Can We Handle This? (Ruby sapphire and Kirisuna)

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  1. (Let the fun begin!)
  2. On an early Thursday Morning, College Student Angelina Stevens woke up feeling fairly ill. Morning Sickness? That's not a good sign. Not to mention her period's late. Uh oh...Suddenly, she ran to her Dorm Bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Because the door was open, the vomiting can be heard from down the hall. Afterwards, she came down with a headache and still wasn't feeling very good. Was she pregnant? No, Mom and Dad might kill her if she is. Or maybe not. If she is, she'd better tell them before they start questioning her about that bulge she'll soon have in her belly. Maybe after class today, she'll run down to the Pharmacy and grab a Pregnancy Test. Might want to talk to her boyfriend too...This is not looking good. After cleaning herself up, she decided to go and get dressed so she can go to class.
  3. After hours of silence, the alarm of a clock went off, beeping loudly. College student Daniel Borren groaned in annoyance as the alarm woke him up. He waved his hand up over the dresser and banged repeatedly on the clock until it stopped. He sighed deeply as he sat up. Exhaustion flooded his body. He just had to take the drinking challenge with Eric last night. Then he remembered that he had to go to class at 9:00 and he got up to go take a shower. Hopefully that'll wake him up.
  4. To calm her headache, she took some Ibuprofen and then drank some tea to help with the Morning Sickness. Hungry, she decided to jump ahead to the Cafeteria and eat Breakfast while waiting for her boyfriend. After that, she'd probably want to tell him about the morning sickness. Seeing how she was by herself, her usual circle of friends knew that there was something off. After all her classes today, Angelina planned to go to the Pharmacy. As she ate her Breakfast, she slowly started thinking about the previous night.
  5. The cool shower did the trick. He was more awake and conscious as he had hoped. After getting on a pair of jeans and a white undershirt with a black jacket, he headed down to the cafeteria to meet up with his girlfriend. He had a feeling that she had a great time last night. He knew that he did. After entering the cafeteria, he saw her in the corner and the memories of the precious night entered his thoughts.
  6. A lot of thoughts were racing through her mind, from last night to when she threw up this morning. If she's pregnant like she suspects, how will she tell him? Worst of all, how will she tell her parents, who will obviously be outraged. Through and through, her parents have always supported her. Maybe they'll understand. I mean, its not like she has an STD or whatever, right? Her parents also liked Daniel, but would he just run off and disappear if she told him that she was pregnant? That was what Angelina was worried about. Then there was her Older Sister, who had kids herself. Abortion was completely out of the question though, that's for sure. Adoption was out of the question too, even though being a Mom and Student at the same time could be a little weird. Even though she did have a good time last night, Angelina figured that she may have just torpedoed her future.
  7. Daniel began to relive the events from the previous night.

    A bunch of people hooped and hollered in the fraternity's house. It was to celebrate the newcomers of the college and luckily Angela and Daniel were included in that category. After a few minutes of arriving, Daniel was starting to relax. He was away from his parents and could do anything he wanted without any consequences. He started cheering with the crowd like they were his buddies.
  8. It didn't take long for Angelina to start regretting her actions last night. What was she thinking? Drinking and getting drunk. She wasn't a party animal. What...Just what was she thinking?

    Previous Night
    Angelina was talking to the girls that were there. The Party was so...Alive. Even she was. The Music was loud, everyone was drinking. Angelina even had her first drinking experience. It was also her first time drinking underage. That was definitely not something she's gonna want to tell her Sister or Parents. Luckily her Brothers were in the Military overseas, so she didn't have to worry about them dogging on her boyfriend. Being the youngest child was never easy on Angelina. She never saw the Partying side of Daniel...Or at least not at this level now that it wasn't High School and now College. It'll be a lot more fun then she thought.
  9. The boys started cheering Daniel on as he chugged a jug of beer. He was bending more and more backwards as the beer was disappearing from the jug into his mouth. As soon as he was done, the boys applauded by hollering and slapping him around. Daniel smiled, proud of his dare. "Yo man! That was awesome!" A boy said loud in his ear. Daniel laughed, feeling so free of worries. "Hey. Did you come here with a girl?" Daniel nodded. "Oh yeah." "There's a room upstairs. Go nuts." He said and laughed.
  10. Angelina overheard and didn't exactly understand. If the boy was suggesting that they make love or whatever, that was going to be out of the question. However, she's never done it before. Suddenly, a couple of the girls at the party tried to encourage her to "Go Nuts" in the Room upstairs, which made her uncomfortable. "Okay. I'll do it." God, this was going to be so awkward. It was so not okay. But its not like she was going to be getting laid or whatever again anytime soon, might as well take the chance now and hopefully not regret it later. She then walked upstairs first, hoping that Daniel would too.
  11. Daniel saw her head up the stairs and the boys laughed at he followed her up. He did want to have sex with her. He knew his parents would have killed him if he did anything like that in high school. But he was in college now and he felt like he could do anything. As soon as they were both in the room, he shut the door and took Angela into his arms. "Let's do this." He said, pushing her gently against the wall and started to kiss her roughly.
  12. "Oh you're on, bad boy." Angelina replied as she tore off his jacket. *Flashback ends*

