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  1. Catherine was a cousin to Ciel. Catherine sighed softly as she had her maid in the carriage with her. She looked around, she was going to visit Ciel. She was in a pretty dress. She was about fourteen or so. She tilted her head and yawned. She didn't know what to do. She bit her lower lip softly as it stopped. She smiled and then said, " We're here." She then went to hurry out, She saw the door open, she raised an eyebrow. She giggled softly and said, " Ciel!!!" She squealed.

    what Catherine Looks Like:
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  2. Ciel and his household had been getting ready for the upcoming festival fair that's thrown every year. He sees her and gives a small smile to his cousin and says "Hey Catherine."

    Finnian's in the garden trying to make everything in tip top shape before they leave.

    Baldroy is in the kitchen having been spending the day preparing something for the baking contest.

    And Meyrin is trying to tidy up the manor with Tanaka's help before they leave.
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  3. Catherine smiled softly, she then grinned and said, " How are you." She tilted her head softly. She bit her lower lip thinking. She really was so nervous. she then smiled, having a bad feeling about the fair today. " So I decided to come up for te festival fair this year." She said softly.
  4. Ciel "I'm okay." He then sighs slightly and says "Just getting ready to go to this year's festival fair. And you say you're going to it. That's cool. The others are all hyped up for it too. Baldroy and the baking contest, Finny in the yard sculpting contest, Meyrin, I'm not sure what she's going to do, and me, well my rival Alois is in the dance contest every year, and as you know sense he's my rival our families are always going up against one another, but I really don't like dancing."
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  5. Catherine smiled softly. She nodded. She then tilted her head up. She smiled softly. She tilted her head, " oh thats cool, I don't know if I should join.. " She smiled softly as he looked at him. She nodded at him. She said, " I can dance for you if you don't want to do it." She said to him. She smiled lightly. She then saw Sebastian, she looked down and then looked at Ciel thinking.
  6. Sebastian, seeing Catherine eyeing his young master, looks at Ciel too and says "Why the long face my lord?"

    Ciel sighs and says "The Phantomhive house members have to take on any challenge they are asked to take on. Especially challenges brought up from that of the rival houses and families such as the Trancy's. Baldroy is taking on one rival's family in the baking contest. He guarantees a victory. Finnian is taking on some rival of his own I think in the yard sculpting contest at the fair. And one of my number one rivals, Alois Trancy, ugh..he's going to be in the dance contest at the fair, dancing, the one thing I detest doing."

    Sebastian "I see. Well it is true that the Phantomhive family heir has to meet the challenge of every rival family's heir no matter what it is..hmm..maybe there's a way that we can make dancing fun for you.

    Ciel "Before the fair begins? I doubt it."
  7. Catherine smiled thinking. She had to think really hard, to make dancing fun for him. " Ciel, you like music right?" She asked. " Well think of it as expressing your style of music." She smiled thinking, she didn't know if that sounded good. She kept looking around her, she felt really odd. She gulped nervously.
  8. Ciel "Yeah..I guess you could say I like music..But as for my style of music?..Um..I've never really thought about what my style is when it comes to music before..But..well.." He looks to Sebastian.

    Sebastian "Hm..Well young master..Lately you've been more interested in pop music, you like some rap and hip hop songs, and you like rock music, and country music also.

    Ciel "So I'm guessing your saying my style of music is more in the pop genre?..So then adding a specific rhythm to my dancing will make it more fun.."

    Sebastian "Yeah that may could work."

