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  1. Luna & Violet & Caleb

    Luna rubbed her stomach as she peered over at the two seated across the table of the inn, her eyes narrowing. "How can we be sure to trust you? How can we be sure you guys aren't here to kill us?" She felt sick and hungry at the same time, and her head felt sleepy. Caleb looked up into her eyes, smiling. "I assure you we're here only for business, miss. We are not here to kill you. If you would like, I can show you the letter." Luna nodded, looking over at Nefarious as she rubbed his hand with hers. "Please, thank you." Caleb nodded to Violet who sighed, pulling the paper out as she slid it across to Nefarious. "We were sent here only for the protection from Kain. We heard that Miss Le Doux is carrying a... uhm.. special package." She cleared her throat at the end, looking warily over at Caleb. Luna scowled, reading the paper over that was in Nefarious' hands. "I see. Well, I will let you all know once. I do not tolerate anyone telling my affairs. If you so happen to, I will cut out your tounge and make sure that you are never able to drink blood from your mouth again." Caleb and Violet gulped, their eyes flittering nervously towards eachother. They nodded, looking down at their drinks as Luna kissed Nefarious on the cheek.


    Katherine looked down at the ground, her eyes shining in the sun as Adam asked her where she got all of the money. "Well.. er.. I got it from my grandfather as he passed away. After that, I started a meat business. As the war progressed, I saved it and made my servants stay with me in my house. I know I shouldn't be so generous, but I have too much money. I will still have money thousands of years after this time, and I'm sure that it won't hurt my karma to do some good for a family." She smiled, grabbng his hands as she kissed him on the cheek. "Don't worry, I'm alright. I just need time to think of life like this. Thinking of helping people."


    Isabel ventured outside, pulling Gerard with her as she walked around the town. "Isn't it beautiful out?" She noticed that Gerard seemed to be having a hard time adjusting with the sun, and she laughed. "When we go back to the room later I'll let you have some blood of mine. It should help you." She kissed him gently, looking around the town for beads to braid into her hair. She was always particularly drawn to black colors, and she noticed an old woman selling black feathers. "C'mon! I need one!"

    Aros & Elizabeth & Daemon

    Elizabeth was still in a grumpy mood, her eyes narrowed as she sat in the shade of a tree. Aros was pacing, his eyes raised towards the distant, dim sun. "I just don't see what Katherine is such a big threat to you, Lizzie. You know I don't want her. So why are you insisting on hating her and treating her horribly?" Elizabeth rose to her feet, her anger causing a slow fire to form over her arms. "You know for a fact why I see her as a 'threat', Aros. For heavens sake, you were drooling over her before I came along!" Aros sighed, running a hand through his hair. "That shouldn't define who a person is, Lizzie." They were interrupted though as Daemon flew in, landing on the dry grass. "Hello all. How is everything?" Elizabeth smiled, nodding towards Daemon. "Just fine, Daemon. What brings you here?" Daemon laughed, looking towards the sun. "The heavens and my daughter, miss. All is great today!"
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  2. Kalar-

    He walked out from the shadows of the tavern, looking down into the common room, seeing the multitudes returning to their lives after the destruction. It seemed the perfect time to depart. But, he had to talk to Daemon, as the angel wanted to talk to Kalar about the Higher Being. He had forgotten about it until recently, trying to repress the very image of the doggy boy in the bath.

    A shiver crept up his spine at the very thought of such a thing. He never wanted that to happen again. If it did, he hoped at least he would be able to gouge out his eyes before dying. However ...if Katherine ... he stopped his thinking at that moment. He already knew what Katherine would do and it would not be pretty for the planet with his entrails being paraded from the back of Adam as she rode him...

    (I think I will not edit this.)

