Bound by peace

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  1. Prelude:
    Through the generations, two nations have been at war. The citizens have become use to the emotional turmoil caused by losing loved ones in battle. Supplies of spears, armor, and swords, were running short. After awhile, it reached a point where neither nations knew why they were fighting anymore, but they still continued to fight.This war had originally began because the king of Jastra sided with the dark Lord Strohm, and aided him in spreading darkness over the land. King Rolim of Cilivren did not want evil to become victorious, so war was waged.

    Several years later King Rolim's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. When the king held his daughter for the first time, was the moment when he realized how much value life really had. From that moment on he would strive to end this war. He finally decided he needed to travel to the dark kingdom and offer the thing he loved the most, his daughter. He promised the dark king that on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, she would be delivered to him. King Rolim did not know how his daughter would be used. He did not know if the other king would place her with the rest of his concubines, or leave her pure for his son.


    Aubron lounged in his dark room. Soon enough that girl of King Rolim would be here. His father told him that if he so chooses, he could have her. Then again he was used to having whatever he wanted. He was his father's only son. Aubron had an older sister and two younger sister, and probably many other siblings from his father's harem, but he didn't know.

    Aubron just turned 22. He wasn't a small guy. His height was maybe six foot two inches and every inch of him was muscle. He had broad shoulders and was the heart throb of many girls. That's what he liked. Having girls swoon over him. Hoisting himself off the bed he checked in the mirror and noted that his shaggy dark brown hair was a mess and hung in front of his brilliant sea green eyes. With a shrug he ran his fingers through it just to create some order.

    His room was a wreck, but that didn't phase him, after all, that's what maids were for. There were several maids in this castle. They did whatever he, or his dad, wanted. Of course that led to some interesting nights. He has never been called a soft caring guy, and on the outside he wasn't, but on the inside he yearned for love. He would never admit he wanted to truly love someone. To his father that was weakness, plus he did enjoy this carefree lifestyle a lot.

    A knock interrupted his thoughts. "What?" He asked rather sharply. "Your father wants you dressed and in the throne room Sir. The princess will be here." After she was done speaking he waved her off. What was he going to wear? With a sigh he found a pair of black pants and a billowy maroon button up shirt. He left a couple buttons undone because he felt suffocated if they were all buttoned.

    After dressing he went to meet his father. There he was looking all royal on his throne. His father was a handsome man, but just by looking at him you could tell he was cruel. At times Aubron felt bad for how he treated his mother. His sisters were along the wall on the side of the room. "So this is a family affair?" He raised an eyebrow sort of challenging his fathers authority. The kings eye narrowed on his son before his lips broke into an evil grin. "We want your precious princess to feel welcome don't we?" The kinds voice was cool and slimey. Aubron tried to avoid talking to him, but most of the it was inevitable. With a shrug Aubron leaned lazily against one of the columns that lined the throne room.
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    Gwendolyn sighed. She didn't want to be sold out to the neighboring kingdom. Especially when she heard about how horrible the king's concubines were treated. But she had no choice in the matter. Her father had sold her out to him as soon as she had been born. And she thought her father loved her. Psh! She put the sickeningly see-through like dress on and fixed her hair. She had to stop herself from not covering her head with a blanket. This was very embarrassing, not to mention, she might never see her mother again. She couldn't care less about her father, but her mother, she would miss her dearly. She had a certain bond with her that she couldn't break. Yet, right now, it felt like it was as fragile as glass. She hugged her mother tightly.

    "Mother, I will miss you greatly. Say you'll send letters. Oh please say you will!" If she couldn't see her, then letters would have to do. That is, if the king of the other kingdom allowed such a contact. Then again, he probably wouldn't. She would have to send them secretly.
    "I will, my darling. Be brave, be strong. You can do it. I know you a big girl now, ok? Be strong for me if not for yourself!" Her mother's words were filled with love and yearning for her to be safe.
    "Thank you mom. I will be brave and strong. I will try my hardest to do those things just for you! Well, I guess, I am off now...Bye mother..." She kissed her mother's cheek and hugged her one more time before walking out the door and turning her back on the only world she had ever known and walking into a world of mystery, danger, darkness....She stepped into the nearest carriage and off they were to the neighboring kingdom. She wasn't at all excited. More than anything, she was terrified. Especially since she felt so exposed. The carriage arrived in no time at all. The castle was huge and meanacing.

