Black Sun Chapter 1: The Deal (IC)

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  1. The lights are dim in the large standby bunks. Everyone knows roughly what they're in for - but they had been transferred to a high-security communal area while the last details were being drafted. Two shady guards (probably had seen time in jail themselves) were guarding the only entrance/exit to the room. The room itself was very large - if it wasn't for the bunk beds and the footlockers, one could easily hold a ball or conference in there and have spare space. Oddly enough, there was only three other prisoners with everyone - one of them in a full-body environmental suit, another one wearing a breathing mask, and the third one another Vesparian - this one wearing a simple white T-Shirt and nanofiber pants, which appeared about as matte as sand. For now, everything was still.
  2. Jakar walked into his room, or the inmate's quarters...with the other criminals What is this nonsense? I WAS TOLD I WOULD HAVE MY OWN QUARTERS!!! That man himself told me he would...I AM SUPPOSED TO CAPTAIN THIS SHIP!!! I WANT TO RIP THAT LIARS' FACE OFF!!! He thought to himself. He would love to tell the big, hefty guards walking beside him and containing him, but his mouth was covered because 'his teeth are very sharp, such is of feral creatures like him'...
    ~A Day Earlier~
    Jakar was brought in a small metallic room similar to the way he was being brought into the Inmate's Quarters. The room had, black, tiled floors, and they smelled faintly of dried blood, the metallic walls have claw-marks etched all over it. Jakar remember's this room clearly, he had been to this room before; its one of the many rooms he'd went to to get himself beaten up by shady guards whenever he gets 'overactive' and they need him to 'rest'. People these days just love to be air-quoting words to Jakar, which, in all honesty, gets infuriating after a while...
    Nonetheless, He is stuck here, and he must comply with his superiors, so he sits down at a chair as they take out the weird thing in his mouth so he can speak, but they magnetically clamp his cuffed hands to the table so he couldn't do any moves. The table and the chair were fairly new, for he had never seen them in this room before. After a few minutes, a man in a black-and-white suit came in, he was Human, with brown hair and black sunglasses, to cover his eyes, and carried a silver briefcase. Jakar stared at him with boredom and watched as the man gave Jakar a brief smile, and proceeded to open his briefcase, he pulled out a small, black recording and videotaping device and turned it on, he also pulled out a small music-playing device and turned that on too, it softly, and faintly played Beethoven's Fur Elise in the background, before the man spoke, "I heard you like classical music." Jakar shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Eh, I like all music, really."
    "Really? I am more of just a classical-only type of guy honestly...So, you must be Jack, correct? The name that is almost synonymous with "Intergalactic Terrorist" eh? You have gained quite the reputation across the world, going down in the history books right?"
    Jakar growled in annoyance before nodding briefly in agreement.
    "Cool, it would suck to have the wrong person in this, just a quick question before we start, what is the reason you are here, as in, what are you charged with?" He gave a long sigh before answering; "Terrorism, murder, desertion, pirating, treason, destruction of property, government manipulation, stealing & using illegal tech, and holding hostages."
    The man pulled out a piece of paper before answering, "Now the REAL reason I am here is simple: I am a high-ranking member of the Federal Democratic Republic, we like you for your previous skill and prowess in Ship-to-ship combat, and your record is amazing, and I am here to go and give you a choice, not really- but hear me out: Let's face it, you've done something terrible. So terrible that in normal circumstances, you would have lived the rest of your life in the dirtiest prison-colony the Federal-Democratic Republic has...Doesn't matter, your life is, for all intents and purposes, forfeit. But these aren't normal times. Not at all. And so the FDR has an offer for you. We need rare resources - Moragen ore and a large amount of lithium. We detected a few sources near the Gliese systems, but the stars there are unstable. You'll be given an old-tech ship - you know, black hull and old MKIII plants and disconnectable heat strips - and will go there. It's a roughly one year trip, so you will probably be trading two years and a half, if you live, for your freedom and legal exemption for any illegal tech you may have in you. Not like you can decline - it's either that or continue rotting"
    That statement is so true, he really has no reason to decline and continue suffering, despite the special circumstances he has in this place, why do that when he can redeem himself, his species! Redemption! Leadership! SHIPS! It's all right there waiting for him, calling his name! The only thing he has to do is sign his name on a stupid little contract and it's all his! But he still had to act like an ass; Before I sign this, will I get my Admiral suit back? With all the medals and achievements as well?"
