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  1. Juliet would be considered a villain by the news media and by most people in the city. After all, she's been known to have buildings blown up, been known to steal money from big companies, and even kill people on very rare occasions. Yet, there's another side to this story that no one knows.

    Those buildings she blew up? They were all hazards to the city and being used by local gangs to do horrible things to other citizens of the community. The money she stole? It was all from big companies that got the money in crooked ways in the first place? And the people she killed? They were killers and rapists that she caught and killed after catching them in the act.

    Yet, crimes are crimes and there have been many people, mostly other supers who have tried and failed to either do her in or kill her. But, her graceful and tactful fighting style was always too much for them and she was always able to get off scott free with no problems. Until another super seems to match her style and give her a run for her money.

    Juliet Annabella Karmen



    Student/Ballerina/Waitress/Villain. She is obviously a very busy girl.

    Her ballet skills is her best asset. She has been dancing since she was young and has learned to incorporate her dance to do many different things. To move faster around her work as a waitress. To stay calm and poised in stressful situations. And even to fight is she has to.

    When she gets stressed, especially if one of her dances isn't going right, she will practice and work herself to where it is unhealthy for her and to where she almost collapses from exhaustion. This doesn't happen often though.

    General Appearance:
    Juliet has pale white skin and bright blue eyes. Her hair will often change, though it's a natural blonde. Her hair, as pictured above, used to look like that in the last place she lived. Currently her blonde hair is down to her waist and kept in curls. Freckles are scattered across her face and shoulders, though after many years of being told by those in the Ballet industry that freckles were unsightly, she has a habit of covering them with makeup and never letting anyone see them, almost ashamed of them in a way. She is 5'6 and very graceful in all movements due to her years of training with highly regarded Ballet coaches who believed to be graceful on stage one must me graceful in everything they do in life.

    As mentioned many times before, Ballet is her main talent.

    She also has a strange fear and yet a fascination, for heights and falling.

    Theme Song (for fun XD):

    Juliet was born in England to a quite prestigious family. When she was younger, she grew up watching her mother on stage as a professional Ballerina while her father conducted the orchestra. Though she did enjoy listening to her father's wonder music, she was wowed most by the amazing things the dancers could do and how, despite the fact they seemed so delicate and graceful, they were actually very skilled and strong at the same time. She knew from such a young age that being a Ballerina was something she wanted to do.

    And so she practiced, day in and day out. With her being home schooled, it was easy for her to spend as much time dancing as she could while she did her schooling and she had an obsession for being the best. Of course, being the best always came at a prince. She couldn't eat what she wanted, couldn't dress in anything that a professional ballerina wouldn't be caught wearing, and even the freckles across her skin had to be covered at all times, for a ballerina's skin was meant to be flawless.

    Years passed and she grew more and more talented, even performing in a few of her mother's ballets as a background dancer. Things couldn't seem to get any better for the young ballet enthusiast. And they didn't. In fact, they got worse, starting with the murder of her parents. The fifteen year old girl had been up late at the dancing studio that night and had decided to walk home. Nothing new, as she had done so many times before. Yet, something that was new, was the fact her front door was open when she arrived home, and walking in she came face to face with a sight she would never forget.

    Her parents bodies were sprawled out on the floor in a bloody mess while a few men stood around, counting money they had stolen from their home. Of course, at the sight of the young girl walking in, the men were took advantage fo the situation. That night, the girl was drugged and raped. The next morning, she awoke in a hospital and, other than seeing her dead parents and the men doing horrible things to her, everything else was blur, thus the police were never able to get enough information of the men to find them. The men that raped her and killed her parents got away with it and there was nothing she could do about it.

    The girl was sent the next day to a facility that she, along with the family members that were supposed to take her in when she got out, her were told was supposed to be for teens and kids rehabilitating from emotional truma. But, it was far from it. In these facility no one ever was meant to get out. It was run by the government, miles away from civilization. And the teens inside? They were all guinea pigs to experiments. Girls that no one would miss much or fight much about. Her family was told she commited suicide and a fake funeral was held for her. That was it. She belonged to the government from that day forward.

    The next few years of the young ballerina's life was filled with pain, both emotional and physical. She remembered getting shot after shot of strange liquids she knew nothing about, of being drugged and locked up in a high tech cell meant to be her living quarters, and being told she was never allowed to leave. And she thought she never would. After all, she was one girl. What could she do to escape a high tech facility with men that carried weapons to guard the subjects from escaping?

    At least, that's what she thought, before she discovered her powers. She was eighteen when she noticed it. It had started with small sparks in her hands and she quickly caught on to what she could do when the bulb in the lamp that had been given to her in her cell had suddenly started flickering before busting and shattering into many different pieces. Despite her fear of her new found powers over electricity, she quickly used them to her advantage, and soon was able to escape, overriding their systems with her powers and opening all the doors with a powerful electric shock. She, along with any others in the facility, escaped. And apperently, she wasn't the only one with powers, for, in looking back, she saw many strange things taking place to the building and the scientists inside. All that was left when the teens and kids were done, was a burning pile of rubble and very few of the scientist survivors dragging themselves out as they all claimed their freedom and left, never turning back.

    Juliet didn't know any of the other teens or kids in that place, nor did she ever find out what happened to them. She herself was able to snag a fake passport and fake documents for a new identity and travel to the United States. It wasn't long before she was accepted into a University for the performing arts.

    In her freshman year of college she was quickly accepted into the Ballet program there, got a job as a waitress that paid just enough money for a small apartment and other living expenses, and even found use of her new powers.

    In the city she happened to settle in, she began to notice quite a bit of...crime going on. Not all of it was legal crime, but to her, they were still crimes against people that had to be stopped. Greedy people taking too much. Hurting too many people. And some committed actual crimes, such as rapes and murders. Those especially, with her own past in consideration, burned her up. And so, she decided to do something about it.