    *Present Day*
    Because Class was going to start soon, Angelina tossed her stuff away and started walking towards class, where she sat down and waited for him. Clearly she was really worried. The fact that she may be pregnant is already bothering her as it was. Luckily today, she only had one class. She had the rest of the day to rest, figure out what to do if she really was having a baby. How to break it to Daniel. How to break it to her friends, family, etc. It was going to be really tough. And Abortion as well as Adoption was completely out of the question. Angelina didn't want to think of the pain of having to give up her child because she wants what's best.
  13. Daniel strolled over to Angela, remembering all the details of that night. He was glad he was conscious for his first time. "Hey honey." He said, slipping into the seat beside her. He smiled widely at her as he took her hand. "How are you feeling?" He asked, hoping she would say that she felt as amazing as he did.
  14. When he sat down next to her, Angelina decided to be bluntly honest with him. There was no point in lying. "To be honest, I don't feel really good right now, I threw up this morning..." She said, holding her forehead, as if she had a headache, which she did. Hopefully he wouldn't react in an irrational matter.
  15. Daniel suddenly became concerned and caring. "Oh I'm sorry. It's probably a hangover. We did have a couple of beers." He said, stating the facts. He luckily didn't have that many size effects. He gently placed a hand on her cheek with a concerned face. "Want me to get your tray for you?" For a charming guy, he was very caring to ones who deserved it.
  16. "Yeah...No, its okay. I have to talk to you after class if that's alright..." She knew it'd be shocking, but she wasn't going to say it in front of a bunch of their classmates. She didn't need the whole school to know that she could possibly be pregnant. That's the last thing she needed really.
  17. The way she was talking made it sound like she wanted to break up with him. This caused him to become greatly concerned. "Well sure but do you want to talk about it now?" He didn't want to break up with the girl he has his first time with.
  18. She looked around to make sure there was no one watching before making eye-contact with him. "Okay, this may come off as a surprise to you. But...I think I'm pregnant." She responded. Basically, she told him right then and there. The Baby couldn't be anyone else's, since Daniel was the first person she made love with. Sadly, because they were drunk, they forgot to use protection, which worried her. "But I don't know if I really am. Guess we'll find out later today." She looked a bit gloomy, breaking the news. Now she was hoping he wouldn't leave her.
  19. As soon as she said she thought she was pregnant, his face went into complete shock. At that moment, he thought he was dreaming this whole scenario. "Are you serious?" This couldn't be true. They just started college. His parents would kill him for having sex before marriage. All he did was bury his face in his hands and breathe heavy.
  20. "Babe, its okay." She tried to console him, even though they both just torpedoed their futures. It may be hard to break it to her parents and in-laws, but luckily for her, Angelina's Family has always been very supportive of her. They wouldn't just toss her aside for getting pregnant. Her Dad was only thirty two when she was born, and her Eldest Brother was born when his Father was twenty-six, so her having a baby at nineteen shouldn't be that big of a deal...Though she did just start college. If anything, her due date would be some time after everyone is heading home for summer, so she was thankful for that. Not to mention her Eldest Brother was already married with two kids, and her Sister-in-Law loved her to death as well, so while she went to school, there were many people around her that would more then likely take care of her baby while she studied, so she wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. Daniel on the other hand, was who she was worried about. She wanted him to succeed in College too. Angelina wanted to the baby to be a blessing, not a curse. "Now c'mon, let's get to class before the Professor yells at us again.
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