    "Turn around."
    Sure enough, it was there, with the medals and everything, and it looked like it had just been recently dry-cleaned. It made Jakar want to cry, if he could only do so!
    "Will I be the captain of this ship?"
    "Ugh...sure! Why not?"
    He signed the paper instantly and shook hands with the man, it was all the poor Ramandian ever wanted. The man politely smiled back and gathered his things and spoke on his way out "Good choice! We will be on our way to pick you up for it tomorrow! Have a nice day!"
    Faces stared as they saw the infamous Ramandian general be escorted by guards, his ears twitched as well as his eyes, and he did not even turn to look at anybody, for they all thought he was a monster, a murderer, he possibly murdered more people than anybody in that room. He got the big entrance into the room even wearing his fancy Admiral's Outfit with all of hits decorations as well, which pleased him a bit. He even had his own bed and locker with his name on it, he's sure the other people had the same stuff too, but he was isolated from everyone, put in a corner, a single bed, not a bunk, its conditions were worse than everyone else's if one would think about it, they sat him down and pointed their guns on him as they slowly took off his cuffs and took out the mouth-thingy, and they went to expedite their walk as far away from him as possible, even some of the inmates did, a few went in closer for a better look, Jakar didn't notice, much less care about those around him, he just simply stared blankly at a wall emotionless.
    What has he succumbed to?
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  3. Kaz was in a dark room he couldn't see a thing, but a window approximately 15 feet above him and another 20 away. He smirked and tried to throw a Vendetta String at it, but nothing came out. Kaz looked to his hands and body noticing his armor had been stripped from him, he was now in an environmental suit colored white and black.

    A intercom came on and lights flashed revealing Kaz's restraints "Well Mr.Sentri I noting your current position please be silent. We are a part of Rogess Specials and are to brief you on your mission. As of now you will be working with two other people in for crimes such as yours, your role will be to ensure their safety in this endeavor. You should be capable of this much?"

    Kaz was crisscrossed on the ground nodding his head. "Good then the gentlemen next to you will escort you to one of the men already there." Kaz raised a brow as he was taken to a room where ana feral like creature. The men left him with the strange guy and a few others.
  4. Dimly lit surroundings had always been a strange source of comfort for Neith. Bright lights made her uncomfortable: there was nowhere to hide in a room that was too bright, and you could never escape the feeling of scrutiny. Bright lights made the Vesparian woman squint, they made it difficult for her to focus. In that way, at least, the room she now found herself in was bearable. She had no problem with simplicity, although in her life she had known luxury too. But that was a different life entirely, she reminded herself, that was a life that was never mine. I was an impostor- not in the technical sense, perhaps, but I was an impostor all the same.
    That life had been one of warmth, of comfort: and yes, of danger and intrigue (she wouldn't have had it any other way), but it was a life in which she had been able to find true solace. The life she was stepping into, on the other hand, felt cold. For what she'd done, this opportunity was more than she deserved: she was aware of that, and a part of her was grateful - but a greater part of her seemed to insist on resenting the deal. Was she weak for accepting it? Perhaps. The desperation to scramble for the easiest way out was something she had always attributed to humans, but it seemed that, when faced with the opportunity, she opted for the same things. Perhaps somebody stronger would have refused, would have accepted the punishment they were due - but there was something about finality that terrified Neith, and the one thing to be said for the situation she found herself in was that there was very little finality to it. The opportunities it presented were endless: she would still be a prisoner of sorts, of course, but she certainly wouldn't be bored. As cold and calculating as she liked to think of herself as being, it seemed that some part of Neith Qexar still retained the restlessness of a child.
