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  1. A low hum was all that kept Katelyn Penny in the waking world, a low continuous hum, the kind you would hear from a vehicle's engine. There was no recollection of getting into the car however, or where she was being taken. Her head was against someone's shoulder, must be her Brother's, she reasoned. She must have just fallen asleep in her parents' truck, the memories would come back to her eventually.

    Her eyes slowly opened, and the memories did come back to her, but not as she expected. She was inside some kind of swat truck. About five other people in there with her, including the person her head was resting against. At any other time she would have jumped up in her seat and screamed, but now, tiredness clutched her and she sluggishly readjusted herself into an upright sitting position, her body threatening to bring her completely back into sleep. She had been drugged, she remembered now, and the memories brought tears to her eyes. A quick look around made her realize that all of the other captives were in a similar state as her, eyes glazed over, and a dumb expression on their faces, she probably looked just like them.

    Every movement took a great effort to not just go unconscious, but she managed to turn her head to the left, leaning slightly to the side until she was able to see the driver and the windshield he stared out of. Two guards were there, their weapons out of sight, and they were staring forward out of the windshield as well. A looming building was sitting there, from where Kate sat it just looked like a prison, a colossal prison. It was, in all honesty, but from prior knowledge the girl knew that it was a very nice prison, dorms bigger then her own house (and with more expensive decor, and the added "benefit" of a dorm partner), A cafeteria that would have served as a five star restaurant if it was in the outside world, and the infamous training areas in the facilities large yards. All of it was shown in advertisements (barring the training areas). The entire point was that the inmates were not to be treated as criminals, and the advertisements served to further convince parents to hand their children over. It could all have been lies though, but Katelyn begged whatever god still cared about her for that not to be so.

    Of course she would find out soon. The institute was drawing closer, likely an hour before she got there. And all of the thinking weakened her. The drugs were made to stop such active thinking, and the thinker's powers. She fell back in her chair, in the same position as she was leaning over, so the person's shoulder was in her vision. Acknowledging this was the last thing she did before her vision darkened and she went back into her dreamless slumber.
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  2. The girl - Fortress - was stood on the wall of the facility, watching a small vehicle slowly make its way along the single road that led to and from the structure. An electrically charged net separated her and the outside, but even though she could easily get across it, she had never bothered trying. She was well aware of the six armed soldiers who were on this section of wall with her, all of whom had their guns trained on her. No doubt, there were snipers somewhere else too. They were all at least 7 meters away from her, all of them frightened of what may happen to them if they got too close. She smiled, and spoke cockily "Don't worry guys, I'm not trying to escape. You know full well you couldn't stop me if I tried anyway. Say, I don't suppose you know any of the abilities coming in this time do you? I hope there's something interesting..." By this point, the vehicle was almost at the gate, so she walked over to the inner edge of the wall, stretched out her arms and fell backwards to the ground below, turning around in the last couple of seconds and landing like an absolute ninja.
  3. Siobhan groggily woke up only to be paralyzed by the emotions and thoughts running through her head. She gritted her teeth and looked around quickly seeing another girl, Kate, awake she focused in on her. Just as she did though the girl passed out. Siobhan groaned in frustration as her focus snapped and the backlash caused her to pass out as well, not to mention the drugs.
  4. Kaos kept his eyes close trying to ignore the sick feeling in his stomach. Every bump turned his stomach and have him a high feeling in his brain. These two feelings irritated him and his imagination started to run wild. This feeling of strength, filtered through his body. He slight opened one eye to see nothing holding him down. He pictured being locked up in a prison. He was building a taste for freedom from the disguise of the prison. He wanted to returning home. He felt his powers started to react the signals were moving toward his hands. He made a fist. He lifted his fist slowly which all his strength.

    He was ready. All he had to do was transform his fist into a cinder block and slammed down like the sandman. He focused on the villain ready to destroy the truck. He closed his eyes so he could focus. No drug was going to get the best of him. He was stronger and had the will. Then the truck went over a bump and all his strength left his body as he felt like he was going to throw up. He let off a silent moan and rested in his seat not wanting to move anymore. They won this battle but Kaos would win the war.