    Gwendolyn stepped up the steps and a door butler opened the door, welcoming her into the grand hall. In front of her was the meanacing looking king himself and what looked to be the prince leaning on a nearby column. She approached the throne, bowing.

    "My father bids you keep your word as he has kept his. I am Gwendolyn, his daughter...."
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    The King smiled cruelly when he laid his eyes upon Gwendolyn. She was absolutely splendid, dressed in practically nothing. Leaning forward his boney fingers grasped the arms of his chair as he rose. "Your father is a man of his words," he said rather smoothly and walked over to his prize. Putting a finger under her chin, he lifted her head and looked down at his. His eyes seemed to ravenous as they looked over her face and stopped at her lips. "Aubron what do you think shall be done with this girl?" The King spoke, but didn't look at Gwendolyn's eyes.

    Aubron hated how his father looked at the girl. She was a piece of meat to him and probably always will be. He stood and reached his full height as he walked over to the girl. In his eyes Gwendolyn looked so fragile, so precious. He didn't want her to be part of his father's concubines. "Make her into a maid. There are several things in the castle that still need to be done," with a curt nod he turned on his heel. "Follow me." Aubron glanced back over her shoulder at her.

    He walked back into the maid chambers. Several of the girls were in there lounging on their beds. The chamber consisted of one big room with a bed and a wardrobe. "The bed down there is yours. There are two head maids. One takes day shift one takes night." Aubron looked down at her her eyes wandering over her see through dress. I'll call on her one of these days. "If me or my father happen to want you one of the head maids will find you."

    Aubron left the chambers and took her to his room. "This is my room. As you can see... it's rather messy." He shrugged and sat on the bed. "You're responsible to clean it.. everyday," With a raise of his eyebrows he looked at her. He decided this was going to be a rather fun girl, but he was going to take a different approach at her. Maybe try and get to know her first, but at the moment it was hard to want to get to know her when her body could clearly be soon. Her skin looked so soft and he wanted to feel it.
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    Gwendolyn felt exposed as the king looked over her like a wolf looked over a piece of meat. She cringed as the king put his bony fingers under her chin, trying to get a better view of her. She prayed to the heavens that he wouldn't want to molest her, but that would be out of the question at this point. He would eventually molest her. She knew this. When the king's son spoke up, she turned to see the most beautiful man a girl could ever lay eyes on. She followed him to the maid chambers. It was decided she would be the prince's personal maid.

    She nodded as he pointed to her bed and as he explained to her everything she needed to know. The next stop was his personal room. It indeed was a mess as clothes were strewn across the floor and his bed lay unmade. She cringed at the uncleanliness of this man, but she thought, Everyone can change. Maybe he would be willing to change...Maybe...She looked at him as he looked her over. She blushed at the near nakedness of herself. Why her father would be even more cruel to do this was beyond her, but it wasn't like she liked her father in the first place. She bowed slightly, trying her best at a feeble attempt to smile.

    "I do hope you like what you see master...I will be your servant for as long as you see fit....And I will see to it that I do my best while I am a maid here..." It sickened her to say those words. She felt like a slave bowing to her master. Was that all she was? A slave? She couldn't be for sure, but maybe, just maybe, the prince had a heart. But the chance of that ever happening was one in a million.
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    "Aubron. Call me Aubron." He smiled and nodded to her encouragingly. Aubron didn't want her to sound fake, and that sounded fake. She needed to change or else he wouldn't be able to contain himself anymore. "You need to put different clothes on," he mumbled and looked away. Part of him actually wanted to respect her while the other part wanted to tear her up. "There should be some in the maids quarters. Go fetch them and come back." Aubron waved her off to do what he said.