  5. Soon enough, murmurs came from behind the doors. And shortly after that, it opened, some sort of general standing there. He, of course, glared at Jakar, but refocused at the back wall. "Enough rotting in here, scumbags. The ship's ready, and you'll meet the crew that will accompany you there. Step on it!" With that, he waved out the door. The three other prisoners in there got up quickly enough and started leaving... until they decided they should be running for it and got shot down. "Let that be an example. You're not getting out of there without us knowing."
  6. "Message received..." Lyle shifted the chains he was wrapped in uncomfortably. It wasn't like they were designed with his best interests in mind, but they could at least give him some padding. He would have to raise a complaint.... When one of the burly guards poked him in the back with the barrel of his gun, Lyle resisted the urge to break the bastards leg with a solid kick to the knee. He didn't want assault added to the rap list that he already had balancing on his shoulders. Life picking rocks out of space for self-serving bureaucrats was good enough for him. He was bailed out of death row once. Better not give them a reason to reconsider. Once he got on the ship, his chains were supplemented by his hands being cuffed to the nearest pole. Couldn't take to many precautions with him. Galaxy's most notorious serial killer..... the thought itself made him laugh. When one of the guards asked him what he was laughing about, Lyle was quick to size him up. The tone of his voice suggested a personal grudge. The Timekeeper had killed someone he knew. By how tightly he was holding his gun, it most certainly wasn't the interrogator. Family. Most likely his daughter. Lyle smiled. "Oh.... just thinking about 9:37, roughly two years ago.... Your house is really nice, if I must say... And your daughter was ju-" The butt of a rifle cut him off. The angered guard did all he could to prevent himself from killing Lyle on the spot, going as far as to call in the relief man, deciding that taking the door was the smart move. Lyle sighed. This was going to be a difficult few years....
  7. The shots which took down the 3 prisoners were precise. The bullet went straight through their heads, leaving a red mess on the floor. The only good thing about this was that their dead was instantaneous, so this was one of the somewhat good surprises in life. If one looked at where the shot came from, one would see an unusual mech, standing on two oddly shaped legs and wielding a sniper rifle that looked like it had a weight of about 110 pounds. Its head turned to the other prisoners, and it rested the rifle'd end against the ground. SiMo made the experience that people get uncomfortable when there are guns pointed at them, leave alone sniper rifles. On the display SiMo had, it scanned the others and calculated their behavior. Each's silhouette was marked, and beside it was a % gauge which was predicting the risk of them trying to run. If SiMo made its calculations correct, the risk for each of them was between 20% and 25%.
    "If allowed: Please do not try to run away. All it accomplishes is reducing the success rate of this mission. Thank you."
    SiMo's voice was typical for a mech. A robotic voice, similar to how people sounded when they smoked too much and had to use a special microphone to talk.
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  8. I walked onto the carrier finding my weapons and clothing. I slip my clothes on and hook my Vendetta bracers on to my wrists. I look around for a pilot, finding none I sat down.
  9. Jakar was re-cuffed and restrained from talking once again by some guards, and afterwards was escorted out by two different guards, not that that was important anyways, what was important was that the three strange men he saw earlier, the three that seemed like normal, burly criminals decided to act like such and make a run for it, and they were shot clean in the head by just the weirdest looking mech with a high-power sniper rifle, he glanced at it briefly before another person shouted out, "Let that be an example. You're not getting out of there without us knowing." he was apparently the general of this group, which was strange since that was 'supposed' to be Jakar's job, but what role do misplaced criminals get? Jakar thought to himself, NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Everyone thinks I am a crazy cat with the tendency to go psychotic any moment! That isn't true...IT JUST IS NOT TRUE!!!" He gave the general an angered and annoyed look on his face, then continued walking his path without running in hopes of escaping, the thought didn't even cross his mind! He wanted to lead the ship...
