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  1. B.A.F
    Bayview Academy of Failure

    Considering it was August 31st and this rainy, there was no harm in saying it was probably the most shittiest day to have a welcome back ceremony at school. The gym smelled of sweat and piss for some reason. The green and blue uniforms clenching on your body as if it was trying to strangle you. It was crap and the Dean of the school just made it shittier with her monotonous voice.

    She talked and talked about school policy, everyone sleeping since it was so early. For god knows what reason, this school was the only one that started school at 07:50am. It was abnormal and the reason why at least a 1/3 of the students were suspended due to lateness... if not violence.

    You see, this was Bayview Public school. The only public school in the area, therefore it was crowded as fuck and the drop out rates were the highest in California, if not the eastern coast. If you were smart and wanted a good carrier, you did not want to go there. You were to go to a private school or just change state. Both requiring a lot of family, but enough for a rich middle class family to educate their kids.

    The school building was disgusting. The vegetation was often left to grow like some jungle and the walls surrounding the building, if not the walls of the building, were filled with graphites. Authorities could barely do anything. When they installed cameras, either they managed to find the blind spots or they broke it. To say the least, that school did not spend one more penny, only the necessary. Teachers were all going in depression or just chilling in the classroom or trying to do their job in vain.

    But there was only one teacher everyone respected and love. A graduate from this school. Miss Videtic. The English Teacher for the seniors. A Japanese woman with a baby doll face but has one heck of a character (NPC). Her word was supreme. Actually, rumors say that if you disobeyed her, you would be curse and so will your legacy.

    If it's true? We don't know. But one thing for sure, No one messed around with her. But even if she was this great, it doesn't mean everyone could pass her class, even if it had the highest grades.

    But going back to B.A.F story, as the Dean finished her damn speech, a young boy with some weird hat barged in screaming. '' I'M SORRY! I MISSED THE BUS!'' he shouted loudly. He was sweating and his hair was drenched with rain water. Only a red-haired boy stood up, the most handsome man in B.A.F. All of the guys hated him and all of the girl would swoon over him. His name was Marco. Though, not the same thing could be said about DJ, the guy with the weird ass hat. He was... probably the clown? Or maybe just the biggest idiot of the city? He honestly did care, or didn't show it at least.

    The young red-haired boy sighed as he walked towards the exit. He looked at Dj before rolling his eyes. He grabbed his ear before dragging him out of the Gym. '' Come on DJ.... Let's get you new clothes... '' he said with a sigh before closing the door of the gym and all the girls awed.

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  2. Unlike just about half of the school, Belladonna had gotten there on time. She had woken up at seven sharp, done her black hair up in a ponytail, put on a simple pair of jeans and a T, and gotten driven to school by her father. Simple day. Simple routine. She was just trying to blend in. As always. Except for the times when she ruined other people's lives. That was too much fun to give up, but it took time and patience and lots of careful and quiet watching and listening. So, she got up at seven sharp every morning and did her hair before coming precisely on time, occasionally a little early, when she miscalculated, but those times were exceptions. She watched Marco and DJ go with one corner of her mouth turned ever so slightly up in an almost imperceptible smirk. Perhaps something interesting would come of that. Perhaps not. She cataloged the little exchange and went back to staring at the stage, in case anything more had to be said.


    Grayson had just barely managed not to be late. As always, his sisters had practically broken down his door, gotten him dressed, and bundled him out the door waayyy too early, but he was grateful. There was a reason, after all, that they kicked him out before he was even fully awake. That reason had made itself horribly horribly apparent as he'd walked there. The black cat he'd come to call Missy (short for Misfortune) had again stalked him to school. Someone had tripped on their own feet in front of him and broken their wrist, which he'd called an ambulance for, except the ambulance's steering wheel had gotten stuck as the driver rounded the corner and hit a streetlight which had careened into the front of the local florist's shop. It would've shattered all the glass in the building and probably left the people inside picking shards of glass out of their sides for weeks, except that the florist had gotten used to it and ordered heavy-duty earthquake resistant glass. He let out a heavy sigh as he remembered that. Seriously, what was it about him that made things go sour all the time?
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  3. Name: Aria Bale
    Affiliation: The Creepy Kid in the Corner