    The king caught her coming out of his son's room. "Gwendolyn was it?" He caught her wrist and smiled. "I sure hope you reconsider being my sons personal maid. I would sure like to...." As he paused he looked over her body. "Get to know you." He grinned that slimey grin of his and pulled her closer. The king didn't care whether or not she had feelings. He lived for the here and now. He lived for the feeling of a woman around his...

    Aubron heard his father's voice and knew what was going on. He came out and grabbed his father's arm. "Let her go. She isn't yours," Aubron said sternly, his eyes narrowing on his father. Comparied to the king, Aubron was a giant. They were about the same height, but in size, Aubron easily took the cake. After a tense moment the king let go. "You need to learn your place son," The king yelled. He ignored his father's yelled at looked at the new princess. "Stay in my room. I'll get your clothes." Maybe that's how it should be. She should stay with him all the time. Never in the maid quarters. She is a princess and deserves to be somewhat treated as such.

    After awhile he was back in his room. Should he play around with her? Watch her dress? Oh, how he wanted to watch the slinky matieral slip down over her curves. Aubron got excited just thinking about. "Here," he said gruffly and tossed the clothes at her while trying to fight his urges. "I won't look." He reclined comfortably back on his back, looking up at the ceiling.
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    Gwendolyn blushed as she was told the young prince's name. It was a strong, wonderful name. She was also suprised at the sudden need for her to change. She was there so the king and/or the could do what they wanted to her, so why was he so willing to get her changed? Was it a bit too revealing? She headed to the maid's room upon his request, but only bumped into the king there, where he tried to molest her again. She wasn't suprised. But being molested by him wasn't on her agenda, but if it had to be done for the sake of peace, then so be it. She blushed as the king touched her and tried to get her to go with him. That is, until Aubron stepped in and stopped him. She was flattered by his nicety, but should he be doing that to his own father? She didn't question him and ran back to his room to await the clothes she was promised.

    She could tell, after he returned that he was trying hard not to reach out and take her to bed with him. She appreciated that quality of him. HOw he was able to restrain himself was indeed very noble. As he tilted his head back to give her some privacy, she quickly changed, willing to give back some kindness and not make him wait too long. She bowed.

    "Thank you for the change of clothes, Sir Aubron...I feel much better now...Sir...when do I begin my duties as a maid? What will my duties be? Just to let you be aware, I am quite good with animals. I am also very good at setting tables as well. I pride myself in these..." she blushed when she realized she was speaking out of turn. She covered her mouth for a moment and then moved her hands, speaking.

    "I'm sorry Sir. That was out of turn. It won't happen again..."
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    He shook his head a bit "Don't apologize. Tomorrow. You start tomorrow. Until then do as you please." Aubron then wondered if he should have said that. What if she leaves his room? What if his father takes her? He for sure didn't want seconds after the King molested her. "Actually, stay in here." He demanded and patted the bed next to him. Aubron knew is she ended up laying down the temptation of having her would increase, but he was willing to risk it.

    "I promise you my father will not have you," he said rather gruffly and looked over at her. Her face was soft, eyes were pleasing, lips supple. Gwendolyn was so appealing. Her father must have been mad in order to allow his daughter go, even if it was for peace. Is peave really worth the life of a woman that has so much potential. Aubron's father probably kept around his daughters as toys. They were treated like maids as well or given away to the highest bidder. The king cared not for his daughters.

    After a few moments of silence, Aubron decided to tell her where she was going to say. "You won't be in the maid quarters. You will be right here. Where you are laying. When you finish with your work for the day, you come back here." Having the princess by him a majority of the time was the only way to ensure that the king would not have his way with her. This girl was too precious.

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    Gwendolyn nodded as he told her to stay in here. SHe had no qualms with staying here so the king would stay away, but never had she layed in the same bed or even the same room as a man. Her father never allowed her to. Not even in a room with her brother. She blushed at the thought of her being here everynight. But she didn't mind. Not one bit. After all, she would have rather stayed here than gone back out there and let the king have his way with her. She continued to blush as the prince invited her to lay with him. She obeyed immediately. Maybe she was right. Maybe this prince did have a heart after all. Maybe he wasn't like his father after all.