    He wasn't always this way, he had friends as well, and now, he is stuck with the weirdest and most terrible of criminals: A shady Assassin, probably going to end up killing someone, but not nearly as much as the most notorious serial killer in the galaxy, The Timekeeper, seemed like a lovely guy...wonder why he was kept in so much chains though.
    Most likely for the same reason Jakar is.
    ~ Three Years Earlier ~
    Jakar looked out upon the bridge of his flagship for the Human Space Corps; the H.S.C.S Kilimanjaro, he stood and looked above all of his crew members, and looked out into the beautiful scenery in front of his ship that was one of the colony planets: Urumqi. It was a beautiful planet, much like earth, but with more vibrant colors and with purple clouds intead of a puffy white, he wondered what life would be like down there on that planet, sure on the outside it looks beautiful, but could the inside reveal viscous people-eating plants? Who knows? But that wasn't the real reason he was here, He was requested personally by High Command to take this certain HSC graduate from the academy there and place him somewhere in his crew. He is a Medical Officer, in wich his ship was currently lacking Of course! We can always use more nurses. Jakar muttered to himself, just as another crew member walked up to him, he poked him on the shoulder.
    "Sir...he's here."
    "About time."
    "Hello! Pleased to meet you General Kiefer, I am Officer Jefferson, Leonard Jefferson." He seemed to almost choke upon every word.
    Jakar was in completely surprised, there actually WAS another one like him, another Ramandian! Just like him! To ever even think of such a thought made him jump for joy inside just a little. And, seeming that Leonard was choking on his words in surprise to who he was looking at, it appeared they both shared the same reaction when they met each other. Everyone seemed to give a slight aww kiss-up reaction. Then Jakar noticed such actions. The people thought they were busted, and they were going to get the Big Stick.
    But Jakar had other plans for the day.
    Soon enough, a public announcement went across the ship "This is general Kiefer, I want everyone to take a break and rest've earned it!"
    Cheering was then heard from about the ship, and Jakar proceeded to speak to the new Ramandian crew member; "I think you're just as surprised as I am, so that is why we should take this day off to get to know each other...and for you to get used to your new home! How does that sound?"
    Leonard nodded back in agreement toward him "Sounds good to me!"
    Jakar, from this day forward, finally had someone to call his friend.
    ~ Present Day ~
    He loved his crew back then, the camaraderie they shared, the stories they told, and most of all, the respect they had for him, despite his race. It was all great, and who wouldn't love a crew like that. But as he got onto this ship, there was not that warm, friendly feeling in the air, much less the feeling of respect. No, this crew was more of an icicle: cold, sharp, and ready to fall at any second.
    The type of people here were not even near the type that would respect him. With people like The Timekeeper, Vesparians, and Assassins as partners-not to even mention the crew that seemingly replaced his spot, thinking that THEY were better at doing their job than Jakar can! Oh and let's not even get started on the criminal-killing Mech that seemed to be as OP as crap, and impossible to argue with! It may seem like nothing will ever get done around here!
    Could the FDR have ever picked a better group to do their job?
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  10. Once everyone was aboard, they were directed to a small-ish meeting room where four other people stood there - a Vesparian, another humanoid dressed in a full-pressure suit (which hid it's face), another one donning a light environmental suit with a glass faceplate (which mostly obscured his face due to a fog), and a... familiar Ramandian face for Jakar.
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  11. Lyle was handled rather roughly, being grabbed by the chains on his back and practically forced into the meeting room. Why they had to be so rough, he would never know. He was bound from head to toe in the heaviest metal chains that money could buy. His hands were cuffed, not like he could move his arms to begin with, and the collar around his neck was rigged to explode if he tried to escape. Of if they found a good reason. Lyle assumed that reason would come soon. He looked at the Vesparian and sighed. I wonder if the Time keeper killed one of his friends, too...
  12. After the last prisoner moved into the ship, SiMo activated the cool down procedure of its sniper rifle. While it cooled down, it moved into the ship too. Simo made its way into the meeting room and took a seat at the table as well, sitting down to the person known as Jakar. It looked around and tried to figure out in what mood the people were. Right now, it had not enough information to analyze that.