    The day before was an event that Matthew would never forget, to think his own roommates would rat him out, he put up a good fight against the swat team, but ended up losing too much blood, and felt weak, before getting a tranquilizer administrated to his body by one of the SWAT personal. He had awoken on a truck that had been driving for hours. He was coming out of sedation, and was now coming to his surroundings. He noted the others that were sitting along side him, probably more gifted such as he. But with what? The abilities were always unique, and strange, at least that's what he saw on the news. He knew they were going to a facility made to house people like him, would he escape? that was something he would have to figure it out later.

    It was then when the truck stopped, and the back doors opened, two men, fully armed, holding standard issue assault rifles, demanding the rest to step off the truck. It took Matthew a second to gain strength to stand up, still feeling the drugs effects, he stepped off, and looked around. The courtyard, at least that's what he would come to call it. It was rather nice, well made for a prison. The ashen haired teen did not look at the faces of his passengers of the truck, not caring enough to see who they were. "what is this, a damn vacation resort? Shit..." he spoke to himself​
  6. Siobhan was shaken awake and made to stand up and clamber out of the truck. She looked over at the teen that had spoken. She raised an eyebrow and mentally said <I'm Siobhan. So nice to meet you to Matthew. Or do you prefer Matt?> She smirked and kept her head down with her hair hiding her face to see how he'd react to the mental introduction. The drug was still working its way though her system so this act left her with a minor throb that lasted till after she closed off the mental connection. She had to work at not "hearing" things so that the drug wouldn't make her pass out or give her a splitting migraine within seconds. She hoped the drugs would pass out of her system quickly because concentrating so intently to turn of her natural state was starting to give her a tension headache. Unfortunately she had no control over the empathic parts of her power so the switch was forever in the on position. That much was a constant tingle in her as if a foot, arm, or hand had gone numb and was slowly getting blood flow back.
  7. "We're almost to the California site," the driver noted. "About ten minutes."

    They were riding in an unassuming blue sedan. Iona was getting chauffeured by her temporary caretaker—a well-dressed old man and government worker named Phil—to her third facility in a week. She had to be completely isolated from others, so she was typically in a vehicle separate other inmates, but the comfortable ride was something she found odd.

    Reading in the back seat, Iona couldn't help but wonder about her situation, and the people she might meet—if she was even allowed. She knew that she was a danger just being around others who were granted abilities, and briefly considered that it could also have been a factor in her progressively more positive treatment in comparison to the rest of them. Perhaps one of the inmates was a problem? Iona didn't like where the train of thought was heading, and quickly tuned it out, readjusting the skirt of her white dress before turning her attention back to the book in her hands.

    Once they reached their destination, the graying man parked the car in view of the newly arriving military vehicles, so Iona could at least get a glimpse while she was escorted through a side entrance. Exiting first to help, Phil held Iona's hand as she stepped out of her seat. His grip was firm, accompanied by an encouraging grin, but it didn't replace the warmth she missed since she was first seized nearly 2000 miles away. Clutching her book to her chest, Iona took a cursory glance at the new inmates, only to see them still recovering from their drug-induced sleep.

    "You've been through quite a lot the past few days. All of the excitement will die down soon; you'll be able to stay here for much longer than the last two," he assured her, "so I hope you'll make a friend eventually. And I'll make sure you get some new reading material from time to time."

    Iona didn't know him for long, but she was thankful that Phil was so kind to her, and even more so regarding her current place in the world.

    "Now, what do you say we get inside and show you to your room?"
  8. Observing the scene, Matt could easily tell how wary the soldiers were of him, and all the new comers with their special abilities. I mean, humans always fear the unknown, so this was pretty usual to Matt, and he couldn't blame them. When he first got his ability, he ended up destroying his room, blades made of his own blood cut through everything like it was butter. It was terrifying at first, but going back on it, it was very badass, But to anyone else who could've been watching would've thought it to be horrible. Once things died down, he couldn't make structures like when he first got his abilities. And now he has to cut himself in order to draw blood out, and even then he can only draw out small amounts and launch them out like bullets, and if he focuses enough, he can make one of those bullets break the sound barrier, causing everything around the blood bullet to warp the air around it, causing some serious damage. But that also uses more energy, and he has only done twice.

