Berkeley: Seen by the Unseen

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  1. The Beginning

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Many teenagers all around the world have been developing powers recently. There are some who can read mind, some who move things with their mind, and some who can see the future. Each and every power is unique and has its own little flaw, but the government is going crazy and trying to figure out why teenagers are developing these powers. They're poking teens with needles in hopes of finding some connection, but as far as they can see, they are random and there is no power. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Seeing this as a good thing, the government welcomes the teens to a facility to learn more about them and offers them a place of safe keeping. They learn about a few different teenagers and began to stick them in on government jobs to use as a new weapon. That is until a huge star comes right for the earth and burst open, but isntead of hurting anyone, it takes a few people. These people are random also, but the government targets the unique teens as a threat, and begins to worry. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]In confusion of this, they hurry to capture and/or kill any teenager who has or shows signs of developing odd or extrordinary abilities. Scared and confused, many teenagers, with and without abilities, began to flee and look somewhere safe. Somewhere where they will not only be accepted, but they will feel accepted. A place like [/BCOLOR]Berkeley.


    Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]is a very unique place that not many people know about. That's because it only shows itself to the ones it wants. If it wants you there, you will be able to see the massive castle on each map you look at, and it is told that a trail will be shown to you to lead you there. Because Berkeley is not seen by many, the people who are inside are well protected and cared for. The only question is by who?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Inside of [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]there are many different things going on, but the number one goal is to protect its people. Berkeley is not a house, but it is a city that has unique powers of its own. When it wants to be seen, it can show up wherever it is needed, whether it is in Japan or America. When it wants to be kept a secret, it makes itself dissappear. For thousands of years, this city has lived off of the power of these teenagers who have been able to do and learn these unquie abilities. Yes, it has happened more than once. In fact, exactly every 100 years this same routine happens again. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]The people inside of [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]is what makes it keep running, but recently it has been failing. The flowers are not growing back in the springtime, people without powers and who are not called to [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]have been able to see it, and the more it travels each day, the slower it gets. It's obvious to the members of [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]that something is obviously wrong, and it all started the same night as the star hit the earth and burt. Even the people who have lived in [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]their entire life have never seen anything like it, but it's up to the new set of teenagers to now save not only [/BCOLOR]Berkeley, [BCOLOR=#010101]but the world too. [/BCOLOR]

    The Story

    [BCOLOR=#010101]When the government officials begin to notice that the teenagers are disappearing and are no where to be seen, the forces become more and no one will rest until they have the teenagers. While searching for the unique powered kids, one by one, each government official who ever came in contact with the teens are disappearing along with the ones already gone in the ball of light. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]The remaining government officials blame this on the kids too, and are convinced that they are working with a larger power. Whether it be some kind of god, the devel, or who knows what else, they believe that there is no hope for them and begin to push the human population into safe keeping, trying to save them from the enemy, not realizing that the enemy was really themselves. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Each teenager who receives a new ability was visited in the night by none other than the future. They have a mission for them, but can't let them know who is giving them these abilities. Each ability would come in use for the future war that would break out against the government and then people of the world. At the end of the visit, each kids mind was swept and was left with only fragments of that night, including their new ability. Now they are stuck to decide which side they would be on. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]The bad side, or the good side. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#010101]Each dorm is set up in such a way. There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room, and one dining room in each hall. The males and females will be split up into different halls and each gender has four halls (unless more are needed.) Each person who comes into Berkeley will be assigned a class and school based on their abilities.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#010101]There are seven main classes: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Ability Techniques[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Ability Improvement[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Controled Ability Speciality[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Ability Advancment[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Beginning Special Ability[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Intermediate Special Ability[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Advanced Special Ability[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Once placed into a class, you will be with other people and you will spend eight hours each day with them. The only exception will be with the Advanced Special Ability who only attend class for five hours a day. Your class will learn to bond and get to know each other's abilities. There will be times when your class will spend the day testing out each other's abilities and learning attacks and counterattacks, along with blocks and other techniques that are new. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]If you are part of the first four classes, you will be in Berkeley High. If you are in the top three classes, you will be in Berkeley University.[/BCOLOR]

    Berkeley High

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Berkeley High offers teenagers all different options of classes. Aside from having the normal classes such as math, science, languages, and history, the high school has various classes to help the students learn and control their different abilities and their weaknesses. It has war training classes to teach the students to defend themselves and how to use their powers, and it also goes as far as to offer classes to help the students understand the other abilities and sometimes hosts games for the teenagers to use their abilities against each other. In Berkeley, age does not define what grade you are in. The way you control and learn your ability does. As a new member, you will be places in the freshman class (9th). With more improvement you can quickly go up your grades in months and could, but doubtful, graduate soon. You could be 17 and a senior in the university, or you could be 21 and a freshman in the high school.[/BCOLOR]

    Berkeley University

    Berkeley University [BCOLOR=#010101]is the college for any member of the [/BCOLOR]Berkeley [BCOLOR=#010101]community. It has many different majors, and although it does not give the members an ability to use their diplomas in the real world, it allows them to use it in the city. It also has various classes like the high school, and is a step up on helping it's students learn as much about its abilities as possible.[/BCOLOR]

    New Students

    [BCOLOR=#010101]New Members are required to read each and every rule of the schools and of the creater's, MarilynFae. If you do not follow these rules, there are consiquenses. Rules can be found in the 'rule' tab.[/BCOLOR]