    She became Shock Wave.

    Juliet would soon be known to be a villain by the news media and by most people in the city. After all, she's been known to have buildings blown up, to steal money from big companies, and even kill people on very rare occasions.

    Those buildings she blew up? They were all hazards to the city and being used by local gangs to do horrible things to other citizens of the community. The money she stole? It was all from big companies that got the money in crooked ways in the first place? And the people she killed? They were killers and rapists that she caught and killed after catching them in the act.

    Yet, crimes are crimes and there have been many people, mostly other supers who have tried and failed to either do her in or kill her. But, her graceful and tactful fighting style, thanks to her years of ballet, was always too much for them and she was always able to get off scott free with no problems. Until, when she came to be a senior in college, another super seems to match her style and give her a run for her money.



    Stefan Jonathan


    23 (born 2 September)

    Student/Writer/Dancer/Bookstore Worker/Hero

    Stefan is a ballet and contemporary dancer and a contortionist, giving him both grace and stamina, as well as immense flexibility and subtle strength. Stef is also a reader and a writer; in order to make
    money he sometimes writes for local newspapers and the college newsletter, and works in a bookstore three days a week to pay for his apartment and other bills.

    Stefan is terrible at maths and science, which he failed miserably at in high school. He always had few talents -- dance and writing were the only things he was ever good at, and one of Stefan's weaknesses is being unable to overcome his lack of aptitude
    at other subjects and tasks.

    Stefan has high cheekbones, chiseled
    features and narrow, piercing blue eyes. His well proportioned features give him a lot of admirers, which he mostly ignores. He has peroxide-blond hair which he achieves naturally.

    He stands at 6"3 and is very slender, which gives him grace and poise in both his dancing and
    fighting, when he needs to.

    Besides his powers, Stefan's only talents are dance and writing.

    Stefan has terrible arachnophobia and is very afraid of fire. He also does not like the ocean, due to the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what is beneath you. He is also very afraid of being caught using his powers.

    Stefan was born on the second of September with his twin sister Sabira to
    a very single mother. Their mother, Natalia, was only nineteen when she gave birth to the twins, after having being raped at a party nine months previously. Nat, however, fiercely loved her two children and took up three different jobs to be able to provide for them as they grew.

    Both Stefan and
    Sabira are skilled performers; Stefan in dance, and Sabira in song. Fortunately for Natalia, they were offers scholarships in both high school and college.

    When Stefan was sixteen, he discovered his powers by accident. He was playing the piano for his sister, who was
    singing, when a jet of cold ice shot from the ends of his fingers and froze the piano keys he touched. Shocked, his sister commanded him to do it again. He did, and soon the entire piano was frozen solid.

    After a few days of careful experimentation, Stefan discovered he could manipulate and conjure ice, snow and frost, in conjunction with melting ice and freezing water. After more experimentation, the twins discovered that
    Sabira lacked these strange abilities, though Stefan always suspected she had some control over people's emotions. Stefan discovered he found his abilities more difficult to control during the winter, when he always wore gloves to prevent himself from freezing things.

    When walking home from the library one night, a month after his twentieth birthday, he came across a man in an alley attempting to sexually assault a woman. Angered of his mother's tale, regarding his and
    Sabira's conception, Stefan approached the man and knocked him into a wall with a jet of ice, where he was frozen there. The woman ran away in fear, and Stefan realized he could use the odd powers he had been trying to hide for the last four years for good. So he became Frost.

    Stefan spent the next three years juggling his college life with his new hero one. He normally handles small crimes and
    robberies, and is acutely aware of Shock Wave causing trouble in the city. Sabira is the only one who knows of his other identity.


    Jesse Carlton



    Works as a cartoonist for the local newpaper/Art Student/Super...nutural?

    Building machines and his art work.

    He's a bit of a jokester and a flirt, which can at times get him into a lot of trouble.

    General Appearance:
    Jesse stands to be about 6'1 and is lean. He's muscular but not too much so as his physical activity was limited a lot during his time of being locked up, as well as his preference for sitting and doing artwork racing than physical activity. But, he practices fighting to stay in shape so that he can protect his brother should any danger show itself to them. He has jet black hair and bright green eyes.

    His art is his main talent. He works for the local paper drawing silly little comics to make some good cash while he is going to school and taking care of his brother. He technically has two powers but he wouldn't really consider them much of a talent because his power is to turn invisible and teleport. Pretty useful for stealth, but fighting? Not so much. That's why he uses the little inventions his brother builds to fight for him most of the time.

    His main fear is of loosing his brother. Other fears such as snakes and bugs are little to him compared to that.


    Jesse was your average kid. He hung out with friends. Played video games. The normal stuff. He grew to love art and put all his passion into it, whether it be sculptures, sketches, paintings, or just funny little cartoons. He continued t do that for many years, getting better and better, aspiring to hopefully go to college for it one day.

    When he was a young teen, the age of 16, his younger brother was born. A goofy little ball of pudge that Jesse tolerated yet cared about all the same. He helped his parents out with the little guy, often baby sitting him for them and such. Little did he know that when he was just nineteen years old and his brother three, his parents would die in a bad care wreck, leaving the two orphaned.

    Jesse was at an in between age where he would have been expected to take care of himself, being a legal adult. But, his younger brother was another story. Being so young and still new to this whole 'adult' thing, even though Jesse wanted to keep his brother, the officials didn't see him fit to be the guardian and sent the kid off. For the first few months, Jesse wasn't told where his brother had been sent, but after asking some questions and doing some digging on his own, he finally found the address of the place. A 'small' facility for troubled kids and teens, mainly those suffering with the depression on loosing a loved one.

