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  1. Human form:
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    Name: Kellan Cooper

    "They're here! They're here!" Came the squeaky voice of his younger sister who had been annoyingly jumping up and down on his bed for the past five minutes. Kellan only groaned and tried to cover his face with a pillow so he could catch a few more minutes of sleep, which was quickly snatched up by the six year old and flung across the room. "Dad said you had to get up and come welcome our new family properly! Come on Kellan, it's not even that early!" He sat up abruptly and grabbed the little brunette and gently threw her over his shoulder before sliding out from under the covers and off the bed.

    "They aren't our family," he growled out but Lily only rolled her eyes in response. Whatever, let her enjoy the bloodsuckers. Walking out of the room clad in only pajama pants he shifted his little sister so he was holding her with one arm against his hip. Young as he was he was still fairly edgy around vampires and couldn't help but feel slightly protective over the little brat. Making his way downstairs into the living room his father shot him a dry look. "Nice of you to join us," his father said gruffly. "Couldn't you have at least gotten dressed?"

    "Thought we were family? Might as well show 'em what they're gonna get." Kellan shrugged with a yawn and turned to gaze at two vampires meant to be his step mother and brother. From the bags at their sides he could tell today was the day they'd start moving in. He scowled at the thought but quickly covered it up with a more neutral expression for his father's sake. Holding onto his sister with one arm, he extended his hand out for one of the vampires to shake. Of course he'd already seen them around but he'd never actually properly spoke with either of them, having avoided that as much as physically possible. "Might as well properly introduce myself...I'm Kellan." His sister scrambled down from his hold much to his dismay and smiled warmly up at the pair. "Don't mind him..he's just super grumpy. My name's Lily. And you are?" Their father watched them in silence, hoping for this part to at least go over well.
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    "This is hardly rational mother. How do you expect me to live this way, I mean they are nothing compare to what we are and on top of that we have to leave our nice place and come live with them. Why couldn't I have just stay in the old neighborhood and stayed at my same school" Onyx argued once again and his mother shot him a look like she always did. He knew that she hated when he did this but Onyx was not going to give up. Just the thought of sharing the same breath with mutts was too much for him. He didn't see anything wrong with him living on his own, it wasn't like anything bad was going to happen to him. He was a vampire, he was fast and stronger then most that picked fights with him. But his mother wasn't budging on anything, she wanted a happy family and she was in 'love' or so she said. "I am not continuing this. You agree to give it a try for my sake now zip it" she hissed to him as they walked up to the dwelling he would have to call home.

    Standing a bit behind his mother because he really didn't care to interact with anyone of this family his eyes scanned everyone of them though. The father seemed alright and like his mother, the little girl was a bit bouncy and chipper for his taste and the son just rubbed him the wrong way. Onyx didn't like the way he spoke and didn't like the little twitches in facial expressions. Everything about this situation was wrong, three wolves and two vampires in one household. Someone was going to die.

    "Hi, it's nice to meet you Kellen and Lily. I am Rachel and knowing my son he isn't going to say anything but this is Onyx" his mother greeted them and she was right. He was not going to say a word and defiantly not going to shake their hands. Just the thought of touching one of them made his skin crawl.
  3. Upon meeting her son, Kellan felt miffed and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. The guy couldn't even PLAY nice? The mother seemed kind enough but her scent made his nose wrinkle and he was never so trusting, especially to a vampire. He may have been a wolf, but you couldn't just scratch him behind the ear and get him to roll over for you. "Nice meeting you." He bit out through clenched teeth, stepping back to stand along side his father and dragging his little sister by the hand with him. Lily frowned and swatted at him but there was no way in hell he was letting her get comfy cozy with the leeches under his watch.

    "Kellan show Onyx to his room so he can get settled, would you? The guest room next to Lily's is his." Came his father's voice as Kellan's head snapped in his direction, but nodded reluctantly knowing it wasn't really a question but a command. Honestly though...what part of having them alone was a good idea? Every muscle in his body was tense as Kellan turned and stepped slowly back towards the stairwell his gaze never veering off the vampires on his turf. Seeing that Oynx wasn't none too kind didn't help either. "You coming or not?" he snapped standing on the first step, raising an eyebrow at the before mentioned vampire.
  4. Onyx squinted his eyes at the son but gave no indication that he was going to speak or move. He really thought about turning around and walking away, maybe a nice walk would clear his head and ease his body but even that thought he knew wouldn't happen. He slowly turned his attention to the father and then to his mother. She was motioning for him to follow the other guy and as much as he didn't want to took one step towards him "Bad idea if you ask me" Onyx finally said and then proceed to move closer to the guy.

