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  1. The tattoo parlor - The Green Rose - was one of the better ones in the Low District, not so far down in the slums that it got dangerous costumers, but still not good enough to be in the richer parts of the city, not good enough that anyone from the High District would visit on a whim. It was relatively well-known, but didn't receive too heavy of traffic. It was perfect - for now - for someone like Anrar, but at the moment that wasn't what his mind was on as he washed his hands, readying for another costumer. He hissed slightly as the water turned cold and shut the faucet off immediately, drying his hands and blowing a stray strand of blond hair away from his face. It had escaped confinement, but he couldn't use his hands to move it as he took his seat and slipped on gloves.

    Dark green eyes looked to the honey-blond, green-eyed woman who had requested him. It took him but a fraction of a second to realize he knew her features. From her dreadlocks to her light skin, various piercings and bright if tough attitude.

    Winifred. He worked with her.

    Anrar - though, everyone here knew him as Alex, even the woman before him - raised a brow, head tilting just slightly in a silent question he did not ask - mainly why she'd wanted him when there were others better at the trade - before he turned his piercing eyes away and he started to open the packaging for the needles and other objects he would need, everything sterile.

    "What design do you want?" Okay, so he wasn't the most eloquent of people, but Fred would already know that.
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  2. Winifred, Fred as she preferred to be called when in the shop considering she worked with all guys. Most of the guys saw her as the little sister, or the bud, of The Green Rose. She was the youngest in the shop, only a few tattoos, but she was talented for the details she could put into her work. But for today, she wasn't a tattoo artist, she was a customer.

    She already had a few, an eagle on her shoulder, a quote written down her spine, and a day of the dead girl on her calf; lately she's been wanting another. Everyone else she asked didn't have the time to tattoo her, they didn't have an open slot for a few weeks and she was becoming a bit impatient, so they placed her with Alex.

    Alex had never said more than two words to her, then again neither did she, always passing by but never actually working with one another. Straddling the chair and leaning her chest into the cushion as she gave him a soft smile, "It's this symbol." she said handing him the drawing. It was a circle with intertwining lines, "Its a symbol of protection, think you can handle it." Teasing as her green orbs looked over his features for any sign of happiness left in him, "Come on, smile."
  3. Anrar looked the symbol over, dark green eyes tracing the design carefully and for a moment he felt something tickle at the back of his mind, like a memory forgotten before it was gone and he looked up past his hair at Fred, her words making his head tilt again, but his expression didn't change much unless it be a slight widening of his eyes and a marginal lift of his brow, signalling a subtle puzzlement for her gentle command. No one had ever told him to smile before and in truth, Anrar rarely did, never thought about it. To smile meant one was happy, sadistic or mocking, and he was none of those, so why would he smile?

    He shook is head slightly, glancing back at the design before putting the paper down and addressing Fred again. "Where do you want it?" Once she'd shown him, he waited for her to find a comfortable position before getting to work. He attempted to lose himself in the process, like he usually did, but for some reason he couldn't grasp at the moment, he was finding it more difficult with Winifred.

    Anrar knew nothing about her other than what he overheard her sharing with the other guys and he'd never had a reason to be especially intrigued by anything she said or did,, being near her, having her address him, smile at him, it was...different. He wasn't quite sure why, though. He'd interacted with many humans before of all ages, races and genders. This woman really shouldn't be any different and yet, for the oddest reason, he couldn't get his mind to escape into the work he was doing, thoughts twisting and turning like a den of snakes.

    He'd been silent up until this point, nearly forty-five minutes into the process, but now Anrar found himself doing something he rarely did; initiating a conversation. If the other guys were paying attention, their jaws might hit the floor. "What do you need protecting from?" His voice was deep, but quiet, as if he never raised it.
  4. Fred's lower juts out in a pouts, "No smile?" giggling she moves to lay back in the chair, ringed fingers lifting her grey tank top up to her bra, "On my ribcage." she stated simply. Once she heard the buzz of the tattoo gun she grinned tilting her head back into the seat. It wasn't that she enjoyed pain, she had a high tolerance for it and for some reason found it relaxing.