    Aria was hunched down on the floor, one arm slung over her head, while the other's hand was used to tug her hood over her face. The students nearest to the girl were all leaning away and staring at her with a mixture of worry and disgust. Aria just glanced at them idly, which they seemed to interpret as a glare, and went back to staring at the Dean drone on and on about stupid things.
    - -

    Name: Kay Connors
    Affiliation: The Guy Who'll Eat Anything

    Unlike most of the students who were miserably waiting for the Dean to shut her mouth, Kay was pretty comfortable. But that probably had something to do with the foam container of waffles drenched in syrup that he was holding. He had woken up late and hadn't had time to eat at his leisure, so he was forced to bring his breakfast to school and on the way he had lost his eating utensils, so he was currently ripping and tearing through his waffles with his bare hands and a lot of people were staring at him in disgust.

    Nudging the person next to him with his elbow, Kay asked, "When do you think this is gonna end?" Except his mouth was full so it kinda sounded like "Mwhen djou thwink dis ish gonwa endsh?"
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  4. r a i n e
    that one really, really tired kid.

    There was an odd energy in the air. It was a mixture of many emotions - anxiety, irritation, disgust. But one emotion stood out over all the rest - boredom. It was prevalent, and boy, it was gross to be feeling in the stuffy, sweat-smelling air of the gym. The Dean was giving her introduction speech for the beginning of the year, and all of the students were gathered into the little room. It was claustrophobic, to say the least.

    Especially for Raine.

    Luckily for her, however, she didn't need to hear the speech over again. She had been there for a couple of years, gone through the same routine, and it was practically branded into her brain at that point.

    The young woman sighed, rubbing her eyes with the balls of her palms. First days were always a pain. Her sweater was baggy on her small, fragile body. Skinny jeans of a faded gray clung to her legs, bunched at the ankles to make room for her sneakers. The girl changed out of her uniform - she simply refused to wear it. She risked her luck going through each day without being too noticed by the school staff, and had only gotten in trouble a couple times before for it - but she just couldn't do it that day. Her hair was a neat mess, as you'd call it - unmanageable, but luckily, not a rat's nest. Brown eyes blinked open as her arms fell back to her sides. There was an exhaustion to her features, a weathered vibe coming from her every slow move and calm gaze.

    She was tired, but that wasn't new.

    The tree shielded her well from the rain. She had her messenger bag slung loosely on her shoulder. As soon as those kids came out, they'd return to classes, and she'd have to hurry to get ahead of the crowds. She hated crowds. They made her sick, and they made her heart beat fast like an animal trapped in a cage. Her eyes cast up. It was drizzling, lightly. She liked the rain. It calmed her, the cold soothed her, the clouds weren't dreary in her eyes. They reminded her that she was alive, on earth.

    The girl eventually stood. She might as well have gotten a head start. Someone emerged through the doors of the gym - a red-haired boy dragging a black-haired boy behind him. She recognized both of them, but didn't speak up. She wasn't one to initiate things like that.

    So, she waited. She knew it'd end soon - she'd be able to get a nice head start.

    c a s p e r
    the gentle, not-so-gentle giant.
    A boy towered in a corner near the back of the gym inside. He tried to get as much space as possible, but could easily see over the heads of the crowd. Many scooted away from him, uncomfortable at his looming presence.

    He wore a black shirt, one whose sleeves cut off at the forearms and left half of them exposed. He wore pajama pants that day - black, white, and gray plaid, soft and far more comfortable than jeans. Large sneakers were on his feet. His striking blue eyes were calm, subtly shy. One was hidden underneath messy bangs of black hair. His body, obviously fit and muscular underneath the clothing, seemed to capture the attention of some - but not necessarily in a good way. They did not rest their eyes on him for long before turning away quickly.

    Casper never meant to be scary, but it just .. happened that way. He watched the stage, his eyes grazing over the people around him swiftly every so often. They all looked so intimidated. Not that he wasn't used to it, but it was always a little jarring for him. He was a sweet soul, and he hated feeling like an outcast. The drone of the Dean's speech was one he had grown familiar to - a not-so-sweet sound to his ears. It had grown so monotonous.