    "Don't mind him so much" His mother told Kellen and then turned to her new husband. "I'm sure they will play nice. Now why don't you and I have some alone time" she told him as she walked up to her husband and wrapped an arm around his.

    Onyx tried to keep his distance from the mutt as much as he could, though the putrid air that surrounded the creature was burning his nose to the point he wanted to snuff it out. With a clenched jaw he held his breath and in a quick gesture motioned for Kellen to proceed. He wanted to get this over with fast so that maybe he could just lock himself in his room.
  5. "Lil, go play in your room." He called to bubbly little girl as he ascended the stairs with the vampire behind him. His little sister, of course, pouted and did what she was told. He glanced at the lovey dovey couple that consisted of his father and Oynx's was that even possible? They totally reeked even when they were standing several feet away. Kellan shook his head and quickly jogged up the steps and sped towards Oynx's room, feeling especially edgy with his back turned towards the other creature.

    It pretty much took his all not to shift right then and there. least once he'd showed the guy to his room they could part ways and he could hopefully go for a nice long run in the woods. Stopping outside a door, he nudged it open with his foot and gestured for him to go in, his expression one of distaste. "Your room. Bathroom's down the hall to the left." Having to share a bathroom with that thing made his skin itch on top of everything else. He glanced at him sharply from the corner of his eye and huffed. "Listen, stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours." With that he quickly began to pad down the hallway back towards the stairs so he could get out of this damn house.
  6. Onyx was glad when the guy started walking, this way he could stay inside his own thoughts cause he knew there would be no conversation between them but as they reached his room an idea popped into his head. Why were they both playing nice? Maybe if it didn't work out with the kids then maybe his mother would give up this endeavor and they could go home. At the door to his bedroom Onyx tosses his things inside and turned his attention back to the wolf. He listened as the guy described where everything was and then tried to make an agreement with him. Onyx decided that he wasn't going to lock himself in his room but instead see how far he could push his new brother.

    Just as quickly as Kellen walked away from him Onyx was behind him on the stairs "So what does dearest brother do for fun around here?" He commented lowly near Kellen's ear even though he was sure that he would hear him across a room. Onyx then pulled his head away just in case he wanted to fight but still followed directly behind him "For a wolf you are pretty trusting. I mean you even turn your back to me" Onyx commented yet you could hear the sick humor in his voice.
  7. A growl built up in Kellan's chest as he immediately turned on his heel in the middle of the staircase to snarl at Onyx the moment he felt his presence behind him and his voice sending chills down his spine. The guy had already moved a step or so away from him but was still too close for comfort. His hands began to tremble slightly at the comment about being too trusting...he could practically hear the sick humor in his voice. Why was he toying around with him? Kellan crossed his arms, his jaw clenching tightly as he tried to keep his short temper under control. He wasn't about to look like an easy target to this bloodsucker.

    "That doesn't mean I trust you." he tried to keep his voice level as he glared at Onyx. Kellan sucked in a deep breath and tried to release the tension in his body as he spoke again, casually skipping right over his first question. "Tell me do you go from brooding-silent-bloodsucker to trying to find out what I do for fun?"
  8. Well he was able to get a decent reaction from the filthy mongrel and it made him want to push the wolf a little more. This might turn out to be more entertaining then he thought but he took another step backwards and crossed his arms over his chest then leaned against the nearest wall. "Sure seems like you trust me" he commented softly and let his eyes wander up and down his new brothers body. Maybe to size him up or just to check out how a wolf's humans body looked. "Eh that answer's not interesting trust me" he said waving the wolfs question away. Kellen wasn't reacting the way Oynx wanted him to but soon got another idea to see if it would make Kellen jump as he heard a happy laugh down the stairs. "You know...maybe I'll go see what Lily is up to" he comment in a tone that sent chills even up his spine. He then moved to descend the stairs but stopped near Kellen "Unless you have something to say" Onyx mentioned as a smirk played on his lips.
  9. Kellan instantly growled deeply and grabbed at the collar of Onyx's shirt before shoving him roughly up against the wall, careful of his footing on the stairs. "Like hell you will." There was no chance whatsoever was he just going to let Onyx go and play with his six-year-old baby sister, especially not with that bone chilling voice. He listened carefully for sounds of their parents...good, still a room or two away so he most likely wouldn't get caught.