    She didn't mind that he wasn't talking during the tattoo but she did prefer conversation. Awhile went by before her lips parted to say something, but he beat her to the punch. "Well... Where I leave there aren't the best people, plus you see things, ya know?" Late at night she always thought she would see dark figures, or maybe it was the shadows from the street lights that gave people's faces a dark look.

    "I know its just a symbol, probably actually means something like soup, or monkeys..." she laughs softly at her own joke, "But whatever helps you feel safe. As you know, I take the later shifts, so the weirdos are out around then."
  5. See things. Oh, yes did he know, probably far better than she did. Most humans didn't realize what happened around them, the world that swirled around their simple lives, the battles that raged, the corruption that spread, the beauty that bloomed, the culture and lives that flourished right under their noses. Then again, most humans who found out ended up dead, so maybe it was good that Fred hadn't seen much. Annnnd his thoughts were wandering again. Bringing himself back to the topic at hand, Anrar caught the last words she said and he glanced up at her before looking back down at the symbol.

    He found himself speaking again, not really even meaning to, but the words came easily enough and that in and of itself was odd for the blond. "It's a symbol of protection against fire." Anrar frowned, thoughtful as if he remembered something learned from long ago and his tone reflected that state of mind, distant like it had slipped his mind that he was speaking to Fred anymore. "Fire as an element, fire as hate and fire as death. These it brings protection from."

    Anrar came back to himself then, dark green eyes flickering into focus and started again on the tattoo, having paused unwittingly in his work as he spoke. The blonds voice was nonchalant when he spoke again, as if nothing had happened. And if he had his way, Winifred wouldn't realize anything HAD happened. He hadn't known too many humans to be all that observant, though, so he wasn't too worried about it yet.

    "It's a good choice. I hope it works for you."
  6. "Hm. Didn't know fire was so symbolic. Didn't know you were so smart, not that I thought you were stupid or anything." the last part she mumbled glancing down at him, "I should do more research next time, or just ask you. Do you like symbols or used to be some teacher?" she asks tucking her arms behind her head.

    Closing her eyes she winces as he began to go over a more sensitive part of her ribs, she tried her best to keep still. "Damn..." taking a deep breath she spoken again, hoping to take her mind off of the pain. "So I guess you could say I could fight a dragon and he wouldn't be able to fry me." chuckling softly she smiles, "Or even beat up Death if he comes for me. What do you think?"
  7. Anrar glanced up, his dark green eyes meeting her lighter shade as she mumbled and looked down at him and there was just the hint of a smirk at his lips. It wasn't a proper smile, not even close, but it wasn't a frown or an impassive expression either and he looked back down as she continued speaking, concentrating on his work again, thinking over her questions and the best way to answer without outright lying. He didn't like to lie, contrary to what many who knew him briefly might think. It's just...necessary most of the time, but if he could get away with half-truths or just watering down a truth he did that instead.

    It was funny really, the ironic twist; the liar who hated lies. Such was the story of his life it seemed.

    His silenced prompted her to speak further and Anrar shook his head, blond hair falling forward again and this time ignored. "A dragon, yes; death, no. There are many ways to die." The thought made him frown and he pulled the tattoo gun back for a moment to swipe the small beads of blood away from Fred's skin, giving her a momentary breather as he looked up again. Anrar didn't usually make an effort to meet people's eyes, but he also didn't usually speak to someone this long either and his dark hues caught her lighter ones once more.

    "I read about some symbols in a book and I have a good memory." he explained simply to her initial question and for a moment he searched her face, her expression as if looking for something he couldn't pin down before he spoke again, sounding for all the world like he knew exactly what he was talking about without doubt or dispute. "Protection symbols don't work, however, unless they are blessed by a creature who holds the power the symbols are meant to guard against."

    To a human, such a symbol was an empty marking. Nothing more.
  8. Peeking an eye open, she noticed the smirk, "I guess that's close enough to a smile." When he stopped to give her a break she sat up to get a look at what he had gotten done so far, "It looks good, wish you had told me the blessing thing before you started. Now I just have a thing on me.. At least it looks good." with a soft sigh she laid back into the chair, "Unless you're a priest thingy."