    Wanting to visit his brother, Jesse drove the long distance to do so. Little did he know what he woudl find out about this place once walking in uninvited through those doors, and more so, that he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

    After seeing the horrible sights of teens and kids being experimented on, he was locked away in the same room as his brother, unable to leave. Over the next two years he and his brother were exposed to horrible experiments where they gained extraordinary powers.

    He could teleport and turn invisible and his brother had the power telekinesis and super intelligence. It certainly was weird having a younger brother who was way smarter than you, but he got used t it and they benefited from it. They of course kept a very close eye on Jesse, keep a tracker on him so that if he tried teleporting any where they would automatically be alerted. He teleportation was very limited to short distances at the time and would never be able to teleport and get both he and his brother out, so he stayed, not wanting to leave little Max behind.

    It was only when they got the grand opportunity to take their escape that he was able to teleport about and get them out of there without being noticed much because the scientists were too busy trying to deal with the others. Some girl, he had only gotten a glance of her throwing bolts of electricity from her hand at the scientists, had let them all out of their cells, where many of them were able to escape.

    He and his brother ran away, far away. For the first few months of their new freedom, the two spent a lot of time trying to learn more and figure out how to use and control their powers better. But, once hey were very good at it, they found themselves wondering about the other teens and kids. Where had they gone? Did all of them escape? Or were some captured again? And so, the two went searching, not getting any leads about where these people might have been until he saw something interesting not the tv. A news report of a girl who was calling herself Shock Wave. So sure this was the girl that had gotten them all out of that place, and knowing she was one of them, he and his brother moved to the US, into the very town the news report had come from, and not searches for the girl in hopes with her help they could find the others that had been forced into this world of powers just like them.​


    Maxwell Carlton



    He's a kid, so school? That and being a little brother to Jesse.

    Telling when are people are lying to him.

    Being over calculating and over thinking situations.

    General Appearance:
    Maxwell is small for his age (Jesse thinks all the chemicals they put in the kid might have stunted his growth a little) standing about 4'7. Thanks to his size, he physically looks younger than he actually is and a lot of people misjudge him, counting him as weak because of it. Far from it actually, thanks to his powers. He has piercing green eyes that make the adults around him nervous and stay away from him. All except for his brother that is. His face and arms are riddled with scars from the day they escaped the facility, pale reminders of that horrible past.

    He's a smart kid and very calculating. But that also makes him a bit of a smart ass as well. He's really good with computers and loves to build machines, some of which his brother uses for fighting if need be.

    Being separated from Jesse and being locked up again. Enclosed and tight spaces makes the kid freak out.

    Other: He's a quiet, yet smart ass kid. Loves to learn new things if possible and building things, especially new 'toys (weapons)' for his brother.


    "Another new semester. What a pain. I can't wait to be done with all these classes so I can be on stage again." A sigh escaped the young woman's lips as she stood in front of the mirror in her apartment speaking softly to herself, applying cover up to hide the many freckles that were scattered across her cheeks, the bridge of her nose, and her shoulders. She could remember the days, when she was a young girl and a teenager, in the years her parents had still been alive, when she had been able to go on stage with all the older professionals and dance along side them as a background dancer. It had been such an honor, but an honor well deserved by the daughter of one of the most famous ballet dancers and one of the best conductors/composers in England. She had worked hours upon hours to get to where she had been.

    And now? Well, now she was right back at the very beginning. It wasn't like she could go back t England and tell everyone she was actually alive and had been the taken for some experiment the government had been conducting on poor, innocent kids and teens. No. Not only would that probably get her locked up in the loony bin, it would be like waving a bright red flag to those she had escaped from and screaming 'here I am! come lock me up again!' Yeah, she wasn't about to let that happen again.

    So, she had started college under the falsity that she was new to performing in front of crowds and had only learned in private lessons. The idea that she had never performed in front of a crowd got her a bad name within the ballet department, but she didn't care. She continued to practice, keeping her talents to herself. While around others, she kept her steps simple. But, when alone, she let her talent shine with the skill she had learned from her mother.

    Finishing applying the last of her cover up and pulling her long golden blonde hair into a bun, she grabbed her duffle bag and quickly made her way out the door, toward the campus. It was a short walking distance and the walk didn't bother her at all. In fact, she enjoyed the fresh air it gave her. Soon though, she walked into the ballet departments and moved down the halls until the correct room number came into sight. With a small smile she made her way over and entered the room. Even hough it was still a half hour before the class would begin, there was quite a few people there early, all stretching and preparing themselves for the class. People took notice of her entering of course, and none of the gazes seemed to be good ones. They had all heard of the girl or had seen her before. The girl who danced such simplified dances and who had 'never really performed in a real ballet'. Needless to say, in this department, her kind was frowned upon.

    Still, she ignored the stares and silently made her way over to the bar to start on her stretches, keeping her head high even as the whispers continued behind her back as the rest fo the students entered.

    And then finally the professor arrived, speaking while the students continued their stretches, "Alight, class, listen up. For this semester, we will be focusing on partnered choreography. Everyone must choose a partner and together you two will be coming up with a dance to present in front of the student body at the end of term showcase. Choose your partners wisely because all practice for this will be outside fo the classroom. You don't want any slackers. Now, chop-chop." The woman clapped her hands and everyone was buzzing about, trying to snatch up who they thought were the best dancers or would work the hardest.

    Juliet though stayed silent, continuing her stretches. She didn't expect anyone to pick her. Most likely she would just be stuck with the odd man out. She didn't mind though. It wasn't like she really expected to spend a lot of time with whoever she would get stuck with. After all, who would want to spend much time with her when clear everyone looked down on her? It would probably just be an hour of two a week, coming up with a simple dance, and then moving on with her life. With a soft sigh and a deep breath, she moved to practice some simple steps as everyone continued to pick out partners, humming a soft tune to herself.
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Honestly, Sabira, do you even care?"