    Minutes ticked by. He watched, trying to not get jittery. Being so cramped made him that way. He was a big boy - he needed room. Taking in a breath (that was unpleasant due to the odors it had accumulated), he released it in a sigh, hoping that the speech would end soon.

    Just as she was wrapping up, the doors burst open, and someone screamed about being late. His eyes traveled immediately to the spot to find one of the well-known kids of the school - DJ. He .. wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but Casper didn't like looking at people and thinking badly of them. His eyes went to a red-haired boy - Marco, everyone knew his name - drag the boy out of the gym. Female tones sighed in some type of awe at him, and Casper scoffed under his breath. He could never understand teenagers, including himself.

    a i d e n
    that one angry metal-head.
    "C'mon, c'mon."
    The words were practically growled through the teeth of the boy.

    He was perched against a wall near the entrance to the gym. His glare was focused on the Dean - right on her. Right on her wrinkly face, from all the way across the gym floor. Shadows cast over his eyes, bringing a note of menace to his features. He needed a smoke, soon. He hated going through this shit at the start of every year. The smell of the gym was nasty and he wanted to go out into the rain for a bit, where it smelled nice and where there was cold instead of sweaty, stuffy hot.

    What, you think he was gonna follow the school dress code? Very few followed it anyways, and this is Aiden we're talking about. Black skinny jeans, almost ripped at the knees, held a loose belt around the top that was more of a fashion accessory than something actually put to use. Ratty old Vans were on his feet. A loose, white cotton T-shirt with short sleeves adorned his top, a black jacket reminiscent of leather on his shoulders. His sleek black hair was messy, shaved at the sides as always, and stormy gray eyes were flashing in impatience and irritation.

    He was so ready to just get through the day. That was all he had to do. Get through the shitty first day and move on with the rest of the year, until he could finally be free of this school. He'd have a high school degree, and that's all that mattered. He was passing his classes, and that's all that mattered. He just. Had. To survive.

    Sucking in a deep breath and huffing it out, his eyes started to flicker about. The nerves were getting to him. His shoe started to tap. His hands were balled into fists, shoved into his pockets. His teeth clicked lightly behind his lips every so often, the scent of mint drifting through his teeth. Because he smoked, his breath would get nasty sometimes, so he had to keep gum and mints on him constantly to eliminate the smell. Cigarette smell hung on his clothes, however, and he couldn't get rid of that. It was like a permanent thing for him.

    The doors burst open near him, and his head whipped to the side suddenly, eyes flashing. Some kid screamed about being late, loudly, obnoxiously. "Shut .. the fuck up." He hissed the words, quietly, under his breath. He decided to not make a scene right then, seeing as the Dean witch was about to get done with her speech. Someone stood among the crowd - a red-haired kid that he knew well as Marco (or pretty pimp boy, as he called him). He watched the boy take the other kid by the ear and drag him outside, while girls started fawning over him like some supermodel.

    He rolled his eyes, his stare not burning a hole into the Dean's face again. Let him escape this misery soon.

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  5. Haden Bourne - T H E K I N G

    "And to think that I would have missed this...."

    Haden had just entered the Gym, where the rest of the school was stuffed into. He had an annoyed expression on his face as he stared at the Dean from the entrance of the Gym. Really, why the hell was she still up there? The blonde had taken his sweet time that morning getting ready for school. He spent a lot of time getting dressed and making sure that he looked his best, which wasn't all that difficult because he always looked his best. He had made himself a large breakfast that he knew would take up quite some time to finish. Being that he was already late by an hour, he took his time to eat his breakfast, savoring each and every forkful of it. And, even after that, he still didn't head to school. In fact, he lounged around in his living room, staring mindlessly at their huge flat screen television, wasting away the time. Finally, the young teen got bored and made his way to the godforsaken school.

    Only to witness that all of the work that he put into being late had been thrown out the window, along with his patience.

    It did seem that she was nearing the end, though, so that was a plus to his dreadful morning. At least he didn't have to sit through the entire speech. God knows how long it was, being that school did start at fucking 7:50 A.M. As Haden ignored the Dean, he ripped his gaze from her and let it scan the Gym and the people occupying it. Not only was he new, but he was in the lowest grade of Bayview. His gaze lingered on a few people, already picking and choosing who he would like to toy with this year. It was sick thing to do, according to other people, but the blonde could care less about other people's opinions. As long as he was on their mind, he was satisfied. He was a bit of an attention whore and he didn't deny it when people brought it up. It's just who he came to be.