    Shifting back into a comfortable position and gave him a wink, "Maybe next time I'll give you a tattoo. I'm good with my hands." she said wiggling her fingers at him. "I'll give you a useless one and we'll match." She enjoyed teasing Alex, wanting to see if she could get that stoney composure to turn a bit. "Or I could just tattoo a heart on your ass, all of the badass are getting them now-a-days."
  9. Priest thingy. At that Anrar nearly did smile, but it would have been in a wry, unhappy kind of way and that would have drawn attention and questions so he did no such thing. No, not a priest. Far more, far worse and he had no intention of dragging her or anyone else into his world. The last thing he wanted was to get someone else killed. That thought brought up more memories than he wanted to deal with and Anrar pushed them away with a dark look about his eyes before it faded away just as quickly and he raised a brow at Fred's teasing.

    She did like to do that to all the other guys in the shop. It was the first time he'd ever been on the receiving end of it, though, and despite himself, the blond found himself smirking a little again, shaking his head as he got back to her tattoo. "If I wanted a tattoo I would have gotten one long before now and I wouldn't get it on my ass."

    Catching the end of that conversation as he walked by, Michael, a young man with green-spiked hair and many tattoos himself, spoke up with a scoffing sound. "What the hell are you talkin' about Alex? You got more tattoos than Fred here does!" He leaned over Anrar's shoulder to get a better look at Fred's newest addition and the blond tensed, willing himself not to flinch as his expression tightened. Michael, oblivious, went on. "Nice one, Fred! Looks a lot like Alex's." His head turned. "Man, don't you have that tattoo?"

    It's not a tattoo! was what he wanted to snap, but Anrar was aware he'd already dug himself a hole he'd not meant to by saying he didn't have tattoos - and in reality he didn't; you couldn't call something you were born with a tattoo. He remained quiet except to nod in affirmation. "A version of it, yes." was all he said and Michael, satisfied, grinned and stood up, being called away by some task or another.

    Anrar forced himself to relax appropriately and he looked back to Winifred, expression neutral again, but he didn't say anything before getting back to her tattoo.
  10. Rolling her eyes at Micheal she gave him the finger, "Go away, Mikey." something she knew he hated to be called, her and Micheal never really got a long, mostly because she caught him staring at her ass too much. Turning her attention back to Alex she arched a 'brow, "So we already match? Here I thought I was being somewhat original.. I'll never hear the end of his from the guys."

    With a huff her head fell back into the head rest with a thud, "You're making and ruining my day here, Alex." She didn't talk for awhile, not out of anger or being upset, just in thought. Already thinking of something to add on, on a later date to make it her own. Her mind started to wonder, remembering a dream she had the other night. Ever since she moved to this area she could never sleep well, for some reason always getting nightmares.

    After about half an hour her pale lips parted, "Want to get a drink with me tonight?" it was a shot in the dark, she wasn't trying to hit on him, though she did see him as an attractive man. "I figure its like a way of saying thank you for the tattoo. Drinks on me."
  11. Well, there is a slight difference to our marks. Yours would protect and mine... Anrar didn't even complete that thought in his mind and he didn't make a comment to Fred's word either. He certainly wasn't going to answer her words about making and ruining her day. He wasn't entirely sure what he'd say to that anyway that wouldn't look like he was flirting and while he could admit the honey-blond woman before him was beautiful, and not just be mortal standards, he also knew trying to pursue anything with her or anyone else would end badly. He didn't know Winifred, but he didn't want to see her hurt either.

    So he grew absorbed in his work and when Fred spoke again, it almost startled him so that he looked up quickly - fortunately stopping the tattoo gun as he did so - and blinked at her owlishly, head tilting in a questioning way, clearly a habit of his. His dark eyes narrowed slightly, suspicion and distrust flickering in their depths before even that was gone and his gaze seemed to pierce her instead, searching for something he still couldn't find before he released Fred from his stare and finished up on her tattoo, cleaning it and then starting to put the things he'd used back on the tray.

