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  1. I am seeking a few people to role play with. I have done this plot before and am currently in a RP for it on another site and that RP has been going on since March. I would like the people to be dedicated as it can get long, but I always try to keep surprises coming.
    I also have a character that can become quite violent when pushed in the wrong direction and another that could use his mouth washed out with soap. So yeah, just a small warning and to let you know I don't mind that (or anything really) at all. My favorite piece of advice by Stephen King is 'Tell the truth'. Interpret that as you will and follow it to your heart's desire. So, uh, onto the idea.

    You are a teenager that has been taken from your home. Experiments have been done on you, but you have no clue about that until you enter the room. That must have been some heavy medication since you have been gone for a couple weeks and remember nothing during that time. You have been mixed with an animal and share some attributes of that creature. Nothing big. You may have patches of fur in some areas, whiskers, little things like that. It is too soon to be doing experiments with wings or tails or the like. So yeah, you are pretty much clueless until you see the others and learn more.

    Also a few guidelines I set up to keep it a bit more realistic and interesting.
    *An animal can only be used once.
    *One animal per character, no part wolf, part tiger, part human.
    *Real life animals please, no mythical creatures

    Also the animals I have taken are bat, snake, crocodile, hawk, and jackal.

    Other taken animals: Monkey, chameleon, wolf

    Anyone interested?
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  2. I'm interested. I even have a few animals in mind if my favorite gets taken first.
  3. Great! The only animals taken right now are bat, snake, jackal, crocodile, and hawk.
  4. I would be interested. Would a laboratory rat would be fine?
  5. That would be fine.
  6. Great. Out of curiosity, approximately how many participants are you looking for?
  7. My other role play only has myself and two other people so maybe two or three participants. It makes it easier that way, especially since it is easiest posting in an order.
  8. I'd like to take leopard, if it'll still be open
  9. If that's all that's taken can I claim Monkey?
  10. It is still open and all yours.

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  11. I am going to create the role play now. The way my introduction post is it leaves for at least one person to reply to it, possibly two. So one or two characters can enter that way and if people want they can already have their character in the room. I have also had people have characters show up in the role play by having the main group find the character in a different room, and have had one enter the role play by being dropped off outside after the teens escaped (that made for loads of fun!). So feel free to choose whichever option you like, or even a new option, and create new characters while the role play is going on.

    Oh and you are not limited to the teen experiments. There is also the scientists, although not sure how much of a role they could play, that would be totally up to you guys. I am going to shut up now. x3
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  12. I have a question for you guys. What genre do you think I should put this in?
  13. Hmm... Maybe.... modern fantasy.
  14. I guess it depends on the overall tone you feel it will take.

    From how I've read things and the way I interpret genres, I'm leaning towards a blend of modern scifi and horror.
  15. Just to make sure, are we to write in the first person?
  16. No, you can write in third. Sorry about that. The intro post can be a bit confusing. The rest of my posts will be in third person.
  17. I'm not quite sure how to phrase this. Is there a policy on semi-conflicting posts?
  18. I have no clue. I have tried to read all the posts and information about the site but it is very likely I missed something.
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