Cancer Arms: Splatterpunk Superhumans

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  1. As the name says. The game has a vibe similar to Tokyo Ghoul, but it can be very disgusting and gory, like The Thing.

    Setting's basic. It assumes that aliens really did crash in 1947, and that some alien weapon or disease escaped from the shuttle. This thing, nicknamed a Cancer Arm, resembles a fungal blob when dormant, but when a potential host passes by, it mutates into a fleshy little creature with bony spikes and teeth protruding from the flesh. It then grabs on the host and merges itself into the poor victim, who begins to mutate viciously and messily, turning into a deformed and heavily armed abomination, like a necromorph out of Dead Space. Luckily, the vicious transformation usually kills the victim quickly, though there are unfortunate exceptions.

    There are those, however, who don't turn into a monster. The Cancer Arm somehow assimilates into the host in such a way that doesn't rip the man to shreds. Instead, the host becomes something like Mercer from Prototype, someone who usually looks normal, but when need be, can call upon their Cancer Arm to turn into a disgusting biological weapon, like a bone saw or cyst grenades. The Cancer Arm also regenerates damage nearly instantly, though it may take awhile to revert back to something NOT absolutely nauseating. The Cancer Arm still wants control, however, and it still needs to be fed. Have a weak will, and the Cancer Arm will run your body, with you only being able to watch. Don't feed it fresh meat, and you become its meal, and being eaten alive from the inside out is a real good way to dissuade you from staying on the vegen diet.

    The setting is not really known as of now other than the name. Cronenburg, because I have a very good feeling this would be his idea of a super hero movie!

    Cancer Arms: Splatterpunk Superheroes
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  2. I'd be interested.
  3. Cool, thanks for interest. We could run a 1x1 Roleplay right now, if no one else shows up. I'll get a character sheet up and running
  4. I'm not really looking for a 1x1 rp. They are a bit too much commitment for me. And I don't have that amount of time. Sorry
  5. No worries, just need to wait for a few others to join up then. Plenty of time to get a sheet fixed up.
  6. Character Sheet:
    Appearance:(No photos unless stylized, and anime and cartoon pictures are good to go. Give information not seen in the picture, like height and weight, or alterations to the character.)




    Job or Career, if you have any:

    Natural Abilities/Faults: (Things your genes and lifestyle bolster or diminish.)

    Relationships:(NPCs and other PCs.)

    Are you infected:Y/N

    Tell me about your First Encounter/Infection with the Cancer Arm:

    ---(For those Infected)---
    Cancer Arm Sheet:
    Weapon Name:

    Appearance:(Living Weapondry, something biological and gross.)

    Cancer Arm Weapon Description:

    Other Cancer Arm Enhancements:(What the Cancer Arm did to set you up above the rest.)

    Personality:(I will be playing the Cancer Arms, so give a description of its personality. These creatures are like highly intelligent animals, and Cancer Arms don't speak, they only sound like an alien animals at most.)

    ---(PRIVATE QUESTIONS. SEND BY Conversation.)---
    Cancer Core Location:(This will be your weak spot, where the parasite merged itself at.)

    Cancer Core Allergen:(What substance the Cancer Core is deathly allergic to. It'll swell up and explode if it directly ingests it, and if you ingest it, you'll feel deathly ill. Try to find something somewhat uncommon, the Core has adapted to most substances, it's just something it's never encountered before.)
    ---Private Questions Over---

    Would you like to play as a NPC?
    Would you like to play as a Cancer Monster?

    And Last, but not least...
    Theme Song:(For when things get serious and epic)
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  7. Tabbed, fellows and maladies.
  8. Count me in, sounds like a good time. Also reminds me a little of that anime Parasyte with more gore... Such a good show though.
  9. Yeah, I kept thinking of those kind of shows when I wrote this, mostly Tokyo Ghoul, along with some Parasyte and Prototype. Thanks for the interest, btw. I'll go ahead and get the city set up. The place is your generic metropolitan crime-filled cesspool, so go ahead and get your characters set up, and we'll get started.
  10. Heya, this might potentially be interesting, but I do have a number of questions.

    How related is this to the real world? I mean, we all know what happened a few years prior to 1947, so I'd like to know if you're out to include themes of this time period at all. Or is 1947 just the time the aliens landed and does the RP itself take place several years later, closer to modern times?

    Will there be a plot of some sorts, or are you going for a more sandbox approach?

    What is the public opinion on Cancer arms? How do the authorities and organised crime treat them?

    How do Cancer arms respond to one another or even the full-monster variants? How do they feel about cannibalism or murder of others their hosts (which I assume would drastically affect the lifespan of their kin)?

    Can they, ala Tokyo Ghoul, be satisfied with recently deceased (ie people who recently committed suicide or preserved organs meant for for transplantation?)

    Do the monsters regenerate as fast as the cancer arms? If so, how are they killed?

    How vulnerable are the host bodies? Are they regular humans or do they gain physical advantages from their infection?

    What specifically counts as 'other enhancements' in the CS? Like, does it give it's wielder improved eyesight, or can it be something more fantastical like control over fire? Do the infected have access to these when their cancer arm isn't active?

