Bermuda's Triangle

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    Ever wonder what happens to all the boats, planes, and submarines that disappear when crossing the Bermuda's triangle? It's a portal. One to a natural and mythical world you would only find in books and movies. Here are the survivors of those supernatural events, either alive or already turned into bones by one of the several creatures that live here. Hybrids, elementals, and beasts. All of those you once heard about in myths and legends, they excaped from this portal.

    Every human is eventually bit by a creature, turning them into one with similar characteristics. That or, they become food. If bitten, their form, strength, velocity, and age limit will change. *Just those humans that turn, then have the ability to shift between their human and creature form, but with a great amount of energy and time.

    What are the original creatures? Living things like no other known by a human in charge of turning those travelers from our world into creatures. They are stronger than the bitten, some good and curious, other evil that will kill you in an instant. These originals have a true form and an anthro one (like wolf and werewolf). Be creative, there are no limits here, except being invincible. *Elemental creatures are just for the original ones. No bitten has this ability.

    The few humans left live hidden in the remains of the boats and airplanes around this natural world. But creatures aren't their only threat. Many plants and insects have toxins that will kill them in months or seconds. So be careful, your best chance to survive is to turn into a creature.

    For those that want to return to the real world, there is one hope. A legend that speaks about two elders, dragons, one white and one black. The white is the good, the light, he will give you the opportunity to return to the humans' world, or grant any wish you might have that means good; from reviving a lost friend, to have an special ability. But don't find the black one, or you will be given two options: death, or be part of the dark army with the shadows on your side.

    •This is how you must present your character. Every post must be on third person, using quotes when you speak.
    -- Photo of your creature or human --
    Name: Last name is optional.
    Age: Limit 300 for bitten, 500 for originals. (Limit: death.)
    Race: Human, original, or bitten. (Every human must be bitten at some point.)
    Type: Hybrid, beast, or elemental. (Not applied if human. Elemental is just for originals.)
    Side: Light or darkness. (Good or evil. Lights usually help, don't bite, only if asked by the human, and just kill to survive or protect.)
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    Name: Zafer
    Age: 120
    Race: Bitten
    Type: Hybrid
    Side: Light

    Zafer jumped on another boat and looked around. The day was cold and quiet, fog all around making it difficult to see. She was tired and leaving a trail of blood behind her wasn't helping to find a good place to hide and rest. She sat down and looked at the injuries on her side and back with a sight. If she shifted into her human form, she would be able to cover her wounds, but then she would be a much easier target. Standing up again, she walked further on the boat and found an entrance. She stood there for a long time trying to hear if anyone was inside that could cause her more troubles and stepped in. Not making a single sound, she walked along the hallways and got into an empty room. Her 4ft tall and 10ft long were not easy to hide or even pass through some of the doors, but she was flexible and managed to get into the captain's room. After closing the door with her snout, she laid down on the floor and gave a long sight.
  3. creature_design_by_cxartist-d6b9f0l.png

    Name: Kriel
    Age: 97
    Race: bitten
    Type: Hybrid
    Side: Light

    Kriel was hunkered down in the bushes surrounding a seemingly peaceful watering hole. he had been waiting for more than half the day he was hungry and knew he only had enough energy to make one final attempt at food before he'd collapse like countless before him. As he was about to give up hope a small rabbit like creature with short stubby wings and an extra set of paws flew down from the sky and started to drink from the stream. Kriel was ready he didn't want to make his move to suddenly otherwise he would lose his final shot at a meal. Kriel waited until the little creature dunked it's furry little lips in the stream, he jumped out from his hiding spot a loud roar echoed throughout the trees.

    Kriel saw the creature frightened it jumped up to try to fly away but it slipped in the mud and fell. 'it's mine' he thought 'finally fresh meat after who knows how long.' Kriel saw the creature was going to jump right then scamper away his hybrid form seemed to slow everything down for him. he anticipated the move and went right, the creature never stood a chance. Kriel pounced on it and sank his giant teeth in it's body. 'i'm sorry little creature but it's eat or be eaten and i won't die on this island'

    Kriel made his way back to the stream and cleaned his face off in the water, it quickly turned a light pink color. A loud sqreeching noise came from behind him. 'damnit i've been here to long they can smell the blood i have to leave now' Kriel ran as fast as he could but no matter where he ran he could still feel the creature following him. He decided to venture out of the area he knows and try near the abandoned boats they would surely provide him with some cover.

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    Name: Called by some humans and bitten as 'Elder'

    Age: 260
    Race: Bitten
    Type: Hybrid

    Side: Lights
    Other: He can't turn back into a human speak anymore.

