Bleach: Return of the Arrancar

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  1. Welp, as far as I know, I haven't watched much of this anime.
    My friend has been more than happy to spoil the experience by giving me spoilers and showing me later episodes. Thanks friend.
    So, onwards with the rp.
    If you want to join, here's the forum:

    Weapon shape:
    Weapon name:
    Shikai (Or first release):
    Bankai (Or second release, when applicable):
    Squad or whatever:

    I'll put my bio up after at least one answer.
    3: Captain; Kazuto Kiramya
    10: Captain; Iori Katagiri
    11: Lieutenant; Ketsueki Senshoku

    Crystal Hatsugi
    Helia Anastasio;3
    Akashi Neikan;1


    Chanise Mahler
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  2. I am definitely interested but i do have a question. What is the actual plot? Why are they returning and what do they hope to accomplish?
  3. I was hoping we could all work om the plot together
    But I believe they were forced to return by someone or something, and that someone or something wants the arrancar to take the place of the soul society.
  4. Well i'm intrigued as long as we get another player. It is always funner with 3+.
  5. True, true ^^
  6. I have to say I'm interested. I really enjoyed Bleach and have been itching to try a rp about it.
  7. There is our lucky #3
  8. Alright then, please fill in the form ^^
  9. I'll post mine tomorrow as it is late here and i'll have to do some reserch and picture finding to get what i need.
  10. Very well then.
  11. Did someone say Bleach?

    Hmm ... interesting.

    Out of boredom, I have decided to join this little escapade. You're in luck - I'm a Bleach addict. In other words, I know the franchise.

    I am concerned with one thing, however. Is this rp going to be completely original? No cannon characters, plot, etc? If not, what factors will you add to this rp?
  12. Well, I was HOPING it would be completely original, however if we don't have enough people making captains and such, we may have to borrow a few from the anime that were slightly..younger. Like Toshiro, for example.

    The plot, as I previously stated, will be worked on by everyone that joins so it can have a unique feel to it (hopefully).
  13. May I request a position as captain of the 10th Division? I assume it will be first come, first serve basis.
  14. Sure ^^ Go right ahead :P
    I'll try and make a captain or two, just in case, but they won't be all that active. Nor will any actual characters from the anime.
    My main character will uh... well, not really belong. You'll see in a bit :P
  15. If we are choosing captain Ranks i'd like to be Captain or Lieutenant of the 2nd Division Stealth Force. I'd probably prefer Lieutenant as i have chosen quite a young caracter but i can switch if need be. Also not sure if i want to be an Arrancar or not. SO MANY CHOICES!
  16. You can have up to... let's say about 5 characters for a limit since there are only four of us and about 12 divisions. (Don't judge me, I need to get back into watching the anime XD I know it's either 10 or 12... Argh. My memory sucks =.=)
  17. There is 13 if you count Old Man Yamamoto. And as for multiple characters, i find it difficult to control more then 1 so i have to make a decision on which i prefer.
  18. Ah mk :P
    Make your choice, lots of spaces open ^^
  19. Hahaha, there is actually 13 Divisions.

    1st Division - Lead by Captain Commander, strongest Captain in Gotei 13. [And oldest - founder.]
    2nd Division - Stealth Force
    3rd Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    4th Division - Medical Force [Healers]
    5th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    6th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    7th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    8th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    9th Division - Security Force; Arts & Culture
    10th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]
    11th Division - Melee Combat Specialists; Swordsmanship
    12 Division - Research & Development Institute
    13th Division - N/A [No special affiliations.]

    Along with my captain, I will also make an Arrancar. May I have the position of Espada #3? [Well, if that position is open. I'm not sure if you're including the Espadas in the group.]

    Click Me.
    ^ This will help you understand more about each Division. I suggest using BleachWiki as a source for this rp. It contains helpful information that you may need. [Navigate to the links containing each Division.]
  20. Will do, thanks :P
    Alright, so the arrancar don't have a group name. Jeesh, I always thought they would. Ah well XD
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