    My Rules

    1. Follow each and every one of the Iwaku rules. This has no exception. You should have read them when you signed up so you know what is and is not accepted. If not, I highly recommend that you do.
    2. This is not a libertine/teen roleplay, therefore meaning that if it is anything past intense kissing, please leave it to a fade to black and continue in PM.
    3. Do not fight OOC and only fight IC if it's for the roleplay. Leave all arguments out of the role-play. If you cannot fix your problem with someone, let me know and I will help you guys.
    4. Post a decent ammount. If you just post a line or two when it's obvious you could have posted more and you aren't putting any effort in it, I will give you a couple warnings, but this an intermediate roleplay. A couple paragraphs at least. More is welcomed.
    5. We role-play to have fun, it's not a job for most of us, so please do not stress about it and have fun. It's for pure enjoyment!
    6. No perfect characters, please. We are all human (well maybe not our characters (; ) and that means we make mistakes.
    7. Post a little heart or star or something at the end of your CS if you actually read these rules.
    8. Use my CS layout, or at least use the basics of it.
    9. If you want to drop, that is fine, but please tell me before the IC is already started and we are relying on you and your characters.

    Berkeley Rules
    1. No person in the opposite gender's dorm after curfew.
    2. Everyone must be back in their dorm by curfew. Curfew is eleven o'clock PM on school days. It is Midnight on non school days.
    3. All students must attend class Monday through Thursday from nine o'clock AM to four o'clock PM. If attending Advanced Special Ability class, class is Monday through Thursday from nine o'clock to one o\clock.
    4. After school hours, students are allowed to leave campus and do as they please, but must be back in their dorms by curfew.
    5. No drugs, profanity, or bad language used on campus.
    6. No student is permitted to leave campus during school hours.
    7. No student is permitted to use their ability on another student or teacher unless it is for learning purposes.
    8. Each Student must participate in one extracurricular activity at least, but have no more than three
    9. All students must attend all of the celebrations that the school hosts (If we have them) but does not have to stay past the introduction.
    10. While at a celebration is the only time students are allowed out of thier dorms after curfew.
    11. Each student must abide by the dress code rules.

    Dress Code
    Dress Code
    1. There really isn't one, as long as your boobs, butt, or coochy/cooch isn't hanging out.

    **Sorry there's so many!!**

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  2. This is the OOC chat. Please post all of the character sheets in the Signup Thread. You should be able ti find it easily, but if not, then here is the link: OPEN SIGNUPS - Berkeley: Seen by the Unseen |

    Again, no CS go here, this is just so that we can all chat and talk! CS go in the other thread. Both the IC and the Signup Thread should be linked here. Let me know if something is wrong!

    @Brea @Stargazer @Karakui @Prince Shattered Charming @Lady With Class @kimsim12

    Tag your friends to see if we can fill in the gaps we missed, and if any of you want more charcrers, go fo rit, but you don't have to make more! Thanks!
  3. New name?
  4. No, I accidently put that. I had began starting a new group but then I deleted it so I could do this one and I forgot that I had left the name. Should be fixed now.
  5. I'll get my babes up in the other thread soon
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  6. If need someone to take on some dropped chars, I can take on maybe one or two more ;)
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  7. We had two drops, and if I am right then they both had two characters. So if you want, go ahead!
  8. Okay guys, I know that we don't have all of our characters posted in the new signup thread, but I'm going to go ahead and open the IC back up. So feel free to have at it, but if you don't have your characters in the new Signup, please get them in there BEFORE you post IC. Thank you!

    I think we have mine, @Stargazer's, @Lady With Class's, and @kimsim12's characters in the new signup. So, unless we have more drops, then we need @Brea's, @Karakui's, and @Prince Shattered Charming's character's still up. Take your time, just please let me know when they are up! Thanks!

    So anyway, hopefully we can have everyone's intros up by tomorrow and get the roleplay going? So basically what I'm saying is if that you do decide you want more characters to play, go ahead and make them and post them and let me know, but if you want them in at the beginning then you might want to get them up by tomorrow. Also, if you have friends that may want to fill in our few lost spots, then go for it! I don't want to have to do a bunch of rearranging, but I can if needed. But we might as well offer the spots up though, right? So let your friends know and we can fill in the four spots we lost!

    Again, go ahead and post your IC if you're up for it!
  9. Sorry, I had a really busy day, and it's already really late. I'll get my characters transferred over tomorrow and will try my best to get my starter post up.
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  10. Actually, I decided to just go ahead and transfer my characters over tonight, just so I wouldn't have to deal with it tomorrow. So, yeah, finished that!

    (Excuse the double post oops)
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  11. and I will put my char sin sign up tomorrow and intros tomorrow, was busy making my first rp, so busy xD
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  12. I'm doing my intro post now! *Slams flag post into ground* (Why flag post? I dunno. It was the first thing to pop into my head. No seriously, Imma go do it now)
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  13. Alright, so now we just need @Brea and @Prince Shattered Charming and @kimsim12 intro I think. But take your time guys. I will probably be signing off soon so even if we all did post I don't know if I'd get much in, but if everyone posts then go on and I'll catch up tomorrow! I may be back on later tonight, but no promises!

    Great posts so far! ♡♡
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  14. Alrighty guys! I think all of our characters are up, except @Karakui's. Haven't heard from you in a bit. What's going on?

    Anyway, good job! We just need a few more intros up before we can continue on! Hopefully we get them up by this weekend so that we can move forward??

    Thanks for being so patient with this! You're the best!♡♡
  15. Posting later tonight^^
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  16. I'll be posting soon!
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  17. Yayy! I can't wait to see them!
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  19. I think I'll make one more character to even out the genders ;) I'm pretty sure there are fifteen boys and fourteen girls, unless I miscounted, so I'll be making a girl!
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  20. No work today, so really will try and get my intros up^^
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