    A swift hand closed his mouth before he began to scream. Kalar looked down to see it was his own. Taking a moment to banish such thoughts and to compose himself, he began to walk down the stairs to find Daemon, also taking in the surroundings. Many of the maids were serving drunken patrons and the vampires were discussing with each other. That was good. What was strange was that Aros, his mistress, and the cold-looking guy were waiting for something. However, Kalar decided to sit down at a table and wait for Daemon to be free so they could talk as he watched from the window.
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  3. Adam shook himself out of a daze, blinking a few times and looking around with a slightly confused look on his face. He quickly turned his attention to Katherine though as she spoke, trying to pay attention. He felt like he had just spent the last several weeks spacing out. What exactly had they been doing? Scratching the side of his head, he shrugged inwardly. "Wow. It must have been nice to have so much money. I barely ever have any, and what little I have, came from Mercenary work." he said, suddenly noticing how light his pockets felt. It had been a little while since he'd actually taken on any work. He found himself smiling slightly as Katherine took his hands, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. "Helping people..." he muttered, looking towards the house of the family Katherine had given money too.

    More often than not, it seemed like the best way Adam could help anyone was by staying far, far away from them.

    "It's sweet of you to want to help people, even people you've never even met. You're a good person, Katherine." he said, squeezing her hands a little. He looked up at the sky after that, noting how low it was beginning to sink in the sky. "Time flies when you're having fun. What should we do now?"
  4. Katherine

    Katherine looked up at Adam, smiling as she thought of a plan. "Hmm. Do you want to go sight seeing?" She wasn't sure what she wanted to do, but she shrugged her shoulders. "I mean, I can't think of anything else to do. Unless you'd like to braid my hair for me. That'd make me alot happier." She walked down the road, stopping at a lone tree standing near the inn. "C'mon! I may just give you a kiss if you make the braid look wonderful." She let him sit behind her, leaning back on his chest as she fanned her hair out on his chest. She liked the way the shade felt on her skin, the coolness that the tree made. It seemed to protect her; shelter from the sun's rays. "I love the weather today. I just wonder if today will be better than it has in the past couple of days. After that demon army.. I'm ready for anything. And I'm expecting the least."

    Aros & Daemon & Elizabeth

    Aros cocked his head to the side at Daemon's happy attitude, looking over at Elizabeth. "Err. That's good.. Daemon. What's.. Uhh.. Going on?" Elizabeth looked away, her eyes wide as she tried not to laugh at Daemon's attitude. Daemon chuckled, inhaling deeply as he embraced the sun. "Today is just a wonderful day. Now, if you don't mind.. I'm going to go see my lovely daughter and wonderful soon-to-be son-in-law." He flew off, his wings gliding him as he looked for Luna and Nefarious. Aros glanced over at Elizabeth, who was now scowling once again, his eyes narrowing. "If I tackled you to the ground right now.. You couldn't help but smile." Elizabeth snorted, her eyes rolling and then widening as Aros ran at her and tackled her. "AGGH! Get off me you brute!" She began laughing histerically, looking up into Aros' eyes. "You're adorable. But cross me one more time and you will be sorry."
  5. Katherine suggested that they go sight-seeing, but then quickly presented another option of having Adam braid her hair for her. She started walking down the road, leaving Adam to follow after her with a confounded look on his face. "B-braid your hair? Uh...I-I don't...uh..." he said, trailing off as Katherine tempted him with the reward of a kiss if he did a good job. His cheeks turned a slight shade of red as he sat down behind her, leaning back against the tree as she leaned against his chest. "Well...alright. I'll give it a try." he said bashfully, scratching the side of his head as she fanned her hair out for him. Her scent wafted into his nose even stronger than before, but after taking a deep breath, he mostly dispelled it. He was slowly starting to get the hang of that. As long as he didn't let it mess with his head, he wouldn't do anything...embarrassing like that one time.

    Softly taking hold of her hair, he started gently worked it into a braid. Truth be told, he'd never put a woman's hair into a braid before, but his Father had taught him how to wind rope when he was a boy. From what he could see, it seemed like it was a similar act. He just had to make sure not to pull too hard. At least the shade was keeping him cool. She commented on the weather, and the events of the last few days, and he nodded. "It is nice. It almost feels like a normal day, with the sun shining like this." he said. "After surviving something like that demon army, facing off with the Vampire Lords isn't as scary as it was before."

    "I guess you used to have servants to help you with this sort of thing before, huh?" he asked as he worked on the braiding, he'd probably done soon.