    She layed her head on his chest and slowly began drifting in and out of sleep. Soon began her nightmare.

    "Gwendolyn...What have I told you about letting your brother sleep in your room with you? You know it is against the rules in this house...."

    Gwendolyn looked back up at her father's cold eyes. She looked down as if she was ashamed.

    "I am sorry Father....It will not happen again..." Then everything went black. Dark...She couldn't see a thing. She called out to the darkness, but no light showed up. She begain to panic, breathing faster and harder with each passing moment. Then, it all became clear as she came back to conciousness..

    When she woke up, night still dominated the sky. She looked over at Aubron. He had stayed. Her hand was clenched to his shirt as if in a panic and needing immediate comfort. It was probably from her nightmare. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Aubron seemed like a nice guy. She hoped it would stay that way.

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    The weight of her head felt nice. Just the fact that it was more like cuddling than anything else was oddly pleasing. In a few moments Aubron was asleep with his arm securely around the princess.

    He didn't know how long they had been asleep, but he felt her nails dig into him a bit as his shirt tightened. Aubron was too lazy to open both eyes so he just opened one and quickly noticed something was wrong. He rubbed her hand of her back. "What is wrong princess?" His voice was still deep from being groggy. He had never really worried about anyone and this feeling of concern was new.

    Aubron wanted to comfort her. In an attempt he sat up and pulled her into his lap nuzzling his cheek into her hair. "I do not know what you fear, but I will keep you safe," His voice was rather soft. What was this girl doing to him? She had just come into his life and his outlook on things were already changing. It was as if he realized this princess was precious and he wanted to keep her with him.
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    She looked over to Aubron who now seemed to be awake. She sat up slowly.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you...I just had a nightmare....That I was alone and all by myself afraid..." She hugged herself in an attempt to make things better, but she was immediately calmed when he pulled her into him and held her close. She blushed at their closeness, but in an odd way, it was comforting. She smiled as he calmed her with his words. She never thought the son of the king she hated the most would be this kind. She was glad he had a heart, unlike his father, who clearly wanted her for his own selfish pleasure.

    "Aubron...Please don't let your dad have me...I want to be by your side, not his...I want to be your maid...if that is not too much to ask for...." It may have been wrong for her to speak out of turn like that, but she didn't like Aubron's father one bit. He was a creepy old man and she wanted him to stay away from her. She hoped that he would say that she was to only serve him. That would be the only right thing that would have happened in her life. Her father abandoned her and somehow, she felt her mother wouldn't be around for much longer. Maybe that was what the darkness described. She held Aubron close, to scared to let go of him.
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    Her pleading him to keep her safe just reinforced the want, or need, to keep her with him. "Do not worry yourself with the king. You shall be by my maid only." That was a nice thought. Having her all to himself. Did that mean his quick flings with others maids were over? Aubron could get over his promiscuous ways. He was pretty sure this princess was worth it.

    He continued to hold her close. Something about having intimacy like this without the sex was nice. Aubron grew tired of sitting, so he reclined back keeping her on his chest. Her weight felt lovely. "Please do not be afraid. Relax," he whispered and placed a soft kiss on her head. Softly he stroked her hair and actually began to hum an old song. The need to comfort was new to him, but he felt as if he was doing a good job at it.
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    She listend carefully to the tune he began to hum. For some odd reason, it sounded familiar. She smiled and blushed a little as she remembered the kiss he gave her on her forehead. Somehow, she wasn't scared of him. He was nice. He was kind. This wasn't a new feeling to her because her mother was just how he was, but somehow, it felt different than the comfort her mother gave her. Maybe it was because she felt safer next to him than next to a frail old woman like her mother. She layed her head down on his chest again, the tune lulling her to sleep once more.

    "Aubron...sir...I hope you don't mind me sleeping just a little more...I've not been able to sleep lately..." she said, slowly dozing off. Soon she was fast asleep. Warmth surrounded her as she drifted off into a peaceful dream. One that wasn't as frightening.