    Stefan and Sabira Brightinger half-ran to their campus, quietly arguing about the extra fifteen minutes it took Stefan to drive to Sabira's apartment and pick her up for classes. "What am I supposed to do, Stef? Walk?" Sabira rolled her eyes as she rifled through her sheet music for her vocalist classes. "It's an hour away on foot, and it only takes you a quarter of an hour to get to my place."

    "And a bus ticket only costs a few dollars, Sabira." Stefan shook his head as they reached the corner where they would go their separate ways.

    "Are we still going out for dinner tonight?" Sabira called after her brother as Stefan speedwalked down the hall.

    "If I don't get kicked from my ballet class for being late again!" Stefan shouted back.

    Stefan dashed into the ballet studio, shot an apologetic look at his glaring teacher and ran into the change rooms. He pulled on his tights and white T-shirt as fast as humanely possible, grabbing the soft slippers from his bag and running back out into the classroom. He sat down beside his friend George, who was going through his stretches, and began slipping on his shoes.

    "What did I miss?" he asked George.

    "We're doing partner dances this semester," explained George. "You have to pick a partner, choreograph a dance and perform it at the showcase."

    "Any chance you're still free?"

    "Nope, sorry bro. First come, first served."

    Stefan groaned and looked around while stretching. The only person who seemed to be free was the girl who had apparently never performed in an actual ballet -- Juliet, he thought her name was. Stefan would rather have been paired with someone with more experience, but right now, his biggest priority was finding a partner so Madame LaLaurie would stop breathing down his neck. After he finished his leg stretches, Stefan got up and moved to sit next to the girl.

    He had long mastered keeping his powers under control, but Stefan still panicked about leaving frost in his wake as he sat beside the girl. "Hi, um, I'm Stefan," he said to her. "Would you like to be partners?"
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Hi, um, I'm Stefan. Would you like to be partners?"

    At the sound of someone speaking to her, Juliet paused in her stepping as she moved and looked over her shoulder to see, sitting on the floor beside where she stood, was a young man. She found herself glancing about to see if he were actually talking to someone else near her, but no one was there and then she looked about to see the reason why he would be asking her. Everyone else was already taken. She had been kind of hoping she would get exempt from the paired dances if everyone else already had a partner. But, it seemed as though she wasn't so lucky. Well, if couldn't be so bad, could it?

    And so, she turned and looked down at him, giving a nod, her voice a naturally quiet and soft spoken tone, "I...suppose. We are the last two after all. It's either be paired together or both take failing grades for the dance." Which she would prefer not happen. She was too close to graduating to take a bad grade and risk failing one of her last classes. All she had to do was help him come up with a simple dance the two could do together, perform it on the stage, and then be done with it and move on. It was just one assignment. It wasn't like it would mean anything in the long run.

    She began doing some more stretches, placing her hand on the bar as she balanced, pointing her toes and concentrating on her movements as she spoke again, not looking at him as she did, "Madame said we're supposed to practice outside of class time. I work the weekdays from two until nine. But any time before then or on the weekends I'm free. Just let me know next class." And then, just like that, she was going back to her practicing without another word. Why would she need to say anything else to him? She knew why he had come over asking her to be his partner. It was because she was the only one left and he got the last pickings in the barrel so to say. She was sure he didn't exactly want to be her partner just as much as she didn't want a partner to dance with in general.

    Today's class was short. The first days always were. Madame Lalaurie went over a few things as far as working with partners and what was needed out of both people to create a good dance, and then everyone was let go. She herself didn't have any more classes for the day, but did have work. And so, she ate a quick lunch and then headed over to the diner she worked in. She didn't necessarily like her job too much, but a job was a job and it was how she paid her bills. So, she dealt with the crappy costumes and at times the lousy tips some fo them would give despite her hard work in making sure they had everything they needed. It was just a basic waiting job anyway and she had been applying around for a better job. So long as she just kept up the good work and didn't get fired while trying to get a new job she would be fine.

    The hours passed by slowly as she served people, but after what felt like forever to the young woman, the clock in the diner chimed, signaling it was nine at night and time for her to get off. She was quick to clock out and make her way out of there before being asked to do anything else, and once she was out began walking back toward the campus.

    Everyone would be long gone out of the practice rooms by now, everyone always leaving at least by seven at the latest. But not her. She chose to get off so late for a reason, and that was because she could come here after and really practice her dancing without the watchful eyes of her peers studying and trying to judge her. Not that they could. Not with her real dances. No, she had seen their moves and, not to brag on herself, her dances were clearly more professional and clean cut. The dances only some one such as herself, one who had practiced under so many professionals herself, could perform. They would never see this side of her though. Not unless they would happen to see her performing once she would graduate, because she sure wasn't about to show them in school. No, her dancing ability was her own secret that she planned to keep to herself as long as she could.

    She made her way into the halls of the school, students being allowed to enter by scanning their school ID, and made her way to the dressing room where she changed into one of her ballet outfits and pulled her shoes on, walking out to the practice room with her phone in hand as she hooked it into the speakers and choose the song she wanted. Soon she was moving with a graceful dance, moving to the music and completely turned into it, blocking out any outside distractions as she did.​
  4. Dinner with Sabira was mostly uneventful; after wolfing down lasagne at their favourite Italian place, Stefan made his way back to campus. He didn't have classes the next day, so he decided to go to one of the practice rooms and rehearse his solo.

