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  1. Burning Away

    Introduction: This is an adventure thread set primarily in the capital city of a crumbling empire. It will be very sandbox-esque with the plot tailored to player's actions, but the initial focus will be on an impending revolution and the intrigue at work in a collapsing nation.


    Estovet laid in turmoil. A vast, busy continent dominated by a mountain range separating its roughly triangular landmass. They ran from its 'point' facing south, into warm equatorial waters, far up into the frigid north, blanketed in indomitable ice. The fires of change had been lit in the west, a fertile expanse of grasslands divided between hundreds of small autocratic states clinging to ancient lineages and the allure of royal rule. A strong plurality of the realm's population and might, divided eternally into a myriad by feuds and small, intense wars. The rest of the continent marched to a different beat. The eastern seaboard, a sliver of land split from the world by the central mountains, had amassed into the proud and diverse empire of Arcartus. The south, crowded with ambitious lords, had burned brightly with war at first. Powerful countries had been built in proximity to each other, and they had come to tenuously coexist as opulent mercantile powers presiding over both sides of the sea. Between the two great blocs, the micro-nations of the northwest were picked away and added to the personal collections of the powerful almost at will. What had become a hundred year tradition of conquest had left the west bloodied and bitter, and with time the region congealed into a clot of anti-imperialist fervor. A nation named Tovasel was the first to put the continent's resentment to paper. The Edict of Tovasel, rapidly carried by horseback and carriage and even more swiftly signed support. The Edict defined the situation in simple terms that few among the uncountable states could disagree with, that was its primary strength. Half a continent bound by a simple phrase. All participant parties were to cooperate in the joint military opposition of imperial powers against member states. The West rose up together, and poised to strike indiscriminately. A throne of bayonets had been constructed, and the world had been invited to sit it.

    Rather than incite war, the newly formed league created absolute asylum for the once annexed lands that longed to return to their original state. Little flecks and particles of Arcartus broke away, taken in by the million hands of Tovasel and warded from the rage of the crumbling giant. Likewise, chunks of the south reclaimed their former national identity and walked out of quiet servitude into the waiting arms of the League. War seemed inevitable, held off only by the limit of embarrassment that either faction was willing to suffer. Embargoes and tensions mounted one by one, and with every political move the continent inched closer and closer to the time when one side would unsheathe the first sword. The Arcartis were the first to test the might of the Edict. The city state of Geltreis, a border to Arcartus and home to a military fort by the same name, was deemed necessary to reintegration after it broke away from the country. The local population, never traditionally Arcarti, rose up and cast away their government by destroying the city's branch office of the Arcartus House of Affairs. The Arcartis wanted their land back and their countrymen to bury, and sent a company of infantry to secure the city and reinstate order. Tovasel responded with a division of over a thousand men, raised in days. The city was encircled, and the Arcartis within executed under the terms of the Edict. The move was considered excessive, even within the League. However, it spelled out the conditions of the new relationship between Arcartus and the League in terms as simple and powerful as those on the Edict itself. Without committing to total war, there was little that the empire could do to reclaim, or even hold their frontier lands. The repercussions of each loss were felt most strongly in Arcartus' capital, where each embarrassment compounded atop the splitting dissent running rampant in the empire grown too large. The country had fallen on hard times.