    "Gwendolyn dear...Let's go have tea in the garden while father is away. What do you say?" the little girl nodded as she followed her mother to the beautiful back court gardens. A table was already set up and the tea sat, freshly brewed, for her and her mother to drink. As she began drinking, a tall figure came walking into the garden. It was Aubron. He was already in her dreams? She, being a little girl, didn't mind whom came to share some tea with her as long as they were nice.

    "Welcome mister...please have a seat and have some tea with us!" Aubron kissed the little girl's head as he sat down and began to have some tea with the girl and her mother.

    Gwendolyn was having such a nice dream, it was hard to wake up from the peacefulness of it all. But she knew that protection was near and so she didn't fret as she woke up and stretched.
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    The light of the morning pierced through the window. Aubron groaned not wanting to wake up but when he felt the body of the princess next to him he had to wake up. When he opened his eyes he saw she was already awake and stretching. "good morning," he said groggily and leaned over placing a soft kiss on her lips.

    It took him a minute to register what he just did. Why did he kiss her? He never kissed any other girl good morning. Basically he would just leave or make her leave. Something was different about this girl. Aubron didn't want to push the matter so he got out of bed and pulled his shirt off so he could freshen up. He tossed it on the ground along with all his other clothes. His new maid had to pick up the room anyway. When she started cleaning he would probably just lay back on the bed and watch her. There was something he enjoyed about the female body in motion.

    "I expect you to clean my room," he said roughly. "I will get your breakfast and if you leave this room I will escort you." Aubron was not going to let his father get to this precious girl.
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    As she stretched, Sir Aubron got out of his bed and began to dress, throwing his dirty clothes onto the ground. Then he told her to clean the room and said that if she were to leave for any reason, he would escort her. She blushed at the man's kindness. He was much better than his dirty old man of a father. He seemed way different than him for some reason that she couldn't pinpoint yet. She got up immediately and began picking up the clothes. She looked to Aubron.

    "Um, sir...where is the laundry room?" She had not had any training when she had arrived. She felt embarrassed, but she shook it off. She would need formal training before she knew the ropes about the whole what she was going to be doing.
    "And Sir, how often would you like your sheets washed for you?" She was back to saying sir. She couldn't think of anything else to call him. She thought the first name basis he wanted her on was a bit too casual for her right now. She wasn't ready for being casual with him yet.

    Gwendolyn awaited his answer, hoping she wasn't being annoying or irritating to him.
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    Aubron nodded and led her down the hall a ways then turned into a room on the right. "this is the laundry room," he said lazily. Other maids were already doing the laundry. One sheet had a blood stain. That's no surprise. The king probably took one of the girls innocence, which was something he normally did. Though the king would not have Gwendolyn's. Aubron was saving that for himself. Instead of leaving her in the laundry he relaxed back against the wall and watched her do her chores. "Every week. After this chore there is not much for you to do. I like to cook for myself." He nodded.

    Several maids just eyed him and how he trailed this new girl. He never treated them like that. If Aubron was ever nice to them it was only for one thing. One maid whispered to another about the fact they had to warn the princess even if they were doing it just to hurt her. They chuckled slightly then nodded. Of course they couldn't tell her now since Aubron was right there. "Gwendolyn," he said, breaking the silence. "Are you hungry?"
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    Gwendolyn followed Aubron to the laundry room where she quickly got to work washing his sheets. She could hear the maids talk amongst themselves. Talk bad things about master Aubron. She didn't know whether to attack the other maids or just shoot them a glare. Was what they were saying true? Suddenly, he asked her about food. She nodded.

    "Yes Master Aubron. I am hungry..."

    She followed him as he lead her out of that room. Soon a quiet mood passed between the two. She felt uneasy. Should she ask him? Should she not? She didn't want to be on a bad accord with the prince, yet she wanted to know the truth. She stopped. If asking her would get her beaten,she would take it in stride.