    Suddenly, he heard a soft voice in his head, almost as if he was listening to someone talk through a pair of headphones
    "Siobhan? oh god please tell me that's just someone with brain powers, and not the drugs" he said out loud holding his head. The soft voice sounded as if he was hearing it through a pair of head phones "I knew I'd be going crazy eventually"

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  9. Katelyn awoke to someone shaking her, whispering to her with urgency. The sudden awake was massively unwelcome, and it was met with the girl swatting the hand away in annoyance, going back into a more comfortable position of sleeping. She was allowed to keep that position for about three seconds before a hand wrapped around her exposed right arm and pulled her up onto her feet. A gasp escaped her when this happened, and she was soon met with a swat officer's helmet right in front of her. In the blurry corners of her vision she saw that there were no other inmates in the truck other then her. "Come on" the man behind the helmet ordered, pulling her along.

    Outside of the truck she saw the other inmates, she didn't have much time to observe them, or do much else as she continued to be urged forward, the other inmates being pushed forward as well. No ideas of using her powers entered her mind for even a second, it was ultimately pointless and the idea personally scared her. So, silently, she moved, eyes set on their destination. It looked to be a registry area, two booths sitting there, each with a person behind them, and a stamp near their right hands. Behind the booths people stood, probably other gifted people, they were watching with interest.

    Those booths didn't keep Kate's attention for very long, instead her eyes wondered to another woman. She was tanned, and looked to be in her forties. She simply stood their, arms behind her back, and legs slightly spread as she drilled holes into each of the inmates. There was a tensity Katelyn felt, that she could not explain, but this woman only made it stronger.

    The inmates eventually got close to her, and were forced to stand shoulder to shoulder. The woman examined them, her eyes dull, she looked a little bored, as if she had done what she was doing millions of times before. "Welcome to your new home, Facility CA-I3" she began, pacing slowly between the inmates, making a point to look each in the eye. "Let's keep this simple, I know you must be pretty peeved, some of you may have even had thoughts of some escape plan, well I am first going to tell you to cease such thoughts." she stopped pacing, standing in the center of the inmates' line, feet together. "You will never escape here, the only way that you are being let out is when we finally permit you to do so. Get comfortable, Anything that would be considered criminal activity on the outside is considered criminal activity here. Most especially harming another of your inmates unless you are instructed to. If you do harm anyone without permission, then justice will be swift, and there goes any hope of ever leaving."

    She went silent again, looking at each of the inmates again, before nodding, satisfied. "You will be given a stamp now, each of you will have a stamp identical to another person, that will be your dorm partner. It's a simple format, the area letter that your dorm is assigned in, and the number that will be your dorm. For example R-423." She paused for another few seconds to see if she was understood, before turning away and walking past the booths.

    Katelyn breathed a sigh of relief once the woman was gone. But the sigh didn't even get to finish before she was being pushed again, the group being organized into single file lines, two in front of the booths, dividing them evenly. Katelyn got her stamp and was moved away from the line. She took the moment to look at her arm, it was marked clearly. J-88
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  10. Siobhan kept her head down as the woman prattled on about not leaving and dorm rooms. The drugs were all but gone and it was making things hard to focus on again with all the background noise in her head, not to mention the emotions to go with them. She zoned out till someone pulled her arm and put a stamp on it that said X-13. She sighed and looked around and focused in on Matthew again to keep the other thoughts out of her head. <You're no crazy boyo. I'm...well the red-head. I got X-13 for a dorm. Doubtful that they'd make the dorms co-ed, but I would like to know what my first friend here can be found.>