    The city of Lieda, the bustling, beating heart of an empire. It rose, seemingly, out of the ocean on the ends of leviathan concrete harbors. Wooden and steel cranes dotted its coastline, presiding over the hollow shells of naval vessels in halted construction. Inland, the skyline became defined instead by sparsely placed water towers. Among them, only the arched, imposing roofs of government buildings, great halls, and ancient churches dared to rise higher. Below, multistory brick buildings as far as the eye could see, differentiated by color, size, and signage. Among them flowed the lifeblood of the city, thousands of people, of the many walks of life that drew aspiring and desperate souls to the capital. Many of them were the rejected, disused outflow of the capital machine, and they turned to other means of survival. Crime ran the depths of the town, a secret world locked away in back alleys by dedicated gendarmes. Where their society had failed them, they raised their own from the ashes. In the shadow of the government's central offices, temples of law and order, organized crime was birthed into a demanding world. Some still trusted in the words law and order and threw their stake in with the government. The rest laid their loyalties elsewhere. Their country had changed, began to fall apart at the seams, and now their city had to follow suit. Arcartus was weaker than it had ever been, and for the first time the talk of revolts and rebellions carried significant weight. There were almost as many agendas being worked in the city of Lieda as there were citizens, ranging from the benevolent to the occult. Some wished to see Arcartus fall, some ached for the time its people would stand up and strike back at the west which had demeaned their proud nation. Others still saw their chance to climb to power or wealth on backs of others, and their corpses if need be. The future of the country was uncertain, and the people of the capital began to rally around those they thought could lead them. The angry sought to bring change, and the downtrodden sought something to believe in.


    Hi, welcome to the thread. I like to run RPs with a large degree of freedom of action, where players can see their actions steer the active plot of the thread in significant ways. How that tends to end up in practice is something similar to a sandbox with a suggested direction, where characters are free to forge and shape their own plots and aspirations in addition to the central narrative. In the case of Burning Away, it actually helps the main plot considerably if each character has a differing agenda.

    Above is the intro made for the thread, the ideal is that it gives enough background to start while leaving enough vague to explore in the thread, or for people to fill in while creating their characters. Of course, I'm happy to answer any questions you want to post here or PM me with. If you are interested in the thread, please let me know any way you please.


    1: No autohitting/killing, godmodding, powerplay, that sort of general roleplay thing. Not everybody gets along, but please have respect for your fellow roleplayers.
    2: Actions have consequences. I will not outright kill or maim characters, no rocks falling here, nor is it in my interest to create unwinnable situations, but I do love danger.
    3: Please contact me if you are going to disappear for an extended period of time, or skip your post etc. I don't penalize for inactivity but I do like to know if I need to continue without you.

    Character List:

    Name / Page / Owner
    Gareth Harker / 1 / ravenDivinity
    Lilian Tosli / 1 / DrowsyPangolin
    Ethan Lindwell / 1 / Sightles
    Robert Breault / 1 / ArmoredScout
    Geralt Sinclair / 2 / Solistor
    Astoria De'Marconias / 2 / Sofa King Fancy

    Bio Format:








    This format is flexible and if there's something you think adding would better describe your character, by all means.

    The Map (open)

    General overview of Estovet and its distribution of nations. Arcartus colored top right in light blue and areas protected by the Edict of Tovasel defined by mesh pattern.

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  2. Gareth Harker

    "Times are dangerous... for a tragedy has occurred this evening."

    Gareth, a product of a human father and an Elven mother, came forth unto the world as a comely amalgamation of the inherently youthful appearance of the Elves and the firm strength of mankind, his physical form not characteristic of a frail being. Strong muscle graces his body, with legs ready to race athletes through the streets, despite that he is by no means the strongest fighter. His face is softer than most men's, exuding a quality of softness that betrayed his stalky and stalwart stature. He possesses a square jaw, lined with soft stubble, high cheekbones and gently-tanned skin, framed by nigh-black hair and dark, blue eyes. These features coalesce into the single form of a boyish man of a more docile breed of might. Not of high warrior status, he bears no tough armor to fortify himself, rather he dons a blue hood and cloak over a tan, cotton shirt and umber pants and paces ground silently in tough leather boots.

    Though he is no warrior, Gareth is a decently skilled bowman, wielding a longbow, made of hard oak, edged at the handhold by an arrowhead-shaped iron guard. This bow was given to him by his mother to defend himself as he grew, an old bow passed down through his family first forged by one of his ancestors roughly a hundred years ago. Being a bow with magical potential, it was enchanted for durability and the piercing of weak armor, charms of utility to make the bow more useful, left on the bow for many years through the ruby gem set into its grip. Aside from his bow, he wields in both hands simple battle axes, weapons he's only decent with.

