Avatar: The Last Airbender

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  1. Hello and Welcome to Last Airbender Roleplay!

    This is a roleplay where you can create your own bender (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Metal, Plants)!
    If you know of any more elements, let me know!
    This Roleplay is completly member based.
    It follows the direction you post.
    To join, fill out the following form:

    Name: Jay
    Element: Water/Ice
    Age: 14
    Tribe: None
    Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair, olive tan skin, black t-shirt, navy jeans, green vest, brown boots, blue mirrored glasses
    Other important characteristics (optional): Bad temper, persuasive, loyal, friendly, persistant
  2. (I've been looking for an RP of this show^^ Thanks for making one^^)

    Element: Fire
    Age: 9
    Nation: From the fire nation tribe Zuko's from but grew up in a water tribe that wasn't involved in the war due to his dad not wanting him to get hurt
    considering the war was in it's prime state at the time Nigel was born.
    Nigel knows about his family only to the point of knowing that he has an older brother, an older sister, his father, and his uncle. He also knows that his older brother
    traveled with their uncle during the war from some time until taking his own path, and that his older sister stayed with their dad. He doesn't know their identities yet.
    Reguarding his element, Nigel knows that he's not of the water tribe that he grew up in, but he doesn't know yet that he's from the fire nation originally. Nigel had also made friends with Aang during the past year.
    Appearance: Looks sort of like Zuko did as a child, same eye color, same facial features, except his hair is much shorter in front and it's a bit longer in the back like his dads but doesn't quite reach his shoulders. He wears a dark blue vest over a teal/gray mixed shaded shirt and teal shorts. He has redorange cufflings which the tribe leader bought for him when he was 4 and has warn them ever sense.
    Other personalities: He likes hanging out with his friends and helping them and other people too. He's kind and friendly most of the time. He has a bit of a temper but doesn't show it that often unless something or someone really ticks him off. He's also supportive of the family he has but doesn't know about, as well as all the members of the water tribe he grew up in.
  3. Prima-Sonnet

    Age: 28

    Element: Fire

    Tribe/Nation: Fire Nation

    Personality: Impatient, loyal, friendly, mature, stubborn, arrogant, uncaring, and cuts others down to size.


  4. (OOC: Welcome to the RP! Prima and Nigel! ;D)

    Jay walked along the small, overgrown path through the woods. She was tired, but had to make it to the next city before sundown, otherwise it would be another night in a tree, and she had had enough of that. She whistled a tune, almost that of a bird's, more particularly that of a Blue Jay's, hence her name, Jay.
  5. Prima-Sonnet sighed as she stepped onto dirt land. "I will not go far, Kyu," She yelled to one of the guards and he simply kept his silence.

    Prima-Sonnet walked towards the woods, the sticks and dry leaves snapping under my boots. Orange and red leaves glided through the air, along with her fire red hair.

    It was Autumn, and the fire nation were just going around, conquering like always. She sighed...
  6. Jay stopped, knowing that she heard something up ahead. She rolled into the bushes, waiting for the person, or animal, to come into view.
  7. Alorah Celestius


    Element: Water/Ice

    Age: 17

    Tribe: From the Southern Water Tribe, but recently leaving the tribe.

    Appearance: With silky, white hair, she stands at 5'5", having a slender, flexible body, and a glowing complexion.

    Other important characteristics (optional):
    They say that Alorah is a prodigy. As if she is one of the best water-benders of all, capable of putting up a match against the avatar, very skilled with ice and water, both healing and offensive uses. Recently running to use her power for reasons that she believes is right, to live to see what she decides to live for.

    ((Tell me if this is alright, if not, I'll change it. Also, I'll get a post up later, don't have enough time at the moment.))
  8. ( OOC:Great ^^ Post anytime, and Welcome to the group! =D)
  9. I walked by a stream with a few bushes surrounding them, which moved a bit. I narrowed my eyes to see something or someone behind them. "Who's there?" I said in an authoritative voice.
  10. Jay froze. Someone was behind her, makes sense on why she didn't see them. She slowly stood, then turned, making sure to keep her hands loose so she wouldn't accidently make the water move. "I'm someone of great capability. You?" Jay tried to hold back a smile. She loved answering a stranger's question with a question. It kept her from revealing information to a enemy.
  11. ‚Äč"I am part of the Fire Nation, now reveal yourself," I growled.
  12. Jay froze, fire nation. Then, as calmly as possible, she stood and walked out of the bushes. "Hello. What did you say your name was?" She kept her eyes on the lake, just in case this fire nation... whatever she was.... could see what she was thinking. She SO did not want to start a fight here. Too many civilians, and she didn't want to hurt the trees or plants.
  13. "That is none of your business," I growled as I noticed that she kept her eyes on the lake. "I notice that you are a water bender," I smirked. "How delightful."
  14. Jay looked straight into her eyes this time. "I see. So, you must be a high ranking soldier. Fire Nation, hierarchy maybe even?" She moved her hands behind her back, gripping them together. Fire Bender, she knew she couldn't fight them. They've always got reinforcements nearby and she couldn't fight more than one or two at a time.
  15. "Yes, I am a hierarchy," I simply answered and put my hands behind my back, feeling the fire run through my veins.
  16. "Whispers...," echoed a voice across the lake. "I hear... whispers." Alorah spoke, softly, gently, and beautifully.

    She lifted her arms, performing small movements with her wrists and fingers, forming a cloud of mist to cover herself from people. She may not have been able to see which way she was going, but Alorah was able to tell which and where the water would end, and with that, she would follow the voices that she hears.

    As she moved closer, the voices began to get clearer and louder, coming to a complete stop, blending herself with the surroundings, forming a larger cloud of mist.

    Alorah's ear twitched, listening well to the two that were speaking, wondering if they'd seem to notice her or not.
  17. Now, she knew she'd caught what she was looking for, anger. "Oh, well," Jay did a small head bow, slightly noticing the mist a little bit aways, "I'm sorry to intrude on your afternoon ma'am." She she stood up straight again, still with her hands behind her back, but now they were in defense, ready to create a sheild of water and ice if needed.
  18. Alorah stood speechless, unaware if the water bender noticed her or not. Alorah hid behind a brush, the mist seeming to move only slightly, keeping still as she moved, she created a peeking hole through the mist to see the two, the obvious fire bender furrowing her brows occasionally, seeming to be angered by something. Whereas the other person was facing the other direction, thus, Alorah could not see her facial expressions. With that, she sat there, observing the situation, curious of what would come next.
  19. I had noticed that the girl's hands were already in position to attack, and I glared at her. "I shall not attack you if you do not attack me," I told her.
  20. Nigel notices the water bender Alorah being their by the mist and sees her hidden in a brush only slightly and sees the fire bender Prima plain in his sight, while hidden from their sight by the cover of another brush. He doesn't know them yet by name but can tell where they are from by their clothes. He still doesn't know his element of bending yet, only knowing the fact that he grew up in the water tribe nearest to his current location all his life except for the day he was born in a different bending element family.