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  1. This is a magic/science RP, set in 2020 in a fantastical city in Japan named Misaki.

    If you understand antigens, you can skip this spoiler.
    Antigens (open)

    I'm sure you've heard of organ transplants and how if you receive one you have to be on immuno-suppressants for life. This is because every person has unique antigens - that is, proteins that can be found in the cell wall of every cell in the body. The immune system automatically destroys any cell in the body that does not possess your antigens, for example, someone else's kidney, or bacteria. Some antigens are similar to each other, so decrease the chance of organ rejection. These proteins are chains of the same basic building blocks, called amino acids.

    About 3000 years ago, a parasite evolved. It looked like a tiny worm, and resided in the left ventricle of the heart. This parasite used the host's antigens, alongside oxygen and other gases brought into the body through the lungs, as it's source of fuel. As a by-product of this, it created a strange form of energy that dispersed itself throughout the host's body and essentially gave the host a magical ability. This parasite was found only among a tiny amazonian tribe, and has remained that way ever since. In 2000, european explorers discovered this tribe, and one of the parasites was transferred to one of the europeans and brought back to europe. From there, it spread all across the world. Only about 5% of the earth's population had suitable antigens for the parasite to work however, and these humans were all for some reason concentrated in Misaki city.
    The powers are about as specific to a person as an antigen is. Some people will have similar powers, such as there being seven or eight people able to manipulate water, but generally, powers are unique. Over the next 20 years, Misaki was turned into a huge city dedicated to learning about the parasite and exploring and training it's potential. The parasite, running on oxygen, can exhaust the body very quickly, so extended use of powers results in muscle fatigue, death of extreme regions of the body, and eventually, a heart attack. With some exceptions, such as teleportation, movement is also restricted.
    There were some however, who did obtain a parasite, but never awakened to their powers, and are now locked as a minority group in Misaki, discriminated against, treated as lesser people, segregated like the black people in south africa until Nelson Mandella happened. There are ways of "hacking" the parasite into working, but they cause fatigue and death to occur much more rapidly than the normal parasite's function. There are also mechanical structures that aim to work like a parasite, but these are unstable, and while not requiring a parasite to work, they shorten lifespan by 25 years just by being in the body.

    Us, the Roleplayers, take the role of one of these unawakened people. Through whatever method, you have activated a parasite or mechanical parasite unnaturally, and gained false powers. This only occurred last week, and your powers are untrained, weak, and volatile. Please focus on the psychological effects of being discriminated against for the character's entire lives while writing a character sheet. If I see any "normal" people, I will simply deny the application. Same goes for anyone with high control over their power, or high powered powers.

    Characters must be aged 1-25, as after 25, "hopeless" people are ejected from the city.
    No powergaming
    no metagaming
    good grammar is preferable.
    it's a pretty dystopian environment, at least in the eyes of the characters, so I look forward to your descriptions.

    Appearance: (anime or description please)
    - Currently:
    - After Training:

    Bio is unnecessary, it makes it more interesting to learn about each other's characters during RP. For the powers: Powers are graded on a level system, with 0 being no power at all and 5 being power on a godlike level. Level 5 can be achieved by only the most gifted people, with only 4 level 5s even existing in the entire world. Level 4 is pretty much the limit one can reach after training for 4 hours a day and having a certain amount of natural talent. When filling in "currently" imagine your level is 1, the level that most residents of Misaki are. When filling in After Training, imagine you are level 3 or 4. For example on Teleportation: Level 1 is teleporting small objects, up to about a kilo in weight. Long cooldown, low range. Level 4 is teleportation of the user, or objects weighing up to 120 kilos. high range, low cooldown. Ability to teleport objects inside another solid is level 2.
  2. Since the characters haven't been awaken yet how will other's know they have that parasite? Were they checked as a child and somehow marked?
  3. They have been awakened in the last week, but using artificial methods such as the mechanical aid. As for checks - A parasite will not reside within a body older than 5 years, so on their 6th birthday, each child in every country in the world is scanned for the presence of a parasite. Those that possess them are offered a spot in Misaki. Noting that once one is in Misaki, they may not leave until they are 25 years of age. Just possessing a parasite shows the potential to develop a power, it does not necessarily mean the parasite awakens on it's own. Think of the parasites as being blank canvases that reside in targets with the right conditions. They are then programmed by the antigens in the person's blood, but antigens have the possibility of being faulty and as such will program the parasite but never turn it on once it is finished being programmed.
  4. That makes sense. Well I'll have my CS up by tonight, still have to think of a power for it to have.
  5. Name:
    Risa Underwood