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  11. Fortress watched the incoming crowd with amusement. None of them looked particularly interesting people, which was a shame. The first few days of the facility were brilliant fun for her, with lots of fantastic abilities pouring in, some of them still rampaging. Controlling those people had been her main source of entertainment during those early times, and she especially delighted in the reactions on their faces when she blocked an incredibly powerful lightning bolt without even moving her fingers. Thanks to her ability, she was reminded on a daily basis how grateful she was to have been so good at physics, as she knew that without a brain that knows how best to use the pressure of nitrogen, her ability would be even more useless than that old man who could create anything but only if he had 4 days to actually paint the damn thing. It was just at this moment of pondering when she noticed a very young girl among the crowd of incomers. Young ability users were rare items - they were usually destroyed by their own rampant powers, by never learning to control them. She strode over, and tapped the child on her shoulder. "Oi, you. What are you doing here?"
  12. During the lovely speech given by the what Matthew came to the conclusion was the warden, at least in a sense, Matt couldn't help but quietly chuckle after each sentence given, there's gonna be prisoner escapes, and this speech isn't going to help prevent that. Suddenly he was being pushed about in the crowd of irritated people. The drugs Matt had been on had ware off, leaving him feel slightly dizzy, but his thought process was clear, and he felt much more aware of his surroundings. The line was slowly moving up, each of the inmates getting stamps, for their dorms. The ashen haired teen was curious to see who he would be pairing up with, and once he got his stamp, he was pushed out of the line and out into the open.

    The soft voice spoke yet again mentally, "heh..." he looked around and noticed the red head, but didn't bother to confront her. "so that's the voice in my head...glad to see i'm not powers, I guess... wait can you read my thoughts?" he asked before looking down to see the numbers J-88 printed on his arm. "shit...ANYONE GOT A J-88 DORM? J-88 HERE LOOKING FOR MY ROOMMATE, STEP UP DON'T BE SHY, J-88!" The teen yelled, carring less about how loud he was being.

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  13. "Oi, you. What are you doing here?" One of the inmates, clearly either courageous enough to leave the attention of the guards or already a resident of the place, approached Iona and Phil as they made their way inside, away from the others. A soup of thoughts sloshed around in the child's head trying to come up with a response, or at least figure out what this person meant.

    What am I doing? I'm standing. Did she ask why I'm here? Does she want to know what I can do? But I don't do anything. Pleasedon'thurtmepleasedon'thurtmepleasedon'thurtyourselfpleasedon'thurtme.

    Any further pondering was thankfully interrupted by the shouting of the new arrivals.


    Ultimately, Iona's lips never moved, and after making brief eye contact with the blonde resigned herself to staring at the ground. Phil finally joined in to relieve Iona of her now-increased stress.

    "She has trouble speaking, you see. Put simply, I believe it would be ill-advised to use one's gifts nearby. Now, if you'd please excuse us." Ensuring that he had his grip on Iona's hand, Phil bid the blonde good day and led his charge into the facility.
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  14. Siobhan sighed and rolled her eyes. <In answer to your question yes I could read your thoughts but I won't, without good reason. Quit screaming and walk up and ask nicely if they have J-88 as a dorm room. Someone has to have it. Seriously Matthew. See anyone close to you with X-13?> Siobhan walked over to the courtyard wall and watched the people mill about looking for their matching letter and numbers. She scooted into the shade and sat down closing her eyes trying to focus on nothing which never worked but why not try again.
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  15. Kyler Maxon Stokes ♦ 18

    Click here to reference Kyler.

    It had only been two full days since Kyler arrived at Facility CA-I3. He already knew the general layout pretty well, though he did still get lost on his way to the bathroom. His dorm area was pretty well decorated, and while he was the only one currently residing in the space he suspected he'd be receive a roommate at some point. There were two beds, after all. He only hoped that it was someone his own age. Older people tended not to trust teenagers, and the only little kid Kyler baby sat was his sister.