  6. Nefarious Darkhart
    Nefarious listened intently to his beloved ask her questions as his mind raced between his thoughts and the reactions of the two bodyguards seated in front of him and Luna. He felt his hand being rubbed by his beloved's and he returned her gesture. His eyes stayed on the two bodyguards though, studying them very intently. Once the letter was slid to him he picked it up with his other hand that was not being rubbed at the moment. He read over the letter with little interest.
    Once they mentioned the ‘Special package' he looked up from the paper and looked to the one that brought it up, which was Violet. How do they know of our unborn children if the others do not? he thought silently as he turned his attention to Luna as she threatened them. He smirked at her, knowing very well that what she said was a promise. He returned her kiss and looked to the two across from them. “How much do you know of Kain?" he asked them.

    Gerard Targonne
    Gerard was practically dragged outside by Isabel, and once the sunlight hit him head-on. It was visible that his headache worsened by tenfold. “Yeah...Beautiful...and painful.." he replied, not enjoying his time outside after being turned. Then he perked up once she said that they would return to the room and she offered her blood. Then he returned her kiss and felt like he was little kid again, playing with his favorite toy. Which he remembered was a toy sword that was made of wood. It was made by his father and given to him as a gift. He sighed longingly, wishing he still had it. Then Isabel blurted out that she wanted something and once he saw where she was heading he knew it to feathers? He shrugged, and followed her silently to the black feathers. He looked them over and looked to Isabel. “Is there one in particular you want?" he asked smiling gently.
  7. Katherine

    Katherine felt the braid being finished, her eyes lighting up at how good it was for an amateur. "Yeah. I like to think of them as helpers. But either way, they did alot for me and still do. I had them mess with my hair everyday. Sometimes they would cut it too. Maybe sometime you would like to meet them?" She grinned, tying the braid with a small hairtie she saved from before the war. "I have a mentor there that trains me in alot of things. Most of it is fighting. But he is really old. He's a mixed breed of werewolf. So he never changes anymore because he's mastered it. That's how I learned. You really should meet him. He could help you control your transformations. Though I often see him sneak out of the house sometimes to transform to relieve anxiety.. He doesn't do it that much at all. He's only transformed once in the past ten years." She looked up at Adam, kissing him as she sighed. "I like this tree. I feel too lazy to get up."

    Luna & Violet & Caleb

    Luna listened closely, observing the masculine yet youthful features of Caleb. There was a particular faint scar across his cheek, making him look more daring and brave. Her babies didn't like it though, kicking her hard in the ribs. Caleb took a drink, looking into the eyes of Nefarious. "We both know quite a bit about him. Violet worked in his castle as a guard, and I would often come to help. But as soon as he began to murder the other vampires we decided to leave. I'm sure he wasn't happy, but Nicholai was alot nicer and actually paid us for our duties. We eventually showed our alliance and hearts to Ruby and Nicholai. The personal letter they sent was just... touching. I couldn't remember what it said, so I had Violet write it down." Luna looked over at Violet, grinning. "Tell us." Violet nodded, her eyes narrowing as she pulled out an old journal, flipping it open as she scanned what she wrote down. "They both came to us in a dream. So some of this was sketchy on paper. But I can remember what they said to us in my mind." She took a breath of air, looking down at the journal as she read. "Ruby and I came to you two with a request; a plea actually. We're afraid that extra assistance is needed to help protect two people and their children. Nefarious and Luna Darkhart. It seems Kain Darkhart is on a path of war and destruction, a dream of Nefarious coming to him while he slept. He now seeks to destroy Nefarious and anyone that either loves or supports him and Luna. In the dream, it was said that Luna had murdered Dahlia and Nefarious had vanquished Kain. So you see how careful we need to be in a time like this. If anything were to happen to the Darkhart's, then we have failed the land of Cairn and our vampiric ancestors. I, Nicholai Valentine, swear to stand before the blade of anyone who dares to hurt Nefarious and Luna, their children, and whoever else that loves them. Protect them or heed the warning as a traitor. This will ultimately be the biggest mission of your lives. Don't mess it up."

    Luna's eyebrows perked at the note, her ribs hurting from the babies. "Neefie. It seems Nicholai cares about you more than you do him. And I as well as our children find that rude. You must apologize." Caleb hugged Violet gently, standing up with her. "I need to have her lie down. We'll be in our room if you both need anything." Luna nodded, still holding Nefarious' hand. "I'm afraid I got pregnant at the wrong time.. So many dangerous things are happening at this point."