    Being sent away from her mother and homeland to Misaki, Japan. Due to discrimination, she meets everyone with a passive/cold tone (Though she may warm up to you like she has the landlady). Risa has inadequacy issues for the failed ability to meet her mother's expectation. Though she acts like the type who wants to be alone and would rather not tangle with others, she is indeed impulsive with her actions. Risa avoids physical confrontation because she knows she can't fight well.
    - Observant - Quiet at first - Skeptical of everyone - Impulsive/moody at times - 'The longing' type

    Power: Light Manipulation
    - Currently: 0-1
    "Gleam Assault" -light appears in flashing moments, unable to control it. Sometimes it's like a 70's disco around her.

    - After Training:
    lvl 2: "Flickering Spark" -The ability to create light in a concentrated area for 5 minutes.
    lvl 3: "Aura Shine" -The ability to create light from one's body for 15 minutes.
    lvl 4: "Photon Bolt" -The ability to create light and 'throw' it.
    lvl 5: "Light Cloak" -The ability to bend light and make one's self invisible.

    I may refine my Personality later. :)
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  6. @Charlie I love the ability :D for once one that isnt obviously combat based :D
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  7. Ok, after hours of thinking I have finally come up with an ability that isnt something generic and overused like Lightning manipulation (which was my original idea)

    Name: Misaki Hiyomi
    Age: 13
    Nationality: Japanese
    On the exterior, Hiyomi seems to be a normal, optimistic girl. This is merely a guise, however. Having been segregated, she lived her life as an illusion, pretending to be normal when in a public place, even learning illusion tricks to pretend she had an ability even of a tiny kind. She views most people as just another of the crowd of blank faces that shun her for being different. She has no loved ones, having had no access to contact with family members for several years, and given her friends are only the friends of her illusory personality, not her true self. She does try to be a moral person, though often finds herself falling prey to lesser emotions such as jealousy and rage.
    Hiyomi has a currently unique power, named (by herself) as Parallel Intrusion. Since she awakened it illegally, she hasn't seen an official to get it added to the database. The idea is that while everyone else lives in only one reality, Hiyomi lives in two - the real world and her personal dream world. Upon activating her power, a section of the dream world is copied and inserted into the time chain of the real world. Imagine that each world is a reel of old fashioned film. In these, you could easily use scissors to cut out a small section of one reel, say that is 5 seconds of video, and cut a hole in the second reel. Then you can sellotape the small 5 section cutting into the second reel, so what was originally a 60 second movie clip is now a 65 second movie clip.

    Only Hiyomi experiences this additional time, and while it is running, physics and reality becomes that of Hiyomi's dream world. She could (briefly) fly, or she could summon a dragon that would dissipate after 5 seconds. To everything that isn't Hiyomi, time ceases to run, then resumes after the time is up. Others would feel no difference. The only evidence they have that it happened is that if Hiyomi moved at all, it would look like she teleported to her new location. The reality can be cancelled at any time. If the zone ends, either due to duration running out or a forced cancellation, the changed values will gradually return to their normal state, unless they are conjurations, in which they will vanish instantly.
    - Currently:
    At level 1, Hiyomi's time gaps last for 4 seconds, and she can alter reality by a divergence of about 1%. Things like increasing movement speed and altering vectors are the extent of her divergence.
    - After Training:
    At level 2, max duration is increased to 7 seconds, and divergence increased to 3%. Things like changing the effect of gravity on an object are the new limit.
    At level 3, max duration is increased to 10 seconds, and divergence to 5%. It is now possible to create and destroy small amounts of matter, up to a weight of about 1kg.
    At level 4, max duration is increased to 15 seconds, and divergence to 8%. Max conjuration weight is about 2kg, and creation and destruction of energy is possible.
    At level 5, max duration is infinite, and divergence max is 15%. There is no limit to conjuration weight. It is now possible to create and destroy living entities.
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  8. That certainly is a 'different' power. And I must say she's pretty cute!
    I hope more people join because I actually find your concept pretty fascinating. :)

