Blaise x Rusti

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  1. Rusti found his way back to civilization. A large city in fact. He walked into the crowd and blended in immediately. He wore a black hoody with a white t-shirt under, black skinny jeans, and all black Converse. He walked along the sidewalk, silently and sneakily sniffing his way around. He eventually smelled his way to burger place. He was happy about this, due to how hungry he was.
  2. Walking through the crowded streets I made sure to keep my hood up. It was wednesday I wore my usual outfit, jeans and a grey tee-shirt with my blue tennis. My dark green hoodie provided cover for my, abnormality. As I walked unoticed in the crowd my stomach growled, "Oh shut up" I mumbled to myself as I looked around for a place to eat, I didnt have much so it couldnt be too expensive. Spotting the old Burger Place I headed over to see what I could get.
  3. Rusti noticed a girl who walked through the door. He sniffed her out and immediately sensed abnormality. "Another one?" he muttered to himself. He planned to follow her after eating unless she noticed him before the fact. He tried to attract any attention.
  4. Walks in trying to act normal and orders her meal. "One burger and fries with water please." I say. Picking up my order i walk over to the corner and take my seat. where to go next?
  5. Keeps a distance from her. "Could I get about 10 burgers. No veggies." He said. I like how the clerk stared at me weirdly after making the order. He waited patiently keeping an eye on the girl.
  6. Sipping on my water I just stare at the burger. Should I eat now or maybe later? Am i really that hungry? starts to gaze out the window when I see a strange boy looking at me. Quickly looking away and hiding my face pulling my hood down i focus on my fries and try to swollow them one at a time.
  7. "Damn..." he muttered. "I think she saw me..." He kept his sleeves down, due to hidden blades in his wrist. He may have to chase the girl problem with him he hoped.
  8. I think It's time I left. stands wrapping up her food and sticking it in her coat pocket prepares to leave. "Thank you." I nod to my cashier.
  9. Stays hidden in the shadows, but follows closely within crowds of people. 'What's that mutant girl up to now?' he thought to himself.

  10. Walks outside and down an ally looking up at the walls. "hmm." Jumps up and runs up the walls till she reaches the tops and stands letting the wind whip around her.
  11. Rusti watched with a smile. 'Quite graceful!' he thought to himself. He did the same to follow her, but still stayed hidden.
  12. Flicks her ears behind her under her hood and listens, she had a shadow. Taking a quick glance behind her and sees nothing. "Odd." Checks once more to make sure there was no one around and removes her hood and lets her ears stand in the wind. "Ahh." Raises her arms from her sides and stands there in the wind smiling.
  13. Rusti smiled even wider. 'Amazing!' he stepped out of hiding. "Hi there." he said with a smirk.
  14. My eyes fly open in horror. Reaching for my waist I have a knife in my hand instantly. Turning on the tip of my toes i look at him. It was the boy from Burger Place. Glaring at him i take a step forward, knife extended. "How did you follow me? What do you want?" I growl through clenched teeth with my ears pinned back against my head.
  15. I chuckled a little. "Settle down alright? I'm harmless unless you piss me off...and I simply stayed with in a 20 foot radius." I smiled at was cute that she had her knife pointed at me. I could take that from her in one swift step, but...I like this girl...I won't do anything to harm her or scare her.

  16. Keeps her ears pinned back against her head and glares at him. "I dont care if i piss you off or not, why are you following me?" Grips her knife and crouches down ready to pounce on him. She wasnt about to let her secret out now.
  17. Mostly, because you and I are the same friend. You're a mutant...I'm a mutant. Ya know?" he smiled at her.
  18. Sniffs the air and hisses, Definatly mutant. "Who said I was your friend? I work alone so youre on your own. Groups are a liability issue." Stands and relaxes a little and flicks her knives away. "so who else is with you?" Tries to look behind him ears pricked up to listen for anyone else.
  19. "What's wrong with being friends with someone as unique and beautiful as you friend?" he gave her a serious look. "We need to stick together. People don't know about us, and those that do, hate us...I actually think it's best if we stick together from now on." he said. One thing Rusti was amazing at doing was sweet talk, and smooth talk. He was amazing at trickery and an even better thief. He can't be a wolf all the time, so when he's not, he's an amazingly skilled's how he trained. "How about it friend?" he stuck his hand out to her. For once, this wasn't trickery, this was truth. He honestly wanted to stick with this girl, not just, because of how attracted he was to her, but also, because of the times that they were going through.
  20. " sweet talking me isnt going to get you any where!" I growl ears pinned back again. His voice soothed her but she didnt trust him... she didnt trust anyone.... Looking at his outstretched hand then back at him. " Two things first." I say more demanding than asking, "whats your name? And also your powers."