    Raised in his father's ways of diligence and humility, Gareth isn't inclined to the type of egotism seen in other people. Perhaps, however, he might be too tough on his own character and looks at himself with misplaced deprecation that curses him with low self-esteem. Gareth has a difficult time controlling his emotions, thus they get the better of him, a very passionate youth who feels deeply. All around he is honest and trustworthy, telling small white lies every now and then to make peace, although his responsibility falters often, a trait that's followed him since his childhood. His mother disposed him towards a lack of judgment on fellow men and a code of honor in treating all with virtuous conduct and raised him to see the good in others where it may lie and distinguish it from the bad without harsh scrutiny. Gareth falls behind in resisting anger, and he grapples with a nagging emptiness in his heart, a feeling of sadness that arises on its own. He may give himself too much in love for other people, and he is vexed by social contact with other people, being quite bashful himself until he can warm up to someone or gather the courage to speak or act. Despite his debilitating imperfections, within himself he holds an aptitude for scholarly thought, and a prowess with persuasion and critical thought, gained from his adept intelligence and affinity for books. Because of his history, Gareth has constituted his virtues in remembrance of his losses.

    Gareth was born to a human father from Mullen in Keilaudrin, a nation to the southwest, and a religious, full-Elven mother who came from Lumina, an Elven kingdom on the northwestern side of the continent. He was raised in another city of Keilaudrin, away from Mullen, by his parents, who defended him in his childhood and raised him in virtue to save him from becoming wretched and corrupt like the many groups that instigated the chaos of the lands far and wide. When he came of age to leave on his own, he discerned that he would travel to Mullen, the city of his father's origin, and he was vested with the weapons he now bears for protection. He sat in the middle of choosing a profession, whether he joined the Lifeguard or worked as a candlemaker or something other, and thus while in waiting for his choice, he performed simple tasks and jobs for his neighbors, some of which he considered friends, in Mullen, using the rewards he received to maintain his lifestyle and gaining favor and small recognition among some fellow citizens for his benevolence and aid, neither famous nor invisible. There he met some of the worst of times. Conspiracy and death, at a scale beyond any he had ever known. But like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes of the funeral pyre.

    It's been 2 years since the tragedy of those times. His father succumbed to the embrace of the grave. As a squire, he earned the title Sir Gareth Harker, and he came to be the Order of the Thistle's frontline messenger, traveling throughout Estovet and delivering the messages of the Order and Keilaudrin's royalty amidst the tumult, even delivering letters into battle. Though he doesn't fully grasp his duties or the politics surrounding his affiliation, Gareth is willing to serve Sir Tyler Lording, Commander of the Thistle.
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  3. So, I have a couple questions:

    What is the technology level?

    How is the RP organized? As in, are we starting a good ol' adventuring party or did you have something else in mind?
  4. @ravenDivinity

    Accepted! Welcome aboard


    The technology level is a pretty high medieval standard. I would compare it more to early industrial but things like steam power or firearms are not in recognizable use.

    The RP is, for lack of a better word, semi-sandbox. I, and I imagine others as well, will attempt to keep the cast moving in something resembling a party but ultimately you're free to explore subplots as you like. I really don't mind handling lots of NPCs or multiple small interactions, if that's what everyone feels like at a particular moment.

    When the thread starts proper I plan on amending the first IC post with a kind of general introduction and maybe a character to set the specifics, but right now the most concrete thing is that the thread is set in the city of Lieda and everything else is open depending on the kind of cast we get.
  5. Name: Lilian 'Lily' Tosli

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Clothing: Lily is a short, vibrant young woman with an air of constant energy around her. She has a small, petite frame and very lightly tanned skin. Her eyes are a very deep shade of blue and her face is almost always emblazoned with an inquisitive smirk. Her facial features are averagely pronounced, though there is a certain quaint beauty about her. A few light freckles speckle her cheeks and nose, likely brought about by time spent in the sun. Lily's hair is blonde, with a slight hint of orange under bright light. Her well groomed curls reach just beyond her shoulders, framing her face. She sometimes wears a small bow made of a deep cerulean fabric amidst the sea of curls.