    Isabel laughed at Gerard, looking into the deep eyes of a child. "I'd like to buy some ribbons from you as well as feathers." The child nodded, showing her all that she had. Isabel bought out most of the lot, her eyes shining as she looked upon the things she had bought. "I can use these feathers for rituals to call my family. It also helps to let me see what the status is of my mother in prison." She looked over at the tree where Katherine was sitting with Adam, pulling Gerard along as she walked towards Katherine. "Hey, Katherine. Hello, Adam."
  8. Adam could see that Katherine was satisfied with his work, so he let her hair go as she pulled it around to begin tying it off. As she answered his question, he tilted his head in bemusement. "Oh, you mean you still have servants, and a big house?" he asked, scratching the side of his head. She asked if he would like to meet them, and then spoke of one other person that apparently still lived in her supposed mansion. A man who had taught Katherine how to fight, but shockingly enough, was also a werewolf like the two of them. He supposed that explained how Katherine had learned how to control her transformations so well. "Maybe I should. Clearly trying to learn how to do this myself isn't working..." he muttered, looking away for a few seconds. To have complete control over his werewolf half, to be able to go back to living some semblance of a normal life, that was what he wanted, wasn't it?

    True to her word, Katherine gave him a kiss as a thank you for braiding her hair, and Adam grinned after kissing her back. He wrapped his hands around her midsection as she sighed, and he chuckled softly. "Am I going to have to carry you back to our room in my arms, then?" he joked as she spoke of being too lazy to get up. He enjoyed the feeling of having her so close. It felt safe, and warm. It was the kind of thing he hadn't felt in a long, long, time. "I like this. I wouldn't mind sitting here for awhile."

    "So tell me, if you still have servants, and money, and I'm assuming some kind of mansion, why were you traveling around alone? What brought you to Losland?" he asked her curiously.

    After that, they were joined by two of the other Vampires that resided in Losland, one of them practically dragging the other along by the hand, who seemed to be uncomfortable. They greeted the pair of werewolves, and Adam nodded back to them. "Hello. I'd ask if you were enjoying the day, but judging by the look on your face, I think I already know the answer." he said with a raised eyebrow. "What's going on?"
  9. After seeing Daemon disappear into the skies, Kalar sighed. Once again, he had been ignored. Maybe if he were to change his black cloak into something shiny...just the thought was horrendous...and funny. Just imagining Adam's face cracked a smile on Kalar's own. He got up from the chair, where a waitress seemed to materialize with a booklet in hand.

    Mr. ...Well, sir...I have your bill right now.

    It seems like he got slapped!

    I have a what now? I thought I was eating for free! Hell, I haven't eaten anything at all. All I have done is

    As if dawning on him that he had spent more than a night here, he proceeded to make for the door, mumbling something about horrible guest service and how Daemon should pay for it.

    Ah well, sir, the handsome man who called himself ... can't seem to remember ... we found a note from whoever saying that you owed over 15,000 gold pieces for the meals and a donation to the town. SO I am sorry, but can you hand me the money?

    Kalar stopped in his tracks at the sound of the bill. Someone had volunteered him to pay for his meal, eh? I guess it was time to make a quick escape. He proceeded to slowly tiptoe into the shadows when she grabbed his cloak.

    Now, come on, sir. As you seem to not have the money, I guess you can start on the dishes we have stacked in the back.

    With that said, she began to drag him backwards while he was trying to grapple for his freedom with the air. Kalar seems to have been blackmailed and whoever did it will pay!