    As much as Kellan tried to keep his mind in check Onyx was just making his blood boil and it was becoming harder not to shift. Despite his father trying to teach him how to keep his anger in check, he was never actually good at it and it usually got the best of him. He sneered right in the vampires face, his k-9's sharpening and eyes taking on a bright golden hue as he voiced his threat. What he was doing was probably far from smart but that smirk was just egging him on more. "I don't know what you're up to...but keep pushing me and I won't hesitate to rip your throat out with my teeth. Got it leech?"
  10. So that defiantly got his attention, Onyx made a mental note that talking about Lily got a great reaction out of Kellan and one that Onyx really liked. His smile only widened as he was shoved up against the wall for which his body reacted towards him in an unusual way but his teeth started to elongate. Onyx was ready for any kind of fight and from the sound of it their parent's were getting closer and closer to the stairs. "Oh really now Kellan. Do you really think that a mutt like you could rip out my throat?" He commented softly to him and waited to see what was going to happen. But it seemed like their parent's weren't moving fast enough or they had stopped somewhere near the stairs.

    Onyx would have to push Kellan to the point of physical violence "Lily seemed to enjoy the fact that we were coming here, she might even want to be my little sister over yours. I won't try to make her do what she doesn't want to do" his smirk was firmly back in place and Onyx knew that a little tumble down the stairs wouldn't be any problem for him to handle but it might get their parent's thinking they shouldn't be forced to stay in the same house and his mother would call off the whole thing.
  11. That was it, Onyx officially pushed him to his breaking point and he snapped. What he was saying anymore didn't really matter nor did the consequences of his actions since their parents were fairly close by...he really just wanted to rip the vampire in front of him to tiny little shreds. Having Lily used against him was an especially low blow for Kellan. Using his grip on Onyx, he quickly tried to toss or at least push him down the stairs using the slightly enhanced strength he was allowed from being werewolf. It probably wouldn't hinder the vamp one bit but it at least gave him a moment to shift.

    His bones cracked and his body trembled as he formed into a mostly brown furred wolf, his clothes falling to shreds under his feet. A few moments later a wolf was standing in Kellan's place still on the stairs, snarling and growling lowly at the vampire. He glowered at Onyx, daring him to make a move. He'd been told x amount of times a wolf shouldn't go after a vampire on its own but that didn't mean he wouldn't try. Yep, he was definitely in for a lecture and possibly worse later on.
  12. Onyx's smirk grew to a full smile as he felt himself tumbling backwards down the stairs, it wasn't like he couldn't stop himself from falling but he wanted to make it out to be a little more dramatic as he hit the ground at the bottom of the stairs. He grunted a little bit as his body made contact with the floor but soon picked himself up off the floor. "Oh my god. Onyx what happened?" He heard the shrill gasp from his mother as she ran over to him and started to checking his body for any broken bones or what not. Onyx knew that he was fine and he was sure his mother knew that but you can't stop a mother's instinct. "Well I was having a conversation with Kellan and the next thing I knew I was falling down the stairs" Onyx explained to her and then they all heard the snarls from a wolf on the stairs. His mother's mouth gaped open and Onyx looked to his 'father' for some guidance.

    "I'm sure I just said the wrong thing or said it the wrong way but I'm really sorry. I hadn't meant to come across mean" Onyx told his new father and gave him a look that he hoped was sincere but wasn't exactly sure what that looked like or felt like. "Onyx, I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding..." his mother told him and then looked at her husband "it's not going to be a problem is it hun?" She then walked over to her husband and was actually concerned about the boys and if Kellan could handle his anger and shifting ability. Onyx all the while was looked at Kellan upon the stairs though made sure that no one else but him could see the evil smirk on his face.
  13. Kellan barked down at them at hearing Onyx's blatant lies. He took in that hidden smirk clearly meant for him showing off that Onyx had won this battle considering wolves couldn't talk meaning he couldn't exactly explain his stand point. He knew how it looked. "Down!" Called his father and Kellan's ears immediately flattened in submission as a quiet whine emitted from him. "Stay where you are Lily." He could hear the patter of footsteps halt though the girl was obviously peeking in on the situation. His father turned to his wife and new son and shook his head. "I'm sorry for his behavior and no love, it won't be a problem. I'll talk to him." He shot Kellan a warning look before wrapping an arm around his wife. "He's not the best at controlling his anger but this is odd..Are you alright young man?"