    Already, Kyler had gotten to know some of the other people who had been sent there. He secretly called them his inmates, because the whole place seemed to be a prison. Sure, an extremely nice prison, but a prison all the same. All he wanted was to go back home to his family and sleep in his old bed. But, the chances of that happening seemed very slim.

    It had only been two days, and he was homesick. Constantly he tortured himself by wondering what his parents were doing or worrying that Jessamine would develop abilities as well and be sent off to a facility like him. He was old enough to move on, but the thought of her being taken away from home before she had the chance to fully mature terrified him.

    While Kyler sat with his back against the wall his attention was drawn by the approaching vehicle. He knew that inside were his new inmates, for he had been delivered in the exact same car. He watched them go through the same process as him too. First, they were all brought out of the vehicle, then 'welcomed' into the facility, and finally issued a dorm. One of them could be my roommate, Kyler thought as he studied each of them.

    By now Kyler had discovered that the dorms were co-ed. He hadn't exactly figured out how they decided who roomed with who, however. There seemed to be no pattern or method, it was almost random. At first he thought it was by age, but when that was proven incorrect he moved onto how powerful an ability was. When he realized that there was no way to determine that to prove his theory he moved onto race, and so on.

    He continued to watch as the newbies bustled around, trying to find their roommate. The people he arrived with had done the same, and he had been the only one who didn't find his roommate because he didn't have one yet. Kyler's gaze shifted down to his stamp, which even after a few days clearly read 'X-13.' He thought back to how the guards worried the stamp wouldn't stay thanks to his healing factor. They thought his skin might absorb or disintegrate the ink used for the stamp, but apparently that wasn't how rapid cell regeneration worked. A small smile formed on his lips as he recalled the look of relief they had all shared.

    Kyler's attention was again turned towards the new group, and he squinted his eyes in an effort to see their dorm numbers. But, it was no use. They were too far away, he couldn't read any of them. Oh well, he thought, If my roommate is part of that group I'll meet him... or her at some point.
  16. Sighing heavily she wrapped her arms around her knees and hoped to stay inconspicuous in the shade. Or that the large crowd at the gate would thin, even looking at it was enough to start a panic attack. She remembered how messy it had gotten the last time she was in a large crowd. It was pretty hard to be invisible if you had her hair. Everyone always wanted to touch it and ask about it. Of course people complemented it but it was like asking how the weather was, a courtesy. A pat on the head. She gritted her teeth as numbers from other minds flew through her head.
    On and on she was just about in tears when she faintly felt curiosity brush over her. Her empathic abilities usually had a hard time focusing on anyone in particular but it feel it in this crowd chilled her. Someone was keenly interested in her, but with the slight brush she realized that they were probably looking for the match to X-13. Freezing like a rabbit before a fox she put her head down and took deep breaths to push back the panic and try to go to her "happy place". She hyper focused on Matthew again.
    <Matthew...I know you don't know me and I don't know you very well yet but if this crowd doesn't thin out so that I can pull my pathetic ass off the ground and get to somewhere else; you are going to see and or experience what it is like to have a panicked telempath. Recall Glasgow riot that everyone thought was cause the Brits didn't win the cup? Yeah no. Cover story by the people who gave me up. This is worse and will be worse if something doesn't get done.>

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  17. The first thing Katelyn did as soon as she got her stamp was look up, and around. Squinting her eyes as she tried to see whatever number the other people had. But the stamps were not nearly large enough to notice. But then somebody began to yell for their partner, J-88. Katelyn's heart sunk as she stared at the boy, he was so loud. Katelyn begged, begged that was not how he always was.

    Despite his demand for his fellow partner to not be shy, that was all Katelyn was as she walked up to the boy. And, call it instinct, she spoke to him before she even got up to him, not with words, or at least not physically spoken ones. Instead the simple illusion of spoken words with her high pitched, quiet voice. "Uhm, I got J-88, right behind you, green hair." by the time she finished "speaking" the words she was close enough for normal conversation.
  18. Kaos was conscience was fading in and out. He could barely make out what was happening and his body just moved on its own. After a while he felt his self wake up while standing next to the other inmates. The warden explained everything to them about not leaving and the stamp. He stood in line waiting to get his stamp. He did not know what was happening but slowly he felt his powers start to return.