    Feeling his body become tired from standing straight, the teen decided to lean against the entrance of the Gym, a sigh escaping his lips. Why did he even come to school today? Right, because his parents decided to make him do something for once in their life. Instead of giving them hell, he decided to be a good son and do as they said. Instantly, he regretted it. This was going to be the last time that he ever followed his parents' command. It was also the last time that he'd ever let them decide something for him. He now understood why his parents never actually tried to be, well, parents. And he preferred it that way.

    Never again are they allowed to be responsible parents, Haden thought with a shake of his head.
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  6. Ryder~

    Ryder was late to school, because of his parents he always had to walk to school or take the bus. Today wasn't the day, his dad had actually had hit him and left a long red mark on his shoulder and side. He sighed as he tied his hair up in a messy ponytail and putting on his light blue backpack with a few added accessories hanging from it. His eyes were a little red from crying and rubbing them hoping it would go away before he reached school. Ryder didn't want anyone to know that his father also hit him...especially his best friend.., it was bad enough that they knew he had family issues. What would he have done if he was taken from home and put into a place with complete strangers? No...he couldn't...he wouldn't let the truth slip out, even if it killed him. The male continued to walk to school, that was before it started raining. "Curses!.." he scoffed as he sped up and hurried inside. He huffed and walked sluggishly to his locker before opening it and putting stuff inside. Only a few people roamed the hallways, which were probably new people or those who skipped so he was happy that he wasn't the only one. "Hey Ry!" a guy yelled from down the hallway. Ryder squinted to see who it was, blame his parents for not buying him any glasses. It was Todd, a guy who would constantly pick on him...he actually ended up in the hospital once because Ryder beat him bad but the guy couldn't take a hint. "What is it now Todd.....?" he asked while closing his locker back. Todd waved a hand in front of his face to see if Ryder could see anything at all. Ryder didn't move except a little bit when he squinted more. Todd smiled and saw that this was an opportunity to get revenge, "Soooo, I believe we have some unfinished business to take care of..." he told him before punched him in his nose. Ryder didn't see it at all, so he couldn't have possibly stop/ block it from happening. Ryder laughed sarcastically and spit out blood, "Dick move to hit me when you know I can barely see anything..." he told him. "Mm, I can take any revenge I can get....even if it means it's unfair.." Todd said before punching him again.

    ( I worked wayyy to hard on this xD I'm sorry if it's tooo long...i'll post Clyde later on today.)
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  7. ~:Alex:~
    Alex was on time, but uniform was not her style. She popped her chewing gum as she leaned back in her chair, amused at the sight before her. There was a bunch of good little students trying to wear uniforms, but she wasn't going to follow that crap. She was wearing some ripped jeans, and a tight t-shirt which showed off her chest, and her rock hard abs. And who could go without a long jacket on top, in military print. She looked like a soldier, but much more fashionable. No one dared sit next to her, and with good reason. She might have had to rip their eyes out with her teeth. She smiled as the thing ended and she stood from her chair. "Great! Let's get out of here." She said, basically kicking her chair over as she threw up her middle finger, walking out towards the halls. She put weight into each step, and let the sound echo off the walls as small little students, the ones who where just kind but stupid, cowered at her sight. She sneered at one of them, and watched them whimper as she walked to her class.
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  8. Rosary always came to school early, she hoped to catch her 'ships' sail. The dean just kept going on and on, it was killing her! Not to mention said women cornered Rosary earlier and told her that
    "Your 'ships' need to stop. I have teachers telling me that you interrupt their classes with nonsense about how amazing it would be if their students started to kiss and confessing their love to one another. Also about you sneaking into the boy's locker room! Its not much better in the girl's either, what with you saying 'Yes! it yuri time!'. Please miss. Church, just stop." Anyone who knew Rosary knew nothing got between her and her ships. So the woman just about finished, when the door busted open reveling a drench DJ. As Marco dragged DJ away to get dress, Rosary's squealed for a much different reason from the other girls.
    "This is it! One of OTPs are gonna come true, I can feel it!" Rosary started imagine some least than wholesome things about what the two boys could be doing while DJ got changed.
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  9. Luna Cielo Armani