    He should say no. He knew that. It was the end of the week, never a good time for him to be around anyone. It would be stupid, irresponsible and he'd probably regret it later, but Anrar found his lips parting and the words that came from his mouth were nothing like what his brain had decided he was going to say. "Sure. Where do you want to meet?"
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  12. Fred stared up at the ceiling, not paying much attention to his expression but out of the corner of her eye she thought he was looking at her like she was crazy. Her eyes widened as his words met her ears, "Really?" she asked sitting up, "Um.. Nine? There is a nice bar down the street and they have some good drinks." Her legs swung off of the edge of the chair and stood up. "I'll meet you there when you're down with work. Sound good?"

    Reaching forward she tucked the fallen strand of his hair behind his ear, "There, now everyone can see your handsome face." smiling she gave a playful wink and made her way out of the shop. Saying her goodbyes to a few guys and giving Micheal another finger as he watched her strut out the door, "See ya later boys!"
  13. Her action had been so quick and sudden, unannounced that Anrar didn't even have time to flinch and he instead looked after her with a puzzled expression. He couldn't remember the last time someone had touched him so innocently. He felt something spark deep down, but wasn't entirely sure what the emotion was and so he ignored it and left it alone as he went back to work. He'd be off in an hour and it would give him time to go home and change before 9:00pm and then meet Fred at the bar.


    Anrar walked into the smoky, crowded bar looking like he belonged in dark, ripped up jeans and a dark blue button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top few buttons undone. He looked like he belonged, but the blond didn't act it. His hair was loose and he almost seemed to hide behind it as he looked around, his dark green gaze flickering everywhere, taking in every face and he relaxed marginally when he didn't recognize anyone. Though, he instantly picked out the vampire in the corner, the elf at the bar and the Sidhe sitting with the shape-shifter. They all appeared normal, but he sensed them and they all glanced at him at some point, sensing that he was different but not quite what he was - which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on their ranks within their own species.

    He tried not to think about it, though, as he spotted Fred and approached her. She didn't seem to have noted him yet and that did make his lips twitch upward just slightly as he came to her on nearly soundless feet - not that it was needed in this noise - and he tapped her on her left shoulder while simultaneously sliding into the seat on her right, raising a brow when she finally looked at him.

    "Jumpy?" It was as close to teasing as he'd ever gotten with her.
  14. Fred sat at the bar, a glass of whiskey in her hands. She had changed her clothes, a tank top that was cut low under the arms to show off her new tattoo, a black bra covering anything else others shouldn't be seeing, and her dreads were pulled up into a bun. Her head bobbed up and down slowly to the music playing throughout the bar, her mind wondering out of focus.

    She flinched at the tap to her left shoulder and turned to see who it was, "Oh hey! I guess you can say that." she smiled, "You're quiet." Taking a sip of her drink she waved the bartender over, "Anything he wants Eddy!" as they waited for his order she leaned into the counter. "You don't get out much, hu?"
  15. Anrar ordered a scotch that he knew he would probably only drink half of and he looked around again carefully before taking a small drink of the fiery liquid that burned as it went down his throat. His dark green eyes glanced to Fred's lighter ones past his hair and he shrugged just a little. "I go out when I need to." No, it was safer to remain hidden and to move often. He wouldn't tell Fred, but he'd be leaving The Green Rose in two weeks. He'd been there nearly a year, much too long and it was time to move on even if he hated it. Finding work was hard enough. Finding friends was impossible.

    Still, Fred had invited him out so the least he could do was act like there might be a chance they could become friends. It might make her angry when he left, but she'd be safe when he left, too, and she'd get over it, go on with her life. Everyone did.

    "What about you? Do you come here often?" He frowned, wondering when he'd gotten so bad at talking to people and Anrar sighed, pushing his hair back before taking another drink. Maybe he would finish this scotch after all. "You're right, I don't get out often and...I don't interact with people either. I'm not sure how to do this."
  16. Propping her cheek into the palm of her hand as her eyes met his, a smile forming on her lips, "Its not a date, just a drink, and yes I come here at least once a week." Her eyes slowly looked over his features, seeing how tense he was, "Just relax, I don't bite... Much." chuckling she took another sip.