    The most prominent piece of Lily's clothing is an old overcoat made of thick cloth. The garment is dyed a greyish-blue, though it may have faded from a darker color. The coat has obviously seen quite a bit of hardship. It's surface is worn and rather coarse, and it is littered with numerous patches, some of which are blatantly mismatched. The garment is obviously oversized on it's small owner, who refuses to make use of it's sleeves, leaving them hanging at her sides. A row of tarnished silver buttons line the front of the coat, suggesting it once was quite an expensive piece of clothing, but it's glory days have obviously passed it by. The buttons seem to have once bore engravings, but they have long since been worn away. Lily typically wears only the first few of these buttoned and wears the garment in a way similar to a cloak. The bottom of the garment is tattered, as if it once drug the ground, perhaps wearing off it's ends until it reached it's current length.

    Beneath her coat, Lily wears a dark blue sailor-style jacket over a white button-up shirt. The jacket has thick white cuffs and appointments. The collar is also trimmed with white cloth. The jacket tails behind her, reaching nearly to her mid thigh. Overall the garment seems quite expensive, though upon closer inspection one might note that some of it's originally smooth silver buttons have been replaced and mismatched. These buttons run down the front of the garment in two parallel rows. Lily's leggings are simple black dress trousers with a black leather belt around the waist. The woman's feet are covered by a pair of black leather boots that reach a few inches above the ankle. They have a very slight heel and fasten with a series of buckles. Lily also occasionally wears a warm white scarf.

    Weapons/Belongings: Lily's weapon of choice is a specially crafted crossbow. The weapon is as much a feat of engineering as it is a killing tool, having a variety of unique features in it's design. The 'body' of the weapon is constructed primarily from brass, and is rectangular in shape. The stock of the weapon is made of polished mahogany, with a brass plate on the butt.
    The arms of the bow are constructed from spring steel, with a strange system of wheels and pulleys connecting the string to the arms. This mechanical system allows Lily's crossbow to have a much higher draw weight than similar weapons. To compensate for the immense strength needed to cock the weapon, another mechanical system has been devised within the body. A brass lever, on the right side of the crossbow, is connected to a series of cogs and gears within the body. The system reduces the force needed to draw the weapon, requiring only a simple pull of the lever to pull back the immense weight.

    A small internal magazine is enclosed within the top of the body, containing up to five bolts at a time. As the weapon is fired and redrawn, another bolt falls into place. A small slot opens in the top of the body so that it may be reloaded. Theoretically, the weapon can be fired as quickly as it's user can pull back the lever and trigger. Just in front of the loading port, a small glass lens is affixed that can be folded down for carrying purposes, or flipped up to provide a slight magnification. Despite it's mechanical intricacies, the weapon is built sturdily enough that it can survive regular travel and use. A leather strap is attached to allow easier carrying.

    In addition to her crossbow, Lily carries an eleven-inch-long stiletto-style dagger. The blade of the weapon is forged from steel, and is sharp on both sides, despite it's primary use being thrusting. The crescent-shaped guard is made of silver, with a single sapphire set in it's midst. The grip is made of polished whalebone, and is incredibly smooth to the touch. The pommel of the weapon is a smooth orb of silver, giving it a perfect balance. The weapon seems quite expensive, and likely was stolen.

    Lily's only other armaments are a number of spheres that seem to be made of thick glass. A small metal ring is affixed to the top of each orb, allowing Lily to attach them to her belt. The spheres are bisected internally by a small wall of glass, with one side being filled with a dark green liquid and the other with a light grey powder. When thrown, the glass shatters, mixing the two chemicals and exploding into a thick cloud of smoke that irritates the eyes and lungs of those who come near it. Lily primarily uses these 'smoke bombs' as a method of escape.

    Outside of her weapons, Lily carries a number of personal belongings. When traveling, she often lugs around a large wooden trunk. The trunk contains a number of day-to-day items, including a few changes of clothes, a sewing kit, a small amount of medical supplies, a pen and parchment, a maintenance kit for her crossbow, and several bottles of wine. Lily also keeps a silver pocket watch on her person at all times. The watch has a long silver chain affixed to it. An emblem of a bird is engraved on the outside cover. If needed, Lily may carry some of these items directly on her person.