    "My apologies if I scared you. Let us hope that this mission will be a successful one, so we can go our separate ways. And yes: I will be accompanying you."
    Since SiMo was not sure if they were pissed, scared, or not interested in general, it tried to comfort them. It was the best idea SiMo had right now. It did not show an emote on its display though.
  13. Kaz walked over to the table taking a seat and resting his head against his palm. "So what's the plan? We aren't going into this blindly. That would suck, as I have to deal with you people for a couple months possibly years. Whichever." I glanced over to Jakar. "That attire. You must be leading this escapade. Act smart and my blade is yours. Do something to get one of us killed I'll make sure you go down with your ship understand?" With that Kaz slumped back into his chair. "Back to my original point. What are we going to do?"
  14. The Ramandian looked at the prisoners, mildly annoyed. "If I had the chance I would tell you. Now, as you know, you've traded in two years of your lives for a mission to collect some materials, and in exchange you get your freedom. Right? The good news is that you are all already partially free - I have been told to not treat you as prisoners, but as military crew. As such, you will get limited shore leave, have the right to decent food and every one of you will have your own private quarters aboard. Now, as much as I'd like it not to be the case, my friend Rall here-" He motioned to the Vesparian, which was leering at everybody - SiMo could read a tiny bit of nervousness as he was put on the spotlight, "will need to cover the less than pleasant, but first introductions of everyone. So, this is Jarrak-" Motioning the pressured suit wearer, "a Phortolian, little known star system with planets which look like gaseous ones at first, hence the pressure suit. Next to him is Magellan-" Again, motioned towards the next person, in this case the foggy envirosuit wearer "which comes from a species which had followed human culture up to a few centuries ago, enamored by it. Their homeworld is even more secretive than Vespar. As for me... I will let your fancy friend here present me." He looked straight at Jakar, with a slight grin.
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  15. SiMo paid attention to every word, but there were some unanswered questions. Because of this, it raised its hand.
    "As I see it, the top priority will be the success of this mission, which is the localisation and retrieval of the mentioned material. Just in case we come across an obstacle, like hostile creatures, bandits, or if one or more members turn out to be traitors. Are we allowed to use force?"
    There was only one thing important for SiMo. It wanted his former team to be free, and he would not allow anyone to stand in its way. Its display still showed no face, which was the case because SiMo was not sure which emotion would fit this situation.
  16. Jakar was released from his shackles and restrictions and then he met the non-criminal crew, and there, right there standing before him was the most unbelievable thing he'd ever seen...and possibly ever WILL see.
    He saw Leonard Jefferson.
    Was his eyes playing a trick on him? He couldn't believe it, not at all, His best friend. The only one he ever did call friend, is alive? And here? The chances of that ever happening is nearly impossible. But it is? This can leave only one solution for Jakar: He is definitely 100% insane and delusional. He could only assume at this point that everything is not real, or that everything IS REAL. So he just had to take a blind guess; everything that has gone on so far is totally real just for the sake of optimism. He took a seat, in which some of the criminals turned heads, one even spoke to him; the assassin. He merely just stated; "That attire. You must be leading this escapade. Act smart and my blade is yours. Do something to get one of us killed I'll make sure you go down with your ship understand?" Jakar Nodded; "You can be rest assured that this mission will go on without such events happening-aside from what got us all in here in the first place huh?" And then Leonard started to speak one the last few misfits made their way into the room.
    ~ Three Years Earlier ~
    " And finally, this is the Medical Bay, where you will be spending most of your time at. We have two other people who will work here with you on board." Jakar explained to Leonard, upon finishing his tour of the ship. he looked amazed at what he found; "Wow, this is pretty top-notch tech you have on here, so much better than the stuff on my home planet!"
    "Well, I'm glad you like it, this is a substantially new warship the HSC built for me. So I expect you to treat it with care now."
    "Yes sir!"
    "With that done, would you like to sit down and just chat for a bit? We do have a free day off you know."