    Kellan snorted in annoyance. He couldn't believe his father was taking the leeches side. He slowly inched his way back up the steps intent on climbing out the window but his father beat him to the punch. "Don't you dare leave this house." Another whine and he pawed to his room, then curled up under his bed while the bloodsucker got away without a scratch.
  14. They way things played out was just the icing on the cake, he didn't know that it could work out so well but the desired affect wasn't accomplished. His mother was still intent on making this work out however seeing the defeated look on Kellan's face made it almost worth it. Onyx made sure to wipe the grin off his face and turned to his 'father' "I think I will be ok. It was just a small tumble down the stairs" he replied and looked at his mother and the man she chose to be with. "I'm truly sorry that this had to happen on the first day of us coming here" "Awe it's ok Onyx. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Now why don't you go up to your room and get started on unpacking" his mother replied to him and it took everything in his power not to hiss at his own mother but he clenched his jaw and gave a small nod. "Alright and don't go too hard on him. I'm sure this situation is hard on everyone" Onyx just couldn't help but lay it on a little thick but it would make for a better downfall. His mother gave him a hug and then he turned to go to his room.

    Inside his new room with the door closed a huge grin came across his face and part of him wanted to laugh so hard he cried but knew that might be a little too far. He did however go over to his bags and pull out a couple of things, for one his laptop was set out on a small desk and he placed his cell phone next to it. After that he shifted through a couple of bags and found something to wear for tomorrow. When that was done he sat down at the small desk and proceeded to mess around on the internet... 'if there is any net' Onyx thought to himself.
  15. Minutes later Kellan's father entered his room to have a little talk with him and left within only about ten minutes or so. Well it was more of his father talking while Kellan laid on the floor and listened. He didn't have that much of a choice considering his father was alpha and head of their family. He wasn't truly too hard on him since by nature he was hostile towards vampires, but it turned out he was grounded for at least a week. Pft, like he wouldn't sneak out for a run here or there...though a week wasn't that long anyway. Just as he was about to shift back out of his wolf form an idea hit him...oh no, he wasn't going to roll over and take that from Onyx without retaliation.

    Rising and stretching out his limbs once his father had left, Kellan trotted out of his room and made his way to Onyx's. He nudged the door open with his nose and slowly entered, his body tensed at being within such short range of the vampire and he had to hold back a snarl as he stepped further into the room. Eyeing Onyx cautiously he moved towards the bed all the while watching him from the corner of his eye and keeping one ear trained on the guy. If anyone asked, well, he was in here to make amends with his new brother. A moment later he hopped onto the bed and rolled onto his back before rolling all over the entire thing, pillows and all. It was a petty revenge but oh well. Hope he liked the scent of werewolf.
  16. Onyx had been pretty much into his computer since it turned out that there was internet here, he had several conversations going with friends and trying to arrange a get together tomorrow night though it turned out to be futile. Several others already had plans and the only ones available were the people he didn't care to hang out with. But at this moment he would take anything he could get that would get him the hell out of this house. So tomorrow he would be going out to a few parties with some friends and then they would hit up a bar or to.

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement it was not hard to guess who it was and he left Kellan alone to see what he was going to do. The smell was hard to miss since it stung his nose so badly but as it looked like Kellan was finished Onyx picked up the closes thing to him which turned out to be his cell phone and turned sharply. With speed that most of his kind could see he chucked his phone at the wolf knowing it would make contact with at least a part of the stupid dog. "Nice trick puppy but you'll have to do better then that" Onyx then commented as he got up from his chair to walk over to he door. He carefully closed it making sure it wouldn't alert anyone and then turned his sights on Kellan.

    "You should brush up on your reading. I don't sleep much and when I do it's hardly ever in a bed" Onyx informed him as he stalked closer to the wolf in his room. He would not show any kind of fear to this sort of creature and would rather die in a fight then back down. "I'm going to have so much fun making your life hell and you have no one but to blame but your own short temper" he snickered out to the wolf knowing that he wasn't going to get a reply since the mutt couldn't speak human words still.
  17. Kellan had abruptly stood up when he heard Onyx speak only to have something hard thrown at him and come into contact with his front paw faster than he could dodge it. Something between a whimper and growl involuntarily escaped through his snout as he plopped back down on the bed to soothe his aching limb. That was until he saw the vamp close the door and he suddenly felt trapped in. His dad would give him hell if he tried jumping through a closed window thus breaking it and there was no way he would shift back into a naked human right there. Not to mention both would be unexplainable.