    Location: School hallway

    She'd walked to school that day knowing that at least two of the members of her family's business weren't too far behind keeping a close eye on her. A gun was hidden in her knapsack, pocket knives were concealed by her articles of clothing, as she continued walking. The kids in her new school got at least two or three things right about her but not everything that was said about her was true. Her familia's business got rid of everyone, but spared the babies at least. She clicked the button on her phone seeing that she was late, so she simply slipped the device into the pocket of her black shorts. Her shorts stopped at her upper mid-thigh, she was wearing a matching black crop top that had spaghetti straps and ended at top of her ribcage. She wore black torn fishnet stockings beneath her shorts, and threw a black leather jacket over her top.

    The ebony haired girl entered the school seeing as one kid began to pound the hell out of a boy or girl, she couldn't tell what their gender was since all she could see was a mop of blonde hair.

    "Hey, cool it."

    She said with a gelid edge on her words as she spoke to the guy who punched the person who already had blood exiting their mouth. She walked over to the pair, sticking her hand into the waistband of her shorts slipping her knife into the sleeve of her jacket smoothly. If there were any rumors that the kids in the school nailed, it was the fact that she was quite good at handling knives, she hid the knife but had it on standby in case the blonde's attacker decided to continue to hit the poor kid or turn around and fight her instead. She glanced over at the blonde seeing that the person wasn't a girl but a guy, she felt he was old enough to protect himself but at the same time she didn't exactly like the idea of letting him get pummeled to death.

    ( @ForgottenBlood )
  10. Clyde~

    Clyde's morning was different everyday, some days he was running away from any cops that suspected something and other times he was just doing random dangerous events that would probably cost someone's life if not done carefully. However, today seemed like it was normal without a cop insight or energy to do something wild. He was actually calm and at ease right now with his backpack on his back and a lit cigarette in his hand. Though the sun seemed like it was just rising, he knew he was already late for school but he still took his time to get there. Clyde smoked the last of what he wanted to then flicked the bud on the ground and stepped on it before walking into the double doors of hell. He let out a breath of smoke mixed with a sigh then took in the salty smell of tears and broken dreams. He stuck his hand into his skinny jeans that went well with the rest of his outfit that went along with the temperature outside. Even though it did rain earlier, it seems as if there wasn't any rain at all..which was sorta weird. He shook the thought away and went up to his locker he had decorated with artistic drawings and decorations that came together as one masterpiece. Taking a moment to look at it, Clyde briefing remembered how long it took to do everything, especially with all the chaos of school and..other things that were going on. He stopped his glancing when he heard a few people down the hall, fighting as usual...does it ever get old to people? Guessing it didn't, he opened his locking and threw some stuff inside then started to walk to glass.


    Ryder coughed and choked as Todd continued to have "revenge" on him. He only put in a couple of punches when Todd got close enough so he could see, but it didn't take long for him to catch on to what technique he was using. "Awesome how-" he paused and coughed again, "...you think you're winning..you knew that if I could see-" the male didn't let him finish and gave a kick to his stomach again. Before he could continue, a girl had walked up and interrupted him. Todd glared at her then at Ryder who was still squinting to see everything, "This isn't over.." he said to Ryder before walking off. Ryder smirked and wiped his mouth before pulling himself up with the help of the locker handle. "Thank you for that erm..." he squinted. "Miss..I'd shake your had if I could see you..heh" he told her before he put his hair into a messy ponytail again before texting his best friend to come meet him in the hall then stuffed his phone back into his pocket and looked towards the female, "What's your name? I'm Ryder..." he asked.


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  11. (Hope this is ok...pleas dont hurt me ;-;)

    Mark The Local Ninja
    Mark was on the top of the school Building siting there just...staring up at the Sky wearing his ussual Purple clothing (Like the one in his pic) as he could hear the students from the building,he just ignored them and imagen those sounds never existed as he just stayd up there and watch the sky.nobody knew why he did that but most say its just to calm himself and some other say BULL SHIT!,But would he Hear those? Nhaaaa he just staid up here just staring at the clouds...why?...because he wont tell you that is why!.