    Elder padded through the forest, on all fours, as he had taken to doing lately. He spotted a peculiar creature, one that he'd seen before. A bitten. He followed him, or her, into a shipwrecked boat. He opened the door with his snout, and hopefully without startling or intimidating the creature, slowly stepped inside. He was sure the creature had heard of him, even if they had not met. Then again, Elder had not met anyone properly for a long time, ever since he lost the ability to turn human again. He did not regard himself as human anymore, but not as beast either. To be honest, Elder had no idea what, or who he was anymore. He couldn't remember his life on Earth. He couldn't even remember what he looked like. He used to get emotional pondering these topics, but he had grown to accept them. He was too old for that. That's why they called him Elder.

  5. Zafer was falling asleep on the wodden floor. She was too tired to keep moving now and she hoped no one was going to find her here. The problem was her blood. Many creatures had an excellent sense of smell and a wounded one meant to be a good pray. Also, that beast that attacked her was still after her trace. She didn't think she would be able to fight again until she regained some energy. Then her hopes sank again. She heard the door opening and when she looked up, another pair of eyes were looking at her. The creature reminded her of a bear back in the real world, but this one was much bigger. She stood up quickly but soon her legs gave away and she was back on the ground. She panted with her body pressed against the wall, slowly recognizing the creature before her. "Elder?" She saw him once, buy didn't dare to near the so named creature. He was one of the oldest bitten and even when she heard that he was on the light side, she wasn't going to take any risks.
  6. Kriel ran as fast as he could tword the ships he could still hear the horrible sqreeching noise following him, that's when he saw it a trail of blood. 'this is perfect whatever is hurt here can take the attention off me.' Kriel followed the trail of blood tword the ships it seemed to be on one that was in the water the only way to get there was to jump from ship to ship.

    Kriel jumped from the shore making his way to the ship following the smell of blood. he stopped suddenly he saw a huge what looked like a bear enter a boat. 'no way, he doesn't looked injured which means he must have beat me to the source of the blood' Kriel decided he didn't want to take on the giant bear either but maybe those two could fight eachother giving Kriel a chance to run. he jumped to a few ships behind the one the bear was on. he hid underneath a downed sail and waited. 'eat or be eaten. i'm sorry bear but i can't die here.'
  7. Elder nodded once at the bitten, before turning away, sitting in the doorway, facing out. He intended to protect this bitten, as she had obviously been attacked. He stood by the door, waiting patiently for anything that would intend to harm the injured bitten.
  8. lucien___snarl.jpg
    Name: Lucian
    Age: 60
    Race: Original
    Type: Beast
    Side: Darkness
    **This character can be killed**

    Beasts are often hideous and deadly. They are alien creatures that doesn't have any similitude with an animal like hybrids do. With time, they can loose their judge and simply kill everything that moves. Many has venoms or even acids, making them hard to kill. Lucius was blind, but that was never a problem for him to continue his hunt. Being an original allowed him to shift into his anthro form, one he didn't have to use with most of his prays. He was following a hybrid close by, ready to launch over him and rip his heart out. Once they hit the boats, another scent filled his senses. Blood... That delicious life force that was never enough for him. Giving a deadly hiss, he followed the source of it into one of the boats, forgetting about his previous pray, for now. Another smell reached him as he got close to the Elder, opening his moith to show the line of sharp fangs that he was ready to use. In a swift movement, the beast launched over the bear without any fear.
  9. Elder didn't move a muscle as the beast stalked across the ship. He only made a move as the beast attempted to launch itself over him. He didn't make a sound as he reached up rapidly with his claws, shredding the underbelly and throwing it back in front of him. He made a very deep growl, barely audible, but it shook the air with a peculiar vibration.
  10. Lucian hissed strongly when the claws cut his skin, but there was barely any meat or blood inside him. His skin was very thick and his skull and thorax were like an armor. He was small as well, barely 2ft tall and about 4ft long including the tail. But he was fast and agile. He didn't mind about the growl of the creature between him and the source of the blood, making him even thirstier. His saliva turned light green and a few drops fell to the floor, melting the wood and leaving just smoke behind. He launched against Elder again and passed through his legs, climbing then up his back to try and bite him once more.