    After changing in the bathrooms, he made his way to the studios and heard music coming from one of them. Curious, Stefan poked his head inside and saw his partner in the paired dances, Juliet, twisting and leaping in time to one of those Sia songs he didn't particularly like. Stefan leaned against the doorframe and watched her move. She was talented and beautiful -- he had seen other girls in their class dance with the same amount of effort Juliet was using, and they could never hope to move like her. Why hadn't she ever been in a professional ballet? She could have gotten a lead role. Why didn't she dance like this in classes?

    When the song faded to an end and Juliet stopped dancing, Stefan said quietly, "That was amazing." She jumped. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just heard the music, and then I saw you dance like that ... that was beautiful."
  5. There was something about dancing that just...made Juliet feel so many different emotions. She always felt so excited, yet serious. Sad and yet happy. And many other mixed emotions. Dancing was her home, as strange as that sounded. She could be anywhere in the world, even now, hundreds of miles away from the place she had once called her home, and as long as she could dance she was okay. Where ever she could dance and be reminded of who she really was, she was home. Even in certain parts of the song it wasn't hard to miss the small smile that had graced her lips every time she landed a complicated jump or twist. With every perfect landed move, she could feel her heart pound in her chest, as if saying 'you did it!' and telling her to keep going and making it even more complicated until finally the song was faded and she moved into her final position, frozen perfectly still in place.

    That is, until she heard someone speak.

    In hearing his voice, Juliet jumped slightly, losing her balance and stumbling slightly, her cheeks a bright red color from embarrassment as she stood back up and looked toward the door with wide blue eyes. Standing there in the door way was none other than her dance partner. What was he doing here?! And why so late? She hadn't wanted anyone to see her dancing. It was why she came so late. She had figured out months ago no one ever came this late and that was why she did. And now, well, it was ruined. Now someone knew she could indeed dance and he would probably tell everyone. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing for people to know she could, but she just didn't want that kind of attention on her. If there was too much attention on her, that risked people finding out about her other secret. And she definitely didn't want that to happen.

    It was clear she was upset about this whole situation as she quickly snatched her phone from the auxiliary cord and grabbed her bag with her normal change of clothes in it,"It wasn't beautiful. It was sloppy and a mess." Maybe if she said that, maybe if she put down her own dancing, despite how beautiful it obviously had been, maybe she could in turn change his mind and make him actually think he had seen flaws in the dance when he actually hadn't? Maybe. Other than that, the best thing to do was to get out of there. If not many words were exchanged between the two of them about this then perhaps he wouldn't feel the need to say anything? At least, that's what she was hoping, and if he let her out of there without trying to stop her. Once she had her bag, she moved, attempting to walk around him to get out the door of the practice room, a difficult task with him leaning against the door way and her having to get so close to him to do so.
  6. Stefan knew she wanted to leave, but he wanted to talk to her, so he didn't move. "It was not sloppy," he argued. "It was perfect. You honestly couldn't fault that, Juliet. Why don't you dance like that in class?"

    Maybe she didn't dance like that because she was afraid of all the attention she would get. She would be scouted and heavily sought after, everyone and everything trying to get her to dance as a lead in their ballets. Stefan knew he was lucky to have her as a partner, if he could get her to open up and dance like that for their duet.

    "Please stay," he asked, a begging tone creeping into his voice. "Please, at least show me that flip you did a little way through ... I could never do anything like that."

    He could have, but he wanted the girl to stay. He wanted to get her to open up around him. If they were going to be partners, they needed to develop a friendship at least so they could channel that energy into a dance.
  7. It didn't seem like he was going to let her go. She continued to try and move around him but couldn't find a way and so finally took a step back, looking up at him when he asked her why she didn't dance like that in class and finally spoke, "I don't need to gain approval from the people in class. Their opinions don't matter." Was all she simply said and let her bag slip off of her shoulder.

    Clearly he wasn't going to let her leave so she lightly nudged her bag against the wall with her foot and looked back to him, him asking her to show him the flip she had done a little way through the dance she had done. It wasn't a hard flip, at least not for her. If she showed him though, maybe then he would let her go.

    "I...guess I could show you." She let out a small sigh and backed away from him, setting herself up in the middle fo the floor, then after taking a few deep breaths, began to move with swiftness and gracefulness as she spun about and twisted to gain momentum until finally it was enough and she lept into the air.
  8. Stefan watched her move. When she landed and turned back to face him, Stefan nodded and copied her moves exactly, flinging himself into the flip and landing right before her. Acting on his instincts and the improvisational skills he had picked up in junior dance, Stefan reached for her hand and slowly twirled her into him, until her back was pressed against his chest.

    They were facing the mirror; he watched their reflections as he twirled her back out and place both hands carefully on her waist. He lifted her into the air and spun a few times, before slowly lowering her back to the ground and smiling down at her. "Do you think we could do that for the showcase dance?" he asked, beaming.
  9. Juliet landed just as gracefully as she had before when actually performing the dance and turned to Stefan, who mimicked her jump exactly. She wasn't sure, but she had a strong suspicion he had known how to do the move all the time and had just asked her to try and get her to stay. And she opened her mouth to accuse him of just that, but before even a sound could leave her lips, she was pulled into a twirl with a small gasp. She was spun around and ended up against him with her back pressed against his chest.

    She glanced up to the mirror and found her cheeks were a soft pink color as she was held to him and then twirled back out, though quickly stepped into the beat so she didn't stumble as he did all this and even found herself being lifted into the air and spun about. This wasn't something she was used to at all. Dancing with someone like this. Being close to someone at all for that matter. It certainly was different, and yet a small part of her found herself enjoying it even if just a little bit.