    Kellan snorted at his comment, of course he knew vampires didn't sleep often. It was the most known thing in the book; he'd just came with the intention to make his entire room smell like wolf. And if he didn't sleep in a bed then where? Kellan decided a coffin suited the thing best. When Onyx started advancing towards him the wolf rose quickly as his hair stood on end and he bared his teeth. Was this guy picking a fight? He got into position to attack but then realized how this would look if someone walked in. The guy was threatening him and he had to stand down because of the incident from earlier.

    As much as he hated to admit it the vamp was right. If he had better control over his temper he wouldn't fall for the bloodsuckers antics. He relaxed and sidestepped Onyx before hopping off the bed. Maybe he could get under Onyx's skin instead before he the guy pissed him off again. Once on the floor he looked up at the vampire, wagged his tail and yipped, then padded across the room. His tail continued to wag as he cocked his head towards Onyx, looking like a typical dog wanting to play.
  18. It was amazing watching others minds work though he wanted to actually hear what was going through Kellan's head but he figured he could ask him later when or if the guy ever chose to shift back to human form. Onyx watches thoughts pass through his new brothers mind and then it was strange. It was almost as if the light bulb went completely on in his head. He changed from hostile dog to a playful puppy but that still didn't change his mind on the fact that he wanted to kill the other guy. "I'm glad to see the mess you've placed yourself in but I'm not that easy and besides you aren't that cute of a dog" Onyx retorted to the fact of Kellan's actions.

    He was getting rather tired of today's events and would like to sleep for tonight. Guess today's fun was over and he'd better let Kellan out of his room before anyone came looking for either of them. Onyx stepped to the side and opened his bedroom door "Next time I won't be so nice if you come into my room with out permission first" he hissed at the wolf however waiting for him to exit his room.
    Glad that their encounter was over and done with Onyx closed his door once more making sure that it was secure in the door frame and that it was locked. He turned back to his computer telling everyone he had to go and then turned back to around to face his bed. Well there was defiantly no sleeping in that thing till he could sterilize the sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases. With a small shrug of his shoulders a light blueish smoke surrounded Onyx and with the blink of an eye Onyx's human self no long stood in the room but a good sized bat hovered hovered in the air. He batted his wings softly towards the ceiling and found a nice corner with a small rafter poking out. After he situated himself upside down on the perch he wrapped his wings around himself and proceeded to fall asleep.
  19. Kellan had immediately took the initiative and scuttled on out the door the moment it had been pulled open, rolling his eyes inwardly as he was told not to come back in without permission. And he called that being nice? Pft, he'd hate to see what he was like when he was mean in that case. Yawning loudly, he shook out his fur and padded down the hallway back to his room, nudging the door all the way open with his snout. Once inside he jumped onto his bed and clawed at the pillows and blankets to make a comfortable enough spot to nestle in for the night.

    His instincts didn't particularly want to allow him to sleep nor shift back with vampires in such close range, so he plopped down in his wolf form and decided get a little rest that way. Using his jaws he yanked a sheet over his body best he could before laying his large head against his paws and flicking his ears up to keep his hearing trained on the rest of the house. He'd only covered himself up in the case he fell asleep and changed back during the night considering his door was wide open and he didn't need anybody walking by and accidentally peeking in to find him stark naked.
  20. Night was gone and daylight flooded into his room through the curtains lucky for him it wasn't a lot of light otherwise he would be have some problems right about now. But for him he was glad it wasn't like the older generations of vampires, for Onyx he would be blinding horribly and the sun would cause a horrible rash on his body. One of the reasons why Onyx hated summer time and in general really sunny places. That was another thing why he couldn't believe that his mother mood him here, this place seemed sunnier then any other place he had been. He unfolded his wings from around his body and yawned but hadn't moved.

    "Onyx" his mother called through his bedroom door after knocking several times but he still didn't move "Onyx get down from where you are right now" she called to him and waited to see if he would listen but he still refused to move from his sleeping spot. Knowing that would aggrivate her but he really didn't want to get up and deal with those mangy mutts. "I said right now Onyx!" She finally yelled and then she pushed on the door finding it locked. "I'm giving you ten more minutes and if you are not up and dressed I will get your father to open this door" she finally threatened.

    Onyx came down from his perch and changed back into his human form. Standing in the middle of his room naked he glared at his bedroom door "That man is not my father" he hissed through clenched teeth and elongated eye teeth. But his mother was already gone by the time he said that and he huffed over to his bags and pulled out a pair of jeans. After pulling them onto his body and unlocked his door to head downstairs. Maybe now he would actually get the chance to talk to Lily, she was the only one that didn't seem half back in this family. Though that could have been the fact that she was female and not male.