    After the dishes...
  10. Katherine & Isabel

    Katherine chuckled at Adam's responses, looking over at him warily as he asked about her house and what she was doing alone. "First, I live in a house. It's nice and roomy, and I think it has ten rooms. But I know for a fact that it has only one floor to it. So that is not a mansion. I opt for the small things in life; not the big." She felt giddy laying in his arms, her eyes slowly closing as she thought about her home. "Well, I spent 10 years either cooped up or walking around in the forest. That's the one place that I decided to build the house. Plus, not many people infected with the virus came towards my house. Sure, it was nice staying inside all the time and having my maids help me.. But I was wanting to go look for some type of adventure. Plus Dravus told me it'd be best to let my werewolf side out for a while." She waved to Isabel, beckoning her over. "Hello Isabel. And you, Gerard." Isabel smiled at Adam's comment, making her way over to the couple. "He's just not used to the sunlight after being transformed. He'll get used to it. No worries. By the way Katie... Have you thought about what I suggested?" Katherine nodded, looking away. "I'm thinking about it. I just.. I have no idea." Isabel nodded, sitting down underneath the shade with the couple, dragging Gerard down as well. "I see. Well, just take your time. Trust me, I have no intentions of doing this for myself. I just worry about people and I think that if you are in need of a solution.. Then maybe you should do it."
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  11. "Heh. Compared to where I came from, a house that big is practically a mansion." Adam commented as Katherine corrected him on the size of her home. A house with ten rooms? Had he ever been in a building that large until now? He couldn't remember a time he had. Katherine explained that while her home was located in what sounded like a safe environment, she had grown bored of being cooped up inside for so long, so had left in search of adventure. "Was this the kind of adventure you had in mind? Fighting demons, meeting vampires, and getting linked to a man you only just met?" he asked with a bit of sarcasm. Shakespeare couldn't have even come up with something like that.

    The Vampire couple made their way over, with Isabel explaining that Gerard was having trouble adjusting to sunlight before asking Katherine if she'd made a decision. A small frown crossed Adam's face, and he tightened his hold on her a little in a protective fashion. "Daemon told us about another option. I think that's the way to go. But it is your decision." he said with a shrug of his shoulders. He remembered Daemon's advice on the matter, that he should be there for Katherine, to support her no matter what, but the thought of her becoming undead if that was her didn't sit well with him.

    "So anyway...what are you two up to?"
  12. Katherine & Isabel

    Katherine leaned into Adam's embrace, her senses telling her that Adam didn't like the thought of what Isabel offered. "Yeah, he did offer us one, but then again that'll be my choice to make and I'm taking my time with it. After all. It's life or death we're talking about. And Daemon isn't one hundred percent sure that it'll be safe. He said there are some kinks." Isabel nodded, looking over at Gerard. "I'm sure Gerard wanted to still be human. But I did what I felt right. Daemon was busy taking care of Luna. I couldn't push Gerard on him like that. It wouldn't be right. That's why I said that maybe you should take my offer before he becomes busy. But if not.. Then you need to figure something out."

  13. Nefarious Darkhart
    Nefarious looked into the eyes of Caleb. Caleb gaining his rapt attention to his explaination of him stating that they both, meaning himself and Violet knowing quite alot about him. This pleased Nefarious greatly, for now he may know something about Kain to use against him. Like some kind of weakness. His father seemed rash and quick to anger, which could lead very well to his downfall.

    Afterwards he turned his attention from Caleb to Violet as she pulled out a old journal of hers. As Nefarious listened to this letter he began to come to the realization that Kain was utterly afraid that he would die by his own son's hand. Nefarious smirked at this, for he had just that thought in mind, killing Kain and ending his reign as a tyrant. He then looked to Luna as she stated that Nicholai cares about him more than he would care about Nicholai. He sighed softly hearing that he needed to apologize to Nicholai. “I'll try to, I just don't trust him all that much love. What with his little mind-reading ability and all." He stated truthfully but firmly. He then heard her say the one thing that he didn't believe for one second. “You are wrong love. I know you are worried for the children, but i assure you they will be fine. Daddy Neefie will make sure they stay safe as well as their mother. I won't lose another family. That I promise." he replied as he kissed her cheek.

    Gerard Targonne
    Gerard watched as Isabel bought what she wanted. After she was finished and they walked away from the child, he did notice how delighted the kid was at receiving the money. And Gerard smiled at that, such freedom a child experiences. It was almost something to envy. His attention turned to Isabel after that thought as she explained that used the items in some sort of ritual to speak to her family and check on the status of her mother in prison. He nodded as he looked to the two werewolves they were walking to. He shyly waved his hand, as he was not too used to werewolves. One didn't bother him, but two were different for him.