    "I do, and A chat with you would seem nice, Admiral."
    The two of them went toward the Admiral's quarters, which offered several seats and privacy for them to hang in, and once they were comfortable, Jakar kickstarted the conversation with a few questions; "So, did you meet any other ramandians?"
    "No, you are the first of my kind I have ever seen,I never saw my 'biological parents, but my human parents suited me just fine, and you?"
    "Never got a chance to have parents, I could remember vaguely my biological parents and some memories until around the age of five. then, 'POOF' I was an orphan that nobody liked. I worked my way up in the chain of command in the HSC, basically revolved my life around that, and that got me to my rank and prestige today!"
    "Nice, I hate the Ramandian way of life; why do whenever we have a litter of babies, that we just throw them and scatter them about the galaxy like that, that's probably why we aren't noticed as a species, just sayin'."
    "Most believable, but enough of Ramandian ethics, I want to know more about you, What do you like/dislike? How's you're trip been? What is 'you' ?"
    "Well I-"
    But his conversation-and the day for that matter, were cut off short by an alarm. The ship was under attack, and at the perfect moment too! When everyone is lollygagging. Jakar got up and ushered him to leave "I'm so sorry, I guess we'll just have to talk about this later, now get to your post!" He then rushed to get the message across the ship "Look's like our break is cut short today, everyone at your posts, we are under attack!!!"

    ~ Present ~
    "As for me... I will let your fancy friend here present me." Leonard finished off with a slight grin, passing the conversation to Jakar, who frowned a slight bit at Leonard as he was all of a sudden forced into the spotlight in quite the tough crowd; "That over there, is...Leonard Jefferson, He, like me, are the supposedly-notorious Ramandian race, a bunch of furry ruffians that seem to have no origins, it is believed that we came from the planet of Lorex. We have the ethical tendencies to separate our young across the galaxy...and to those of you who are human...or human-made, we are also known for being terrorists. Now I am at the understanding that I am not the captain of this ship? If so, than who is it? " He crossed his arms at the crowd, awaiting an answer rather impatiently.
  17. Leonard chuckled, looking at SiMo. "Obviously. As of now, you have a superposition of two statuses - both dead and as important as the cargo, depending on how this mission ends. And we wouldn't have brought such a fine security platform aboard if it wasn't for the fact we EXPECT trouble. Though I have gotten news that you are needed elsewhere, so you're relieved of duty for this mission." With that SiMo nodded and left the room (and ship) while Leo looked back to Jakar. "As for the captain, he will be here shortly - as you can imagine, getting paperwork for clearance for such an expedition can be rather complicated. In the meanwhile, I stand both as the ship's lead doctor and the executive officer - which means I am the second-in-command, and the one who directs the ship in the absence of the captain."
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  18. Lyle chuckled to himself. This was quite the elaborate setup, they had going. He could always read people. Like children's books. It only ever took up to 30 seconds to get from cover to cover. He attempted to raise his hand, but was stopped by his chains. He frowned. So, instead of raising his head, he simply started speaking. "Hey. Mister second in command. I know I'm considered dangerous, and all, but are chains this heavy really a nessecary thing? I mean, I don't PLAN on killing any of you. I don't even know the time..."
  19. Leonard's attention snapped to Lyle. "Of course, what was I thinking. Though on that note, if any non-former-prisoner dies on this trip, any of the other crew will have three minutes to activate a beacon - and if it's not done, the death will be ruled homicidal and your mission will be forfeited." With that being said, he headed towards him and unlocked his shackes, freeing him.
  20. Lyle smiled as the chains fell to the floor. The audible pop as he rolled his shoulders pretty much screamed that those chains had been there for a while. He nodded to Leonard before leaning back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. This guy was one of four things. Brave, stupid, clueless, or a criminal. He didn't recognize Lyle, or at least he didn't give any special attention to him. That meant that this furry bastard didn't know the Time keeper, didn't think he was dangerous, didn't care that he was, or was dangerous himself. Lyle expected that it was a subtle mix of all four.
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