    Sitting up she held up a hand and spread her fingers, "Just remember these five things." Points to her thumb, "Be nice." Points to her index finger, "Enjoy a drink." Points to her middle finger, "Relax." Points to her ring finger, "Good conversation." Points to her pinky, "Last, but not least, laugh. Life is better when you laugh! Now try it."
  17. A date? Damn, he'd not even considered that and for a moment Anrar looked almost panicked before he got the reaction back under his control and his expression went neutral again. He gave her a look though when she spoke of biting and the blond snorted softly, more reaction than he'd give her since getting here and he took another drink of his alcohol, mumbling his words. "You don't, I might." He almost hoped she didn't hear that, but wouldn't mind if she did as he gave her his attention again.

    As she named off her key points and got to the last, he shook his head, but the faintest trace of a smile could be seen on his face and he gave her a sidelong look, head tilting and his dark eyes curious. "How about two out of five?" He didn't think 'relax' and 'laugh' were going to be part of his life or vocabulary anytime soon. 'Course he couldn't tell Fred that. Anrar looked back at his drink and for a moment he felt a familiar pull, a subtle switch in his mind that caused a flare of alarm to run through his system, but he didn't move, taking a deep breath and instead seeking distraction. Probably not wise, but he wasn't ready to deal with this yet. It could wait until he got home...even if he'd pay for that painfully later.

    "You say life is better when you laugh. What do you laugh about? What makes you happy?"
  18. A 'brow arched at his words, "Oh really?" she laughed snapping her jaw at him. "No fear. You're not the big bad wolf or something." Nimble fingers tapped at her chin when asking about just doing three out of the five, part of her wanted to ask which three but she decided not to push it. "I suppose. As long as you have a good time, its not fun unless everyone is enjoying it."

    Fred froze for a second at his questions, a blank stare in her eyes and a vacant expression, she stayed with way for a moment before blinking back into reality. No one had ever asked her before, "I laugh at whatever I like or want to. As for what makes me happy..." turning away from him to look at the selves of booze she thought to herself. So many things in her life weren't happy but she hadn't thought about what did make her happy. "I guess... The little things."
  19. Anrar watched her expression carefully and he was sad to say he recognized that look, had given that look often enough and so he waited patiently for her answer. He knew that to press would only make her withdraw, perhaps grow defensive and he hadn't meant for the question to put distance between them. It was simply curiosity that had made him ask and now it was curiosity that made the blond study his companion for a long moment. She was different. He didn't know why, nor how he knew this but he did. Just as he was a rare creature, he sensed that in some way she was as well. He just couldn't pinpoint what made her unique from the other humans he'd met over the years.

    Perhaps it was better not to know. He could tell himself that, right?

    Finally turning his eyes away from her, Anrar spoke softly. "Not many people notice the small things. It is a good thing. Do not lose it, Fre."

    Looking back down at his drink, Anrar pushed the other half away, already feeling a tingling buzz running through his bloodstream. He wasn't a lightweight, not by a longshot, but there were certain times during the month when alcohol was better left not consumed in great amounts. The blond looked around again at that thought and a frown came over his features, his body growing more alert to note that that the vampire was gone....but a water elemental had arrived. Their eyes met, dark green against blue and the other male looked from Fred to Anrar before smiling and disappearing back outside. Alarm shot through the blond like a heady drug and his eyes dilated with it.

    S***. They'd found him.
  20. Giving a slow nod she shot back the rest of her whiskey, placing the empty glass down with a soft tap of the glass. "Well it started at a kid.." her lips twisted to the side, as if to stop herself, "Anyway, what is life if you just focus on the little things that make you smile. Like if you walk out the door and see a butterfly." Giggling softly she rubbed at the back of her neck, "It sounds stupid but it helps."

    Looking up from her glass she noticed something was off about Alex, "Hey are you okay? If you don't like it here we can leave. I just thought you'd like a drink or two." A small frown found her lips as she dug into her pocket and placed money on the counter, "Keep the change, Eddy!" she shouted at the bartender. "Come on, Alex.." she said giving a pat to his shoulder and standing up, "I'll walk you home. I know it doesn't sound traditional but you probably live further away than I do."
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