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  1. "As the world forgets the Blue, a tainted force shall awaken. The blood of many shall be drained from the body in slaughter, many more decimated apart in wrath. As this tainted force begins to rise from forgotten Blue, metal shall come to life once more, Azure's might dealt by their hand. Those gifted with Azure's Breath shall take hold of this living metal in command, and shall drive back the tainted force, performing the Azure Rites to finally abolish an evil from this world."

    This, I'm excited for. Let me talk about the little things in this.

    The Blue

    The Blue is like a dogma of sorts, a sort of code of conduct created by the gods and goddesses. The Blue is is under the authority of the god named Azure. There are more gods and goddesses, but to me, Azure is the most important.

    Edit: Er, the Blue is a list of laws or something of the like that helps people stay on the right track. Each god or goddess has their own, but uhm, Azure is more important to me.

    Azure, Azurite, & Azure's Breath
    Azure is the main god in this universe which I've yet named. He is he one who, as I would say, "has committed the most to the survival of the living vessels upon the mortal planes." He gifted living vessels(humanity) three amazing gifts that have helped in so many ways. Hose three gifts were as follows: Azurite, Life Energy Manipulation(Magic), and Azure's Breath. Azurite is a miracle metal, sent down go the mortal planes by Azure himself when he saw that the mortal planes was slowly withering the living vessels away. It is arcane, and has a very deep power. It was created to be able to take in something known as, for right now, "Life Energies". Life Energies are the energies that makes up reality, that governs how the world works. Life energy exists in all organic and inorganic objects. But the energy in inorganic objects is dormant, not so much as 'alive', in a sense. This is where Azurite defies that. If imbued with Life Energies, Azurite actually becomes sentient and gains soul. The only way this was possible is through the power of Azure's Breath.

    You see, Azure had given the living vessels Azurite, but didn't give them the power of Azure's Breath. It was around three hundred years before he actually gave them the power, and already did the living vessels make gorgeous architecture, weapons, armors, and jewelry. Azure had to grab a handful of living vessels and bring them into Cyan, a massive city in the Heavens. He went through each living vessel individually, judging whether or not they had the truth in their soul, a benevolent heart and no ill intention. Out of the handful he grabbed, fourteen were given Azure's Breath, the rest given the ability to manipulate Life Energies. The ability of Azure's Breath was simply the power to breathe on Azurite and fill it with Life Energies. Life Energy manipulation was known as magic. All of this was hereditary, it was passed down through generations.

    I'm a bit of a mess with detail, aren't I? I'll just go and summarize this up. Those gifted with Azure's Breath breathed life into Azurite. Through research, they created living armors that acted as the main armies that protected the land. These living armors were Azure Knights, and had free will, which allows for either benevolence or malevolence. The ones with the ability of Azure's Breath formed a kingdom of sorts, first governed by the three of the fourteen giftef; the ones gifted Magic went on and studied the powers they had and formed a kind of mage guild and academy. Upon the first creation of an Azure Knight, Azure gave more Azurite to the living vessels.

    So, that's a bit of lore my friends. If this were made into an RP, and I really need help with creating a developed plot with this and help with adding lore and details to this, would ye join?

    I plan for a few High and Dark Fantasy elements to be added to this, the main being High Fantasy.

    Oh, and I've been having trouble deciding if it would be better if Azure had two wives or two sisters, and a few more gods and goddesses need to be made. These are to be named with colours in some way, such as one of the goddesses I'm thinking of being called Modena. Their appearance and contributions relate to their name. The colors, that is.

    Sorrry for the mess. .3.
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