    Personality: Lily is a rather energetic person with a tendency to be quite sociable even around complete strangers. Though she usually retains a fairly cheerful demeanor, she can come across as brash, or even rude at times. Her manner of speech is casual and unrefined, and 'proper etiquette' isn't something she holds in a particularly high esteem. She maintains a love for the more seedy side of human society, and her day-to-day life is littered with strong drink and profanity. She seems most at home in the back-alleys and taverns of the world, and though she is usually friendly, isn't one to shy away from a fight. Her moral compass seems to be ruled entirely by whims, leading some to view her behavior as erratic.

    History: Lily was born on Esterl, an island nation to the south of Estovet. She grew up the daughter of a moderately successful silversmith, and was set up to take up her father's trade, along with her twin sister. Her lifestyle was turned upside-down, however, when a terrible plague swept across the island. The disease took her father's life, and left her mother bedridden. She and her sister, both still very young, took to begging in the streets to support the household. When this failed, the pair of them turned to thievery. What began as an act of desperation quickly evolved into a lucrative business, and in only a few years Lily and her sister sat atop the most profitable syndicate the country had ever known. This wealth, however, would prove to be her undoing. A series of disagreements with her sister eventually escalated into a violent rivalry, and Lily was forced to flee the country to avoid certain death. Following her escape, she began traveling the world, and put her skills up for hire.

  6. Second time's the charm. Accepted.
  7. Anything worth doing is worth doing twice :P
  8. Name: Ethan Lindwell

    Age: 36

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Ethan has very handsome features, despite his figure being more on the chubby side, and weighs roughly 230lbs. Once possessing an athletic build, it is obvious that Ethan used to be some kind of solider as his broad shoulders, and hint of muscle, provides the evidence. Ethan is clean shaven but his auburn hair falls uncut to his shoulders, as if he has forgotten to trim his hair for far too long. Ethan's eyes are colored a very bright blue, which set against his auburn hair and fair skin make them appear even brighter. Ethan stands about 6'3'', combined with his weight makes him appear large in any room His facial features are not soft by any means. His skin seems rough, judging by looking at it, as if it was carved from the bark of a tree. Despite being hardened by conflict and battle, Ethan's skin underneath his clothing is oddly unblemished, not holding any scars from wounds. The only wound Ethan has on his skin is that of burn scars that cover an area from the top of his cheek, to about his forehead. The burn scars seemed to have dulled, and have healed nicely from whenever the man had suffered them, however.

    Clothing: Ethan is dressed for the appropriate weather in Arcartus at the moment. Wearing a thick black cape, with attached furs of a bear sewn into the area around his neck, giving him plenty of warmth. Ethan also wears a midnight black gambeson that is made of above-average fabric and appears meant for some lordly person. Underneath the gambeson, Ethan wears a simple white long sleeve tunic that gives him something to shed down to if the environment is too warm. Over the gambeson, Ethan wears a sleeveless brown leather doublet. Ethan dresses appropriately with his gear by wearing thick black trousers that provide considerable warmth. Ethan has also taken to wearing brown leather gauntlets that he normally leaves untied as to give him a quick way to remove them. Across his waist, and above all his clothing, is his cross belt, long and decorated with pieces of silver and metal.