    Zafer relaxed when Elder simply nodded and sat at the door. He was protecting her... Why? She laid down again and placed her head over her paws. She shouldn't be here. She was risking someone else now and she didn't want that. Hearing noices on the deck, she lifted her head up and looked at Elder worries. Then the creature appeared. A beast... Not the same one that attacked her but still a threat, for her and the old bear. He attacked once but Elder was able to throw it away. That thing was here because of her blood, she knew it, and she wasn't going to just sit back and see how another creature risking his life for her. Standing up, she took her head to try and focus before walking towards the beast who was now attacking again.
  11. Elder's fave remained impassive as he threw the creature away. It surprised him by dashing through his legs and up onto his shoulders. He saw the acidic saliva and his ancient reflexes kicked in. Without thinking, he jumped backwards, holding the creature by it's limbs so it couldn't jump away. He landed close to the Bitten and heard an encouraging crunch from somewhere beneath him.
  12. Lucian dug his claws on the bear's back, hissing again when he felt him taking his hind legs. Next thing he was on the floor with the heavy weight of the creature over him. His left hind leg cracked in two and the beast gave a high scream of anger and pain. He bit into the bear's shoulder with force as he tried to move him away.
  13. Kriel watched the bear fight the tiny monster. If it was one thing he learned while on this island he learned that the smaller creatures were just as frightning as the larger one. Kriel watched the fight it was all happening so fast he wanted to help but couldn't move, he saw the boat rocking and watched as the floor seemed to tremble. 'it's about to give way, they'll fall' Kriel took in three deep breaths and came out of hiding. He roared as loud as he could and then shouted "it's gonna sink, jump."
  14. Zafer couldn't do much to help Elder as his body covered the beast almost completely. Another loud roar made her lower her body and turn to look at another hybrid watching the fight. Sink? As if to confirm his words, the wooden pallets beneath her paws started to break and the whole ship started to sink into the water slowly. "Elder!" She walked towards him but then her weight finished breaking the wood and her hind legs fell into it. She growled as she clawed the floor with her claws to lift herself up again, her wounds bleeding more than before.
  15. Kriel watched the boat start to go down. 'damnit i told you it was gonna sinc, damnit. it's not my problem, i warned them.' Kriel was about to turn and run when he saw her. "damnit" Kriel Jumped into the water he was repeating the same thing in his head over and over 'stupid, stupid,stupid' He thought how he just watched countless others die he didn't want to just play it safe any more he wanted to help. Kriel swam over and tried to pull himself onto the sinking ship but it was no good he couldn't climb. Kriel took in a deep breath. He swam to the bottom of the boat. there was a hole there but it wasn't wide enough to fit anyone through it. Kriel started clawing at the hole making it bigger. "hold on"
  16. Zafer growled as the wood under her claws started to give in. Hearing crashing sounds under her, she glanced down to see the other hybrid going into the ship. What?! "What are you doing?! Get out of here!" Another wooden pallet broke and she couldn't hold herself anymore. She fell to the lower floor and into the ship heavily. The floor was wet and the water slipped in from several holes and cracks on the wall. Elder and that beast were left on the upper floor as she couldn't see them anymore. Zafer panted tiredly and didn't bother to stand up again. The water mixed with her flood as she looked at the other hybrid. "Idiot... Get out of here."
  17. K riel contined to claw through the ship's bottom he was running out of breath. K riel saw the other hybrid, she said something then collapsed. He shoved his head threw the hole and took in a big breath. He continued to squirm threw the hole, until he was in. "Hey come on this thing is sinking fast and with those two blocking the high ground our only option is threw here."
  18. Zafer opened her eyes feeling someone close to her. She didn't move or even tried to. Taking a deep breath, she tasted the sweet water entering her snout. "Then get out... You shouldn't have come in here." She didn't understand. The laws here were simple. Tou looked out for yourself only or you would die. And today there were two creatures that helped her. Or at least try. Elder could be dying right now thanks to that beast and she was in not state to help him. Every second that passed, more blood left her system and she was loosing her energy fast. Now this new hybrid was pretty safe outside and decided to get his ass into the boat. For what? For her?
  19. Kriel felt the water rising. "Get out? what are you talking about?" Kriel saw that she was pretty much useless she was hurt and confused. "damnit i don't have time for this." Kriel used his long tail and wrapped it around the hybrids body. "geez like this isn't gonna be tough enough." he drug her body to the hole. "ok take a deep breath. I'm gonna push you through the hole and as soon as i get free i'll help you swim to shore." Kriel saw her wound, he looked more and more concerned.
  20. She closed her eyes again. She was too tired and didn't cared anymore. She was loosed her reasons to survive and she craved some rest. And that, in a place like this, was simply too much to ask. But then she felt something around her body. Great... Last thing she needed was to her eaten by a giant snake. When she opened her eyes again, she looked at the hybrid pulling her into the hole where he appeared. He wasn't going to leave without her. The only thing she could do, was to try one last time and help him. Standing up slightly, she nodded at hin and took a deep breath before throwing herself into the hole. She was big buy with a slender and flexible body. She growled as her wound slid against a piece of wood as she dove underwater. Zafer tried to swim to the surface but she barely had energy now to keep conscious.
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