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  1. Long ago, the lands stirred in chaos, before a hero brought them to order, swiftly conquering the land with almost godlike powers, healing disease and war wherever he traveled. He was beloved by all, and the race of men crowned him as the hero king. He built an exquisite palace on the inside of the nameless mountain, and named the mountain Etna, after his wife.

    However, things were not peaceful for long... it was foretold that a great calamity would rise up after the king's death, and nothing would stop the land from turning back into a churning chaos... And so, in the king's great wisdom, and kindness, gave up his crown, and entrusted chosen men to take the keys to the door of his palace... He told them to leave, and he would rest in the mountain, sleeping until they needed him the most. When they did, they would return with their keys to wake the hero king.

    Thousands of years pass....

    The time has come, and the land is rotting, the dead rise, and the keys call their holders to the mountain for the king's awakening. Those entrusted with the keys enter the mountain from far and wide, each using their key open the locks at the entryway to the mountain palace.

    Upon entry, they search for the king, destined to fix the calamity ailing the land, and find nothing in the throne room but a massive sword embedded in the throne. Curious, one of the key-holders touch the ancient sword: It glows, bestowing upon them a message from the legendary hero in the form of a memory.

    The message is this:

    The king was not immortal, and could not reside in this mountain for the ages required to heal the foretold calamity... but what he could do was fragment his soul, and place the fragments in everlasting keys he gave to the kingdoms surrounding the mountain... and while he could not ensure their bloodlines would stay in power, he could ensure the keys chose their rightful user, and lead them to the mountaintop when the time was right, so that he could be reformed to face the calamity.

    However, the problem was that he couldn't simply reform when the key-holders returned to the mountain. He had died long ago. No, he needed a suitable person to inherit his spirit, and do what needed to be done with his power, as he could not.

    And so, he had decided long ago to choose one of the key-holders as his successor... Although, that wasn't such an easy task. There would be nobody there to decide, and he wanted to give everyone a chance to inherit this power. So he had decided that a tournament was in order...

    The key-holders would fight, using their keys and their wits, to do whatever it took to become his successor. He would seal the mountain behind them, and they would compete for their shot at taking up the mantle of Hero King.

    tldr; It's a survival rp, akin to the hunger games, or Mirai Nikki (future diary) , where the players will create their own "key", and character, and duke it out for their chance to become the next godly hero king. Escape is not an option, the great doors that protected the palace from the outside before, have sealed up behind the key-holders, and now they are locked into their fate, fighting each other, and other challenges in the mountain palace.

    FAQ (open)

    What is a key?
    A key is one of the legendary weapons holding a fragment of the hero king's soul and power, used as a key to open the mountain, but could also be used as a powerful, and deadly weapon. Despite the weapons being called "keys", they do not have to follow a key motif, or ever be inserted in a lock, only their presence is required for the doors to open.

    What is a key-holder?
    A key-holder is someone who holds one of the keys. Originally, the keys were given to the royal line of the kingdoms surrounding the mountain, but the king knew they would not always stay in the hands of royalty. Some may have been lost with time, and only recently found by a lucky commoner, or may be a family heirloom now, their true meaning lost with time. Whatever the case, the key-holders were drawn to this mountain, knowingly or not, to fulfill their duty, and aid in the reincarnation of the hero-king.

    A challenge?
    The challenges (aside from your fellow key-holders) are called "The King's Trials", and they range from terrain changes in the mountain palace, to new hazards, or even creatures seeking to cut short the lives of the key-holders. These could be a boon or a bane to certain key-holders, and some that are at odds with each other may be forced to work together to overcome The King's Trials.
    Why can't I leave?
    You can't leave, because once all the fragments of the king's soul are inside the mountain, the doors shut to prevent someone from walking out with a key containing one. All the Key-holders will enter, but only one may exit.

    Can I use other Key-holder's keys?
    Sadly, keys that have entered the mountain unlock a latent ability, available to all keys. That is, only the user who entered the mountain holding the key can use it's full power... So, no, you can't, and besides, upon the death of a key-holder, their key will disappear anyway.

    Do I have to kill the other Key-holders?
    you don't, if you don't wish, but then you won't be walking out alive. For the mountain to be unsealed, and the hero's spirit to enter a key-holder, all other key-holders must die somehow. Upon the death of a key-holder, their weapon will disappear, and the soul fragment inside will return to the sword in the throne. Once all of the fragments but one are returned, the key-holder with the only remaining key (and fragment) inherits the spirit of the hero.

    As a player, what do I do if my character dies?
    No worries, you can still play to the end. You may take control of a King's Trial if you wish. Sheets for King's Trial creatures will be provided upon the death of a Key-holder.
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