Change in Direction

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  1. The dim moon hovered overhead and the night was starting to enclose the park. Emma stood alone by the benches flipping open her phone to check the time. "Late as usual," she muttered to herself. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and sat down on the bench. She gave out a sigh as she ran her fingers through her choppy auburn hair. Hopefully he remembered to bring... Something caught her attention rustling in the nearby brush. Her body tensed and her eyes darted to the noise.
  2. Ash appears from behind the bushes. He is giggling. He look up at the moon "scared ya"
    He sighs and brushes the unusual white hair from his face. "gotta get this cut..."
    "I'm late aren't i?"
  3. Emma turned away. "Na uh, I wasn't scared," she bluffed. She busied her hands and brushed off her jeans. "Just a bit late, but did you bring the book?" Her eyes turned to Ash not expecting him to remember.
  4. "Uhhhhh.... What book?" he asked, puzzled. "I don't remember..."
    Ash stands up, a couple of inches taller than emma. "hey emma... i brought you these though" Ash pulls a small bundle of flowers from behind his back. and hands them to emma
  5. Emma rolled her eyes. "The one you took a month ago, but I guess I don't need it so keep it." As Ash takes out the flowers Emma flashes a bright smile. She breathes in the lovely aroma of the flowers and her smile widens. "I really love flowers, thanks." Emma sets the flowers on the bench and wraps her arms around Ash giving him a hug. After a few seconds she steps back and looks up at him with her twinkling blue eyes. "Why did you go through the trouble of getting them for me?"
  6. "the fairy story book?" ash sighs "I totally forgot..." his soft, calming, soothing purple eyes stare back into her blue gemstone eyes.
    "I don't know why I got them..... It just... Just felt like an ok thing to do. They cost all my money..."
    He sighs and smiles. "what do you want me here for anyways?"
  7. "You really shouldn't have." Emma slightly blushes and then turns back to the reason they were here. "Just for the book and..." she looks down at the ground, "Well, have you ever heard of those weird legends about the um animal people?"
  8. "nah it was ok, you deserve them...." ash looks down at the ground. "I've never heard of those...uh weird legends........" he looks up at the moon
  9. "Oh, they are really strange....uh nevermind about it." Emma looks up and follows his gaze trying to shrug off the topic. She walks over beside Ash, leaning against him a little. "The night sure is pretty." She looks at him "Don't you think?"
  10. "yeah, its really pretty, the ways the stars twinkle and glimmer, and the moon light" Ash smiles as emma presses her weight against him. He happily lets her. "I'm gonna head home soon and stuff... its past midnight... its cold and I'm tired" Ash grins and giggles. "hope you loved the flowers, I spent a bunch on them"
  11. "Awh, alright. I guess it is late." Emma shrugs and then hugs Ash tight. "Yes, I did! Thanks so much, they're going in a vase in my room when I get home." She flashes a bright smile. "They're so pretty." She picks them up and breathes in their delightful smell again. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow or something." Emma takes one last look at him in the moonlight and grins.
  12. "yeah i guess, whenever I wake up, call me or something." Ash walks across the park back to his home. His parents had moved away months ago but he still lived there. It was his place now. He walked back and unlocked the door. He went to go make some food to eat, locking the door quietly behind him.
  13. Emma stood there taking in the night before turning around and walking to her own little house. The street lamps flickered above her as she slowly made her way. The lights were off in her house because everyone had gone to sleep hours ago. She fumbled with her keys and as quietly as possible opened the creaky door. As she stepped inside the wind slammed the door behind her. Damn it! She kicked off her shoes and rushed to her room. She set the flowers on her desk before hiding under the covers of her bed. She closed her eyes and hoped that no one would wake.
  14. Ash sat down on the couch in the sitting room. He looked out the window over the city and sighed. He then went to his bed and climbed in. He dozed off and soon fell asleep happily. He had a nightmare which troubled him though. He woke up in the middle of the night screaming, scared sh!tless
  15. After about ten minutes or so Emma got up. She went to the kitchen and filled a vase with water and took it back to her room. She set the flowers in it and smiled. "Perfect," she whispered to herself. Emma crawled into her bed and snuggled under the covers. The last thoughts on her mind before she fell asleep were about Ash and the flowers.

    Emma woke up groggily to her little sister dancing around her room singing, "Breakfast is ready!" Emma sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Get out Clara!" Clara stuck out her tongue before running out of the room. Emma closed the door and started the shower in her washroom. She stepped in and sighed as the steamy water touched her gleaming pale skin. She went through her normal routine before stepping out into the chilling air. Emma then pulled on a pair of darkwash jeans and her favorite Black Sabbath t-shirt. She made her way down the hall to the kitchen to find her mom and sister sitting at the table.
  16. Ash woke up with a shit headache. It was summer so he was glad he didn't have school. He walked to the kitchen and got some cold food from the fridge to eat, Fries from 2 days ago. He had nothing else good to eat. He thought about emma, Emma was a tall thin girl, She was beautiful and honestly Ash liked her
  17. Clara was eating waffles while her mum was reading the newspaper. She didn't even look up from it as Emma walked in. In a monotone voice
    her mum said, "I'm going to work in a few. Your waffles are on the table but they're cold because you woke up late...again." Her mum rolled her eyes as she got up from the table. Emma sat at her place at the table and began nibbling on her waffles. Her mum was rarely in a good mood. After a few bites she pushed the food away. Her mum's bad mood had made her lose her appetite. " I'm full you can eat it of you want, Clara." Clara nodded and Emma walked back to her room. She brushed through her hair and smeared some simple eyeliner on. She looked herself over in the mirror and sighed, "Good enough." Emma flipped open her phone and dialed Ash's number
  18. Ash walked towards his phone, left on the table. He picked it up and answered. "H-Hey emma" he yawned and smiled. He sits down on the couch with nothing to eat and no hot water to wash with. He couldn't afford bills to pay for water or food. He spent the last of his money on the flowers for Emma. He honestly didn't mind though. He was used to going hungry. He listened to Emma speak while playing with his cat, Roxas (rohas) beside him.
  19. "Hey, good morning sleepy head. I was going to go to for a walk around town to pick up a few things and I was wondering..if you would want to go along with me? I don't know, maybe we could get lunch too." She walked around her bedroom making her bed and picking up a few things as she talked.
  20. "I guess lunch would be good" Ash sighed. "i haven't eaten... and I'm starving" As if on queue his stomach rumbles. "could i maybe go over to your house and have a shower cuz I can't pay for water..."