Avatar the Last Airbender

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  1. Sachi was new to the earth kingdom. Very new. however she was there
    for the same purpose as most. Running. she was a fugitive. One who
    knew her past wouldn’t think her to want to run however.

    She was in the marketplace her long red curly hair pulled into a bun
    with a few loose curls falling down to frame her face. She was around
    5'4 and pretty. She had curves that suited her petite body and her
    eyes were a bright almost glowing golden color. She was often mistaken
    for fire-nation from her appearance. Wait...What was she thinking? She
    was half fire nation. However she didn’t want to be.

    Her father constantly chased her due to his crazy beliefs that she
    could bend both elements. She was strict against the idea however. She
    refused to believe such. It was impossible right? Something only the
    Avatar was capable of.

    She stopped around a merchants stand looking at one of his items. "How
    much for-" She was cut off by the man. He spoke loud enough so the
    nearby Di Lee would hear. "Sorry but I don’t sell to Fire nation!" She
    stepped back a bit as the Di Lee perked up a bit. "Im not fire
    nation..." "Sorry you foolish fire nation spy, but I will do you no
    service." The Di Lee nodded to each other approaching her.

    Why was it always her? She didn’t do anything! Why was it always her
    who was criticized on appearance? Why couldn’t they give her the
    benefit of the doubt? However at the moment it kinda looked like there
    was no time to think of this. She needed a way away from the Di Lee.
    After all they’d already talked with her once.
  2. "You! Stop right there!" Yelled one of the guards. Why do they keep trying? Does that even worked anytime before? Thought Kestreel as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, running away from the local guards. Trying to outrun them, or lose them, any of both wre fine, he run onto the marketplace. That place was crowded, and it only took a couple of seconds to lose the guards in there, and just a couple of minutes to the guards to give up looking for him. I did nothing wrong anyway, thought him.

    Being already there, he decided to take a look at the goods some of the merchants were selling, just to pass some time until dinner. His dull gray eyes, short hair, and strong, yet agile earth bending body seemed to go unnoticed in that city. In the end, half of the people there looked like him. He was about to leave, findong out that he couldn't buy anything, neither was safe to stole it, when he saw the most precious woman he had ever seen. Of red hair and startling curves, of small stature, and taking a closer look, of gorgeous eyes of a color he had never seen before in a eye.

    But it looked like she was being bothered by one of those secret police guys. Don't get me wrong, they do a great service to the war against the fire nation, but I don't think bothering cute girls is their job, thought Kestreel as he got closer to them. Then he bumped against the Dai le, making a light movement with his left barefoot feet. The earth quietly mover under their feet and wraped the secret service leg, without him even noticing. "Oh, sorry Sir. My fault." Said Kestreel apologizing with a smile as he walked away.
  3. Sachi blinked when this happened and offered a charming smile to him. She looked up as she was about to be grabbed though and ran off as he tripped over himself. More Di Lee pursued her, but she continued to run.
  4. Commotion was quickly built in the market place as several guards and some Dai Le pursued the fine lady. Kestreel moved nimbly through the crowd, or at least, as nimble as an earth bender could, eventually getting ahead of the pursuit. Following her from the rooftops, he waited for the precise moment, and when he got the chance, he acted. Kestreel closed his eyes and drop himself from several storeys hight. As he fell, the walls of the buildings seemed to decompose in hundreds of tiny particles of sand, grabbing him from the arms, slowing his fall.

    By the time he touched the ground he had accumulated a nice ammount of shattered rock in his arms, and as soon the girl had overcomed him, Kestreel gave two quick steps forward and with an effort scream, he tossed the sand against their persecutors, forming a small sand storm which the Dai Le efficiently blocked. Anyway, the small time Kestreel had given to the girl should be more than enough for her to get rid of them. The guards and the secret service were about to come out of the dust cloud, and Kestreel wasn't sure if they had recognized him as one of the agressors. I gues we are about to find it out, thought him.