    Weapons: In fights, Ethan is quick and fast, moving as a man a foot shorter a 100lbs lighter, and 10 years younger. While this does not mean that Ethan is a good runner, he is definitely good with small bursts of speed that dodge attacks. Ethan also possesses a fairly large reservoir of strength. While no means is it impressive, it certainly gets the job done and helps him hold his own. Ethan's warrior past shows the immense training he received in the technical parts of hand-to-hand combat, fighting nothing like a brawler, but more like some kind of martial artist. While this is true, Ethan has no particular fighting style. Ethan uses a longsword, forged from an extremely durable and exceptionally sharp material. The sword is a regular sized long sword, possessing a hilt made out of basic steel, a brown leather handle with a simple steel pommel. The blade of the sword is the only special thing about the weapon. The blade is pale, like milk, and shines as bright as any light when exposed to the sun. Despite it's length, the sword is extremely light, operating almost like a feather in the hand of the wielder. The sword has evidently seen some extent of combat, for down the length of the white sword is many scratch marks, but the sword itself seems to be unchipped. Ethan opts to have a free hand with fighting with his sword, allowing him to take advantage of his typically superior quickness The sword resides in a sheath, that is tied tight around Ethan's waist at all times, almost never without it. The sheath is pure black, made of leather. Small bands of metal wrap around the length of the sheath. Ethan was given the sword as a present for his service to the Arcarti State Military, and has shown to be more than skilled with the weapon.

    Personality: Ethan has a keen sense of honor and justice, which he received from his father. He is fair, and caring. However, Ethan has a surprisingly keen mind for warfare and strategy, which comes in small doses of advice. This martial mindset is translated to many parts of Ethan's nature, as if perceiving a warrior's discipline and training is the best thing to fall back on in any situation. Despite this focus on honor, and the warrior way, Ethan is an excellent political player, able to manipulate and lie, suspending his own principles and character in order to achieve something. While all of this is typically done in the name of good, it makes one wonder how a man can so quickly hit a switch in his head to forget all his values, to become an entirely different man altogether. Ethan speaks in well-measured sentences, thinking carefully about what to say. This, combined with his naturally authoritative tone, can catch many people off-guard. It's very difficult to catch Ethan unprepared, or in a position where he would let surprise get the better of him. Ethan is prudent when it comes to his time, and doesn't usually settle down for luxuries, instead preferring to keep to business at all times.

    History: Ethan comes from a nearly extinct noble house that resides in Arcartus. The Lindwell House traces itself back before the formation of Arcartus and most nations residing on Estovet. For a long time, the Lindwells had the ear of the King, and were one of the most loyal banner men the king had. As times changed, so did the Lindwells. Less about leading armies and fighting as warriors, the Lindwells became large political players, and attempted to gain power, which angered many people that shouldn't of been angered. Through a series of assassinations, 'accidents', and bad decisions, the populous house of Lindwell was culled down. While numbers were reduced significantly, the Lindwell's were still a formidable political piece. Over time, however, the Lindwells were soon boxed out of the political arena, losing all power they had spent most of their existence building. Ethan's father was the last Lindwell, and took it upon himself to end the Lindwell line on a good note. A revered General in the Arcarti State Military, Ethan's father became famous for his integrity and honor during his service. Eventually, Ethan's father met a woman who was part of his staff. The two married soon after and produced their only heir, Ethan. Shortly after, Ethan's father died tragically, and Ethan was left to carry on the family name. At the age of 17, Ethan's mother died in battle, leaving a house and the remaining Lindwell properties in Ethan's name. It took no time for Ethan to sell the Lindwell properties, and sign into the Arcarti State Military. Eventually reaching the rank of Captain, Ethan did little besides a few skirmishes, and advising General's as part of their staff. Ethan retired from the military around the age of 27 and served as a freelance bodyguard to many Arcarti political players, helping him learn the political battlefield. Now at the age of 36 with much experience, and wisdom, little is known of what Ethan's motives are now. Ethan currently serves as a trusted part of a rather large committee that helps advise Marshal Boyd, a military leader in Lieda. While Ethan's contribution is ultimately little to none, the position serves as a jumping board onto Ethan's more political opportunities.