    Finally he put her down and as he looked down at her with that beaming smile how could she say no? Well, she could, seeing as she didn't really want to dance in front of anyone else, but she found it extremely difficult to form the refusal on her lips and so, finally she nodded shyly, looking up at him, "I think we could work with it. Make it into beautiful dance."
  10. Stefan turned her around until her back was facing him, put one arm around her waist and gently pulled up her right leg into a horizontal position. He pulled himself onto en pointe, pulling her up with him. "Is this alright?" He watched them in the mirror as she kept her leg in the position he had moved her to, and extended his arm until it was parallel to her leg. "I saw a couple of the dance teachers do this last semester ... "

    He knew his skin was cold, but he hoped she didn't notice. And her first thought would most definitely not be, Oh, he's basically Jack Frost. No. He felt safe and open.
  11. Juliet silently allowed him to turn her around again and looked over her shoulder at him as he placed an arm around her waist, as well as lifted her leg and lifted her up after words. She had to say, she was impressed. He was definitely strong and well balanced to be able to be in that position and lift her up at the same time. She looked at them in the mirror, yet, as she tried to decide whether it looked good or not, she found herself noticing something else.

    He was rather cold. She could feel it was his arm wrapped around her waist and his chest pressed against her back. And yet, the chill of it didn't really both her. If anything it was a friendly reminder that she was awake, she was alive, and she was still doing what she had to do to make something of herself, even if it meant pulling through a duet.

    She nodded, "I think it looks good...and then maybe after..." She waited for him to put her down and when he did, she moved gracefully and in a quick movement under his arm and when he turned to face her again she had him twirl her, lifting her leg as she did, smiling ever so slightly at his quick thinking and ability to keep up with her so easily.
  12. After the twirl she instigated, Stefan pulled her close into him before dipping her so low her hair brushed against the floor, his left arm hooked around her waist and the right held loosely in the air, all the while remaining on point. He held her there for a moment or two, before pulling her back up with him. Both of his hands found their way to her waist; he held her in the air for a moment, before dropping her.

    She twisted through the air, probably against her will, before Stefan hooked one arm around her shoulders and the other under her knees, pulling her into the bridal position while he settled his balance. "Don't worry, that wasn't completely improvised, I'd done that with my sister before," he assured her. He set her back onto her feet, took a step back and ran a hand through his white hair, smiling and laughing almost breathlessly.
  13. She had to admit, it was...kind of fun having a partner to dance with. While it wasn't something she would normally do, it was certainly interesting and new. Plus she knew she would have to get used to this anyway, for when she finally did graduate. After all, one could never grab a lead role in a ballet if she couldn't dance with a partner, since almost all ballets were romanticized. Besides the twirling and such was blast and a lot easier when having someone spot her like he was doing. When she was dipped she found herself smiling up at him and even laughing as he brought her back up and help her in the air for a moment.

    And then he dropped her.

    A slight yelp of fear came from her as she twisted through the air for a moment, thinking, for just a split second, she would fall against the hard floor. And then she found herself before scooped up right from the air, her arms instinctively ground around his neck, holding herself close to him for a moment while the fear of her falling slipped away and she caught her breath, looking back to him, "Good to know, though, a warning would have been appreciated. I'm not exactly a fan of falling." In fact, two of her greatest fears was falling and high places, of course most of the time those two went hand and hand with one another. Her tone was light though as she said this. She hadn't fallen and thats what mattered.

    When she was set back to her feet she brushed a strand of hair from her face and behind her ear, looking to him, "So....I suppose we should meet up to practice more tomorrow? If you feel like it and aren't too busy with other things that is."
  14. Stefan nodded. "Yeah, I don't have any classes tomorrow, but I have work from ten in the morning to three," he replied. Plus any superhero jobs that pop up, of course, he thought. "What time works for you?"

    Stefan didn't want to leave. He was having fun and he felt he actually caught the girl off guard, both with the drop and he skill he had shown when they had danced. He was still very impressed with her grace and technique.

    Stefan couldn't sweat, due to the coldness of his skin, and he was barely out of breath. He bounced on the balls of his feet, the tight shoes chafing against his skin as he shook his hair out of his eyes. "I need a haircut," he muttered.
  15. Juliet frowned slightly at the times he had given her and had to think for a moment, "I don't think early int eh morning will work for me. I'm a pretty hard person to get up in the morning and wouldn't be any good to dance." Wrong. She was actually a very good morning person, able to spring right up and get to work. But, she had other...busniess to attend to, "And, like I said, I work from two until nine on the weekdays. But, I'm free after that. It's actually the time I usually come here anyway. You know, to get away from the crowd. If we could meet up about the same time tomorrow night I think it would work out pretty well."

    She smiled slightly as he blew some of his hair out of his face. He was...kind of adorable in a sense. Seemed to always be in such a good mood and ready to go. Even now he looked like he could keep dancing. And if it wasn't for her having to get up early tomorrow she might have considered continuing to dance. And to be honest, she was really considering it. To see what other surprises he had in that head of his like when he had surprised her by suddenly dropping her. To feel his arms around her again and--

    Wait. What was she thinking? What she had to do tomorrow morning was more important than the urge she felt to dance with this man in front of her again.

    She felt her cheeks heat up once again with a slight pink of a blush to them and carefully took a few steps back, saying a simple word quick and embarrassed word,


    With that, she turned quickly and grabbing her bag, headed out the door of the classroom, going out of the school and heading back toward her apartment.
  16. "Bye."

    When Juliet left, Stefan stared after her. After standing there blankly for a moment, he grabbed his own bag and made his way back to his car.

    Once he was back in his apartment ten minutes away from campus, Stefan dropped his dance bag on the floor. His apartment was the one place he could truly be himself, so the entire place was covered in a light dusting of frost. He took off his sneakers and left snowy footprints on the ground as he walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple that he had to work hard to not freeze, and made his way to his bedroom.