    He knew he needed to go to class but not this time now,he just whanted to be up here and just watch the sky,as he would shake his head and would look around...he needed to gohe gave a Mental sigh as he dint whant to leave his favorite spot...Infact he left aswell warks up here of how much times he has been and aswell some other stuff drawn on the surface....wonder why.

    as he would stand and would walk towards one of the edge of the school roof and look down seeing the edges of the windows,kneels down and would hold on to the edge and would then slowly grab on from the leadge underhim and continue this way till he was down on the grass of the school,s Front,he would walk inside the school as he would put his headphones on and play some music...of what? why dont you finde out!,he kinda needed to do use the Restroom,so he walk down the hall making his way there.He dint have much to do but maybe he could head back to his roof.
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  12. ((Shipping DJ with Marco, alongside Rosary!))

    The students began filing out of the assembly room and Grayson did his best to keep his head down. He held his breath. If his perpetual bad luck were to start acting up, it would be doing it right now, in this large crowd. There would be a lot of casualties. By some stroke of luck, (to think he had any) it had never activated in such a highly populated area, but it still made him nervous. After living his entire life with bad luck, he strongly believed in superstitions of all kinds. It seemed, however, that his bad luck would have to be restricted to himself. With his woolly-headed attitude, he got lost almost as soon as he made it out of the room. WHERE WAS HE??!! This was his second year at this school and he still managed to get lost. He was in the middle of the hallway mostly alone, when he saw another boy walking his direction. "Ah, uhm, excuse me!" He called to the other boy. @Yonsisac.


    Belladonna slid away from the crowd, looking for anyone interesting. Ah, there was the walking hazard, she passed him smirking as he seemed to be so engrossed in his thoughts he was no longer paying attention to where he was going. Not long later, she passed the mute ninja. Towards the locker rooms, she saw Clyde smoking, disgusting habit, and a pair of people duking it out. Or rather, one boy being beat up ruthlessly without fighting back. She took note of their faces, along with that of the mafia girl trying to break it up. She passed them all as if she hadn't been preserving every detail in her memory, and began wandering further... ((Which now means she can be anywhere. Anyone need interaction, she's there. :D))
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  13. ~:Yui:~
    Yui had skipped the ceremony the entire time she had ever gone here. It was boring, and to those who didn't like talking or where presumably mute, where often talked to by mistake. Let's just say her first year ended with her in a suspension, for impaling someone with a ninja star. She let out a little huff of air at her bangs, adjusting her shirt. She was out in the courtyard, sitting comfortably on a bench with her long black hair draped over one shoulder. The rain bounced off the ground, which seemed chaotic and unorganized to most, where to her, it was rather soothing. She had finally pawned off her sister on some grounds that there might be a spot of alcohol lying around, and compared to the noise that girl could make, the chaotic rainfall was, soothing. Now all she had to do was sit back and relax. Take deep breaths. Inhale... exhale... inhale....

    "YUI! YOU LIED!"

    "Ufff." She sighed, a grunt coming out from her chest as she quickly bent over, almost as if she had expected something. And nanoseconds later, a girl with wild blue and purple hair jumped strait over the bench, landing on the ground. She stumbled forwards, letting out a soft squeal as she landed face down in a puddle, adding a groan to the end. Yui stood up, walking over with a sigh, her boots clicking on the floor. This little nutter butter was, unfortunately, her older sister, and also the taller one. She was pretty much the only person she trusted her voice with. "Sister, you should know by now that you can't sneak up on someone if you yell at them and come running for them." She said softly, reaching down a slender arm and lifting her by the collar off the floor and out of the mud. "Now you should get your ass out of the mud and get to class, we need to poke around the new meat." She said softly.

    "But that is so boring!"

