At the Auction House

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  1. She was int he back, she was never aggressive. She didn't even truly want to be here. She was not really into this sort of scene. Take a chained male home, you will be able to do whatever you want with him... her friends were convincing after all... she sighs looking at her sharp claws before retracting them. Her lithe cougar form watched, golden eyes looking curiously at the cages. She would just stay in the back... she just stayed as silent. Watching, observing.
  2. Eclipse a young male purple furred fox would be seen sitting in a cage up close to the front, he was just a mear two lots away from being sold to some one who will make him do what ever they wanted. He sighhed at that thought, atleast he would get fed.. Hopefully. As soon as the one up infront of him got sold he got pulled out of his cage and forced to walk out onto the stage where he could be shown off. " Ok this is lot number 132. Young male purple fox able to do anything. " The auctioneer said as h eclipse stood chained to the stage where he stood with his hands clasped together, he looked out to the people who may buy him. " Great this is where i end up. " Eclipse said to himself as he lowerd his head.
  3. She saw him pushed up and she arches a brow. She had never seen this coloring... someone raised their hand requesting he be stripped, another asked for specifics know what exactly he could do. This was common at events like this, people wanted to know what they were buying
  4. Eclipse growled as the auctioneer tryed to lay a hand on him. " Do that and i will rip that hand of yours off. " As soon as he said this he was hit over the head with a club and brought down to his knees. " Agggh! " He cried out in pain as he sat there on his knees with his eyes closed as the auctioneer spoke, " This fox is in need for training to whome ever is brave enough.. or stupid enough. Shall buy him for a good twenty dollars. " Everbody backed down from thus lot not wanting this wild fox on their hands.
  5. She had to admit.... this frightened her..... his anger... although not unwarranted....she looks around and wonders what will happen if he isn't bought... it could be death... she didn't want him to die and what was twenty dollars? She sighs and bids
  6. The auctioneer points to the lady in the back and looks around at everybody else, seeing there is no other bids he chimes in. " Well looks like you bought this one young lady come and get him. " He said as eclipse looked to her as his purple hues glistend in the lighting of the auction house. " Well this one don't look to be abuseive.. I hope. " He said as he waited for her to come get him.
  7. She walks up and hands him the 20$ bill and then she takes his leash and looks at him, "please don't make me jerk you...." she looks at him and sighs, she had tanned sin, brown curls that glistened gold, amber eyes that flashed red when angry, large canines, she was clearly capable of ripping him to pieces
  8. Eclipse does as he is told and follows the woman down the stage still haveing his hands chained. " ...... " He keeps silent as he sighhed to himself looking to the ground.
  9. She takes him out looking at him with a sigh, " hey, you can look up.... what is your name?" She looks at him, curious... she tips his face up slightly... she culd not believe she bought a whole person for merely 20$
  10. " My name is eclipse moon and thats all you need to know about me. " He said as he pulled away from her hand looking at her as he stood there with a straight face not showing any waekness's. " ........ "
  11. She shrugs and then lets him into her home, she puts him in the guest room and looks at him, " go and shower. Eat.... and I will see what I can find for you to wear"
  12. " Ok... " He said as he went to the guest room as he showerd off and sat on the bed he was givein, nice and soft. He had never had this much luxury before as he looked around the room. " Ahh i forgot. " He said as he left to where he was told to go after he had showerd.
  13. She has food set out for him to eat and she comes in with a short and a pair of pants for him, " Eclipse I don't have anything but this so... it will have to do..."
  14. Eclipse looked at all of the food that was set out. " W-wow i have never been treated this well before in my life. " He said in amazement he was getting treated so well.
  15. She looks at him confused, " uhmm...... well I didn't know what you were wanting to eat or what you liked..." she hands him the clothing
  16. He sat down not even paying attention to much as he grabbed some food and started to dig in. " Thank you so much! " he said with a mouth full, he acted as if he was starved for his whole life. Which he has practicly.
  17. She nods and smiles, " you are welcome." She smiles and goes to set up his bed and living conditions. She wasn't sure what to do with him but it is clear he isn't to be caged or starved
  18. He smiled as he stuffed his face full of food. " This one is so nice i can get used to this. " he said as he took a drink of a fruity beverage, his eyes lit up as he smiled. " hahahaha! " he started to luagh as he filled himself up and layed back in the chair.
  19. When he came to his room she eyes him, he was naked.... and attractive. " Come here Eclipse"
  20. Eclipse walked to her as he asked. " Yes ma'am? " he said as he looked at her.