    He dropped the apple on his bed, knelt at his wardrobe and extracted the box hidden under a layer of clothes. He opened the lid, mainly to check that his costume was still there. One of Stefan's biggest fears was that someone would find out his other identity, Frost, the hero of the night. His costume consisted of light blue pants that clung to his frame, a matching tight top and a long ice blue cloak that provided both a hood and a cover for his entire body. He had a mask also, of the same ice blue. Only Sabira knew of his other identity, and he knew she would never tell, but the paranoia never truly escaped.


    Work was enjoyable. Stefan liked to be surrounded by the old, musty books. Granted, the entire room was colder when he was in it, but the customers never seemed to complain; in fact, there was one girl who was always there when Stefan was on duty. He was onto her; how much time could you really spend browsing the romance section?

    At the same time as yesterday Stefan arrived in the studio. Juliet was not there yet, so he quickly changed and began his stretches at the barre.
  17. The walk home was fairly peaceful for young Juliet and soon she was at her apartment, walking in and beginning to make dinner, thinking back to all that had happened tonight. She was certainly glad she had learned to control her powers over the past few years she had been out of that facility. Had this been three years ago when she had just gotten out, she might have accidently shocked the poor boy to death with he had scared her by dropping her or when he had without warning started dancing with her. She admitted, during those times, she had to struggle to keep them under control and not hurt him. It had been difficult, but she had managed and she was proud of herself for that.

    As she sat there, stirring some ramen noodles at her stove, she blinked in surprise as the power suddenly cut out, making her roll her eyes in annoyance. The apartment building had been having some electrical issues lately and this happened more often than she liked. But, then again, she was the only one that wouldn't necessarily be affected badly by this. Looking over her shoulder and around her apartment, it was like she was looking for anything that might possibly see, and when she was sure she was all alone, she placed her hand on the electric stove and, with sparking fingers, electricity moved from her hand and to the stove, powering it as she stirred her noodles with the other hand until they were finally done.

    When they were done, she stopped the flow of electricity and went to eat, then go to bed. By the time she layed in bed, the lights were still out and she mentally powered her the lamp in her room, something a lot harder to do because she wasn't in direct contact with it, until she was able to get dressed into her pajamas and get into bed. Once she was, the lamp flickered out and she allowed herself to dift off to sleep.


    There was rarely nights where Juliet had a peaceful sleep. There were always the nightmares. Nightmares of her parents laying in pools of their own blood on the living room floor. Nightmares of the men that had killed her parents doing horrible things to her. Nightmares of her time within the facility, being experimented on and used as their own little tool. So many things she could have nightmares about and usually one of them took over her mind, just like that night. It was in the morning that she finally jerked awake from her nightmare with a small scream, sitting up, gasping and getting a bearing of her surroundings.

    Once she saw she was still in her apartment and nothing bad was happening to her, she let out a small sigh and leaned back in her bed, exhausted from the long night of nightmares and tossing and turning in her sleep. Things would probably truly never be normal for her again. She would always fear, always look over her shoulder for someone that could hurt her. Always worry that those people would find her again and take her back to that horrid place. She wouldn't let that happen though. Not without a fight.

    By the time she got up, got a shower, and got dressed, she was disappointed to find that she didn't exactly have enough time to go out and do what she needed to do as Shockwave, and had to rush straight to class. Her class today didn't last long, though right after she had to head to work. Just as the day before, the job was busy and wasn't much of a benefit for her, but was enough to get by. Once she was out of there though, she began quickly walking down the street toward campus to meet up with Stefan like she had promised.

    "Let me g--"

    Juliet paused in her quick walking when she heard the frightened voice of a woman reach her ears before it was muffled and she slowly crept forward to peek down an alleyway where she saw something that angered her greatly. There stood a man, pinning a young woman just a few years younger than herself against the alley wall, his covering the girl's mouth to muffle her protests while one hand was up the girl's shirt and other was slipped up the girl's skirt.

    She had seen this man before. He was always coming onto girls as they passed by in the streets. While doing so was not exactly right and hadn't been any cause for her to do anything but help the girls get out of the awkward situation, this she was not about to let go unpunished. This was going far beyond hitting on someone, and was clearly rape. With a glare and a determined look on her face, Juliet moved from peeking ito the alley and found an alleyway just a little ways down the street that had junk piled up in it. Hiding behind all of it, she quickly and with much practice changed into her usual costume in the moments that she was Shock Wave. It was a practice outfit her mother used to wear all the time, one that, before she had moved to the US, she had stolen from a relative's house, wanting something in memory of her parents. She didn't wear it for practices though. No she feared someone would see it and recognize it as the outfit the famous ballerina had worn and would start asking questions. But, when the time had come, the first time she had brought justice against people like this, she had no qualms against wearing it and it had became Shockwave's signature outfit since, along with a black mask she placed around her eyes.

    She quickly tied her hair back into a bun and, hiding her dufflebag within the alley, moved to head quickly down to where the other alley was. The mana nd woman was still there, though by this time, the woman was in worse condition, being pinned more to the wall and the man having her skirt all the way up. The man was so obsessed with trying to get the girl to stop struggling that didn't even know what hit him. The next moment Juliet had turned and with a graceful turn, kicked her leg out, her foot making contact with the man's head rather hard from the momentum of the spin, knocking him away from the frightened young woman. The man struggled to sit up after such a kick and by the time he did, she was standing over him, glaring down coldly at him, "I hate scum like you. I just wish I could rid the world of disgusting and greedy pigs like yourself." She shrugged, "Oh well, guess I'll just have to be satisfied with getting rid of just you for now."