    Kestreel was covered in as many dust as the guards were, and as soon as they came out, some of them continued the pursuit, and some others stopped Kestreel. "You there! Have you seen a girl?" Said one of the guards. "And the one who did this?" Asked another. Perfect! Thought Kestreel. It looked like they didn't saw him at all. "May y... You... Spare a coin for... An poor man?" Said Kestreel sttamering. "Leave him, he didn't saw anyting." Said one of the Dai Le pushing him aside and walking away with the guards.
  5. Sachi had hidden. She had taken advantage of the boy's distraction and gotten away. As she was sure they were gone, she got up from behind a merchants stand she'd hidden in, and removed a straw hat from her head that he'd been selling. She placed it back onto the table, and then moved over to him. "Thank you." She spoke with a smile and a slight bow. "I'm Sachi, I appreciate that, they can be a bit of a pain. May I ask your name?"
  6. "Oh. Yes, of course. My name is Kestreel." Said him with a smile, offering her his hand for a handshake. To be honest, he didn't expected her to return to him with a thank you. He thought she would take advantadge of the distraction ad run as far as she could. But is better this way. Now I have the chance to meet her, thought him. "I hope I didn't get you into more troubles."
  7. Sachi lightly took his hand shaking it. She retracted her arm after he released and spoke. "Nice to meet you Kestreel." She spoke to him. "and no more than I was already in." She explained. "I needed to get away from them. I didn't cause you any problems did I?" she asked.
  8. He laughed. "Yes, you did!" Said him smiling. "But don't worry, I usually enjoy troubles." Then he looked at her into her precious and unique eyes. "And enjoy them even more if there is such a precious girl as you involved." Said him with a small reverence. "Would it be too audacious of me if I invited you to a drink?" Asked him.
  9. Sachi smiled as he spoke. He seemed very bubbly friendly, and he wasn't bad looking either. She spoke. "That sounds like it would be a wonderful plan." She said looking into his grey eyes. She didn't think them dull. She found them soft and sweet.
  10. "Wonderful!" Said him as he rose his arms, unwillingly making the dust all around him dance. "Come on, I know the perfect place." And Kestreel started walking. "And tell me, Sachi, have you been here for long?" Asked him. "It's a pretty nice place to stay, well, except for all those paranoid secret police and all those ridiculously ammount of dumb laws... You knew is not legal to sleep in the house of another person? I mean, even if it's abandoned."
  11. Sachi smiled a bit at his entusiasm and giggled. Her laugh was like a melody. HEr voice in general was soft and sweet. She loved to sing, but was far too shy. She walked with him and spoke. "I just arrived here yesterday." she spoke to him and listened. She blinked at the ridiculousness. "It is?"
  12. "Yes! I was peacefuly sleeping this morning and arives this guy yelling: Oh! This place is mine! You can't sleep here! I'm calling the guards! And I'm all like: Come on, is not all that bad, I was just sleeping! Is not like I stoled anything!" Said him being really expressive with his hands and arms. "Oh... I said... I? I... I mean.. A friend of mine?" Muttered him, realizing what he was telling her. "Mmmm... I... Well, I'm no millionaire..." Now he felt a little bit embarrased having told her all of sudden he was, in fact, sleeping on the houses of other people. Which, now, sounded even worse in his head.
  13. Sachi spoke. "You can stay with me if you like, it's no trouble. They didn't give me much when I came here, but it gets lonely." she told him with a smile.
  14. He looked at her. "Well, you are very kind, but I wouldn't like to seem like I'm taking advantage of it... Are you sure you don't mind? YOu see, one of the main issues with abandoned houses is that there is no beds, and the floors ar rather... Hard." Said him smiling. Not only he could get to know her, he would also be able to stay with her for some days. That was most magnificent! "Oh, you said 'Them'? Who are talking about?" Asked him politely.
  15. Kieara spoke. "The people that processed me into the lower ring. They gave me a house, but I had to go get the furniture and stuff." She spoke. "I'd be more than happy if you'd stay." she spoke.
  16. "Oh. Well, then it will be an honor to live with you. It will only be for a couple of days... Or as long as you don't mind having me around?" Said him smiling. "Oh! Look, it's here. One of the best tea you will ever taste. Because... You like tea, right?" Said him, wondering if that place was the most adequate place to bring a girl like Sachi. Well, they serve other things too, thought him as he opened the door to let her go first.
  17. Sachi smiled. "I'd love that." She spoke. "You can stay as long as you like." She spoke to him. She listened to him and nodded again. "I love tea." She spoke. "Jasmine is my favorite."
  18. "Perfect then!" Said him as he offered her seat in a table next to the windows that allowed the sun to come into the place. Then he sat on the ohter side of the small table and looked at her, agaped by the beauty of the sunbeams illuminating her skin, making her hair bright with precious reflections. It took him a few seconds to be able to stop looking at her and realize that the waitress was already there. Kestreel asked for something that seemed more complcated of what it really was, but the waitress just took note and nodded. "And you?" Asked her kindly to Sachi.
  19. "Jasmine tea please." she spoke to the waitress with a smile. She had yet to notice Kestreel staring at her. She spoke. "so tell me about yourself Kestreel." she spoke resting her head on her hands.
  20. "Well, there isn't much to tell... I grow in the mountains with my father. Never meet my mother, father always said she left one day and never returned. I grow up, learning all my bending skill all by myself... Many masters had told me that those skills ar rather unusual in this lands. Then, wen I was old enough my father... Well, my father was taken to go to the war instead of me, and being alone, I wandered from place to place, looking for a way to earn some money... Well, to not starve to death. As I said, not too exciting neither interesting life." Explained Kestreel.