 3 a.m got dressed, packed up her bags, stole two guns from her mom, and ran away from home. Now she's out to kill the man that killed her sister.

    Suzume at 14
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