    By now, the man had stood up and tried to take a swing at her, though she ducked and, with fingers sparking, smacked her hand against his chest, letting out a large amount of electricity into his body. The man, pinned between the wall and her hand, convulsed as the electricity ran through his body, singeing his skin and his clothes. When she was sure he finally gone for good, she took her hand away and let the lifeless man fall to the ground before she turned to the woman, who stared at her with wide frightened eyes, "Go on. I'm not going to hurt you. Get home. For now on, never walk home by yourself at night." She turned and then looked over her shoulder, "Oh, and don't tell anyone about what you saw here or what I've said. his will be our little secret, okay?" With that, the young girl nodded and ran off, leaving Shock Wave with the corpse.

    What she had asked of the girl was something she always asked of the people she saved. She didn't want word getting around of what she was doing and why she was doing it. It not only kept things interesting and entertaining, but also, none of those heros would understand. They would not see the justice the way she saw it because they had not been through what she had been through. She would rather them continuing to think of her as pure evil rather than try to psychoanalysis her.

    Juliet looked down at the dead man and shook her head in disgust. People like this man had ruined her life. She honestly wished she could find them all and kill them, so the world would be a better place and no more people would have to go through what she went through. But, she was right when she said she would just have to settle for the ones she could find. She looked up tot he alley wall that the corpse lay in front of and with a delicate finger sparking with electricity, she began to slowly singe the letters SW into the bricks. When the police or whoever foudn the man saw this, they would know it was her. She always left her mark.

    With a satisfied nod, she was about to turn around when a voice spoke behind her,

    "So, we finally meet, Shock Wave."

    Turning she saw one of the only two supers in the city she hadn't had the pleasure of beating in a fight. Him, and another she knew as Frost. This was a man named Gilgamesh. At least, that's what he went by. She had done a little research on him. His power was super strength, but though he was strong, he certainly wasn't invulnerable to hits if fighting hand to hand. This would be easy, "Oh, hello there. Glad to see you dropped by, but you're a little late tough guy. The deed is done and all that, so if you don't mind, I'll be on my way." She said with a wink and moved to go around him. As she did, he attempted to grab her, though, she quickly twisted and dodged his grab, kicking her leg this time to knock his feet out from under him, causing him to fall hard against the concrete. Before he could even get up she was over him, shaking her head, "So sad. I thought you would give me more of a run for my money. Oh well." She thrust her hand out and gave him a little shock, causing him to jerk.

    While Juliet was considered a 'villain' to this city, she wasn't evil. Far from it. She understood where these supers were coming from when they tried to take her out. They thought she was doing these things simply to hurt people, so they felt the need to try and stop her, for the good of the city, without knowing she was actually doing more good for the city than they were. Either way, the shocks she gave tot he supers were never lethal like they were when she killed people. No, these were just enough to knock them out so she could get away.

    Once he was out, she was quick to move back to the other alley and change into her normal clothes, quickly heading toward the campus. ALl this had made her a good half hour late and she hoped he was still there. And sure enough, he was. She took a moment to catch her breath after walking in the door and then looked at him apologetically, "Sorry I'm late. Work had me clean some of the table before I left so I ended up getting out late. Let me go get dressed and then we can start." With that, she went to the changing room and once in the apporiote practice attire and shoes, she came back out and looked to him, "So, where should we begin?"
  18. "Don't be sorry. This just means I get to keep you for another half hour," he joked, raising a mischievous eyebrow. "And we can't start anything until you do your stretches. What will happen if you get hurt?"

    While she did her stretches, Stefan, having completed his, decided to practice some contortion moves. He watched his reflection in the long mirror as he dropped into the full splits. He reached forward, grabbed his foot and pulled himself upwards until he stood on that foot with his other leg raised in the air, perfectly vertical. He then flipped himself over so he stood on both feet.

    He was too graceful for a man. Not even the other male dancers in his contortion classes could move like Stefan. Perhaps his joints had more fluidity than everyone else's because of his powers. Whatever the cause, Stefan knew he was both special and a freak.
  19. A small laugh escaped Juliet at his joke, "If you wish it, another half hour it is." She nodded at his suggestion that she stretch, "I guess your right. Work has my head so jumbled up I must have forgotten I still had to stretch." Though, she had technically already warmed up with her bit of fighting she had done, but he didn't know that, and it wouldn't hurt to get a little more stretching in. She started her stretching, glancing over at him as he practiced. He was really flexible and moved very fluidly from move to move. She had seen many of the guys in this school dance, but he was certainly the best she had seen so far.

    Once she was done stretching, she did a few warm up twirls and then moved into some more complicated twists and flips, most of which were on point, until she felt she was ready and looked back at him, a small smile on her face,

    "Okay, I think I'm ready to get started. Let's see." She approached him, "We left off yesterday with that drop so lets say after you put me down, we go into another spin and I move around you," She said, getting on point again, having him spin her and when he did she slid her hand from his and around him as she moved under his arm and behind him, then back to his front again, never taking her hand from him. His felt even colder to her now, her own hands still fairly warmer than normal people, thanks to from using electricity just minutes before arriving here.
  20. Stefan was essentially indifferent to temperature but he guessed her hand was warmer than others because he could actually feel a small amount of heat pressing into his skin. When she stood before him, his improvisation skills kicked in and ideas flooded through his mind, ideas he wanted to put into the dance.

    "Have you seen the Thinking Out Loud music video, with Ed Sheeran?" he asked. "You know when he's laying on the floor and she's kind of propped up over him, doing the splits? Maybe we could do something like that ... "

    After she complied with the move he pitched, Stefan pulled her down until she lay beside him. He entwined their fingers and leaped upright, pulling her into the bridal style again, like after the drop, going en pointe and spinning around with Juliet in his arms, their foreheads close as he counted the turns he made.
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