    How fantastical can the weapon-form be? Ie, are we limited to it being the bonesaw or can it be a flamethrower or sound cannon or nauseating gas, etc?
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  11. @Kestrel asking the real questions. XD Holy crap.
  12. Ikr? Interesting questions, no doubt. I'll get to them shortly.

    The average host and monster is fragile, but tough, like a zombie that has healing factor. You can completely rip them to shreds, but unless you destroy them completely, make them run out of matter to work with, or hit them with something the Cancer Arm is allergic to, they will not die!
  13. Well, I'll wait for your response to those questions before I complete my CS...

    But here's the WIP:
    Alice (open)


    Alice Young


    Simple, self-centered lifestyle

    Job or Career, if you have any:
    Officially works as a waitress at a diner.
    Unofficially works as a thief.

    Natural Ability/Fault:
    Hiding: Alice has a naturally small frame, allowing her to slip into spaces otherwise inaccessible to others.

    Vertically Impaired: She's a little short stack who can't reach the top shelf without assistance.

    Judge of Character: After spending so much time conning people, she's gotten pretty good at determining what kind of person someone is just by looking at them.

    Lack of Strength: As her specialty lies in being faster than the next guy, Alice doesn't spend much time conditioning her body for strength. Any notable strength she possesses is in her legs, little to none of it being found in her upper body.

    Older brother: Leo (Still surprisingly close despite difference in lifestyles)


    Are you infected:

    Tell me about your First Encounter/Infection with the Cancer Arm:
    {Story time:}
    It just wasn't her day. Crappy tips from work, minor coffee burns from clumsy customers... The day was just stacked against her. In an attempt to make herself feel better, she tried lifting the wallet off of a guy she was passing on the street. Unfortunately that particular activity didn't exactly work out as planned either. She got her hands on the wallet, but the guy was aware of the robbery and began to chase her. Catching sight of a small opening into an abandoned factory, Alice made for the hiding spot and slipped inside, hiding amongst the long forgotten crates of stuff. Little did she know that among all that dust and boxes was a not so natural tenant, making its home in the darkness. By the time she realized what was happening, she was already being attacked by the mutated ~thing~. She tried to run away but it came up behind her and began the merging process leaving her writhing on the floor in pain. At some point Alice had passed out, so when she came to she was very much disturbed by the sight of blood on her hands... Blood that belonged to the body of the man she had stolen from, who had apparently found her by her screams and was instead faced with a hungry beast.

    ---(For those Infected)---
    Weapon Name:

    Cancer Arm Weapon Description:
    From afar the Cancer arm appears as nine fox tails, however upon closer inspection you won't find fur. Instead of hair, the "tails" are fitted with iron-like needles serving as both armor and blade for the tendrils. Under certain circumstances these tendrils can split open down the middle like mouths, with sharp teeth-like protrusions that can be used in multiple ways. The base color is a grayish cream, covered by the silvery spikes. When split open or injured, you'll be able to see a bubbling red fleshy substance bleeding ooze a little too thick to be considered blood.

    Other Cancer Arm Enhancements:
    Projectiles- The quills can be detached or shot out at enemies as a means of long ranged fighting. It cannot defend while attacking.

    Shield- When the quills are anchored, they can be used as a means of shielding itself and its host from incoming projectiles. It cannot attack while defending.

    Grip- The teeth on the inside of the tendrils allow for a better/different grip, thus giving Alice the ability to climb to places she would normally be unable to reach.

    Kitsune is a very curious entity, however the way it conducts itself is similar to that of a young boy. If he sees something that interests him, he'll pick it up and play with it in an attempt to learn about it. Similarly, if something irritates him, hell attack it to destroy it... Whether it be living or inanimate doesn't matter to him. Adding to the childish persona, Kitsune is full of energy that often needs an outlet and above all else incredible possessive. It's obvious that it views Alice as its property and does not enjoy when its property is in distress.

    I could pick up some roles as NPC and/or Cancer Monsters.

    Theme Song:
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  14. Looks good. I'll get started on the rest, I was just too busy procrastinating. (For infection, it wouldn't be a spore. It's like a predator with rabies that hunts you down and mauls you. You may survive, but you're still dead.)
  15. Ah, okay. Gotchya. I'll fix that on my next edit.
  16. Yeah, either some mutated alien animal or hunk of hostile flesh for those without a host, or one of the various zombie abominations or another Cancer Arm for those with hosts. The Fungal blob mode is when the parasite is dormant, and it becomes active when a potential Host comes near.

    And I will get the questions answered, after I sleep.
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  17. so I have two ideas for a cancer arm. One of them terrifies me.
    The Bone Yard not terrifing (open)

    The Hive (not okay at all) (open)
  18. Both of these are valid! I like both of them, so you go ahead and pick which one of these you want. Also, agreed, that last one just isn't right.
  19. @Kestrel
  20. Alright, thanks for the answers. Just a few more;

    So basically this RP would have a very strong PvP vibe? I mean with cancers wanting to eat each other, I imagine player interactions would be quite antagonistic.

    Could you give a few examples for reference?
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