    He walked up to the boot. It was his turn for a stamp though he knew he would not need it long. He was going to escape. He did not care what the warden said. All he needed was an opening. He looked at his stamp which read Y-03. He continued walking away from the crowd. He noticed a girl sitting in a corner and then a guy screaming his stamp number. Lucky for him, it was not his. Kaos was worried about hurting other people like he did on that day. He looked at his hand as it shook before turning grey. He quickly covered it and pictured his hand being normal. He already new how his ability worked. It converted his body into his imagination. It was so natural too. Just the thought of his favorite series made his hand turn to drills. It was scary.

    He did not leave the crowd as he was not sure what would happen if he made his self stand out. Then he noticed a girl walking behind the screaming lunatic. "Love already?" he said to his self. He was not really good with other people, let alone love but he still wanted to make an effort one day. To bad today was not that day. All he wanted was to rest and recover from the drugs. He quietly walked over to the girl sitting by her self and sat down against a wall beside her. He sneaked a peek at her and noticed she seemed to be worried about something. Was she sad? Did she miss home?

    Either way, he could not bare to see her stay like this. He sighed and held up his stamp. "So what is your number?" @Almalthia
  19. Siobhan shifted focus; trying not to give Matthew mental whiplash and for the most part succeeding. Just a little shake compared to what could have happened. She couldn't blame the redhead boy that sat down next to her; he didn't know etiquette for focused-on-the-verge-of-losing-it psychics. She peered through a gap in her hair that manifested itself as she turned her head toward him.
    <N-n-number?> She closed her eyes and tried to count the droning of different minds in her head, which only added to the growing panic. <I...think around over 100...closer to 150 all together. That's counting the non-enhanced.>
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  20. "huh?..." Matt was caught off guard by yet another female voice. It wasn't the one who was speaking to him through telepathy, no this voice was more hesitant and more high pitch. He turned around to meet the face of this voice. She seemed like if he had said boo the girl would've ran off. With a much more calmer voice he replied "so your my room mate huh?" he said eyeing her up and down with his fingers on his chin, "cool, my names Matthew, but you can just call me Matt." He then went to extend his hand out for a handshake, but felt a small shove that caught him off guard, by the telepathic lady speaking in his head. His hands went straight to his side. "nice hair..." he said to Kate before looking around the scene. The crowd was getting to be a little too much, But how could he help? But then he noticed something, a pipe, going straight up the side of the building just on the side of the crowd. It was a water pipe, he could tell because those things run all along his apartment, a piece of trash place that was. His eyes then went back to the green haired girl "look, you might hate me for this, and that's not good for first impressions, well everyone here will probably hate me for this" he chuckled "But I gotta help out a friend" The teen finished off with a warm smile. He then brought his thumb to his mouth, before biting down on it with his canine teeth, drawing blood, Because he has done this so many times, the pain of it was none existent. Suddenly, a small stream of blood began to make its way out of the wound like a serpent, forming a small ball of the red liquid in the middle of Matt's hand. "one shot is all I need" He said aiming his hand in the direction of the pipe...and suddenly the sphere of blood was launched forward from his hand, so fast that it wasn't even visible to the naked eye.

    The blood bullet barely hit the pipe, but instead grazed it, but it was enough for water to begin to shoot out due to the pressure build up in the pipe. water rained down on the crowd below, making both the staff members of the prison and inmates leave the scene in a rush. leaving only a select few behind. Of course, Siobhan and Kaos were out of the way, relieving them of being drenched in water. But sadly Matt and Kate were left in the raining pipe water, And Matt stood there with a bright smile, water dripping off his hair. "Nice day for some rain huh" he spoke to the now soaked in water green haired girl in a joking manner. <Crowd is gone miss brain lady> He thought mentally, hoping Siobhan would pick up his thoughts.

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