    Ciel looks to Catherine and says "Well Sebastian can tell you from experience with me at it..but I'm not that good of a dancer..even though people of our status are supposed to be..but yeah..I'm not..How am I supposed to come up with a rhythm in under 5 hours?.."
  9. Catherine smiled softly. She then went to stand up and walked to him " lets go to the ballroom and you'll see " she smiled she grabbed onto his hand and went to go to the room. She then wondered. She saw the cd player. She grinned " ciel close your eyes for me okay and clear your mind. " she smiled at him. She then said " listen closely okay?"She sighed and said " let your body interrupt the music"
  10. Ciel listens to the song playing with his eyes closed as his cousin says. He tries to feel a rhythm to dance to as he's hearing the beat when he starts his dance moves. He doesn't feel it at first and it takes him about a half hour to come up with a dance he thinks fits the song he's listening to. He's not sure what kind of rhythm he has while he dances to it though, it being his first time trying to think one up.
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  11. Catherine smiled leaning against the wall " good think deeply only this song.. what is it trying to say? Let your body explain it" she blinked as she watched him
  12. Ciel practices through the next few hours, thinking and listening to the songs he dances to, trying to find the rhythms he feels for each of them. He's still not sure how good he's doing, knowing how good of a dancer Alois is, still dreading dancing with him some.

    Sebastian watches Ciel practicing under his cousin Catherine's instruction, and he also watches the clock as the time for the fair draws nearer and nearer.
  13. Catherine bit her lower lip. She tilted her head softly and sighed. She closed her eyes softly. She saw how he was getting a little better. She looked over at Sebastian. " Do you have any suggestions? " she asked. She bit her lower lip " I was hoping it would help."
  14. Sebastian "I don't know really. I think it'll probably just take some time though for Ciel to come around in this particular subject. He's getting a little better at dancing, but still feels uneasy when he does it. I've tried to help him with it too before when Alois threw a party and invited everyone to come to it including my young master. My young master had to dance back then too and it made him feel really uncompfortable throughout the whole event. But it didn't help that Alois was taunting him the whole entire time either. I think if my master could dance for just the fun of it every once in a while, and not just because he has to do it which is the case most of the time, then he could probably get to where he could enjoy dancing one day."
  15. Catherine nodded aoftly as she looked at him. She knew so. She smiled. She said " very true" she tilted her head and thought. She then said " well I also come back... to let you guys know something has happened there has been two women missing "
  16. Ciel stops dancing hearing her say that and he looks at his cousin and says "When did it happen Catherine? And where?"
  17. Catherine sighed softly, " Not too far from here..." She looked down. She thought it was her mother,Madame red ... She's always out. She looked down softly and then said, " Well... they have happens a few days ago... More and more women go missing everyday." she sighed softly. She was worried that one day... Catherine sighed softly. She then said, " You think that you guys can help figure out who has been taking them?"

    ( I made a twist haha. Making Madame red have kids)
  18. (I see. Cool^^)

    Ciel "Yeah of course we can. And maybe we can find some leads at the fair when we get there."

    Sebastian "Missing people huh?..hmm.."

    Ciel looks at Sebastian and says "Is something wrong Sebastian?"

    Sebastian "Huh?..Oh no..nothing at all young master. Everything is fine."

    Ciel "Umm..okay then. Whatever." He then shrugs his shoulders and goes into the next room.

    Sebastian sighs after Ciel leaves the room.
  19. Catherine looked down unsure what to do. She just watched as Ciel go and leave. Shiit what is she supposed to do? Can she be left alone with sebastian. She glanced up at him blushing seei n g his eyes. They wre captivating. She then tilted her head and went to go to the door. " thats all I know.. anywho.. I shall get going I need to do something before I go to the fair " she then went to walk to her carriage
  20. Sebastian nods as he watches Catherine leave. Then he goes to find out which room his young master went to. He soon finds Ciel in the den sitting next to the window with his hand on his head. Sebastian walks over to his young lord and places his hand on Ciel's shoulder as he stands over him"

    Ciel looks up at him and says "Yeah Sebastian?"

    Sebastian "Are you feeling alright?"

    Ciel "Yeah. Just a slight headache. And a whole lot of other things on my mind."

    Sebastian "You mean about Alois and the dance contest young master?"

    Ciel sighs and says "Yeah."

    Sebastian "I understand. Well we'll figure out what to do when we run into Alois and Claude at the fair." He then helps Ciel to his feet.
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