    Oh, and lightning/fire/ect. (Combat powers) Are completely okay! We just chose what we chose.
    (I wrote that for anyone who decides to view the thread^^)

    Buah People join! Males are welcomed, Females are welcomed, and (I'm not sure) But I'm sure non-specified genders are welcomed too... ((I likes this Rp idea a lot!))
  9. Charlie you sound like you're taking over my RP :D And yes to new people, while lightning fire etc is acceptable, it will greatly aid your chance of being accepted if your power is something creative/uncommon/original, and something that isnt obviously directly combat-based so the RP doesnt end up degrading to a generic "lets all kill everything" RP. And yeah, it took me forever to find a picture like that :D i was going for the kind of character who's really kind and helpful, but I wanted to throw in some other personality traits for shock factor in character development.
  10. Don't worry a character is coming soon just thinking of an ability for he or she to have. All I can say he or she may be Irish.
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  11. Wah D: I'm not taking over your Rp. I'm just excited! Sorry :( *Sits in corner*
  12. I'm joining!!!

    Just give me time to set up a CS
  13. Name: Vlado Krieztov

    Age: 21

    Nationality: Russian



    Personality: He is most of a calm person, he likes to be alone most of the time; the kind of person who doesn’t seem bothered by other person’s thoughts, he is always in his mind, that way he can ignore what others say.

    Power: Nature Manipulation

    - Currently:
    Level 1: Capable of creating spores and pheromones to make plants grow faster. (Only applies to flowers and ferns)

    - After Training:
    Level 2: Capable of creating a larger amount of spores to make more plants grow. (Trees and big sized plants)
    Level 3: Capable of creating pheromones to direct or command small sized animals.
    Level 4: In this level he can create bigger pheromones to command larger animals
    Level 5: The final step, in this level Vlado is capable of extrtacting pheromones and spores from any source, he can enhance his own cells with this spores to change his senses and cellular material. (He can also command more animals and plants)
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  14. @Zackymas Nice character, although the powers are meant to be scientifically based, so merging with animals, and speaking to them, wont be possible. Same with mind control. Those all fit under magic, given that merging with another being is only possible on cellular level, animals arent capable of language, and mind control could only be done through telepathic suggestion, so it would be more like a voice in the head saying "Hey you should kick that wall, it'll be fun".
  15. Ok, I didn't knew the part that powers should be scientific...

    You'll have to give me some minutes to think about something else...
  16. Thanks :D I guess I should probably have explained that it needed to be science based to begin with :P Or scientifically possible, rather than science based.
    That's an interesting one now :D Just saying, if its using pheromones and hormones, it wont be direct command, more like controlling their instincts, so it could only cause possible behavioral patterns to trigger. A baby turtle that doesnt actually have an instinct for being aggressive is never going to react to an aggressiveness chemical, as it's cells physcically lacks the glycoproteins to be affected by it.
  17. I know, I'm aware of the fact this can actually turn over and hurt me, that's what really makes it fun :3
  18. The most unpredictable abilities are always fun :D But then again, getting 30 sharks and pumping them with adrenaline could also be amusing.
  19. That's a pretty big amount of animals, I was thinking in a max of 12 animals in level 5...

    I should say: He incerts the pheromones/spores directly in the animal/plant
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