    "Yes it may be boring but it is essential to keep our group strong!" Yui snapped, her face serious. Without another word, she snapped her head towards the classrooms. Now the peace was disturbed, there where gloomy voices everywhere, and she huffed softly. She walked down the hall with purpose. Even though they where siblings, and she did trust her, she was such a baby sometimes. From what she could see, there was nothing to see. They where all a bunch of scaredy cats who avoided her. With a sigh, she decided to look out for something more interesting than classes to go to. After a while of thought, she decided on going to the roof, where she could relax. It took her no time to walk, or in her case run up the steps to the roof, shoving open the door to find it open, and that there was little to no overhang on the small building. She sighed and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes as she listened to the rain.

    Kurumi huffed as she walked around the silent halls, disappointed. "She said it would be somewhere around here....' She mumbled to herself as she scanned the faded numbers on the lockers, her fingers tracing the metal as she passed. Yui had promised she had snuck in some booze for her, and she was going pissed if she figured out her own sister had lied about one of her favorite things, behind machine guns and the thrill of terrified screams.

    Her fingers skimming the slick surface of the last locker, she looked closer at the number. The numbers 126 where printed faintly on the plate, and a smile stretched across her face. She pulled open the locker with a yank, her mind screaming for a little drop of heaven to get her though this day. But what she could inside was nothing more than an empty bottle, and a note.

    "Dearest Sister, I know I promised you alcohol, but you should have know that was a lie. Keep looking~ -Yui"

    Kurumi's face contorted in anger as she glared at the note for a while, her face burning as she scowled at it. If she had stared any longer, the paper would have burst into flame, and with a huff she crumpled it up and chucked it at a wall, turning around and storming towards where she knew her sister would be. Yui was always the type to be alone, and Kurumi always hated it. How could someone be so locked up and happy when there was silence? Wasn't the best thing in the world being loud and out there? No one never really made the connection between the siblings and that was probably why, because they where polar opposites. The sun and the moon, the loud and the soft. The definition of Yin and Yang. Yet even if they had to keep balance, it didn't seem to keep them from fighting.

    As soon as Yui was in Kurumi's sights, she let out a howl of anger. "YUI! YOU LIED!" She shouted as she sprinted forwards though the columns, diving for the back of her head. And as always, the sneaky little girl always knew she was there, and ducked under her grasp. What she hadn't perceived before that was the rain that was falling just in front of her, collecting into a huge puddle of water and dirt, otherwise known as mud. She put her feet out in an effort to stop her from face planting, but it did the opposite. In fact, putting her toe down only gave her enough time to let a "Shit!" Squeak though her lips as her face collided with the floor, sending a wave of mud in all directions, and most importantly, all over her.

    She let herself sit there for a second and kick herself mentally for having the idea of jumping at her sister, the King of not only racing, but stealth in their gang, after she yelled at her. She let out a sigh, before she heard a familiar snarky voice behind her.

    "Sister, you should know by now that you can't sneak up on someone if you yell at them and come running for them."

    Kurumi let out a huff of air, rolling her eyes as she let herself be supported by her for a moment before getting off the floor. "Ugg, I know." She grumbled dusting herself off, and before she could even suggest skipping, she spoke again.

    "Now you should get your ass out of the mud and get to class, we need to poke around the new meat."

    Kurumi let out a groan, her sisters words causing her eyes to roll all the way around. She could literally think of one hundred better ways to find new meat than scouting. It was literally the most time consuming job, and they never found any people that stood out anyway. "But that so boring!" She complained loudly, dusting off her jacket (as seen in CS) as it was coated in mud.

    "Yes it may be boring but it is essential to keep our group strong!"

    Kurumi jumped as her sister snapped the words, and she let out a huff. "Sheesh, you didn't have to yell." She complained to herself, continuing to dust herself off. She let out a long sigh, rummaging around in her pockets for a flask, or maybe some gum. To her luck, she found some gum in her pocket. Pulling out a piece, she popped it in her mouth and started off towards her class.
  14. Luna Cielo Armani

    Location: Hallway

    As the other boy walked away she stick up her middle finger muttering for him to walk with his dick up his ass before her foot ended up stuck in it. She turned towards the blonde boy that introduced himself as Ryder,

    "I'm not old, so please never call me miss."

    She said as chill were sent down her spine at the thought of her being her fathers age. She brushed off the thought and continued speaking,

    "Secondly, I'm Luna. Nice to meet you Ryder, and I would recommend you either cut your hair or keep it tied up all the time if your gonna fight. Or things like what just happened will well...happen."

