At The World's End

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  1. At The World’s End
    Inspired, in part, by Arata naru Sekai: World's / Start / Load / End

    Roleplay Premise

    In the year 2239, a small group of individuals were sent 3000 years into the future to determine what would lead the world to ruin, and if possible, to prevent it. The problem? They were sent too far ahead.

    The world they now find themselves in has been flooded with water, and evolved species roam the planet. With no way to get back, and no clue as to what to do or even what to look for, how will this small group of people adapt to the world they’ve been forced to remain in?

    Roleplay Information

    Hello, fellow roleplayers. This is my first Interest Check in the Libertine section. I decided to bring this one over here because of the possibility that some of our characters may see fit to “repopulate the Earth”.

    As mentioned in the premise, the main focus of this roleplay will be on our characters adapting to the drastically changed world they find themselves in. There’s obviously potential for drama and action (as interactions with the now evolved animal species roaming the planet will likely cause).

    I’m looking for four or five people to make up the small group that travels to the future. Our characters will be experts in their designated fields, brought along for their unique talents. The available roles will be outlined in a future section.

    Because the time our characters are leaving is in the future, there are naturally technological advances that we don’t have yet that they’ll probably mention. I would imagine that they all grew up in a mostly autonomous world. I’m open for discussion on the particulars of the time period that they lived in, so feel free to make suggestions and I’ll make note of it for the OOC thread.

    Evolved Species

    This section is subject to change. I haven’t decided on any species yet, and I was hoping that anyone interested in this idea would help me come up with some. This roleplay is set in a realistic setting, so the species will be evolved variants of currently existing animals (i.e. no fantasy creatures involved). Feel free to make any suggestions.

    Weight System

    To add to the realism of this roleplay, there will be a weight system in place. Our characters will have brought necessities over from the past in order to be prepared for what they might be faced with in the future. For this roleplay, the maximum amount of weight a character will be allowed to carry will be 20% of their body weight. Below is a reference list of items we’ll most likely want to bring along. Note that they’ll be different from what we have in modern times, since they come from 2239.

    Medical Kits
    Hunting Knives
    Various Guns
    Mountain Climbing Gear

    More to be added. Feel free to make suggestions.


    Below is a list of roles that will be playable in the roleplay. Some roles can be played by more than one person (because having two doctors is always good in case one meets an unfortunate end).


    More to be added. Feel free to make suggestions.

    This idea is still quite a work in progress, hence the “Group RP Plotting” prefix. I want everyone’s input and suggestions as to what we have so far and what we need. Once this has some interest and a more concrete foundation, I’ll get to work on an OOC thread.

    Also a heads up that college will be starting up for me soon, so I won’t be on as often once it starts.
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  2. @Sasha Noblemine @daemon_reaver you guys up for some

    F U T U R E
    S C I F I
    A C T I O N

    By the way, how many characters per person?

    I think I'll be a scintist. We've discussed a fair deal of future gimmicks, Trau Trau.

    We could take inspiration from other series about future evolution. I would suggest terasquids but you know...
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  3. The group is small so, depending on interest, there'll probably be a one character limit.
  4. Ah I wanted the scientist. well guess I could go for solider. anyway If you want you can refer to fallout's wikia. plenty of mutants fit for Libertine.
  5. We're thinking more natural evolutionary routes.

    Also, we're not revving mutants fit for Libertine.
  6. Yeah, this isn't a sex-centric roleplay. It's just there because our characters are the only ones alive. Might want to repopulate the earth or something, ya know?

    Also, there can be two scientists.
  7. I know our plans are rough, but are you going for two-of-each or settling for five characters?
  8. okay,okay. that is tricky. My guess would be a lot of smaller animals would be pretty much adapted exclusively for urban enviroments, to the point where they coudn't live outside. even some like deer could share this. As for others, differnt counter human evolutionary traits would likely be around, depending on how long after we're gone we are talking.Things like thicker protection, excellent camo, lead poisoning resistance if not immunity.

    Also what kindof apocolypse did humanity face? would help me out big time.
  9. Global warming melting glaciers and viruses mostly.

    @Lyra Meiko, here, here.
  10. By the way, Crow, two of each role sounds nice, but I'm open to people creating more roles. One of my friend's mentioned being a record keeper, for instance.
  11. Based on current plans, it has something to do with rising water levels, hence I had doubts about introducing squibbons and megasquids.

    I thought Scientists kept records, hence my lack of suggestion of such. But I guess we could use 4 record keepers.
  12. Yeah, you're right. Scientists would keep records. Not too sure what else we'd need, in all honesty.

    Two scientists, two doctors, and two soldiers would probably be a good setup.
  13. Global warming eh? well then that is matter of area. in places like the remains of the eastcoast, I would say plenty of creatures learn how to use the man made objects as home, or even hunting/gathering aids. also creatures that perviously did not have the function to lose water, would gain it, quickly. conversely things in the midwest and such wouldgain burrowing ability as well as retention of fat and water. all would have some instinct to flee or go deep to ground in severe storms, possibly left over buildings. that's all I really have.
  14. We'll wait for more people and discuss things in more depth.
  15. Ah yay! Alright I definitly want to play one of the doctors.

    ((And from the looks of it, one that would probably need to know how to swim.))
  16. I can see myself in this! It's an interesting premise..
    As for my role.. well hell I can take on whatever we need. We need a soldier? I'm there. Engineer/mechanic? cool. Just tell me what works besot for the group.
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