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  1. This is a BUG REPORT THREAD!

    We just updated the forums to 1.2.3!

    If something weird is happening, or giving you errors, report it in this thread.

    Vay, Diana, and Jared fix things. All three need to be able to see what is report and what has been fixed. Please make sure to report bugs in the right place or we might never get it fixed!
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  2. The update is most definitely NOT mobile friendly. D:
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  3. Kinda hard to navigate on mobile. For example, when I go to my profile, none of the posts written on my profile page show up (ie, my status updates and such).

    EDIT: It's the same on everyone's profile, comments and likes on statuses are visible but the actual statuses themselves aren't.

    ANOTHER EDIT: My mobile problems are on the Kindle Fire.
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  4. Cannot view comments on my profile... not sure if the update caused it or not....
  5. -By mobile, I'm stuck viewing the site with oversized pages as if I were browsing from my computer.

    -The Alert page refuses to show any content, instead giving a big black square.

    -Also, if I comment on someone else's status, or my own, the content does not appear, nor do I have the ability to click the 'comment' or 'reply' option because it no longer exists.

    -On the Conversations page, the drop down bar will occasional open up on its own, pushing the messages in a conversation or the links to the conversations themselves, to the far right of the page, making them very crushed looking and dense.
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  6. I'm not sure if it is fixable or not, but it's very difficult to view the forum via mobile. The pages are very zoomed out, and I can't view statuses.
  7. I can't view statuses either, only this time I'm using a laptop.
  8. I'm also stuck with the full site instead of mobile on my phone. I only have computer internet access at school so that's really annoying. I haven't noticed anything wrong with the full site on my phone, it's just super inconvenient :(
  9. The Gray on Black back to top button isn't easy to spot at first. I suggest making the text a light color on the dark background. Just a design thing.
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  10. All the wall messages on my profile are gone ;_;
  11. I can't really help with the style issues but the posts and their content still exist, they are just messed up due to, I assume, something being broken in the style.
  12. Okay, lemme rephrase that.

    "All the wall messages on my profile have become invisibluh!"
  13. Missing comments on the profile pages has been FIXED.

    Still trying to figure out why the responsive mobile stuff is not kicking in properly.

    Make sure when you report these bugs that you state what KIND of device you're using! Phone, ipad, kindle, laptop, desktop, etc. Cause some bugs are -very- device specific and it helps me figure out where the problem is. O__O
  14. Hello! Also having problems viewing on mobile; I'm viewing on an iPhone 5, and it opens in Safari and Google app in the same format as on PC :)
  15. Diana, I'm missing tabs on my mod bar...
  16. I liked being able to access sub-forums from the main list; can that come back? :(
  17. the Post Reply button does nothing on my mobile phone.
  18. Mine phone is an LG Android
  19. My phone its really hard to read from it. Also, I've been noticing alittle lag between words. Its not really the same as it was before. :/ Also It hard to read it on the compter in a converstion.
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  20. All of my Alerts were cleared. Not sure if this counts as a bug, but I was also told I had an alert.
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