    She shrugged before looking at his face, observing the scratches and areas that already began to bruise. She wasn't going to tell him to go to the nurse since in her famiglia a lot of members didn't tend to their smaller wounds saying they're battle scars that'll remind them where they started and how far they've come.

    "Why was he beating on you like that?"

  15. Ryder~

    Ryder tucked a piece of loose hair behind his ear that didn't want to go into the stretchy band that held up his ponytail. He chuckled a bit and nodded, "As you wish." he told her before straightening and dusting off his clothes. "Yeah, I did have it up before he came up to me...I believe it was taken out in all the physical activity." he informed her. "Your name is nice, it means Moon...did you know that?" he asked her while picking up his books and papers. Ryder sighed and smiled halfway, "Well, before when I had 20/20 vision...I had beaten him up for messing with a few kids around here...SO bad that it sent him to the hospital for a few weeks, maybe a month. So I guess this was his revenge...which wasn't at all fair since I could only see if he was really close up to my face. Half the time I could get in a clear shot and the other times I just missed...That's when you came in." he told her. "So no, the reason I lost wasn't because of my hair, which I will never cut by the way. It was because I could barely see any of the hits..." he said.
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  16. Mark the Local Ninja
    Mark was walking down the hallway as he kinda had all by his minde,Close to Daydreaming,as he would hear some one call him,he chake his head and would look around and see a Boy,as he would tilt his head and would say in hand sign not knowing if he knew how to speak or even understand it "Yes need any help?"he ask the kid...not aware if he knew what he was saying,but if he dint know well he could just write in a dam paper and show him simple....he look around a little just blankly as he waited to see if this kid knew wha he said or needed a traducter...well google is not gona help him here sorry.
  17. Luna Cielo Armani

    Location: Hallway

    She couldn't help but crack a small smile,

    "Thank you, and I wish I could've seen that, he seems like a prick. Plus, blocking your vision isn't the only problem hair can cause, it can also give your opponent an advantage..."

    She replied thinking about when she sparred and fought in real situations,

    "If they get a good enough grip on your hair they can yank it hard enough to add more force into their punches and they can easily control your movements."

    She continued,

    "My parents are Italian so they went all out in giving me a completely Italian name so yep I know Luna means moon. My middle name means sky or heaven. And I think your name is suppose to mean Knight, but don't take me for my word I could be wrong."

    She said shrugging, she hoped he wouldn't ask too much more about her family seeing that a lot of people tended to avoid her because of her background. She listened to the rest of his story about how he couldn't see,

    "Hmmm, what about trying to see if you can buy some glasses or contacts?"

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  18. Sign language. Here was a reason to be grateful, for once, that bad things always happened to him. His second eldest sister had once taken a chop to the throat during karate when he'd come with his mom to pick her up, and she'd insisted on learning it... and having him learn so that she could force him to take care of her if she ever permanently lost her voice because of him. A little awkwardly and clumsily, because he hadn't used it that often, he signed back, "I'm sorry. I'm lost. Can you show me where to go?" @Yonsisac
  19. Mark the local ninja
    Marks would see how the man sign back at him...really? he is not deaf,he can hear he just cant speak,he gave a Chuckle...well silent one Duh and would sign "You know i can hear you right?...Im not Deaf so speak pleas....follow me i will take you to the gym...or you whant to go outside?"he Sign as he dint know were he whanted to go,he could leade him to places,and show him were to go...its ok but were shoold he show? he needed some hint were,as this dude might be Dum...Or maybe Intelligent just he dint know how to explain...But nothing less he was willing to help him out befor he could go to the Restroom,and it was Boring around here so no Problem helping.

  20. Grayson read the messages the other boy signed with brows furrowed. He heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh thank God. Uhm... I just need to find my way to my classroom." He fumbled around with his bag and was just about to get his schedule when the bottom of it ripped open loudly. Flushing with embarrassment, he dropped to the ground and began gathering up all the stuff in his arms. Finally, he managed to extract his schedule from the mess and told the other boy, "It's class 2-A...." He sighed again. How was he going to get all his stuff there with his now-useless bag...
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