    He sat down next to Isabel silently, he felt a little awkward around the two werewolves. From what he knew in Vampire lore and werewolf lore. Is that the two races were constantly at war with each other. So he based his awkwardness on the fact the he was a vampire and it was just his genes making him feel that way. Either or though, he would eventually get used to being around them. “Anyways....I do enjoy being a's just sometimes i miss being human." he stated flatly knowing it was out of context for the subject. He felt like he needed to speak at some time though, or lest he believed he be seen as a anti-social freak or something.
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  14. "I know, I know. It's not like there's any rush. As long as I'm nearby, your life won't be in any danger. It's a big decision, so it probably shouldn't be rushed." Adam replied as Katherine stated she still needed to think before taking either option available to her. He just wanted what was best for her, which may have seemed odd to say about someone you'd only known for a matter of days, but when you cared about someone so much, it was hard to just do nothing. He let his chin rest on Katherine's head with a soft, nearly inaudible sigh. Isabel began talking then, and Kairos gave her a bemused look at her words, as something caught his attention.

    "Why would Daemon need to take care of Luna? She's fine, isn't she?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. First Katherine, now Isabel, why was everyone being so vague about Luna? She seemed alright to him, the last time he'd seen her only a short time ago.

    Gerard suddenly spoke up then, and Adam glanced his way as he explained missing his humanity. He enjoyed being a Vampire? From what Adam had seen, it was almost as bad as being a werewolf. What was there to like? "I miss being human too..." he said finally as he looked away. "But I accepted the fact that I never will be again a long time ago, or at least I tried."
  15. Luna & Katherine & Isabel

    Katherine looked over to Adam, her eyes hardening. "Yes, she's fine. Right, Isabel?" Isabel nodded, looking over at the doorway of the inn. Luna was walking out, holding Nefarious' hand. "I agree Neefie. But Nicholai is willing to die for us. Wouldn't you say that someone like that ought to be trusted? You are saying sorry, and that is that." She listened as he vowed to protect her, gently kissing him. "You're too sweet, darling. I trust you. Besides. I can fight my weight in battle. I know our children will be fine. I just wish it wasn't at this time when there is so many bad things happening." Katherine waved at Luna, as well as Isabel. Luna returned the wave, her eyes looking down at her stomach that was bulging out of her black dress. "I don't want everyone knowing about the children just yet Neefie," Luna said in a soft whisper. Her grip on Nefarious' hand tightened, her eyes searching the group as they approached. "Hello, all. May we join you for a while? I wanted something to do before I go rest."
  16. Katherine quickly assured Adam that there was nothing going on with Luna, and while Isabel was quick to agree, once again Adam found himself thinking there was something going on that the ladies were purposely keeping hidden. "You ever get the feeling all girls are trying to keep secrets for each other?" he asked Gerard, smirking a little at the jab at Katherine before using his hug to pin her arms to her sides in case she decided to retaliate against the joke. He'd never actually tried outmuscling her before, but he was pretty certain he could unless she knew some sort of crazy fighting style he wasn't aware of.

    Adam spotted Luna and Nefarious walking out of the Inn, and Katherine and Isabel caught their attention. The two of them began walking their way, and though they were speaking to one another, a sudden gust of wind kept Adam's acute hearing from picking up their words until they were right next to them, where Luna asked if they could join them. "Sure, you might as well. Practically every other nonhuman is here already anyway." Adam said with a shrug. It was a large tree, so there was plenty of room to sit in the shade. "So where are those new Bodyguards of yours? I figured they'd be shadowing you all over the place from now on, since Kain wants 'Neefie' dead so badly." he said.
  17. Katherine & Isabel & Luna

    Luna laughed, looking over at Neefie before replying. "They went to rest. It was a long journey for them. But I'm glad for my privacy." Katherine weaved her way out of Adam's grasp, gently punching him in the shoulder. "You should know not to underestimate me." She chuckled, looking over at Isabel and Luna. "Seems like these men think we're stupid." Isabel rolled her eyes, her hair fluttering in the wind. "All men think alike, I say." Luna nodded, hugging Neefie. "So, Katherine. How are you?" Katherine shrugged. "I'd like to talk to your father personally. I want to clarify things." Luna nodded, looking up at the sky. "He should be around soon. How are you, Adam?" She wasn't too worried about Adam, knowing that he'd be fine either way. She just wanted to keep conversation alive, happy that noone was suspecting that she was pregnant.
  18. Luna explained that her and Nefarious's bodyguards had gone to rest after their journey, and while Adam was distracted by listening to her, Katherine wiggled out of his grasp and punched him softly in the shoulder. Feigning injury, he rubbed his shoulder with a look of half pain, half amusement. "Ouch! Haha, duly noted." he said wryly as Katherine turned to the other girls to make fun of their menfolk, Isabel quickly jumping on the train as well. Adam scoffed, pulling Katherine back into his arms, though he didn't try to hold onto her like before. "You know, we men could all say the same thing about you women." he joked with a shrug of his shoulders.