    "Master Aubron, I wish to know the truth about you if I'm to be serving you for the rest of my life. Please tell me all about you..."
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    When he heard her footsteps stop, he glanced over his shoulder and saw her standing there. He was about to ask her why she stopped when she pleaded to know about him. Aubron crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against the wall. Did he really wanted this girl to know about him. If he wanted anything more than just a random night of intimacy he probably needed to tell him some things.

    "well," he sighed "I have not been the sweetest person. My intentions have never been too pure. I enjoy the companion of many women.. and I have enjoyed many women." Aubron smirked remembering all his ventures. "Yes I do want to throw you onto my bed and take your innocence. Will I? No."

    Aubron shoved off the wall continuing to the kitchen to feed her. With a glance over his shoulder and said honestly "There is something different about you that appeals to me. I do not want to... harm you."
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    Gwendolyn stopped breathing for a second. It was hard to hear him say that. He had enjoyed many women? Was he really like that? Did she really want to believe that this was his true self? At first she blushed at his comment about taking her innocence. He really wanted to do that? Was he that animalistic? She shook her head. Even if he was, he had the opportunity to change. She could see him trying to do that. She smiled when he told her that something about her appealed to him. That was a good thing. She hoped anyway.

    She continued following him to the kitchen, wandering through halls and other mazes to get there. She would definitely get her exercise in this place. But the halls were decorated so elegantly, she couldn't help but slow down when she passed by, looking at all the beautiful artwork his castle had to offer. Some pictures were a bit racy, but she knew that it was his father's doing and not his. Or was it? She could only speculate. This castle looked old and worn, yet it had an elegant glow to it. She liked that about the castle. She followed him until they finally arrived in the kitchen.

    "Master Aubron, I cook for myself, is that correct? Is all the food I am allowed to use kept in this kitchen?" The kitchen reminded her of the one she had at home. She didn't like it for the memory of her father always chastizing her in that room. She would have to bear with it though. She looked up to Master Aubron, waiting for an answer, but it was hard keeping eye contact with him after what he had said about her. Her face was so red, she didn't want him to see it.
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    He nodded and took a seat at the table. "Anything in here you can eat and use. This is your home now." Aubron went silent for a moment and looked around the kitchen. There had been many fun times in here with his mother before she shut out the world. Then it turned into a place where he would walk in on his father doing things to staff. It always angered him to see his father treat them like that. Yeah, he treated them the same way at times, but at least he kept it in his room and let them keep some respect.

    After that thought he pictured his father touching Gwendolyn. The image angered him. She wasn't just another girl. A lot had happened to this girl, and he wasn't going to let it get any worse. It was hard for him to keep his... urges.. under control, especially when she was laying in bed right next to him and he could feel her body against his. At least she wasn't wearing that dress anymore. Another minute of that and he may not have been able to control his actions.

    Aubron allowed her to finish eating then took her around the castle pointing out various rooms. He opened massive wooden doors that opened up to a huge room with walls lined with books. A piano was placed in the middle of the room and chairs were scattered through out. The window let in a lot of light and there was an amazing view out to the mountains. "This if the library. I don't want to keep you locked in my room all day so I am showing you the social areas of my home. Where we can be together." He nodded and looked around the room. Ever since he was a boy he enjoyed the smell of a library
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    Gwendolyn smiled at Aubron. He really was different from his father. She was glad. She happily ate the food that was offered to her. It tasted so much better than the crappy food she recieved at home. She finished and he was off with her again, showing her various rooms, each room with its own unique beauty. He then lead her into a Library. This was amazing! All of it was in his castle. She walked over to the shelves of the bookcases, running her fingers along each of the old books spines.

    She then walked over to the piano. It was a beautiful piano, grand and amazingly polished. She sat at the keyboard and began playing a tune that her mother had sang to her just before she put her to bed everynight. She didn't know piano that well, but that tune was so easy to remember that anyone could play it if they heard it a lot. She continued to play it until she let the end of the song fade into quiet. She looked out the nearest window and then back at Aubron.

    "This will be my favorite room, Master Aubron..." she smiled and laughed a little.