    Sorry for being late to the party, hope everything checks out
  9. Accepted! Welcome aboard.
  10. I should have a character up sometime tomorrow.
  11. Awesome, glad to have your interest. I think after that, if everyone is comfortable with it, we'll be about ready to start up. With real luck we might snag one or two more people by then too.
  12. Can't wait to see it!
    Awesome, can't wait for the thread to start.
  13. @Sightles

    Neither can I. As it stands, I think we need one or two more people and then we can move forwards.
  14. @O|NoSoul: Are you still onboard or are you still working on a CS?
  15. Sorry, I'm still here. I've just been busy with some stuff.
  16. That's great news. Definitely don't feel rushed on anything, though.
  17. Name: Robert Breault, Master at Arms

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Clothing: Robert is a large fellow, standing five foot ten and weighing in at a hundred and ninety eight pounds, he is broad shouldered, with worked arms and a well-fed appearance. He is of average complexion, with a slightly deep tan about his face, neck, and arms below the elbows. Of average appearance, he would be easily lost in a crowd were you to look for him by face alone. Wearing a short beard and sideburns, his dark brown hair is shaggy in the back but thinning at the temples. He has the appearance of a man who has seen stress and overcome it barely, and has the lines and bags of a heavy drinker.

    Robert is clothed with fine cloth and leather garments, consisting of a long sleeved cotton shirt, buttoned at the throat and cuffs, with a soft, well worn leather jerkin. Long khaki pants with worn out cuffs adorn his legs, with square toed knee high boots with steel toes. Outdoors he typically wears a battered, hooded great coat, its ends roughened and tough from dragging the floor. A wide belt weaves its way about his waist, bearing several pouches and shanks for the storage of useful tools. He also possesses a wide brimmed hat, though it is usually reserved for day long watches or events requiring more formal attire.

    Personality: Robert is a fairly even keel and trusting man, devout to the local church and a strong purveyor of the local drink. After a six year long tour of service in the Arcarti Navy, he is well disciplined, and when required, can be quite refined. Despite his bulk, he prefers talking to brawling, and in his service he was honored and distinguished for talking several sailors down from coming to blows. If his hand is forced into a fight, he dispenses with 'trivial honor' and does not hesitate to go for crotch strikes, cheap shots, or attacking a disabled or otherwise indisposed opponent. As a drinker, he is very loose tongued and informal, and very slow to anger.

    Weapons/Belongings: Robert possesses a fine sabre with an engraved guard, a gift from the father of a sailor who's life he had saved. He also carries a flask with him at all times, filled with his own personal mix of 'midday / midnight pick-me-up' for particularly stressful or long jobs. A roll of bandages, a prybar, and a lantern are usually brought along for watch or guard details, along with matches, oil, and playing cards. Despite his relatively lax mannerisms and appearance, he maintains attentiveness and is consistently prepared for any and all situations that could occur at a job site, be they break-ins or break-outs.

    History: As a young man, Robert dreamed of a life on the sea, a sailors life of port calls and merrymaking. What he received from his enlistment in the Arcarti Military was the rate of Master at Arms, a detail consisting of keeping the peace and policing the unruly. The port calls he made up and down the coast were mostly shore patrol and maintaining the image of the ship. It was a stressful job, and often was he hated by the newer and younger sailors for his constant stopping of their illegal 'shore-side activities', that had previously ended up with a sailor dead and another badly injured. After six years, Breault left the Navy and returned to his home in Lieda a stranger in a now strange place. The shadow of an empire lurching about in a desperate struggle had reared its ugly head at him before, being present at many of the warship captain's private briefings and 'negotiations' that went from calm glances and small talk to angry rants and arguments almost before words were even spoken.

    Driven deep into drink after his time in, Robert only realized that he had misused most of his stashed funds two years after terminating his service. Using the previously loathed rate to his advantage, he found it easy to turn odd jobs as additional security in local jails, night watches for nervous owners of shops and establishments, a doorman for slightly more esteemed bars and taverns, and the like. Living comfortably off his wages and tucking the nightmares of falling lands and distant wars further back with every bottle, Robert exists day to day with slowly waning hope for a brighter tomorrow, fearfully dodging any mention of yesterday.
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  18. Accepted, welcome aboard.
  19. Well, it's been a week and I'd like to hope everyone's anxious to get started. Seeing as we're an always open thread anyway, it doesn't change much, so I'm calling it time to start introductions. The IC thread has been updated with another, more narrow focus intro for things to start happening around, if that's where you want to place your character.
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