    After a little more back and forth with Katherine, Luna suddenly asked Adam how he was doing, and he immediately found himself running a hand through his hair, checking to see if that cursed ribbon was still there. Had he actually put it there this morning without even thinking about it? He supposed that if he hadn't, Luna might have just done it herself, as she had the very first time, but still, he wasn't some trained dog! He...just worn it around her to avoid the hassle...yeah, that was it.

    "I'm fine, I guess. Katherine's been keeping me busy in one way or another the last couple of days." he said jokingly. "Though even if she wasn't, I'm sure I'd still find something to keep me occupied. It seems like we haven't had a dull moment since those Demons attacked, until right now, at least. Losland must have a trouble magnet or something. What about you, Luna?"
  19. Kalar felt around in the mass of bubbles, searching for the damn brush for the fifth time now. He had just finished with the first stack when more and more dishes were dropped at his feet. No one should be doing this, especially somebody with the power to kill the entire town. But, no, he had to be the honorable fallen angel, and just mindlessly began the task set out for him. He sighed with contempt for this kind of work before stepping away.

    Instead of doing this menial work, he should be finding Daemon or his pet Aros or even the daughter. She might have more information on the whereabouts of Daemon or even ...somehow help him. Some way to be redeemed in the eyes of the others. But, even with that, it would all be false, for he had killed his conscience when he plunged his blade into his companion. Now, even existing tore his chest apart, leaving the demons that are guilt and shame to arise. Bowing his head, he walked into the shadows, the only thing that did accept him and not mock his life. He walked through it and outside, behind a corner of another building.

    Turning the corner, he saw the giant group consisting of the vampire, the mix-breed of vampire and fallen angel, the two werewolves, and the child of Daemon. Hurriedly, he flung himself behind the corner, not wanting to be found, as he dd not know what they would do. Even the mix-breed was accepted by others, but why was he not? He had done everything asked of him and more. He had destroyed thousands of humans before the conflict. He had done what was asked of him, caring not for the order, only for the satisfaction of knowing it had been carried out. It was only now when he had been free from under the nose of the Higher Being and his slaves is where he recognized what he had done. But, his conscience never accused him of such things, only that of his latest kill, that of someone close to him. He had saved the Higher Realm twice and he felt guilty of it.

    He slid down to the ground, hugging his knees as if to give him some kind of support in his condition. However, nothing came to help from within. Only the single accusation that he was a traitor, a breaker of oaths, and shall be punished.
  20. Aros & Elizabeth

    Aros looked over at Elizabeth, picking her up in is arms as his wings appeared. "We should head back." Elizabeth jumped down, looking over at Aros. "I want to walk, if that's okay. I need to get some exercise anyways." Aros nodded, pulling Elizabeth close and kissing her softly. "I feel like I've known you for years." Elizabeth chuckled, looking down at her feet. "You can say our past souls have." Aros nodded, walking towards Losland as he looked up at the grey clouds. "I miss the sunshine before the war. It was so gorgeous. Now, it's always nasty unless you live in the Higher Realm. But now that I'll be living here I might as well get used to it." Elizabeth cocked her head to the side, frowning. "You can't go back up there? I would think you could.." Aros grinned, hugging Elizabeth. "I can, Lizzie. I can go back anytime. But I'm choosing to stay here.. for another purpose." Elizabeth blushed, walking towards the inn. "You're adorable. Hey.. Isn't that group those people we know?" Aros nodded, quickly walking towards the entrance of the inn. "Yeah.. But I know that the dog wants his space. He doesn't like me near his mate."
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